Buyer Beware

Buyer, beware of concepts accepted as true.

If we go through life just accepting and copying others’ behaviour, we relinquish responsibility for our true nature. Because of this, we have to take the consequences of whatever we have agreed to, despite a feeling of uncertainty. Unaware that we are holding on to concepts – which are, in fact, merely rumours – and accepting everything as true and trustworthy, we convince ourselves that all is well.

That is the illusion we live under, and we know it.
Life in this world just doesn’t feel right.

It is being aware of this confused state that makes it right!

We run our lives in accordance with rumours that circulate as unverified accounts, while not noticing that we are just adding to the noise.
Rumour: from Latin rumor,‘noise’.

Through inertia, we are unwilling to use energy, either mentally or physically, to test whether our assumptions are true, and so we suffer from dormant-intelligence. The world has always had scammers who take advantage of our fears, hopes, laziness and indifference.

Be aware of accepting others’ ideas as something normal to worship. Illusions are projected at every moment but, at every moment, we can be released from these projections by just seeing, without referring.

Realisation is a mixture of effulgence and sadness.
The more we see, the more we see.

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3 Responses to BUYER BEWARE


    This statement touches me deeply:”Life in this world just doesn’t feel right.”

    For many many years I feel like living in exile.What is worse, is my gut feeling that “I” have volunteered coming…This (non) “I” makes all suffering in exile.And consciousness remains dormant!

    • tony says:

      Hello Promitheus,

      Consciousness sees all the coming and going in the mind, but gets sucked in, and we merely go through a routine cycle.

      Waking up is just seeing without referring to anything.

      In the moment of seeing things aren’t right, and before mind reacts, is the moment of pure consciousness, the moment of wisdom.

      The more we see, the more we see.


    • tony says:

      Actually, as we start to realise that there is more to us, we may feel isolated from others.

      This is where empathy and compassion comes to the fore, and this is challenging.

      We need supportive company and so do others. 🙂


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