God? No God?

One should reflect on the idea of intelligent design by ‘God’ or ‘Gods’.
And questions naturally arise:

Why did God bother?
How are we in his or their own image?
Does that mean we have the very same qualities, or are we limited, as pale imitations?

Why are there countless varieties of self-replicating beings on Earth?
Why are there infinite crawly, floaty or flying things,
and viruses that get sneezed upon the Earth which can kill us?

Are they all necessary?
Why do some beings go extinct?

Why are people who think that creation isn’t good enough
allowed to mess around with God’s creation?

Is God watching to see what we do?
The Earth is about 4,530 billion years old:
what has been learnt over the past 2 million years of humanity?

Why are some wise and compassionate?
Why are some competitive and aggressive?
Are they all in God’s image?

Who or what created the intelligent designer(s)?
How do they dwell?

Has God created life before?
If we accept that God or Gods are forever,
why aren’t we, if we are made in their image?

In an infinite, timeless universe, why start creating at one particular point?
What happens when this Sun dies?

Is nature the endless self-replicator creator?

Is there something we may be missing?
Are we designed to know, or merely to speculate?

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