Choosing The Facts We Would Like To Hear


Choosing the facts we would like to hear
is the perfect example of going round in circles.
In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Samsara’, the vicious cycle of existence.

We spend our life going up and down chasing happiness,
when, in fact, we are chasing the ‘right’ conditions.

Meditation brings this to a halt and we find – and realise –
that perfect happiness has always been within.

Happiness is not in the mind or body; it is pure consciousness itself.
We are pure consciousness and, as such, have always been happy.

Happiness is a relief from suffering/discontentment/dissatisfaction.
The mind may still feel dissatisfaction, but it is consciousness that sees this.

If we choose the facts that we like to hear, we deny our true nature.

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  1. So are you implying that serotonin and other physiological chemicals in our bodies (some people don’t produce enough serotonin in the brain) don’t play a factor in happiness?

    • tony says:

      Hello Benjamin,

      I agree that certain chemicals can brings about a feeling of euphoria, as certain activities can enhance the dopamine effect.

      I like grilled tomatoes on toast.

      This is said to be conditional happiness, a happiness that relies on the ‘right’ conditions.

      But we can become reliant on these condition, so when taken away we feel unhappy.

      This the lot for most humans.

      From a pure perspective, consciousness is happy just to be, called unconditional happiness, not relying on any conditions.

      From an ultimate point of view happiness is a relief from suffering and dissatisfaction.

      The middle way is to enjoy both but remain unattached…. more or less.


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