Who Is To Blame?

From birth, we are besieged by trivia, and we lap it up.
So who is to blame for the illusion in which we live?
The answer depends on our level of inner awareness.

Illusion: a deceptive appearance.

We are educated to ‘better’ ourself, which becomes competitive. This pressure creates early identification traumas when we label ourselves. How we appear to others is important to us, but that’s not the real us – it’s a social image.

Self-image is the mental picture that we have; it’s an ‘internal dictionary’ that we characterise as our self, imprinting an image on our mind.
Character: from Greek kharaktēr, ‘a stamping tool’.

Is the job we are doing or life we are leading what we really want?

Who is to blame?

Karma – the result of previous actions –
means that we are in the right place at the right time
to learn something about our self.

Where else are you going to be?
There is no one to blame.

Karma is our personal life-guru.

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