People With Fixated Ideas

Fixating – having an obsessive attachment to someone or something – holds us down to a mundane level of existence. To say we are happy with our obsession is an oxymoron – pointedly foolish, as it’s a addiction that has to be continuously regenerated. In other words, hell! A constant misery, a state of great physical or mental distress.

This is suffering. If we are intelligent, we will seek relief from suffering, which is the Buddha’s first noble truth. If, however, we put up with our fixations (‘samsara’ in Sanskrit, describing the vicious cycle of existence), we just go round in habitual circles.

Samsara is seeking happiness/satisfaction without realising that that is our original nature. As a result, we cling to some idea or personage.
Personage – medieval Latin personagium, ‘effigy’. An idol …

All that’s required is to see what’s going on in our own mind, and consider the reason why. Why? We merely mimic others, without any understanding.

The result of realisation is no longer taking ourselves seriously,
while having empathy for others’ misunderstanding.

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