Is There A Script?

Is there a script?
Certainly: the simple laws of the universe.
Those who do not know these laws live in confusion.

Good and evil both have the script, the formula, the principle, according to universal laws of attraction, repulsion and inertia. In human terms, this is desire, aversion and ignorance. In animal terms, it’s fight, flight and freeze.

But these same laws are also enlightened wisdoms. This is what evil can never understand as it has nothing to gain from emptiness – the pure state of being.

The evil rules by desire, fear and ignorance.
The enlightened expose the essence of desire, fear and ignorance
as emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Our essence is pure, unsullied emptiness but, through desire, this becomes filled with expectations.
Our nature is cognisant but, because of desire, we become fearful and so, judgemental.
Our heart is compassionate but, through becoming judgemental, we lack compassion.

Know the script, know a fruitful life.
Know half the script, know suffering.

It all depends on whether we want to gain something, or understand it.

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1 Response to IS THERE A SCRIPT?


    Opposites exist even in the two main expressions of the One.Laws and randomness in the One coexist.Laws exist in the super atomic world, randomness in the subatomic world.Certainty is relative and not absolute. Good and Evil are relative.Purity and Taint are  relative.Karma and merit are relative and may be overturned.There is no objective Truth since there are no objects distant from us.Everything is One per se.Certainty, Good, Evil, and Truth are Illusions of Self.

    The incentive to gain something is not guaranteeing purity in freedom, and may easily be transformed into spiritual slavery for merit… My (non) consolation is working towards emptying the Skandhas without any gain expectation, and without desire to succeed. Absurd  Thirst is our only gift!

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