The Enablers Of Good And Evil

That’s us.

Enabler: a person or thing that makes something possible.

Enabling has a positive aspect of empowering individuals, but it also has a negative aspect of encouraging dysfunctional behaviour which has become our ‘normal’. This isn’t a criticism, however, as the result of dysfunctional behaviour can be the path to enlightenment 🙂

If we think there is no evil in the world, then we have not taken note of history and how evil uses ‘good’ enablers.

If we think that evil does not exist today, that means evil has learnt from history.

Evil comes to power through the assistance of good people – the enablers. Evil knows the power of the collective, so the collective has to be convinced to do evil’s bidding.

If we are not on a path to enlightenment, we will remain unenlightened. It is a shock to realise that we have taken a side and, once a side is taken, an enemy is created and shocking atrocities happen. People against people, each believing they are virtuous, which allows and enables evil to stay in power.

The question is, “Is the world a happy place?” The Buddha looked out and saw suffering; his motivation was to realise the cause of that suffering. Just because we are ‘happy’ does not mean others are.

Humans are adaptable in their misery, and evil knows that, understanding how far a human can be pushed and accept it. How does evil work? It knows what people like and dislike – and technology has made this observation even easier.

Enabler: a person or thing that makes something possible.

Evil knows this, and says, “Believe me”.
A Buddha knows this, and says,
“Don’t believe a word I’m saying; see for yourself.”

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