When a new project came along, as a designer, the first thing we would do is NOT look at the client’s previous design as that would have influenced us, and caused little traumas and blockages.

This is what happens in our daily life. We come across a situation, memories arise, and we have no chance of seeing the situation afresh. We’ve already been influenced. These memories are why we re-act the way we do. Actually, in the subconscious, our brain is more brand-aware than we are 🙂

If we become stuck in ‘our’ memories, we reignitesd the same traumas time after time, using the same language that upholds these concepts.

To evolve and expand our understanding, we need to clear the mind of bias – even if it worked before. Whatever we don’t like becomes our ‘enemy’ and may, in fact, enlighten us, turning our ideas upside down. There are levels of understanding; each uses the same words, but the meaning changes.

Being human is learning how to deal with the unexpected;
to risk new experiences,
even when they don’t fit into our preconceptions.

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