We Live In A Fiefdom

Fiefdom; a bound system.

The word ‘fief’ is related to the Frankish term ‘fehu-ôd’, in which ‘fehu’ means ‘cattle and ‘-ôd’ means ‘goods’, implying “a moveable object of value”.

The key is in the word.
Once we realise what the key means,
it opens the door to boundless freedom,
and we are no longer fettered by others’ ideas.

We became human when we desired more. All creatures are sentient, being conscious and having a mind. There comes a time when a sentient being sees more potential, and that is how we evolved from lower species to inspirational beings. Of course, you may disagree 😀 – we can come at our reality from many angles, because there are many paths of deception and partial understanding.

We bind ourselves through desire,
but desire also has the potential to become boundless.
There are two sides to every coin.

Having attained a human form, we want more; more wealth, more power, more excitement, more knowledge, more freedom … humans comprise types and subtypes.

We can see those who just want to play, and others who never feel they have enough wealth and power over those who just want to play. It’s all very exciting, and it feeds our base desires.

Desiring knowledge can easily be turned into the pursuit of stories and beliefs, which feeds the wealth and power of others. This is fiefdom: we belong to those who know the system, allowing them to exert power over us, and tell us what to do. We bind ourselves to a side – a religion, a political party, a group … – without realising the limitations we are placing on ourselves.

We lose our individuality by conforming.
“I don’t conform!!”

If we think we’re not conforming, we are conforming 🙂
Freedom lies in knowing that we are conforming.
Until then, we are in fiefdom.

If we are locked in fiefdom, we don’t want to acknowledge that there is an alternative view.
If we don’t believe what others believe – accepting something without proof – we become a threat, and are excommunicated.
Believers don’t want to talk to us anymore; been there, had that done!

The truth is that we are, first and foremost, boundless consciousness. It’s our origin, which we give away. The moment we wake up, we aren’t bound to anything, but then we go to the dream-state of memory and judgement, and are constrained again.

In the moment of non-meditation, when we recognise the boundaries we have created, there is only boundlessness. In the very moment of realising that, we are free again! That’s the only way we can be free; the trick is remaining free …

Don’t talk the talk,
just walk the walk.
Look, see and drop whatever is seen
and come to rest in the circle of no circumference.

In boundlessness, anything is allowed,
but not taken seriously.

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