Being At Peace With Your Self

It’s a nice place to be.

This isn’t about being smug; it’s a matter of building genuine confidence. Our self is a programmed effect in the mind born from our early environment. The quality of our hopes and fears creates the way we see life, and this is established in those early years. Even if we react against them, they have had their effect.

In our investigations, we accept our self, warts and all; if we want to realise the ultimate truth, we have to accept evidence from all sides. This self is our karmic path to enlightenment. The enlightened state is pure consciousness – that’s what we really are. It’s not a big jump. In fact, it’s not a jump at all, because it is pure consciousness that acknowledges this self acting out its script. 🙂

My self is an untidy worker. It wants to be mindful and neat, but it’s too enthusiastic, and consciousness merely reminds ‘me’ to tidy up so that I can find my screwdriver next time. 😀

So enthusiasm takes over; I’m okay with that.
Being true to our self is accepting that its hopes, fears and indifference will be present,alongside pure consciousness that sees self’s delusions as the path.

They work as one.

Big 🙂

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