When others’ dogma becomes our dogma,
we have veered away from our direct path to enlightenment.

When others’ information becomes our information,
we have veered away from our direct path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment: full realisation of reality, released from all karmic propensities and suffering.

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7 Responses to DOGMA

  1. Mark says:

    I was wondering- is enlightenment as you nicely describe it here something one obtains and once obtained lasts forever, or is the full realisation of reality someonthing that one has to regularly re-find/uncover – a one off event or a continual journey?

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,
      Maybe this depend to who one is talking.

      As I see it, we are already enlightened beings, but do not notice it as our attention is distracted elsewhere.

      This elsewhere is the mind.

      We get glimpses of this realisation, but through habit we turn away.

      Monks and nuns spend their entire lives on this topic. We as town yogis have to balance life between the material and the spiritual.

      I actually think this is an advantage, as the rawness of life makes us face our stupidity. 🙂

      The more we practice remembering what we are, the simpler life becomes.

      It is a continual journey until there are no more questions.

      And, we have to accept the karma/bias we have collected that slowly dissolves. We notice that our attitude changes.

      Of course many religions/traditions make enlightenment into a great elaborations.
      But perhaps it’s “Much ado about nothing!”


    • tony says:

      Of course, being a monk or nun you are told what to do and when to do it. A town yogi has to be more disciplined.


      • Mark says:

        Thanks Tony that makes sense. And agree that on the basis we are all enlightened already then enlightenment is really just those moments of realisation of what we really are…interested about your comment about the Buddha on a previous post where you state (I’m paraphrasing) that just before enlightenment he experienced desire and aversion…what exactly happened to him do we know? Thanks

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