Seeing Is Not Believing

The phrase, “Seeing is believing”, is trotted out as if it was the truth, when it merely shows the illusion under which we live. Belief is accepting something without proof. This how others’ definitions create problems in our life as we believe them to be true, when they are actually a deception. If anyone thinks that they are not deceived, they need to think again. Intelligence questions everything, without making assumptions.

In this modern world of excessive information, this is especially important. As unenlightened beings, we become whatever we see – so we need to be very careful what we look at and digest!

Before we can accept that a thing really exists or occurs, we need to be able to see for ourselves. Now, here’s the problem; being told that reality lies in seeing ‘something’. Not so. Nothing is real. The reality is in the seeing – pure seeing – pure consciousness.

Whatever appears in our mind is merely a projection. The mind is where everything is perceived, via the senses; the reality is never, ever ‘out there’. When we understand that no thing is real as it lacks permanent existence, we start to question everything.

We (pure consciousness) reside in a body and a programmed mind that limits the way in which we express this consciousness. What the writer experiences and what is written are not the same thing.

I am limited to the education that I received and the environments in which I’ve lived, so whatever is written is merely a generalisation.

Feeling angry or annoyed means that we know something isn’t right. That is, indeed, the moment of wisdom but, as we have limits to our expression and understanding in recognising causes, we may find ourselves getting angry and frustrated, and going off at the deep end! Even scientists may not agree – scientists are human, and humans are scientists – we all have to suck it and see. Adherence to words and ideas can limit the way in which we express something; each of us falls into some stereotype or other. If we could perceive our personal agenda, our bias, our hidden intentions, we may see differently.

Don’t try and be perfect.
We are already perfect,
but we’re embodied in a certain mindset,
and an established set of attitudes.

In seeing this, we are free.
Don’t believe anyone – not even a Buddha.
Religion can be a safety trap for the insecure.

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  1. Tony, as a compliment to what you wrote about the writer and the experience, the following is what I wrote the other day: “Reading comprehension determines the outcome of the reader’s opinion. However, if the reader lacks life experiences and the ability to correlate thoughts into words then the message will continually be misunderstood.”

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