Stupidity = Being Out Of Balance

Scales (an instrument for weighing) must be checked for perfect zero to be accurate.
It is impossible to weigh anything accurately if our scales are wrong.
Similarly, the mind must be balanced to see with perfect clarity by taking it back to zero.
No biased ‘fingers’ on the scale, altering the result!

If the mind has no clarity, it will have bias. Before judging others, check your own mind – or the speck in your own eye. If stupid people insist on weighing down one side with their ‘fingers’, – walk away, and shop somewhere else. 😀

In any encounter, look at what is happening.

Stupidity = win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose.
Win-lose: I benefit, while you do not … stupid abuse.
Lose-win: I do not benefit, while you do … stupid naivety.
Lose-lose: neither benefits … absolute and pointless stupidity.

Intelligence = win-win.
Win-win: both sides benefit/understand.

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