There Is Nothing For A Creator To Do

If the universe is infinite,
why would there be a creator?

The infinite universe is home for infinite conscious beings,
commensurate with their karmic tendencies.

This consciousness is pure,
and needs no physical universe.

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  1. Wind says:

    Why not? We are the universe and it seems that the glue that holds it all together is love which comes from a divine source which we can’t really understand. Hindus say this is all is just lila. The creative play of the creative force.

    • tony says:

      Hello Wind,
      There are many tools to peel a potato. The object is to remove the outer layer, cook it the way we please, and enjoy it.

      The creative play is our relative reality full of toys. These toys can either remind us of our absolute reality of pure consciousness, or become a distraction.

      Relative love separates us through conditioning.
      Absolute loves unites us unconditionally.

      In the Kali Yuga, there isn’t much love being created, just more division.

      Still, saying this, the Kali Yuga is the speedy path, as the obstacles are coming faster and more obvious.

      Whatever is created, nature takes apart. It is nature that creates and destroys through the laws of universal nature of attraction and repulsion. Nature self-replicates.

      We can go beyond nature through knowing the wisdom of attraction and repulsion – hope and fear – and that is pure consciousness.

      The truth is not in a book; it is in the personal realisation of the words.


    • tony says:

      I suppose as this is a Buddhist site, so it leans towards not believing in God, but doesn’t deny that God is pure consciousness, and that we are pure consciousness.

      I used to believe in an external God, and in some ways it is comforting, but I look at the world, and people, and Buddhists, and most of it is a show of suppositions.

      We all have different experiences and have to work with these as best we can.

      I have been kicked out of a buddhist centre after 11 years devotion. I’ve also been kicked out of a Indian guru centre after 5 years of devotion.

      Some of us do not fit into systems.

      The main advice I follow is the Buddha saying, “Do not take my word for the truth; test it for yourself.”

      đŸ™‚ Tony

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