Why We Need One Another

We need one another to put both the Dharma (teachings on ultimate reality) and our mind to the test. There are many reasons to hear others’ views, as these have a part to play in our progress to enlightenment. Things we hadn’t considered – or didn’t want to consider – are brought to our attention. Most of us only have a partial view of life, and this bias reveals the sort of person we are; it is the practical part of learning – karmic learning.

This is what generosity, patience, morality, discipline and concentration are all about. Why? Because these attributes lead to wisdom. When wisdom about our ultimate reality has dawned, these five attributes support and enable the ability to adjust to any situation that presents itself.

We may not accept others’ views, but they can still tell us much about the sort of world in which we are all living at this moment.

When we realise that others cannot cope,
a living compassion arises, adjusting as needed.

The strong serve the weak
– and we all take turns being strong and weak,
which is the means by which we can empathise.

That is Dharma’s test of compassion,
when we no longer ignore the suffering of others.

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