We Have Never Been Separated

We have never been separated from the enlightened state.
Few see this, looking elsewhere for happiness.

Realisation of our true nature isn’t something to achieve.
It is merely washing away the doubt and confusion of self
that veils this enlightened state.

We know enough to be aware of the malevolence of self,
as it is the antithesis of reality.

The confusion of self is washed away through meditation,
clearing the mind of the residue of bewilderment,
while remembering to then rinse away the meditation.

Meditation disempowers self.

Once we realise the difference between self and our reality,
we no longer struggle as, by virtue of one, the other is known.
Understanding this, we cannot be separate from others.

We make mistakes, and through seeing mistakes, we learn.
That is the wisdom of seeing karma at work.

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