We Come To The Truth When We’re Ready

We come to the truth when we are ready to accept it.
That only happens when we have had enough of untruths
– dare we say lies, illusions, beliefs, things to worry about.

Even religious, spiritual and philosophical notions
give us something to worry about :-

When the truth really hits us, it hits hard, and it goes on hitting us.
That’s why, long ago, a man said, “Turn the other cheek”,
which means refrain from retaliation
because this compounds and solidifies the situation.

We do not all realise the truth at the same time.
Even when the truth is told, it is we who have to realise it.
If we say, “Yeah!” as if we know or recognise the truth but lack empathy,
there is no understanding.
We are still living in the lies, illusions, beliefs and things to worry about.

It is now that we have to ask the question, “Why do we suffer?”
We suffer because we cling to ideas;
in reality, we are pure consciousness – the inspirational spark of light.

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