Switching From Materialistic To Spiritual

Switching from materialistic to spiritual
in a moment.

Many people talk about going for a walk in nature, and feeling spiritual.
(Note: we can do this anywhere.)

In ‘nature’, the senses are wide open; we are wide open to the experience. Nature blasts us in the face! We experience this and that, and that and this – colours, smells, sounds, sights, the feel of the breeze on our skin … marvellous.

How’s that spiritual?
The first moment of experience is pure perception. The spontaneous presence of pure consciousness. The same spontaneous presence is reading these words right now. That is not only our spirituality – it’s what we are. And it feels good. That moment is the yoga of one taste of non-duality.

Back to the birds, the bees, and the breeze in the trees …
before we start naming and claiming them.

The senses are non-conceptual. There is just experience before judgement and that idiotic inner chatter of “Oh, look there’s a …” In the moment of experiencing, there is nothing to think about. There is just oneness with everything. No judgements are taking place. In fact, there is the realisation of being one with nature. After all, we are part of nature, the natural world, aren’t we?

To put it simply,
spirituality is shutting up and just being.

We can walk, sit, eat lunch, and still be at one with existence,
being in a body.

Of course, we then go back home and talk about how spiritual we felt and that, unfortunately, brings us back into the material world of names and concepts. It is material because we are so involved in talking about a past experience that we miss the pure experience of now, back at home.

“Oh, oh, so we’re not allowed to talk about the past?!”
You can if you want, and bore people 😀

Materiality is being something.
Spirituality is being.
Joy is in the knowingness of the moment now;
fresh and alive.

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