There Is A Manual For Life

It’s quite short; it’s karma.

‘Karma’ is just a word for the effect of previous actions that causes our habitual reactions now. This manual is our teacher, instructing us how to eliminate karma through compassionate activity – it’s no longer about us.

We are pure consciousness, and we’re here to realise this fact. What we call “myself” is just this karmic ledger, which is recording our personal history and expressing itself in our attitude. We assume that this history is what we are, when it’s merely a history of delusion. 😀

Just because everyone else believes that they are their history
doesn’t mean we have to.

The levels of realisation are not about going higher;
they are about reducing the levels of doubt.

When we understand this ledger, it becomes our instructor, our teacher showing us our errors. This is the path to enlightenment, erasing our account in the ledger.

The sort of life we experience is immaterial as it’s a product of personal karma. It’s just a matter of letting go of whatever pleases or displeases. The most important aspect of life is having time and space to contemplate, otherwise life is just one long distraction that numbs us.

The manual is karma – concepts in the mind.
It tells us everything we need to know
about the knowingness that is reading the book.

The book is written for the exoteric believers to follow.
The meaning of the book is for the esoteric;
it’s a working manual.

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