Our Digital Self

Not only do we have a fixated, mental self,
we now have a fixated, digital self.

People no longer have to read our minds;
they can read our printout to find out what type of consciousness we are.

For ‘our’ convenience, our image has now become a digital fixture by our embracing of digital technology with so much enthusiasm, giving up our personal reality.

Because the majority has been lured into becoming a digital consumer, the minority has to live with it. Be aware of this digital slavery dictating our lives.

We have to be smarter than the smart technologies by being aware of the mass migration of minds conforming to the technology of things, not realising that we are becoming the technology of minds and bodies as well.

Microchip implants make the technology of bodies. They promise convenience and benefit – with a flash of our implanted, microchipped hands, we’ll be able to open doors without keys. But doors to what?

This is our future being rolled out as the ‘solution’ to the world’s problems – or do they mean the problems that have been created for us?

How did it all start?
In the belief of better things to come.
When buying anything, do we automatically turn the item over, showing the bar code to help the machine?

“I haven’t been chipped!”
Do you use cash? Do you use a card? Do you now just swipe your card across the reader without tapping in a number? This is for our convenience and benefit; now all that needs to happen is that we get tired of getting our card out, and go for an implant.

“I won’t get chipped!!!”
But will the younger generation feel the same way?

OURThe really smart move is to realise what we are doing and why.
The smarter move is to clear our minds of codes – hidden programming.

Meditation clears the mind and bring us back to our true reality.
Stay safe.
Stay smarter than ‘smart’.

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