We Are So Used To Lies

We are so used to lies
that we cannot see the truth.

It is the truth that sets us free.

Belief isn’t exactly a lie, but it is accepting something as true without proof.
In this way, we spend our lives having beliefs while condemning others for their beliefs.

We can only know a lie when we know the truth – absolute truth, that is. We have been given people and things to believe in, but all that is merely relative truth – something to which we relate – and, as such, has absolutely nothing to do with truth. Relative truth is merely convenient: it’s a statement we adopt about people and things and, for this reason, we argue, creating animosity and division.

Absolute truth is the direct moment of seeing. It is spontaneous, without relating. All sentient beings are this spontaneous presence. If we are told anything else, it is not true, and so it’s a lie. When we are told to accept a belief that is not absolutely true, it is deliberate, but no one mentions the word ‘deliberate’ because that has huge connotations for our existence.

How many know this absolute truth, and live it?
How many live by relative truth, and don’t know it?

When we ask such questions, the world becomes a scary place! 😀 This is why the Buddha’s teaching on absolute truth is vital, in order to put our minds at peace.

The relative has no inherent reality; it’s therefore changeable.
Absolute truth is consciousness that never changes.

Don’t believe in words.
See the effect.

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