Machines Can’t Do That

If we explore our mind, we know how our mind works. We are no longer merely mechanical automata, just perceiving and reacting. When we decide to sit in silent meditation (machines can’t do that), we see how the mind wanders off, following random thoughts (machines can’t do that). It is our confusion that can dawn as wisdom that leads to enlightenment (machines can’t do that).

Once we realise that we have all we need, we stop shopping for more, or for a better colour. We are not spiritual consumers any longer; we are spiritual practitioners. Meditation is a method to help us see what we are, and what we are not.

What is it that we realise?
We realise that we – consciousness – are programmed by desire, aversion and ignorance. When consciousness realises the cause of its confusion – an imaginary self – wisdom dawns. These negative emotions now serve as an immediate reminder of our absolute reality of pure, compassionate consciousness.

Darkness and light become one!

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