Being At Home With Our Self

It’s lovely – and such a relief – once we stop conforming.

We totally misunderstand spirituality if we think that we have to be something different from the way we are. That is what religion does to us; it makes us act oddly by imposing itself on the way we communicate. We are simply pure consciousness that never changes, residing within a human body, full of woes. These woes are our precious teacher.

Being at home with our self means understanding that this self-identity has limitations, foibles, eccentricities and habits. Even a bad person like the Tibetan master, Milarepa, was able to harness his energy to become enlightened in one lifetime. Our self is energy, but it lacks direction until the right elements come together and the fire of inspiration is lit.

When we’re young, we learn about life and then coast along for our remaining years, in ignorance of our true reality. We have only learnt to grow-up, to fit in.

“Give me a child until they are 7 and I will show you the adult” – Aristotle.

If we decide to keep on learning about ourselves, however, we don’t ‘grow-up’ … thank goodness 🙂

Rather than being a fixed entity, our self is highly adaptable; it’s better to be comfortable with change instead of being fixated. When we actually get to know our self, it becomes our spiritual teacher – it is our karma, after all. Every response we have now is a product from our past, which is karma; seeing this is how realisation works.

We aren’t here to be clever – we are here to see.
Watch, learn, see, drop it!

Enlightenment is dropping everything.
Only then may we be useful to others.

In the meantime, we can act being enlightened
until the coat actually fits.

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