Realisation Is Earth Shattering

All that we hope for is an illusion.
All that we fear is an illusion.
We over-estimate how many sane people there are.

Illusion: an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.

If we cannot discern that perception, in the very first instant, is pure consciousness without comment, but instead go straight into judgement, then our perception is biased because it is based on memory – old programming – our dream-world – our normal.

The very moment that we interpret perception, we are in our illusion. Justifying this illusion is delusion.

Delusion: an idiosyncratic belief maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument.

How do we prove that we are sane?
And who are we going to prove this to?
To ourself, or to someone else?

There is no way we can prove we are sane.

From the perspective of pure consciousness,
everyone is both Buddha nature and irrational.
Met anyone normal?

Sane: reasonable and rational behaviour.
Insane: irrationala state of mind which prevents normal  perception, behaviour, or social  interaction.
Normal: conforming to a standard; a carpenter’s square.

‘Normal’ is therefore a mathematical term, a formula to trust which is absolutely true, as opposed to a generalised, conventional truth. By merely relating to everything, which takes us back to our memory-dream-world, we never see with clarity.

We are a formula.

We are either driven by desire, aversion, and indifference,
empowered by emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Met anyone normal?

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  1. Wind says:

    As someone once said, normal is a setting in a washing machine!

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