The Light Of Darkness

The darkness is our worries, dissatisfactions, doubts and desires … it’s a huge list of excitement.

The darkness is also the covering up of our worries, dissatisfactions, doubts and desires … it’s a huge list of dullness.

All the while, the light of consciousness looks on.
It is this that we misunderstand:
by virtue of the light of consciousness, the darkness is known.

That’s it.
That’s the Buddha’s teaching.
It’s not complicated.

What else can it be?




“How is this practical in my life?”

We realise that, what humanity has been looking for for thousands of years with all those teachings, commentaries, philosophies and rituals, is this moment of pure clarity. It is here that we value life in a different way. It simplifies, and we remain happy in the knowledge that karma (whatever happens to us) is merely a product of our past misunderstandings.

It doesn’t matter how dark our karma is, the light of consciousness is always present; billions of people call it ‘God’ or ‘myself’. It is purely the light of consciousness for, without that, we wouldn’t know anything, would we? 🙂 Consciousness comes first – not the stories.

Bring to mind something that worries you, or that you love.
What notes this worry or love?

We clarify our karmic by not holding on to judgements.
In this way, our path becomes more direct.

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