Do You Spend Your Life Feeling Worried?

I do.

Reasoning, however, tells us that there is nothing we can do about worldliness that worries us. The world is in a very dark place brought about by decisions that favour a few, and voted in by the many who have no real choices. We are constantly being manoeuvred. As things get worse, the world will get better, as people will wake up because the untruths will be so obvious, and we will realise that it needn’t be this way.

Once we know the truth of our reality, everything that we hear or read seems childish, silly and immature, and meant for the gullible who believe every word – and we switch on this performance every day.

It is knowing the truth that banishes untruth and worry:
the lamp that dispels darkness.

The lamp that dispels darkness is the light of wisdom – pure consciousness. Falling into vacancy or worry is what the ancients call ‘not knowing’ or ‘ignorance’. When we experience this, there is that which notes this feeling. Look into that which notices. This is the light that dispels darkness, free of confusion. That is our true reality of pure consciousness, free of suffering. You are none other than the light of wisdom, free of worry.

Worry is like a virus; it gets transmitted.
Immunity is being beyond harm:
such is pure consciousness.


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