Realise The Pattern Throughout Our History

The pattern: create belief; create an enemy.

Creating a belief engenders fear and hope.
Belief gives rise to injustice and divides people.
Divided people become angry.
Angry people react.
Reaction is suppressed.
Suppression creates more reaction, maintaining the pattern.
Further reaction turns dislike into hatred.
Each set of incidents sows the seeds for further disharmony.

The answer is to actually see the pattern and know that we have been manipulated throughout history; it starts at birth with sentimental chants.

There is no creator. Everything comes into existence through causes and conditions. Whatever happens in our life is due to our karma; our life is our karma. If we believe that this is our only reality, we will just get more of the same.

Karma is being imprisoned in a set of beliefs. When we know, beliefs drop away and we are free. We still have to live with the inmates, but now we can see why they are the way they are. When we know that, we have empathy and compassion, and fear nothing.
Tip: don’t argue – listen.

Our reality is in the present. In the present moment, there is a knowingness without beliefs. It’s no good just chanting prayers of compassion; we actually have to understand and realise the predicament that we are all in. We start listening – and talking 😀

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