Compassion And Empathy

A word is a merely a sound.

Words have meaning, however,
and if we don’t understand that meaning,
we merely make sounds.

Compassion: concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others and a wish to help.
Empathy: the ability and insight to understand and share the feelings of another.

We cut and paste ideas on to our mind’s pinboard and repeat this agenda, sounding like a radio station. As an example; we hear a name and off we go, following our preconceived ideas … This isn’t a bad thing; it’s just a process that we need to be aware of and, when we see it, it loses its power (although we may feel foolish 🙂 ). It is then that we have a choice; either to wind ourselves up again, or let go.

Before the word is an idea.
Before an idea is judgement.
Before judgement is memory.
Before memory is perception.
Before perception is consciousness.
Before consciousness is pure awareness, pure being.

Realising this experience, we have insight. We know how ideas come about, and so we have empathy, knowing that words are a long way from our original position.

Compassion is an idea.
Empathy shows the way.

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