There Are Other Ways

It’s very important to understand that there are other ways, otherwise we can become narrow-minded. There are many paths up to the peak.

The search for ultimate truth comes with the realisation of what it is that perceives this ultimate truth. The two are inseparable. The summit is pure consciousness but, depending on the path we choose, we may find that the summit has always been at the base. 🙂

In other words, there is no point in arguing about who has the better path. One person sees it one way and another sees it a different way. I’ve experienced sitting in retreats with 120 people and we all have individual approaches and inclinations. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in their shoes – too serious – and they, in turn, will think something odd about me. So what?

When we know where we are, does it matter if others think we shouldn’t be there?

Of course, there are momentary meetings of minds, but there comes a time when we realise our paths or vehicles are different.

There is no universal consciousness;
if there was, when one gets it, we all get it!
This doesn’t happen, does it?
It’s not a virus … 🙂

Universal consciousness is merely a substitute term for God. If we believe in a God, or universal consciousness, or universal nature, that is the path we choose, and we have to accept the consequences, which relate to something ‘out there’ and are therefore a separation. If we become upset, that is a consequence of our choice of path. If the path results in genuine understanding of others and compassion for all, then it’s worthwhile.

We should be confident in our path,
but be willing to change if refinement presents itself.

You never know – it could be God’s will 🙂

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