Spiritual Mysteries

Mystery: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Here, we are talking about the possibility of out-of-body beings who influence embodied beings.

As this is a mystery, it is something that we, as intelligent beings, can neither accept nor reject, as much depends on our state of mind. Just because we are told there are angels and demons, doesn’t mean that there are, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t. It’s personal – it comes down to individual experience which is beyond description and words.

We can use logic, and say that ‘mystery’ is merely our hidden true nature of pure consciousness, which is a tremendous mystery for most beings. Some may believe that ‘mystery’ is something else.

The Nazis, like most unstable people, want to discover mysteries for power. Whether such power exists or not, it is the belief that has a unfortunate effect, as beliefs make people do unspeakable things; maybe some think they have the power to captivate others. Knowledge in the wrong hands will have a detrimental karmic effect.

The three poisons of desire, aversion and ignorance that control sentient beings (and which are, in truth, the three wisdoms of emptiness, consciousness and compassion) are not really a mystery – despite being hidden from most people – as we can all see them in action, if we look.

So, now we are talking about other beings.

From personal experience, there have been unwarranted troubles, but also timely inspirations. Maybe we become conduits for both good and evil? In Buddhism, we pray to deities for clarity, but whether that works, I cannot ‘say’ …

The major problem with mysteries is that, when they become a propagated belief for worship, they end up as a deluded curse.

A demon seeks power over others
by creating emotional feedback.
An angel or bodhisattva knows this.

Just have a good intention and a good heart,
and do no harm.
Then you know you’re facing the right way.

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