Diversity Is Natural

Diversity is natural, but can create conflict.

On a physical level, we have different cultures, and different cultures within a culture and so, there are different ways of thinking. When these differences are exaggerated or imposed, problems arise, and that’s how wars are started.

In our hearts, we all know this, and that’s the point.
In our hearts, we are all one.

We are pure consciousness,
but just express this differently!

People come together on a retreat and sit as one, but each of us has a different background, intention and quirkiness – a peculiar aspect of a person’s character or behaviour due to experiences.

Our differences arise from various levels of ignorance, confusion and realisation. Everyone whom we encounter is our karma, and we theirs; these are actual teaching moments of mutual, practical dharma. In this way, we all take responsibility.

Diversity is natural,
so we don’t have to conform to others’ quirky ways!
We just accept them.

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