Why Are We Here?

Did we merely come into existence through the joining of sperm and egg, and then fall into a pattern of behaviour like everyone else?

Isn’t that pattern someone else’s idea, just like the artificial programmed intelligence of a drone that conforms to a projection? We exist vicariously – the phenomenon of living out our lives through others.

Until we realise our true nature, we will merely go along with whatever we are told. Intelligence begins when we realise that we have free will, rather than being data gatherers (and we only have free will when we realise that we don’t have free will 🙂 )

Can we be sure that we’re not a drone? As we learn things and then repeat them, we can be nothing else. Doesn’t habit work in the same way? When was the last time you did something original?

We while away our time, waiting for something to happen – but nothing does. That’s it. That’s our lives. We live and die, hoping to find something better, while doing the same things day after day. That is the collective idea of life and we feel safe when, in reality, it is actually our destruction – or rather, the obliteration of consciousness, as we fall into a blankness.

There is more to us.

We are the potentially enlightened beings
which all the victorious ones teach about.

Realising our true nature of pure consciousness, we dissolve into that nature. This is direct seeing, direct experience.

We can just follow orders, and act like drones, or we can look at the world and do what has to be done, which is for every individual to decide.

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