Listening To Others And Listening To Ourself

Many people speak about truth, more or less, and we may be fortunate to find someone whose words echo the way we feel. What is important is observing our self at play rather than others at play – it’s less complicated 🙂

Some are knowledgable and eloquent in speech, while some of us are simpler folk. Speech is second hand. Wanting to be more like the eloquent is a distraction, and leads us into conflict.

Pure consciousness is direct experience; it is pure awareness. No words are necessary. Realising our true reality recquires no explanation. We just are, and we recognise when our mind becomes diverted.

When we rely on others, we are doubting ourselves. Truth isn’t something foreign to us. We re-cognise it – we re-know what was already known.

Realisation isn’t about fame and gain. If we have the ability, we can share experience. Never feel you don’t know enough: we are all we need to know.

We have no need of the mystery others create in our mind.
Mystery brings about doubt.

There is nothing to know.
Just the knowingness itself
… it’s what we are.

It needs no pedestal.

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  1. So are you saying that reading or listening to truth pointers from the likes of Rinpoche, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Ramana Maharshi is of no use?

    If that were true I think I’d still be stuck in the darkness and ignorance I found myself in 22 years ago after the initial “lightning strike” that turned my life upside down.

    These people and many others helped me to see the truth of what I am, and I am very grateful. They were there even when I didn’t know I needed them. One by one, each of them came to me, usually in book form, when I was ready to understand what they were saying. I wasn’t a quick study but what I read and heard from them steered me in the direction I needed to go. I would not and will not settle for anything less than absolute truth and I believe they helped lead me to it.

    • tony says:

      Hello Allen,

      I feel the same way as you, and have learnt much from many teachers.

      But, when I read the Buddha’s words,
      “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself,” my life and understanding changed.

      The teaching were no longer second hand.
      There is still a i present but it’s not the same needy I was it was.


    • tony says:

      We gradually come to conclusions.
      Our life is karma, and this life/karma is our teacher through observing our karmic reactions.

      Our life/karma is with us until enlightenment.


    • tony says:

      I am so grateful for this comment.
      It’s important to question everything,
      and it’s a process we all go through.

      When we hear or read some truth, we recognise it.
      But have we actually realised it for ourselves?

      We may feel warm and glowy, but as we get closer
      to absolute truth, the heat of realisation
      becomes uncomfortable – the shock of where we were.

      In the realisation of absolute truth,
      there is no conflict.


      • Thank you Tony. With the help of the teachers I have had I have come to the point where, if I could ask for anything at all, it would be that the people of this world would know and truly understand how deeply they are loved. If they could see this, the madness would stop in an instant.
        But maybe some things just aren’t meant to be.


        • tony says:

          Love, compassion, empathy are at the heart of everyone, every sentient being. We all care, but it gets misplaced or personalised.

          Throughout history there are those who want it all, and will do anything to maintain power.
          Plus, this is the Kali Yuga, the age of conflict.

          But it is now when we can make the fastest spiritual progress – because people are unhappy, they are looking for change.

          It is this very conflict that begins the path to enlightenment.
          If people were content in a dull or excited way, they wouldn’t bother.

          Things look good!


          • The love that I was speaking of I know as universal love, which is entirely unconditional. It could also be called divine love. All things appear and exist within that love and nothing can exist outside of it. It is all there is. If the people of earth could know that they came out of that love and in fact were that love, then this world would be a very different place, I think.

            I first heard of the four yugas from Alan Watts years ago. I remember bits and pieces but I’m certainly not well versed in them. I certainly agree that Kali yuga seems to be what this planet is experiencing right now. “In adharma bad actions will be considered worth doing.” Many will be deceived.


          • tony says:

            Bad actions are definitely on the rise, but now they are obvious.


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