Mass Psychosis

Mass psychosis
or mass hypnosis:
the madness of the crowd
brought to us by the Lords of the Kali-yuga.

The magician’s trick creates bewilderment, and then focuses on one small event which is elaborated in order to distract. We may speculate on how this is done, but it is merely a trick, and we are still bound by it because we speculate.

It is the awareness of suffering that starts to awaken people; a vibrant Kali-yuga (the age of conflict) will shake everyone up to say, “This isn’t right. I cannot be part of this madness any more.” This madness, when viewed correctly, is the path to enlightenment. We have always been tricked into believing something or other, and this starts in childhood when we are vulnerable.

As we grow, we become far too clever, and so speedy that we have little time and space to contemplate the purpose of life. We don’t just stop and question what is truly of value, seeking only expedient answers that plaster over our suffering and are substitutes for realisation. In our obsession with trivia, we lose sight of what is true.

The magicians give us toys – ideas – to play with, and we find we can no longer cope with raw reality.

In the Kali-yuga, we need true spiritual friends who have the ability to listen.
A true spiritual friend is somewhere between being reactive and indifferent.
A true spiritual friend sees a trick as a trick, smiles and drops it.

Psychosis: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality and internal reality, resulting in difficulty determining what is real and what is not real. 

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2 Responses to MASS PSYCHOSIS

  1. Tony, I detest mass social media. I think it is due to they say anything and everything as if it were a fact yet seldom have any evidence to support their conclusion. Perhaps, if they make up information; it might satisfy my psychosis. ☺️

    • tony says:

      When people are confused they look for an answer, which depends on their knowledge and ability to independently understand.

      Unless knowledge is about our true being, it will unfortunately be suspect.

      I’ve attended many teachings and they never quite come up to the mark.

      Our paths are individual.


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