Our Relationship With Spiritual Teachers

Be devoted to the truth, rather than the person.
A teacher is a reminder of the truth,
and truth is everywhere you are.

Being devoted to a teacher can create a cult mentality. Even though we are grateful to a teacher for explaining the teachings, a teacher comes with their own cultural and personal baggage, as do we all.

Truth has no entitlement: it is our natural state of pure consciousness.
Entitlement: deserving of privileges or special treatment.

When it comes to teaching, the strong serve the weak. The teaching is concerned with the student’s progress in realising their true nature, rather than how wonderful the teacher is. Adoring the teacher in the hope of salvation merely keeps us in spiritual poverty.

We are all entitled to know and recognise our true reality of pure consciousness without name, title or position, and so beyond blame and fame.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
– Plato

“Beginner mind, Zen Mind.”
– Suzuki

“Truth is only known by re-cognition.”
– common sense

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