The World ‘Looks’ Like Madness

The world ‘looks’ like madness,
but everything is the result of a cause.

Madness isn’t our natural state.
It is a disorder created in the mind,
and not of consciousness.

The world is made up of groups of people. When confusion and disorder occur, we become anxious about others, and that anxiety is exaggerated. We lose our inner confidence, and are easily divided.

Without a foundation in our true reality, we are mentally adrift with only our beliefs to keep us afloat, and so we become easy pickings for the sharks and little nibblers. 🙂

Meditation can restore our natural inner order
through the realisation that we are pure consciousness,
beyond all beliefs.

That’s the reason to stay cheerful.
As the Buddha said,
“Don’t believe a word”
… look behind it!

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