Exposing Your Self

This is what spiritual practice is all about – exposing the psychology of the mind that dominates our behaviour. This awareness practice also exposes the fact that we are not the thoughts in our mind. It’s as if we are two beings: one sits and watches, while the other runs around complaining. 😀

The esoteric practice:
The moment when we (consciousness) realise that these two ways of being are not the same, they become a unity. Consciousness is aware of the other instantaneously – appearance and recognition are simultaneous, like a mirror and its reflection. That is the non-duality spoken about in ancient texts.

In more recent times, someone said, “I and my father are one”, which is often misinterpreted. 🙂 Prior to that, someone said, “God spoke to me”, which was also misinterpreted. These both create a duality. 🙂

It takes courage to look directly into the mind.

Once we (consciousness) do, however,
we learn and expose so much about
how the universe, the world, our minds,
and good and evil function.

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