Knowledge Is A Lot To Handle

Knowledge is neutral. What we do with knowledge may become either harmful or enlightening. If we exploit knowledge to gain power over others, we are facing lifetimes of suffering. If it is used to support others’ spiritual potential, knowledge turns into inspirational, empathetic wisdom.

Many have turned to the ancient east to try and discover mysteries that will enhance their position in life. There are no mysteries, just knowledge kept from the general public that maintains their confusion.

Once we truly realise the essence of knowledge – together with genuine empathetic understanding – further realisation unfolds, and further enlightenments manifest. It’s not magic. It’s logical; reasoning assessed according to strict principles of validity.

Genuine compassion is the key to keeping sane and maintaining constancy, otherwise arrogance takes over and we start to feed off others’ adoration. It’s easily done.

Just because we know a few texts off by heart doesn’t mean we care about others. We care more about our scholarship or rituals and, subtly, our heart darkens; it’s called en-darkenment.

The great news is
that anyone just seeing this is enlightened
– more or less.
We are free in the moment of seeing.

To exploit: To make full use of and derive benefit from, or to make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.

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