Idealism: Going Round In Circles = Theories

The reason why Idealism does not satisfy.

If we’re going round in circles, we prefer theories to actual direct experience.
Idealism is ideas-ism, idealising words and theories. It’s the devil’s work, and meant to confuse. 😀

In philosophy, the term ‘Idealism’ describes metaphysical perspectives (abstract reasoning) which assert that reality is inseparable from perception; that reality is a mental construct, closely connected to ideas.

In all misinformation, there is an element of truth. Idealism, like philosophy, talks about truth but never experiences it. Philosophies make it complicated. Religions make it complicated. Science makes it complicated. People therefore become complicated.

Truth is what we are in essence, and that is pure conscious awareness.

If we exist on theories and opinions without acknowledging conscious awareness, we will never, ever actually know what it’s all about and transcend this vicious cycle of existence. We need discipline to sit in silence to be aware of awareness, to realise that we are that awareness, and to further realise this awareness is pure consciousness.

Not disciplining ourself to sit and just be aware is for lazy philosophers.

It’s not a mind game to become a memory man, as in the film, “The 39 Steps” – that is just an act.

If we think the Buddha is wrong,
but cannot come up with anything better,
we will merely continue in the vicious cycle of existence …
… becoming more and more grumpy.

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