Holding A Grudge

Holding a grudge is a feeling of resentment resulting from injustice, unfairness or downright perceived stupidity; it will affect our entire lives, to the extent of creating hatred and further wrongdoing. We all make mistakes, more or less. There is so much in this world to find fault with that even a Buddha cannot put things right.

Grudges contaminate an atmosphere and have consequences. All negativity obscures the clarity of wisdom – the light of consciousness – and delays realisation of ultimate truth โ€ฆ the complete picture!

The only thing to resent
is how long it has taken us to realise this.

The reminder is enough to keep us from falling back
into grudginess.


Pure consciousness is a grudge-free zone.

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2 Responses to HOLDING A GRUDGE

  1. Wind says:

    We have to let go of everything, including grudges so we won’t turn into old cranks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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