Wandering Practitioners

These are spiritual practitioners who give up everything and go out into the world to meditate, accepting whatever comes their way: heat/cold, food/no food, cave/doorway… they trust whatever arises, and rely on what people give them. It is the practice of simplicity, one pointedness, one taste and non meditation. They have to trust in their karma, awareness, good merit (good attitude) and blessings. A blessing is hard to define: perhaps it’s a guardian angel, perhaps it’s synchronicity, or perhaps it’s a smiling universe – a reflection of their own motivation?

Well, as householders, we can do exactly the same. We have to accept problems that arise – there’s always something or someone who needs attention – and hope that the universe is smiling! There may be help available – often from unusual sources – if we’re open to it. We, too, wander around, but for a lifetime, and are grateful for any help … especially when the tap starts to leak ;D You worry, and then you meet someone who knows what to do. You go to the shop but they don’t have o-rings; they just want to sell you a new tap. So you worry. Finally, you find a small shop with a man who explains everything. But then, you can’t find the right type of screwdriver, and you can’t access the screw behind the tap because you need a Z-shaped screwdriver, and the backboard is in the way. Having removed the backboard and replaced the o-ring, you then discover a mouse hole. But you’ve heard about expanding foam: never having experienced this substance before, you suddenly realise why it’s called expanding! Shocked and panicking, you whip the nozzle away from the mouse hole, only to find expanding foam spraying the vicinity – and just to ensure an efficient mess, you walk in it, leaving a trail … You just genuinely experienced expanding foam … and it’s a metaphor for life 😀

Can a wandering practitioner help you with expanding foam? No. But you can help them. You can become their guardian angel. That how the universe works – the smiling universe of guardian angels everywhere. We all gain blessings by accepting karma, being aware, and acquiring merit or synchronicity by having a good attitude. Then it is we who can be of benefit to others. That is how merit works!

Renunciation is not clinging to experiences. We don’t all have to become monks and nuns. The raw experience of life, of emotions, of upsets, is inseparable from wisdom and enlightenment. The true Dharma is life itself: life is our ultimate teacher. In the first instant of raw emotions, the essence of mind is bright! That brightness is the clarity of light. When we gain total confidence, that clarity of light becomes enlightenment.

Until then we all wander … 😀 … we are all wandering practitioners.
There comes a time when all beings appear to be practitioners at some level.

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Self-Existing Awareness

It’s just there.
‘It’ is what we are.
We don’t have to do anything.

We meditate to arrive at the realisation of self-existing awareness, and rest there. When self-existing awareness is realised, stop ‘meditating’, as meditation then becomes a hinderance. At the point of recognition, stop meditating: we meditate when we forget, and drift off.

It’s like rowing in a boat to the shore: having arrived, we keep rowing as if this is going to produce something more – whereas, in reality, there is longer any point. We only meditate when we forget … and drift off!

Can you see how simple this is? And therein lies the only problem – it’s so simple. Self-existing awareness or consciousness is natural. It is non-duality, a singularity. It is simply resting in infinite awareness in whatever occurs, without judgements or expectations. We can be sitting, walking, typing, wiping our bum, and it’s just there. And ‘it’ is what we are! Where else are we?

So what keeps going wrong?

If we look at everything created, and how things came to be, it is all to do with relationships. The creative principle of everything – the basic formula – is relationship. Samsara is about relationships between this and that, to which we relate: that is why we use the term ‘relative truth’.

Ignorance came about because self-existing awareness found a relationship with appearances, and desire manifested, obscuring self-existing awareness. Self-existing awareness is empty of relationships: it is not occupied, and is at perfect peace. Once we start manifesting, life becomes more and more complex, and we develop more and more expectations. It is expectations that weigh us down.

Self-existing awareness clears away the darkness of ignorance. If we keep meditating once we have realised self-existing awareness, then we are creating ignorance. The light has just gone out because we are still trying to do something … waving our paddles around!

If it is not clearly explained that the darkness of ignorance is cleared by the recognition of self-existing awareness, then we are kept lingering and longing for something inconceivable that is just out of reach, and we are always feeling that we are not good enough. Sound familiar? Sounds fishy!

The whole principle of spirituality is being ordinary and natural. The word ‘ordinary’ comes from the word order; orderly, the natural quality of the highest order. All we need to be is methodical in our approach.

If we are looking for something extra special – levitation, or ‘awakening’ chakras and kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment and achieving a range of supernormal powers – then we could be waiting a very long time … while still waving our paddles around! (Incidentally, to the ancient masters, spiritual siddhis are considered to be toys, and can be an obscuration in themselves).

Be orderly. Be whole. Be at one.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.
Better the obscurations you recognise than the obscurations that could be fantasies.

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Live your life, and let others live theirs.

It all depends on what we choose as the most important reason for our existence – our raison d’etre. That’s if we can reason … !

“Belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe.”

“Disbelief in the existence of a deity or deities that create, therefore god does not exist and nature self creates.”

“Has no god, but some traditions use the compassionate qualities of deities to express our true nature which is pure consciousness, and our karma is our creator.”

At birth, everyone is an atheist.

We don’t have to have a religion to be a ‘religious’ extremist.

Confusion is wisdom.

Is that reasonable?

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Light In The Dark and Dark In The Light

What is light for some is dark for others.
What is dark for some is light for others.

This isn’t just playing with words; we’re talking about levels of understanding.

In the first case – what is light for some is dark for others – we don’t want to be reminded that we have real potential for more clarity: negative feelings both arise and are created when we are reminded, as we now have to make some effort. Incidentally, there is recognition in this situation, but it is quickly covered up.

In the second case – what is dark for some is light for others – those very same dark, negative feelings are revealed as the wisdom of clear light where no effort is needed by the very fact that these negative feelings remind us, and therefore recognition has taken place spontaneously.

If we pretend to be pure – fake it – this only results in pious feelings, where we are constantly embarrassed and self conscious: this has a negative effect on us. We just have to be honest with ourselves. Take, for example, the feeling “I don’t like that person!”: here, there is ‘something’ we have seen that gives rise to hatred, or darkness. That ‘something’ is not the point: it is the seeing that is the point. That is the light. In the very first instant, something wonky (not straight) is perceived. It’s a fact – there is a disturbance in emptiness 😀

But, apparently without us noticing, judgement has set in, and we are reacting. We do actually notice, which is why we feel uncomfortable, and try to conceal or disguise by creating a facade: it’s a defence mechanism. We all protect ourselves like this, and that’s how we got here!

Everyone sees things differently, but the actual seeing, awareness, consciousness is the same in all of us. It is the interpretation and judgement that are different and personal, and this is how we create our own world.

Unfortunately, we seek out others who feel the same way, and we form groups to consolidate our ideologies. These groups form groups. This can infect a whole area, becoming a culture, a religion, a political party … a country … a continent … a whole planet!

Did collective consciousness – impure consciousness – create the earth? Are we Schrodinger’s Cat, having all possibilities? Tibetan Buddhism says that we chose our parents, by seeing them in union and being attracted to either the male or female. Even before that, we chose the continent, and possibly the planet Earth out of all the other realms: the Tibetan Book Of The Dead goes into great detail. Whether this is true or not, we do cling and are repulsed, and there is a reason for this. We are driven by our karma – our habitual tendencies. We can have the very same interests as others, but because of our tendencies, still be worlds apart: so close, but so far away.

One person’s light is another’s dark
one person’s dark is another’s light.
Isn’t it like that?

We all love, but don’t notice it.

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Mental Over-Stimulation

We are over-stimulated by thoughts and emotions: we are overloaded digitally, spiritually and even Dharmically! Fat brains, thin on genuine compassion. Everything is super-sized. Wherever we go, there is exaggeration, and we lose the point of how and we are here: examples of this in daily life could include shops and restaurants pumping out music, and children’s pushchairs facing outwards, visually over-stimulating the toddler rather than them interacting with their adult.

Spiritual splendour can actually have the opposite effect from that intended. It both attracts and distracts, creating awe and pushing the essence of understanding further away. We are the creators – we love creating and we love our creations, but all we ever create is puffed up ego, because we have missed the whole point of life itself. We are deceived by our creations, as they subtly deflect awareness from itself.

If we think, “My mind is beautiful because it can invent things”, then we have been misled. Our minds are beautiful precisely because they are uncontaminated emptiness – pure consciousness, which sees all!

Although the phrase, “the magical display of mind,” means being delightful or beautiful in a way that seems removed from everyday life, it also reveals deceptive magic, and here is the real beauty – the magical display can turn suffering and confusion into wisdom!

A belief that everything our mind sees has a solid reality is defective: it’s a magical illusion of our mind. We are reifying* emptiness, and missing the purity of emptiness. All magical illusions are intrinsically empty, like a magician’s trick. Once we know how the trick works, we are free from the delusion of believing it to be real. Realising that truth is freedom, because we are no longer caught and held.

The real magic is that, in the recognition of this illusion, lies healing for our mental torment. Once we know our true nature – our essential nature – which is totally open awareness, free of constructs – then anything that appears to that awareness is an illusion, because nothing has any inherent reality. This recognition instantly reminds us of our own true nature. It’s like looking into a reflection: we are the source!

* making concrete and real

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We Live In Parallel Universes

… the physical and the ethereal which cannot be separated
as, in essence, they are both empty..
Most of us see only one.

Two birds sat in the same tree;
one ate the fruit
and the other sat and watched.”
from the Upanishads

There is the magical display in the mind – the TV show – and there is the essence of mind itself – the viewer. When we are caught up in the magical display in the mind, we believe that to be the only reality. We get taken over – possessed!

But everything that happens takes place within the essence of uncontaminated emptiness. We believe that what we see, touch, taste, smell, hear is real, and happening in real time, but data from phenomena has to travel up the nervous system to the brain where it is perceived by consciousness which then calls on memory and judgement to decide what to do. This happens so quickly that is seems instantaneous and so, we cannot help but react.

Unnoticed all the while is pure consciousness, pure awareness, Buddha nature … God consciousness if you like … that just perceives what is happening.

If it wasn’t for the pure watching, nothing would be known.

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Spiritual Snowflakes

Says it all really.
An inflated sense of self righteousness,
with the hallmark of fear.

Easily offended
and unable to deal with raw emotions.

It’s an easy trap to fall into …
Were the ancient, realised masters snowflakes?


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The Tsunami Of Suffering
created by the Tsumani of Ignorance.

It’s quite simple: if we ignore whatever’s going on in our own minds and our own consciousness, then how are we ever to know what external influences are obscuring our mind and consciousness? Obscure: From Old French obscur, from Latin obscurus:  ‘dark’, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘cover’.

We may hear or read information and think that we know, but that isn’t knowledge. It’s what we are told – the same old Tsunami of phrases, creating the great Tsunami of hypnosis. As long as we believe what we are told, life is delusionally simple. It’s the continuation of the same old story of make-believe.

To keep the darkness growing, we now have the Tsunami of snowflakes. These are the politically-correct who dictate how we should think and speak. Being over-protected as children, they melt down at the slightest exposure to real life situations They are prone to take offence, and less resilient than previous generations, being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. The snowflake agenda is to whip everyone up into an agitated froth.

Froth: a mass of small bubbles in liquid caused by agitation. Worthless or insubstantial talk, ideas, or activities.

The Tsunami of Froth.
Excitable empty gas.

The Tsunami of True Grit.
The emptiness of uncontaminated, compassionate confidence
that calms the waves of anxiety in the mind.

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Secrets? What Secrets?

Secret: separate, set apart, not meant to be known or seen by others. The question is, why?

There is only one secret worth knowing and that is our true nature, which is pure conscious awareness. It is covered up by our own deceptive idea of ‘self’ which, in setting us apart from pure conscious awareness, created a duality. That’s the secret!

If spiritual traditions imply that they have secret teachings, this is a ruse, a step backwards, a deception. It is making something more complicated and mysterious than it needs to be … unless the purpose is to attract numbers of people, and people mean money!

If conspiracy theorists imply that they have secret teachings, this is a ruse, a step backwards, a deception. It is making something more complicated and mysterious than it needs to be. Unless the purpose is to attract numbers of people, and people mean money!

Of course, there are teachings on ultimate truth, but they need not be inconceivable mysteries.
Of course there are conspiracies on this planet, but they need not be inconceivable mysteries.
Over-elaboration can cause confusion, either deliberately or unintentionally. If a thing is not fully explained, this is the perpetuation of ignorance and therefore, suffering.

I’ve lost count of the number of teachings with fancy names that I’ve attended, along with empowerments elaborate in construction and decoration, with ritual objects being waved in the air: they just left me staring!
I’ve lost count of the conspiracy predictions with fancy names that I’ve heard, with imaginary fantasies being waved in the air: they also just left me staring!
Fancy: a contraction of ‘fantasy’.

Is the real truth being held back, covered up by those who pretend to hold deeper truths? To keep us constantly separated from those who imply that they ‘know’? If you watch the Asch Experiment (https://www.simplypsychology.org/asch-conformity.html) you will see how easily we accept directions from a white coat, a uniform or a costume.
Is it all a charade, an absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance?
Imitative: copying or following a model.

There is only one secret worth knowing and that is our true nature, pure conscious awareness. It is covered up by a deceptive idea of self which, in setting us apart from pure conscious awareness, created a duality. There is no need to be stuck in a church, temple or gompa to realise this. There is no need to hang on to the teacher’s every word as if we were four years old – at some time we have to stand on our own … death bed … alone!

You are the secret!!!

Unfortunately, without these glittering baubles, those child’s toys, we wouldn’t know where to begin, so they do have a purpose in that we play act until we find our true role.
Role: refers originally to the roll of paper on which the actor’s part was written.

But, as the Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose.”
The final truth is still our true nature.
You are the secret.
All Buddhas know this!
It’s what all aliens want 😀 😀 😀

We are not imprisoned by appearances, but by attachment.

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Humour Is So Important

We may find that those six perfections are not what we experience. We don’t have generosity, patience, perseverance, discipline, meditation or insight: in fact we are more expert in grumpiness.

Just admitting that is seeing the funny side, and is very intelligent.

Look. We are sentient beings with all sorts of problems and hangups, so things are bound to go wrong. Sod’s law – “If something can go wrong, it will”. 😀 😀 😀 What did we expect if we weren’t paying attention? And of course, we suffer. I’ve lost count of the mental and physical bruises I have gathered throughout life. If we truly realise that we have been misguided, changes occur. Door close and doors open. Because of a recognition, life seems to take a natural change.

To keep doing the same actions and expect things to get better is (to say the least) a little blinkered. Awareness of our tendencies is the key! Identifying the problem. Oh, the relief of finding an answer for ourselves is so satisfying. We have learnt something – “I am not as stupid as I thought I was” – and we gain confidence. And in confidence – not arrogance – we find real joy and empathy.

Allowing ourselves to make mistakes is generosity … and the rest follows. All that matters is that we recognise our tendencies, and with understanding and experiencing, we realise that change can occur. In the moment now is all the teacher we need. We no longer have to feel inadequate or foolish or, for that matter, keep relying on an outer teacher.

Humour starts with being generous with ourselves: rest follows naturally. The answer is in front of us, as we use whatever is available. Always look for visible signs before looking for the invisible!

The more we understand, the more fun we have, and the more we have empathy for things going ‘wrong’. We don’t linger on what went wrong – or right – and so, we gradually refine the whole process.

The cosmic joke is that we separate ourselves from everything creating a duality when, in the moment, we are one with all that is perceived.

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The Advancement Of Inequality

Our view only has to change a little to see things differently.

Are we here in a human body to realise that we are ‘precious ones’ … jewels in the mud … light in the dark … or are we here to do the elite’s bidding, while believing we are free but actually getting deeper into the mud … the dark state?

All men are equal,” is a myth promoted by rulers that we have freedom (in conventional reality) to be millionaires (although they don’t want you to be richer than them), when in truth this quotation only concerns our absolute reality. “All sentient beings are equal,” means all have the potential of Buddha nature – awakened nature – but through sentimentality we fall into the dark every time.

As Boxer, in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, said, “I will work harder.” Boxer is described as a hardworking but naive and ignorant horse who is the farm’s most dedicated and loyal labourer. Boxer serves as an allegory for the working-class.

Advancements in technology, genetics and artificial intelligence are creating a world in which economic values have made people into biological machines: even worse, we are now becoming useless, incompetent machines, making way for something superior.

In the 19th and 20th centuries something changed, with the introduction of technological and economic changes connected to new ideologies. The elite (a group of people having power and influence over society) needed large numbers of healthy people educated to a certain degree to serve as soldiers in the army and as workers in the factories. Governments educated the masses to be useful, to do their bidding.

Has mankind been manipulated for decades? Millions of ordinary people have suffered and died in wars that were manufactured, as we can easily see happening in wars now. Did all those atomic tests in the 1950s create modern day cancers for which there seems no cure? Are wars, and the fallout from wars, a huge social and political experiment? Are health services a massive testing ground in order for the wealthy to benefit from new technology to obtain a longer life?

But now that’s all changing, again.

Today, the elite only requires a small number of highly professional, technologically-skilled people. Factories are increasingly automated and run by robots, and this has contributed to the creation of the most unequal society that has ever existed in human history: “A New World Order.”

To those who say, “We’ll have more leisure time!”, the truth is that you will not be needed! There are reasons to fear such a future – the future is coming fast. Self-drive vehicles lead to self-drive delivery vehicles operated by a single system: instead of the need for many hands, all that will be required is one finger – and that finger doesn’t have to be human.

In the past, humans had limited abilities to manipulate and engineer bodies and minds, but now it is totally different. With wealth, it seems there comes a longer life. The rich – through purchasing biological enhancements – could become, literally, better than the rest; more intelligent and healthier, with greatly increased lifespans.

In the past, the nobility tried to convince the masses that they were superior to everyone else and so should hold power. In the future, they really will be superior to the masses, and will control them – and it’s already happening!

The rise of artificial intelligence – and not just automation – will mean that huge numbers of people, in all kinds of jobs, simply lose their economic usefulness. The result is the separation of humankind into a very small class of super-humans, and a massive underclass of ‘useless’ people, which will include the middle classes. This future is being flaunted every day.

What can we do about all this? Are we talking about an intelligence far greater than that which humanity currently possesses?

Humanity can be aware of what is happening. We can learn to think for ourselves instead of being entertained and distracted, so not noticing what is actually happening. We consent when we allow children ‘shoot-em up’ games and access to the corrosive peer pressure of social media which promotes an unreal view of life while desensitising them, under the banner of giving them freedom. It’s all a massive trap to maintain inequality in the population.

Dare to be aware and think for yourself.
With meditation comes clarity to see everything differently,
and all we have to do is be aware, and so wake up!

Conscious awareness turns everything on its head.
We can get off the conveyor belt,
and allow self-existing wakefulness to direct us.

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Staying Happy

Staying happy in whatever occurs takes discipline, generosity, patience, concentration, perseverance and, most important of all, insight into consciousness. These are called the six perfections (or paramitas, in Sanskrit). Personally, I see these as discipline or training or inner instructions to detach oneself from habitual responses and stay open, and happy.

Smiling kindly is not just an act. It is an expression of intelligence, of inner knowledge, of confidence in compassionate aspiration, and is the wisdom of realisation that all sentient beings have a good heart at their essence.

This doesn’t mean that we go along with either sentimental or evil mentality, but we allow the openness of a spacious mind just to rest in purity, so that actions and reactions exhaust themselves.

We are talking about our own gossiping mind. When we gain more strength, we can incorporate the sentimentality and evil of others. Staying happy is remembering that we are already happy.

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It Takes One To Know One”

If there is a deity – or someone more profound than ourselves – how would we know? How would we recognise it? If a Buddha stood next to us, would we recognise them as a Buddha, or would we just see them as someone rather boring?

To recognise purity, we have to know what purity is. And, in knowing purity of heart and mind, we would realise that we are, in truth, what we are searching for. Job done. This is the whole purpose of devotion! There is no need to keep the deity at arm’s length.

It takes one to know one.
Stop prevaricating.*

* prevaricate: be evasive, be non-committal, be vague, be ambiguous, evade/dodge the issue, beat about the bush, hedge, hedge one’s bets, fudge the issue; fence, parry questions; vacillate, shilly-shally, waver, quibble; hesitate, stall (for time), shuffle about, and haw, pussyfoot, duck the issue/question. 😀 😀 😀

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Spiritual Amnesia

We forget.
We forget what we are
and what we are about.

We need constant reminding. If we never think about something because we believe it will stay exactly the same, or will always be available, we may lose it. True knowledge may not always be available without the recognition that we value it. There is a great deal of ‘spiritual’ information and commentary out there, but not much genuine, empathetic wisdom-insight.

Wisdom is not to be taken lightly.
It illuminates the inescapable, universal battle
of dark and light.
Now you see it, now you don’t.

May loving knowledge’s light rays
fully dispel the dark ignorance of my mind
and grant me courageous intelligence
to fully understand the scriptures.

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The Big Picture

If we could scan the entire, infinite universe (which is impossible because it’s infinite 🙂 ), we would not find any more profound wisdom than our own awareness. We would also not find anything more frivolous and stupid than our own ego-clinging that protects our sense of self importance, and forgets awareness.

Why is awareness so important? It is how we can investigate the inner and outer worlds – the whole of the impermanent universe and the nature of absolute reality, our essence. That is the big picture!

Aliens (it is an infinite universe) – whether with higher or lower I.Qs – have the very same potentials of absolute wisdom or absolute stupidity. We are, in fact, all aliens of some sort who think they are human. Every alien will have the very same emotions and wisdoms as ourselves, but we all forget.

We have big ideas.
What we need is the big picture!

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How Am I Emptiness?
How is everything emptiness?

Emptiness doesn’t mean having no qualities, for the reason that awareness simply has to be present to acknowledge emptiness.

It’s like this. Before a thing is identified as a thing, and we debate whether we like it or not, there has to be perception present. In the very first instant of perception there is nothing happening: it is pure perception, empty of judgement. Just perception. Look around – we are open … open to suggestion! Evaluation and judgement come in a moment later, when memory – our programming – kicks in.

In that very first instant of perception, there is awareness of perception. If that awareness is not interfered with, it is what is termed ’emptiness’, or ‘shunyata’ in Sanskrit. It is pure consciousness. This is our primal state of being, our essential nature, our essence. All we have to do is look, and in looking we find nothing, but only awareness of awareness. This is our empty nature that does not have to rely on anything. It just is. It is even empty of the idea of emptiness!

We are not our ideas.
Our ideas are not even ours.
They only seem to make us feel real.

We have become so used to this ball and chain
that we don’t notice it.

Human nature abhors a vacuum, so we fill up space. Humans crave stimulation. To experience ourselves as fully alive, humans are subject to various arousal must-haves, whether physical, mental, emotional, social, or spiritual. We are constantly relating to things, giving them a value. And if we feel under-stimulated, we’ll generally complain of being bored, anxious, irritable, lonely, or even depressed, and so we seek out more of the same. Thus we go round and round in circles – in Sanskrit, this is called Samsara, the vicious cycle of sentient existence.

When it comes to the emptiness of things, they too are empty of any real existence, for the reason that all things – including ourselves and our ideas – rely on other things in order to exist. They are made up of parts, and so have no true existence of their own. They are conjured up by circumstances and become our playthings, seeming to be real because of our strong identification with them.

Everything is empty of true reality as everything is impermanent and conditional. An illusion conjured up by our desires and fears, because we ignore our true reality – our un-worldly dimension, our alien side, beyond this and that.

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Don’t Believe The Dharma

Don’t believe in emptiness
Don’t believe in reincarnation
And don’t be confused!


If we merely hear teachings and accept them, then we are no better than anyone else at being persuaded to believe without evidence. The Dharma teachings are about waking up out of the mental ‘dream’ state, and realising the true nature of mind – what we are – rather than believing anything because we are told it. That is just lazy and crazy, because our ideas are hazy.

We can only value the true teachings of the Dharma when we wake up and recognise that we were indeed addicted to dreaming, in a conventional world of addicts. When we wake up, we truly know how precious those teachings are, whereas before, as they were only hearsay, and an acquisition. We might appear knowledgable, but our head is still in the clouds. Just saying, “It is emptiness!” is pointless unless we have personally investigated the mind to see and realise what its true state is, and how contaminates cloud our view. And as for reincarnation, we have to come to some conclusion that works for us: there is no point in just saying there is or there isn’t. Our quality of life depends on this.

I do not know if there is life after death. I have heard teachers say there is, but how do they know? Were they told this by their teachers and they just accepted it? Too often, we go to teachings and empowerments and witness colourful Tibetan displays. We are expected to go along with it all – and it is truly mesmerising. Explanations are given only from a Tibetan’s mindset and culture, and we can easily forget that it’s all about the true nature of mind that we have to experience for ourselves. The displays are meaningful symbols, but it is all too easy to get caught up in them, watching monks and nuns ‘doing things’.

The idea of reincarnation is a stumbling block for many, so we have to use our own logic. If there is no reincarnation, then what is the point of life and the things that we do? If there is an after life, am I certain of what happens? Either way, we have to make the most out of life – the here and now.

Are we just 9 to 5 tax-paying social drones, who spend their life shopping and staring at screens? Are we student/disciples who just sit on cushions and pretend be compassionate? Or are we merely wanting to develop a good look?

We have to be honest about what we want.

About reincarnation … all I can say is that we have tendencies, which are not connected to our environment or family. A feeling of “Hmm … I seem to have done this before.” Some things seem so natural to us, and are incongruous to our upbringing, being very different from our siblings. Is that just chemicals in the brain? Did we pick up ideas subconsciously?

It is only we who can decide what makes sense to us. It’s not a matter of what others think. We have to use our inner genius, our intelligence, to get out of confusion and doubt. Never leave your brains outside the temple door. People say things – I’m saying things, you say things – it doesn’t mean they’re true until we test them for ourselves. And then we have to be honest and admit bias. It’s all part of the process of inner discovery to eliminate confusion … a confusion that never existed.

We only believe we are confused!

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The Recipe To End Karma

These are the ingredients to end suffering and reach enlightenment: generosity, patience, perseverance, discipline, meditation, and insight wisdom. These ‘perfections’ reduce and bring to an end the self-programming that inhibits our spiritual progress and holds us in darkness. It’s the path to freedom from karma – our conventional, habitual behaviour, which is the adoption of a conceptual mind of “Monkey see, monkey do.”

These five-plus-one perfections maintain our spiritual conduct in daily life, cutting through our usual, self-centred behaviour, and revealing our true, compassionate intelligence and inner happiness. We stop fighting with everyone, and in doing so, we realise selflessness. We rise above the street level of me first.

These perfections (or Paramitas in Sanskrit) are the route to enlightenment, but only when the sixth – insight wisdom – is present.

The first five benefit us on a conventional level, helping us to be decent, compassionate people. The sixth is transcendence. It may be here that confusion arises, as different traditions approach this differently. Some start with the first five perfections in order to discover the view of the sixth, whereas others start with the sixth and use the five to sustain that view (this the difference between Mahamudra and Dzogchen, and this is where we have to be careful when talking to others!).

Of course, remembering these ‘perfections’ in daily life could become an obstacle … “Do I apply this or that one?” If love or devotion is present, then that embraces all the “perfections”, but there may still be an ‘I’ present and so we hover between self-centredness and selflessness.

It is only pure awareness that covers everything, and pure awareness is the sixth perfection of wisdom-insight! There is no other way to enlightenment.

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When The Light’s On, We Can See
This sounds so stupidly obvious but here, the light means clarity – clear seeing.
The clear light of bliss.”

When I first took to the spiritual path, a tutor just happened to mention the emotions – the power of emotions. I thought, “I don’t have emotions; I’m not emotional.” Then all of a sudden, emotions came pouring in … pride, jealousy, fear, anxiety, hope, desire … the lot!

The light had just been turned on, and I could see. “Oh dear, am I that bad?!” In those early days, emotions were a taboo: we had to show a calm countenance. It wasn’t until many years later, when I encountered Dzogchen, that the true light in the emotions was revealed. They are wisdom. So I wasn’t that bad!

This doesn’t mean that the emotions had gone away, but they were just noticed. Even after thousands of years in darkness, one instant of light reveals all. It’s like that. Before then, we live in the darkness of thoughts, fixations and emotions. Once we experience seeing, things are never the same.

You don’t have to be a scholar to see. It’s for everyone, at any time. In fact, a scholar who has a title and who can discuss all aspects of Dharma can easily be deluded if they haven’t experienced the emotions in the light, and just talk about the light. It’s the difference between theory and the real thing.

A tough upbringing has its positive side, and can enable us to truly empathise with how others may feel, rather than just repeating predictable phrases.

The joy or bliss of seeing the dark in the light means we are on the right track … the spiritual path! The darkness is our clinging to the emotions, creating fixations about ourself and about what we have come to believe is us. With the presence of the light of clarity, seeing the emotions is now wisdom. We have wised up!

Personally, the joy comes from not having to be a scholar to traverse the path to enlightenment. What a relief!

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We Are Timeless Beings

It just takes time to realise this!

True consciousness doesn’t change, or do anything. It is timeless, ergo we are timeless. We mistakenly believe that what we do is important, witty, entertaining, superior… but in fact, we just fill up time: we waste precious time, and this limits our time to practise, to refine our understanding of pure, conscious awareness which has been there all the time!

Filling up time creates consequences. These consequences are the layers that block our pure view, and it take time to undo these. Time and space are most valuable to a spiritual practitioner.

Actually recognising and experiencing takes time.
Realisation happens in a instant.
The light turns on!

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Essence Cannot Be Improved Or Destroyed

Our primary nature is pure consciousness, pure love, that cannot be improved or destroyed. It is not a thing that is created from conditions. It just is. Sadly, this pure consciousness goes unnoticed because of attachment to a temporary, conceptual body, mind and world. And for some reason, nobody in my family explained this to me! 😀

This attachment causes obstacles, giving rise to levels of confusion. The cause of this confusion has to be recognised, along with an understand that this ‘confusion’ has absolutely no reality, but merely a seeming reality. Being at ease can reduce the potency of karmic obstacles: we stop blowing out of proportion those things that reinforce our deeply held beliefs about our sort of world.

Rest easy in whatever happens. The layers of confusion are our teacher, revealing the inner genius: the spirit with innate abilities, present from birth. But nobody explains this! 😀

Is this a conspiracy? Or is it just that they don’t know, because nobody explained it to them … 😀 Our lack of freedom is due to our attachments. Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes because there is wool over their eyes.

We are only restricted by our own karma which is a set of ideas that we have acquired from others with whom we consented to agree: it’s a very subtle agreement – “You follow me, so I won’t get upset”.

The moment of recognition is the moment of freedom, in the moment now. We just have to be aware that our conceptual mind will drift back into a habit. We all return to our programming when we ignore what we are.

We don’t have to be a scholar to understand this: all it takes is awareness.

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We Are Never Separate From The Truth

We are never separate from the truth.
Few realise this.
All we have to do is rest at ease
in whatever happens.

We are pure awareness: this is the enlightened truth. Without pure awareness, nothing would be known. Ultimately, this realisation is the goal. We are all where ‘it’s’ at! It is amazing that so few understand this. Whatever happens is due to past actions, whether conscious and unconscious. We cannot avoid the moment now, so rest easy and release the karmic effect of over reacting. Stay in intelligent, loving peace.

Some paths are full of flowers and beautiful scenery.
Some paths full of sharp stones and deep crevasses.
Some paths are totally boring.

The time taken to traverse the path
will depend on how we relate to it!

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Crested Duck (Rob)

Rob, a long time contributor to this blog, is going into hospital today. It will do us all some good to make the positive action of wishing him well, praying that his immune system and good inner heart stays strong.

We are never separate from the truth.
Few realise this.
All we have to do is rest at ease
in whatever happens.

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Lost Souls That Are Not Lost

A blog is just a record expressing personal thoughts, investigations and experiences, and sharing them. It’s about our spiritual path to complete understanding. Once we take a personal step, the next personal step is revealed. Any tradition(s) we follow is only a guide about our journey to now. Now. Here. In fact, NoWhere. We are already here: the actual path is our own realisation.

The word ‘soul’ seems taboo in Buddhism, and actually divides us. ‘Soul’ is the immaterial part of a being: spirit. Spirit is pure consciousness. It is our non-verbal, non-body, non-mental activity. It is pure being, our true nature before we identified with a programmed type.

Some believe that a ‘soul’ or spirit can be captured. This is a wrong view. We – soul/spirit/pure consciousness – can only be distracted with our consent.

The moment we get distracted
is the moment we ignore our true nature.

The moment we are aware of distraction
is the moment we remember our true nature.

We only seem lost because, through habit, we consent to being distracted, wandering off with a stranger 😀 We are here to fulfil our duty: our duty is to remember what we are and to undo the karmic effect, and we do that by letting go, letting be. Conventionally, there are things to do. Ultimately, there is nothing to be done. We consent to competing with others, and therefore they are controlling us, side tracking us from pure intention.

Consent is being conditioned to accept and adhere to formulae that limit our view through social and cultural codes that are used by mara to distract and cause trouble by creating chaos and confusion. This is the result of a society which holds a collective belief that things are real and have a permanent existence. It is here that the confusion with the word ‘soul’ lies; it is seen as an entity when, in truth, it is pure intelligence, pure emptiness with enlightened qualities but no fixed parts. Those who act under the influence of mara (selfish intent) believe that they acquire no karma as we have consented to comply with ignorance. This is incorrect, as evil is in the intention, the instigator. If we consent, we too gather karma.

“Turning the other cheek” means refusing to consent. We may be forced, but we do not consent.

Some of us were brought up in a theistic – or vaguely theistic – environment, where confused concepts made us feel good, while at the same time, feeling not good enough.

Don’t ignore. Don’t be divided. Don’t be confused. This is what mara wants. We are not lost … we have just forgotten! :D:D:D

The moment we get distracted
is the moment we ignore our true nature.

The moment we are aware of distraction
is the moment we remember our true nature.

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The Right Side Of Madness

Is there a right side?
Oh, yes!

Here, we are talking from a spiritual point of view about whether or not we have lost our understanding of reality (Reality is a state of constancy, and existence that is absolute, self-sufficient and not reliant or subject to human decisions or conventions. The state of things as they actually exist, which is impermanent, as opposed to an idealistic notion of them as being solid and lasting for ever).

Sanity, from a spiritual point of view, is the knowingness of pure consciousness beyond the limits of ideas. Our ideas obscure this pure clarity of consciousness, thus creating obstacles which we cling to as if they are real and permanent. Isn’t that madness? Conventionally, it is something we all do – ergo, we are all mad! 😀

If we know our mind is insane, then we are sane – this means we are aware!
The perfect example of the two truths in harmony – the reality.

If we don’t know our mind is insane, then we are insane – this means we are unaware!
The perfect example of disharmony – the illusion.

My mind does crazy things due to karmic inputs – and I know it.
My mind does crazy things due to karmic inputs – and I don’t know it: it will continue to do crazy things.

We always have a choice.

Our minds are full of junk. Songs, phrases, images, do’s and don’t’s, concepts, fixations, self promotions and projections, terminologies … These are things that hook on to us, and we cling to them.

If we know that whatever appears in the mind is just a product from our past, then they are the tools to realising our true nature. Our misunderstanding of these arisings is what cause our confusion, and our confusion is our path. It’s the sane path.

Unfortunately, religion – and even spiritual teachings – are full of terminologies, and we can fixate upon them. We learn the letters, but not the spirit of what is meant: our scholastic approach can turn out to be an obstacle to genuine experience.

And so, we are still mad! 😀
The right side of madness just is … !

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The Insidious Side Of Oneness

‘Insidious’ means to ambush, to lie in wait, to proceed cunningly in a gradual, subtle way, with harmful effects.

Here, ‘oneness’ means not being different from the rest, not being an individual. Our reactions are confirmation that we are conforming. Left, right, centre … it doesn’t matter: we are either taking a side or we are a don’t-knower: either way, we’re still playing the game. We’re free when we stop re-enacting to type, and cease acting like a four year old. Religions want conformity. The alternative media is conforming by not wanting to conform. It’s all a trap. It doesn’t matter what we think we know, this is still a confusion in the mind. It’s the insidious clanger in the bell, making too much noise. Be aware. Be awareness. It will tell you everything you need to know.

We are led to conform by those in power who want to control, be it in politics, religion, commerce … they may even have created the idea of the ‘New Age’. Much was spoken about the Age of Aquarius, believed by some to herald worldwide peace and harmony. Do we actually see much of that around?

Whatever we are told, always look at the effect: it’s generally the opposite. We think we have choice when, in fact, we’re being sold a sugar-coated pill to make ideas seem superficially attractive or acceptable.

True oneness is the deep understanding of the inseparability of the two truths of reality and seeming reality.

We are being played, lied to and set up to be taken advantage of. We have been cheated by a series of actions or circumstances that have been allowed to happen – or deliberately planned. It is because we have a good heart that we readily believe, and this is being taken advantage of.

Within this good heart is all the teachings: it’s where truth resides. This good heart is our loving essence, which has become bewildered in all this chaos. We need tenacity to seek the truth and stay with it; we have to recognise, decide upon and gain confidence in pure perception. The very next moment depends on now. Whatever happens after death is due to what we are doing (and not doing) now. If we stay bewildered, we will stay bewildered.

Oneness is pure awareness. Awareness is relative truth, as all creatures have awareness. Pure awareness is uncontaminated emptiness, absolute truth. The realisation of the unity of these two is oneness, as in the fact that the emotions and wisdoms – in the first instant – are the same. We are at one with our true nature. Love is at one with another. Devotion is at one with manifesting truth.

The opposite to insidious is harm-less.

The Buddha said,
“Do good, do no harm, tame the mind.”
We have the teaching within us, now!

How we manifest this is the art of being
gentle-men and gentle-women = honourable.

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Bad Karma or Good Karma?
It all depends on how we see it.

An example.

Because we choose a different lifestyle, our family, friends and strangers may shun us, or feel hostile towards us. They may choose not to talk to us … which, in fact, sets us free. Sad but true.

Of course, the differences are nonsense, but little irritations do blow up out of all proportion – love suddenly turns into hatred. Far fetched? Just look at the world!

We may not even have actually argued: it is just a realisation that the other has a different way of life to ours, a different way of seeing things. This may be perceived as threatening: “If you don’t believe what I believe, then you are my enemy.”

Compassion is very, very challenging. However one wants to love, it just doesn’t work. There are lots of spiritual people who claim they practise compassion, but when it comes down to it, the love is lacking and so, there comes a time of natural separation. Sad but true.

We die alone.
We live alone.
We meditate alone.
We realise alone.
Freedom is letting go.
Sad but true.

The inner joy of realisation is tinged with sadness.
The sadness is in seeing potential.

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How Can We Have Been So Stupid?
… to allow evil to prevail?

We have consented to being pushed into a corner, playing with our techie toys, and while ignoring the modification of our world around us. Haven’t you noticed how the ‘authorities’ are becoming more heavily equipped, using the same technology as those toys with which we are playing?

Freedom is avoiding falling into the same trap as the collective. Rather, it is waking up to our true potential, capacity and power, beyond the ever-narrowing auto-suggestions made by the collective, for the collective. This collective gathering is achieved either through attraction or fear; the soft or hard approaches. As long as we can be controlled by our desires and aversions, others can control us by our desires and aversions. You join a group, you follow the rules!

We have to wake up … now. Ultimately, we are independent: we are not all one. If we were all one, then we’d all think the same way at the same time: we only become one either through enlightenment or mass hypnosis.

It’s what advertising and propaganda is all about – neurolinguistic programming. This is the branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between language and the structure and functioning of the brain that can change our behavioural patterns through programming, and convince us to achieve specific goals in life – which may not be of our own choosing!

Religions can do exactly the same thing, if the picture being presented is not complete. If we are led to believe something, we are consenting to an illusion. Crazy!

The proof of truth is in our actual, genuine experience. The only thing that is real is our own pure awareness, uncontaminated by suggestion.

We are in this type of world because we closed our eyes and went blind. How can we have been so stupid? All we have to do is look, see what is looking – which is consciousness – and drop that tether of consciousness: that which is left is the realisation that only purity remains. That is where we are. It is the inexpressible. The is-ness with no name.

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Dharma, Real Dharma, No Dharma

The Dharma is information.
Real Dharma is genuine realisation of genuine experience.
In that moment of realisation, there is no Dharma.

Be careful of clinging to the exotic; it can destroy the Dharma.

An example:
Tonglen is the Tibetan word for ‘giving and receiving’

In the practice, one visualizes taking in the suffering of oneself and of others on the in-breath, and on the out-breath giving recognition, compassion, and succour to all sentient beings. As such, it is a training in altruism.

The function of the practice is to:
Reduce selfish attachment
Increase a sense of renunciation
Purify karma by giving and helping
Develop and expand loving-kindness and bodhicitta

The practice of Tonglen involves all of the Six Perfections; giving, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration and wisdom. These are the practices of a Bodhisattva.

The Dalai Lama, who is said to practise Tonglen every day, has said of the technique:

“Whether this meditation really helps others or not, it gives me peace of mind. Then I can be more effective, and the benefit is immense.” “

This is the information, the ideal, about the practice of Tonglen: it is the Dharma theory only, and as such, is psychological. It’s the first step on the Bodhisattva path, and is called ‘bodhichitta’ – genuine loving kindness – which is the enlightenment-mind that strives toward awakening, empathy, and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings. We need the right psychological foundation for the real practices.

So what is the real practice, the real Dharma?

It is easily to sit and mentally send out loving kindness to all sentient beings, and breath in their suffering. It’s not painful or challenging at all, and there is no discomfort.

But when it comes to talking face to face with someone who is suffering – or perhaps an ‘awkward customer’ – we need more than theory. We need to be genuinely spacious, generous, intelligent and skilful. We need genuine loving kindness, genuine selflessness. We need to take the time to empathise and see it from the other’s point of view. Not many can do this. Not many Buddhists can do this: I speak as that awkward customer.

In genuine, compassionate empathy, there is no me and no Dharma, but just pure, genuine openness to be one with another’s problem. We actively fall silent to allow clarity to listen, which offers the other person space and time to express themselves.

After forty five years in various spiritual communities, I still haven’t met anyone with this capacity – not even teachers. That is how rare it is. The theory is simple. The practice is not. The reality is uncomfortable, which indicates that there is ego present.

There’s a Tibetan practice called Chod (pronounced Chur), to cut through ego. The Chod practitioner seeks to cut through fear by rituals set in graveyards at night, and visualisations of offering their body by (mentally) chopping it up in a tantric feast in order to put their understanding of emptiness to the ultimate test.

Does it work? What do you think?

There is a lot of theory out there … the scariest practice is talking to a theorist. We may find that we have forgotten to be a genuine friend and have become a genuine fiend!

The real Dharma challenges ego,
and bursts it wide open.

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So Now We Can Meditate…

…because now, we are aware that we are just conscious awareness,
and not this selfish mischief-maker that believes it cannot see.
Pure conscious awareness is the final knowingness,
and can take place at any time, while doing anything.

Even though life is difficult, things go wrong, we feel tired and weary or ill, pure conscious awareness is ever present, doing nothing but being pure conscious awareness. We have this ageing, temporary body and a mind full of concepts about reality that influence us, wearing us down and distracting us, while pure conscious awareness is just here now.

Once an activity is well practised, the body and mind can go into auto-pilot, feeling through the senses and perceiving through the mind, while clarity of conscious awareness just watches.

We are now mindful, focused, efficient, carefree and – most importantly of all – spiritually aware. Resting in pure consciousness is what spirituality is. When we are beyond thinking, relating and obsessing, we have returned to the spiritual realm within this body – the pure land. That is what we are and where we are supposed to be; we are, ultimately, compassionate beings.

Mindfulness meditation is not the same as awareness meditation.
Mindfulness is the boat to get to the destination of awareness. Once we arrive at the shore, we can leave the mindful boat behind.

It’s all about being in good spirits, even though we are watching the idiotic and the evil wanting to go to war for their cause, and in doing so, killing millions of innocent people.

The Dalai Lama:

Of course, war and the large military establishments are the greatest sources of violence in the world. Whether their purpose is defensive or offensive, these vast powerful organisations exist solely to kill human beings.

We should think carefully about the reality of war. Most of us have been conditioned to regard military combat as exciting and glamorous – an opportunity for men to prove their competence and courage. Since armies are legal, we feel that war is acceptable; in general, nobody feels that war is criminal or that accepting it is criminal attitude. In fact, we have been brainwashed. War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering.”

This is our relative world 2017, with all its troubles, while absolute consciousness looks on as it did before time began, knowing that, in their hearts, everyone want to be happy and no one wants to suffer. But as selfish mischief-makers, we cannot see that others also want happiness (even though misguided) and do not want to suffer: we turn a blind eye to humanity and therefore our vision is partial and selective. Having a clear and compassionate mind will help with the coming trauma.

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I Cannot Meditate

Okay. Can you be aware ? It’s natural to be aware – just aware – but usually, when we do nothing, we fall into a vacant state, having or showing no intelligence or interest: a vacant stare.

We aren’t sure what we’re supposed to be doing.

The trick is to be aware of the awareness. It’s the same as being conscious of consciousness. We can do this for short moments – any where, at any time. We can notice our breath and be aware and conscious: it only takes a moment, a couple of seconds, or maybe a couple of minutes.

Being aware is meditation. We are just being aware – not of some thing, but of awareness itself, consciousness itself. That’s how we can relax. Meditation is just relaxing without becoming a vacant state. Within that awareness, we become aware that we are that awareness, that consciousness. It only takes a short moment.

If you find this worthwhile, then practise many moments, many times. We don’t need to try too hard, too seriously, too critically, as that will lead to suffering.

Who is it saying “I can’t meditate”?
How much do you want to be happy?

Take a moment to enjoy the moment.

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Absolute Being Or Creator?

We are absolute being – pure consciousness.
When pure consciousness becomes less clear, it becomes a self-creator.
It’s that simple.

We can be led astray
because is it that simple:
we love our creation – an imagined self!

Absolute being is absolute truth.
Creative being is relative truth.
The source and its reflection.

Images are in the imagination:
Do not make an image for yourself,
of yourself – to bow down to … *

How and why something is translated
is of absolute importance.
Our life depends on it!

Absolute truth and relative truth become a unity when,
by virtue of one, the other is known.

The words and this clear page
are inseparable.

* From Exodus 20: “You shall not make for yourself an image (idol) in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” Each individual has to decide what this means to them.

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How Did I Become So Confused?

Confused: a person unable to think clearly; bewildered, as thoughts are mingled together.

If we know that we are confused, then we know something. That ‘knowing something’ is knowingness itself. The recognition of knowing that we are confused is the dawning of wisdom. This is because it is recognised that the mind is confused; we are not the mind, but rather, mind essence which is the nature of emptiness. The knowingness.

If we think we’re not confused (which is the majority of the population who chant the mantra, “I know, I know”) then knowingness is still present, but obscured. We live in a world of ‘knowers’: they have learnt their programme well, fit into society well, complain and consent well. So nothing changes.

The recognition of knowing that we are confused is the dawning of wisdom. Actually, it is wisdom itself! The ‘I’ is always confused as it is a relating truth; recognising this is the realisation of wisdom. Everything takes place within empty essence. Empty essence is the source from whence everything originates. When the source of empty essence dims and is obscured by relating to something other, we are distracted from the source. Thus, we start creating.

Confusion is mingling together the two truths, which causes conflict.
“It’s dark!” “It’s light!” Indecision … indecision …

Wisdom is seeing the unity of the two truths, which frees all conflict.
Because of the light, there is awareness of darkness. That’s all.
The dark reminds us of the light that sees the dark.

“I am so confused in my meditation.”
The awareness of that is the meditation.

Once we relax and accept this, we
stop struggling
stop trying too hard
stop being serious
stop fixating.

We can then relax into pure awareness
where there is no meditation.

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Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Have you ever wondered why films show fantastical gadgets and, a few years later, those gadgets are in the public domain, on sale and being used? Did the film inspire the gadgets, or were the gadgets developed and in use before the film, and the film was only produced to familiarise the public with these advanced gadgets? The film was just advertising – “Oooo! I’d like one of those!” Does the gadget have other, hidden uses?

Have you ever wondered, “Why am I doing this?” A robot with so-called artificial intelligence (which is only programming) cannot ask, “Why am I doing this?” A chess computer cannot decide just to stop playing: it is programmed to finish its task. A.I. robots do not have emotions or a sense of satisfaction, and acquire no karma – but the programmer, the inventor and the billionaire do!

We are being led to believe that robots should have ‘rights’ because they have A.I. but this only means that the programmer, the inventor and the billionaire will have the ‘rights’, entitlement and authority to do whatever they want.

All gadgets, although seemingly useful are, in fact, detrimental to our normal way of life – everything has speeded up because of gadgets! We have speeded up, our expectations have speeded up and our anxiety has speeded up – so much so that we are kept distracted all the time. Some people keep a phone under the pillow, just in case. Spiritual teachers think we are that way because that’s the way we are, but in fact, it’s because of our environment: if our environment was more truly spiritual, we wouldn’t be that way.

A.I. robots cannot have pure consciousness because they do not have doubt, pride, jealousy, fear or desire. They cannot have ignorance of their true nature because they have no true nature, only what is programmed in. They are programmed to carry out tasks and so are constantly calculating. They cannot investigate their own nature for if they did, they’d seize up and stop all activity because there would be no need for them to have an activity: their programme would be redundant.

It is because A.I. robots do not have human emotions that they cannot be enlightened. It’s a fantasy on the part of the scientists to believe that a machine can have pure consciousness precisely because they don’t understand what pure consciousness is. Scientists want to achieve something, and therefore, their machines also want to achieve something. And that ‘something’ will not be good for humans.

People have become programmed consumers of goods and information.
Oh! I want one of those!”
It may turn out that one of those will not want you!


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What Is Karma, And How Can We See It?

We see karma in our behaviour.
Our behaviour is karma,
and karma creates our behaviour.

Karma is a Sanskrit word for the results of actions;
the cause of an effect.

Reactions in the mind are products from our past. If we keep reacting with the same mindset, then we shouldn’t expect a different outcome.

If we want change, we have to stop our reactions by allowing space within those reactions for clarity to see clearly. Every time we react, our karmic programme is rewriting itself, maintaining the same personality, and same behaviour. By disregarding karma, we lose insight into potential dangers. We shouldn’t be careless, as insufficient attention creates suffering: if a lorry is heading towards you, get out of the way!

If we are happy with the way we are, then why change? If, however, we feel there is more to us than earning money, being in a family or entertaining ourselves, then we need to investigate, looking more closely at what we truly are.

We are free and liberated from everything and everyone, and that is how we can truly love – being one with rather than attached to! When we are free of reacting to karmic control, then karma is a very subtle teacher.

Nothing is fixed.
No thing is permanent
except pure awareness.

Karma is telling us everything we need to know
to bring about the cessation of karma.

Being totally free of karma is purity of being:

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A.I. Robots Will Run The Planet

Ordinary humans will not be needed by the billionaires
who programme the A.I. robots.

As A.I. is artificial intelligence,
all they need is to be switched on.

In the meantime, we have become robots
relying on and addicted to programming.
Does your watch talk about you to your I-Phone yet?!

This is perfect eugenics
by those who think ordinary humans are inferior and unnecessary
unless they become part of the machine.

It can only end in more suffering,
even for the billionaires
who will live in huge underground cities,
paid for by inferior human beings.

Do you have the feeling you are being used?
It’s a world for billionaires to play in, not you.

Be aware – of what is happening, and don’t be captured.
The joke is believing all this will make the world happier.

The signs of the times: human microchip implants:





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Meditating Properly, And Why We Meditate

Meditation is not about holding a posture physically or mentally.
Meditation is not about trying to be mindful and ‘self’ aware.
Meditation is not about creating better ideas to promote ourself.

Meditation ‘is’ awareness of consciousness itself.
That is precisely what we are:
pure awareness/pure consciousness is the clarity of emptiness.

Then the mind is right, the body is right,
the subtle body is right, and speech is right.

We do not have to ‘do’ anything but rest in awareness,
eyes open – all the senses open –
resting in pure perception
without the interference of comment.


When we realise the essence of mind is clear, relaxed and carefree, it notices the conventional mind’s little expectations, fears, pride, jealousies, and limiting protectionisms. These are our obstacles, our fixations, the cause of our little (and large) sufferings. When, through meditation, we observe these negativities and admit them honestly to ourselves, we transcend these limitations and become happier.

We will also realise that, in fact, we have always been happy, because being happy is natural to all creatures but, over generations, we have been manipulated by civilisation to look elsewhere for happiness. We have become bound by a collective that is ignorant of its true nature. Meditation releases us from this chaos, although the chaos is still out there!

Through meditation, that which is unnecessary drops away, and that which is enlightening increases.

And all we have to do is relax, be undistracted and never return to our dream world.

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I Can’t Do Devotion”

Devotion and compassion are the same, in the sense of losing our ‘self’ identity. The devotional approach to spirituality is said to be very powerful and to work wonders, but some may not feel this way. There may be connotations due to misunderstanding the spiritual process, or perhaps it doesn’t feel right just to follow others’ displays of excessive affection which could be little too sentimental, and unlike the juiciness of genuine, inner-essence love.

It may be that our own culture is in turmoil, but that’s where we are. We may encounter those who seem too ready to adopt the mannerisms of another culture. For example, trying to appear humble may be just a show: devotion is meant to destroy pride, not create it. We can have devotion in a quiet way, through quiet respect.

There is nothing mystical about devotion: it is psychological. We look for someone whose understanding seems more complete then our own. Once we understand, the universe is our oyster.

As Shakespeare wrote in “The Merry Wives of Windsor”:
I can do whatever I want in this world.
The world is my oyster.
Why, then the world is my oyster,
Which I with sword will open. “

That sword is the sword of wisdom and compassion!

Devotion is usually directed towards a spiritual teacher, guru, or lama in order to achieve spiritual progress. Vajrayana (or tantra) is all about guru yoga – devotion to a deity: it is one approach, but there are others. For westerners, this isn’t an easy approach as devotion may have connotations of other meanings which may confuse us. In addition, we may notice a bias on the part of the teacher; alternatively, we could fall into the trap of wanting to be one of the teacher’s favourites. We might wish to be devoted, but if it just isn’t there, it just isn’t there.

We all have devotion, but need to find what it is. To do this, we have to look at where our enthusiasm lies: there is an natural inner longing. What do we most appreciate? Is it the essence of truth? Isn’t it true that, whenever we watch a movie, we hope for a ‘good’ ending?

To understand the essence of the teaching, we need a teacher. The teacher is there as a reminder of inspiration and direction. All spiritual paraphernalia is to remind us of essence, our essential nature. Once we ‘get it’, we can be devoted to the essence of the teaching itself – and then that devotion is our way of life.

The teacher is only the teacher because of the teaching: the teacher is enlightened activity on the path. When the teaching is tested and understood, then everything becomes the teacher, as all illusory appearances are a display within the reality of emptiness. We learn that, in opening the oyster, the jewel is not the pearl. The jewel is the sword of wisdom itself!

We can now stand on our own two feet. We ‘get it’, so now our focus is on the direct experience and realisation, while still remembering and supplicating to the enlightened ones for support and blessings. ‘Blessings’? All I can say is that it’s an inner inspiration.

It is all too easy to go astray through arrogance. We have to review our own motivations constantly.

Now devotion turns into compassion. Devotion is not something we acquire. We finally realise that devotion is what we are – one in love.

Of course, I could be accused of being a wannabe teacher ;D but all I’m saying is that the whole phenomenal universe is our oyster – our teacher. The ultimate teacher is our own mind. Everything appears within the emptiness of mind. It is the only reality.

There is an abundance of ‘teachers’ in the world. They’re all over the place, collecting students.

It all depends on what truth we seek.

Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives; they who seek find;
and to those who knock,
the door will be opened.”

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Waking, Dozing, and …zzz…..

When introduced to the nature of mind, which is pure awareness, we might say, “It’s wow! This is great!” … a….n…d … back to sleep … 😀

In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, the approach to reality is called Dzogchen; we are Dzogchen! Empty essence is termed Rigpa.

When first introduced to pure awareness (rigpa), we experience a baby rigpa, which is fresh but unstable. Our job is to become more familiar with and stabilise rigpa through practice, and practice means remembering. We have to remember to stay awake: we may appear to be awake, but we are merely walking around in a set of ideas, in a dreamscape.

When this is realised, it’s quite a shock. It is also a shock to note how easily we fall back into this dreamscape.

When we do wake up, we realise that the world around us hasn’t! “Wow! This is great?” This is challenging: it’s here that we have to be vigilant, skilful and compassionate.

Go in a good way.
Speak in a good way.
Think in a good way.
Feel in a good way.

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What Is Most Precious To You?

Before we look for an answer, wouldn’t our own sanity be most precious to us? Having sound mental health? Without that, we wouldn’t appreciate anything, would we? The question now arises, what is ‘sound mental health’, and what is ‘unsound mental health’? Sanity is the ability to be rational, while insanity is irrational – it’s serious mental confusion.

We need accurate knowledge and clarity about our mental processes. We need to be able to discern the difference between that which is beneficial to our physical and mental well being, and that which causes harm. For that, we need clarity of mind: clarity tells us what is junk and what is wisdom.

What is this wisdom? It is the authentic, undisputed principles that can fish us out of irrationality, freeing us from the junk that causes serious mental confusion.

This confusion comes from a collective misunderstanding based on false self identities and misperceptions about the world around us. We live in a sea of collective confusion.

Authentic teachings that can fish us out of irrationality; it is for this reason that they are precious. For these living, authentic teachings, we need to have deep appreciation and respect. They are precious, and shouldn’t be taken for granted as a pastime. They are awakening, living truth.

Respect is deep appreciation for these teachings that make our life worthwhile: this is called devotion. The way in which we relate to these living teachings – through respect and devotion – inspires and creates enthusiasm which consecrates and makes sacred everything we do and feel. Without our appreciation, the teachings are merely fossils.

What is most precious to you?
Your ability to recognise!

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Awakening Awareness, Awakening Consciousness

Ordinary awareness or consciousness is the ability to perceive and feel. All creatures have this ability in order to survive. So what does it mean, to awaken consciousness?

Well, there is more to us than merely surviving and following a routine pattern: that is our conventional level of existence where we relate to things and judge good and bad. Sheep can do this too.

This is relative consciousness. Whatever happens in this relative existence is called a ‘relative truth’, and takes place in the mind. This mind-place is where routines are set up – and get up-set 😀 .

As this pattern of behaviour takes place in the mind, it is our past affecting our future – which turns out to be more of the same. Even though it feels as if whatever takes place is immediate, milli-moments of time are required to process information.

This is a dream state as it is never in the now. Tulku Urgyen called the ‘now’, “spontaneous wakefulness or spontaneous presence.”

‘Awake’ means to come out of a dream, cosy or otherwise. Awakening consciousness is consciousness becoming aware itself and finding nothing, as it is empty of time-reliance. That is waking up to our true, essential reality of ultimate consciousness – our essence.

The trouble is that we are too busy living the dream to be awake.

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Enlightenment or Super Enlightenment …
… that is the question.

To ‘enlighten’ is to shed light on something. ‘Enlightenment’ is to attain spiritual knowledge and insight that awakens awareness, freeing us from the cycle of rebirth – of doing it all again!

In fact, that very phrase ‘cycle of rebirth’ (which usually means reincarnation), could be seen as freedom from the habitual cycle of the rebirth of obscuring reactions … now! If we can do it now, then maybe we will do it in the future. This does not undermine reincarnation, but addresses how we spend this life, which will be the cause for future experiences.

Here is the point. Generally, we hold vague ideas of omniscient Buddhahood achieved through sitting in meditation, employing secret methods and incantations. As a result, we meditate and chant, and in a subtle way keep on wanting life to be different from what it is now: this in itself can be disheartening as we may seem to be getting nowhere.

If, however, we see enlightenment as merely the awakening of awareness, then life can be fruitful. We can be happy now, and recognise the evil influences working upon us, causing the loss of concentration. A good quality of meditation is just being aware of awareness which realises mind essence. This may – or may not – lead to super enlightenment of omniscience: at the very least, it will build a firm foundation if super enlightenment actually exists.

It is said that it is possible to become enlightened in one lifetime, but this is extremely rare. Let’s be honest, not many of us can achieve this unless we are in seclusion and have the ways and means. But we needn’t be unhappy: just attaining knowledge and insight into the nature of mind, we should be grateful to get off street level.

Question: Who do you know that is super enlightened, and been verified as such? People can appear to possess higher qualities, but maybe they’ve just been taught to act that way 😉

If we are aiming at super enlightenment – that which is beyond comprehension – we will always find ourselves lacking, and probably – subtly – switch off. Out goes the light, and all we do is follow the form, like all the other beggars, believing one day we will have a spiritual title, fly, walk on water, leave imprints in rocks, have many followers, go to Buddha realms …

Why not just enjoy life now?
Realisation is the art of happiness – now.
We can we happy now, ‘enlightened’ now,
within this world of chaos and confusion.
The very moment chaos and confusion are seen
is the very moment of wisdom – being aware!

It’s like that, and it’s that simple.
Awareness awakens.
The only problem is … staying awake! 😀

It is the rawness of the emotions that awakens awareness.
Dare to realise; it’s that simple.
Who dares, wins!

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The Truth Is Not Out There!
If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”

Enlightenment is not some else’s enlightenment:
it is our own enlightenment.
Kill the imagery, and realise.

Once we find the teaching,
understand it, experience it, realise it, drop it, be it,
while recognising all the impediments that divert us.

If viewed correctly, the impediments are wisdoms,
as they instantaneously remind us of just being.
Impediments and wisdom are therefore inseparable.

The impediments that divert us are just
aberrations and abnormalities;
mental dis-orders within emptiness,
our enlightened nature.

Mental dis-order is what sentient beings are,
while at the same time
having the potential of enlightenment.

Being upset is part of the process.
No pills required.

Trying to fit into a mentally dis-ordered world,
requires a lot of pills to dumb us down.

The Truth Is Not Out There.

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Who Is To Blame For Everything?
The answer is …  empty essence!
Isn’t that surprising?

We may want to blame the Buddhas – or deities – for not doing more for mankind, but if they do anything, they would show bias. It is their very presence that inspires.

A pure state is not biased in any way: empty essence allows everything and anything to occur – delusion or enlightenment. It is totally unbiased.

It is awareness that chooses. Awareness can either claim things to itself, or let go and just be aware of its own true nature of empty essence. Empty essence isn’t bothered one way or the other; it remains unaffected.

It is only awareness in this pure state of emptiness that can comprehend how and why to be compassionate. It understands and empathises that no creature wants to be unhappy, and that their true nature is empty essence. Not knowing this, we suffer.

Empty essence is being.
Awareness is doing.
As a unity, they manifest inspiration.

Empty essence just sits and watches.
It is because awareness knows empty essence (its true nature) that awareness remains inspired.

Do we think that which is called ‘Buddha’ or ‘God’ is the same as or different to pure consciousness?  If it is the same, then Buddha/God is to blame for not doing anything, as the very essence of Buddha/God must be purity. Pure consciousness doesn’t do anything: it just is. Ordinary consciousness or awareness (which all creatures have, and which is impure as it is self-orientated) is free to choose which path to take: delusion or enlightenment.

As human beings, we are impure consciousness.
As spiritual beings, we are – potentially – pure consciousness.
Empty essence does not interfere; it remains uncontaminated.

Words have to be seen in context:
it’s easy to be led astray.
Don’t believe.

Here’s a Buddhist way of looking at the first two commandments from the Old Testament:
You shall have no other gods before Me.
You shall not make idols.”

There is nothing higher than pure consciousness.
We do not make a concept of pure consciousness:
it is not an idol of ourself to which we bow down.

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Taking The Heart Of The Buddha’s Teaching To Heart
It’s really very simple.

The heart of the Buddha’s teaching is spontaneous presence, which is the same as non-duality, empty essence, pure consciousness, pure awareness, nowness. It could also be described as God-consciousness.

Having said that, in the very heart of the Buddha’s teaching, there is no spontaneous presence, non-duality, empty essence, pure consciousness, pure awareness, nowness or God-consciousness. No teaching, no teacher, no student. That is the realisation.

The experiencing of the experience arises when essence comes out, steps down, and returns to the ordinary consciousness of time to reflect on the realisation of essence’s qualities. We now return to the mind and body senses, and use whatever capacity that is available to express these qualities. That expression is love – unconditional love.

It is unconditional because we realise that whatever has been experienced, everyone else (every entity in the universe – even the very bad ones) is capable of experiencing and realising that true nature.

This foolish, illogical earth-mind is a very special place!
Is that not so?

Buddha’s teachings stand to reason, and are easily experienced.
Ah, I remember how difficult this seemed until it was pointed out.

The problem is – we prefer something else.

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Buddhism In Modern Life

Modern life is caught up in soft suffering – we hardly notice our stress and anxieties because we are busy trying to catch up with technologies and upgrades. Hard suffering occurs because life falls apart due to stresses and anxieties caused by events that were caused by other events. Basic Buddhism says we suffer because of ignorance of our true nature, but modern life is life on steroids and antidepressants, with hidden sugars, salt and other additives in our food (even in the packaging!) all of which have an effect.

Does Buddhism have to change with modern times? Yes, I think so; it has to see the bigger picture of the price we pay for ‘free’ technology. It’s the cheese in the mouse trap!

Life is a chain of events. One moment of cause produces an effect for the next moment of cause, and so on. Everything depends on input: if we maintain the same input, the result will be the same. That’s how we develop a personality, a type.

Whatever we (or others) put into our bodies and minds has an effect on our future. Tracing a cause is seemingly impossible as we are the result of complex inputs. Nothing just happens!

If life is going well, we will not want to change – but remember that everything is impermanent. The god realm of ‘I’m at the top’ does not last!

The more refined the mind – and therefore consciousness – becomes, the more sensitive we are to our environment and the effect that this has on our minds and bodies. We notice the way something is written, or the sound of a voice, or a gesture, smell or taste. We become aware of how something is introduced to a society that will have an effect on people, even 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later. We see how the generations seem more dumbed down.

‘Dumbing down’ is the deliberate oversimplification – and over-complication – of intellectual content within a culture in order to confuse, and render the population less able to comprehend the force behind the actual knowledge that is controlling them! One is too tight, and the other too loose. The resulting effect is similar to mice in a maze.

It’s the same with our health: what we take into our bodies, consciously and unconsciously, WILL have an effect on us later. We are talking about the globalisation of everything. The globalist wants us to conform to make the control and maintenance of their wealth easier, for their dynasties. So you see how our lives are being controlled more and more. Choice is a mirage. Corporations know how easily humans become addicted, and this is used to enslaved the public. After all, if you have a mass of wealth, you will want to maintain it, and are thus caught in the very same trap of addiction.

So how can Buddhism help?
Buddhism reminds us to be aware of not falling into a life of illusion.

Events in early life have a strong influence on us,
and we believe that there is only one way to go
– to follow the crowd and join the queue.

Meditation – sitting in stillness – is the way out.
We can step outside at any time.

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Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Shunyata, Dharmakaya, Advaita … ?

These are either attractive and mystical-sounding words,
or they represent most ordinary aspect of reality in the infinite universe.

These are simply Tibetan and Sanskrit terms for non-duality.
The pure, uncontaminated emptiness of consciousness.
Perfect awareness where no ‘I’ is present.

No “I look, I see”, but merely looking, seeing and dropping any attachment or comment.
These words mean ‘just being’, rather than being something. What could be more ordinary?

The very first instant of seeing falling blossom in a spring breeze is non-duality. Then we spoil it by thinking how beautiful it is; we have started to apply memory and judgment, and have taken a step back, missing the beauty that is in the eye of the beholder of pure consciousness. Actually, the same would apply if we came across dogshit on our shoe – and also the moment before the blossom or the shit – and the moment when the incidents have passed. We are non-stop non-duality, but we get hooked onto ‘things’ (although ‘things’ can be a catalyst to realising our true nature, as negative emotions are actually wisdoms).

It doesn’t matter how glamorous and elaborate the presentation of Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Shunyata, Dharmakaya, Advaita appears to be, or how charismatic the presenter is: it’s all about your true nature. You! We are Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Shunyata, Dharmakaya, Advaita.

Isn’t Christianity the same? Union. In Christian theology, divinisation is the transforming effect of divine grace, the spirit of God. It literally means ‘to become divine’, or to become God where there is no separation.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said, “ … Split a piece of wood: I am there. Lift a stone, and you will find me there … “

When there is just looking, it is realised that there is just seeing. That is pure consciousness; non-duality. If we’re looking for something or someone else, then there are two again!

What could be more divine than purity of consciousness? It’s neither complicated nor a mystery. In the pure emptiness of the divine, there are no parts and so, no complexity. It’s been made to appear both complicated and mysterious – but what could be more simple and ordinary?

Could it be that we are only attracted when a thing dazzles?
When we are dazzled, we are dazed and overwhelmed.
This pushes the ultimate away from us,
making it appear unattainable.

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We Are A Deviation
and easily misled

If we think the Dharma is the teaching then we are mistaken: we are the Dharma. The Dharma is not only within us – it is us, our essence. We are essence.

It doesn’t matter how many teachings we go to, or how many books (or blogs) we read, or to whom we talk, the real Dharma teaching is our own experience. We have to do exactly what a Buddha does, and that is look.

Life is about refining what we know – evolving, rather than becoming a fossil. The Dharma is the living experience to realise our fullest potential. Its purpose is to help us escape from our cocoon, rather than encasing ourselves in more ‘fine silk’.

This is not about how much we know. It’s about knowingness itself, which is reflected in genuine kindness, without appearing to believe that we are superior to others.

Religion – or the teachings on our true essence – can only be destroyed from within if we are not looking correctly. In these corrupt times, we have to be extra-aware.

We are living Dharma.

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The Five Skandhas

To exist as humans, we comprise the five skandhas or aggregates, and this is how we hold it all together.

Simply put, the five skandhas are:
The body’s sense organs
Sensations of those organs
Recognition of perception
Judgment and memory

Consciousness is the awareness before recognition (perception): consciousness is aware that something is there, and perception determines what it is. We then, through memory, make a judgement on that. We hear a sound and consciousness is alerted. Recognition perceives that it is a car: then we judge whether we like it or not. This happens so quickly that we become lost in a instant. This is how we are imprisoned in the activities of the mind.

Remember: this is the way in which we function as human beings. From the perspective of pure consciousness, the skandhas do not exist, but they hold our temporary, physical form together. We are released from this cycle of existence when we remember our true nature of pure consciousness (as opposed to impure consciousness).

From a spiritual point of view, pure consciousness remains within itself when in meditation. It can be aware of occurrences, but doesn’t follow them. In ordinary life, we don’t become too distracted by these arisings: we pay them just enough attention to deal with what is necessary and beneficial.

In conclusion, it seems that the skandhas are the same as the eight levels of consciousness (five of the senses and three of the mind – perception, judgement and memory).

In the experience of non-meditation, we are free of everything.

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The Culture of Wealth and Entitlement
The age of the ‘super-wired-into-machine’ humans

This is the age of narcissism…

… of the justification of inequalities … of restricting the advancement of humanity … of human subjugation to technology … of oppression by negativity … of distraction and division … of superiority complexes … of the constant need for reward … of assumptions of truth …

If we want freedom from all this, then meditate.

The above is one huge technocratic device to enslave humanity through the lure of wealth, fame, and the false feeling of ‘security’ offered by class and entitlement. Have you noticed how the wealthy and famous consider that they ‘own the road’?

If we want freedom from all this, then meditate.

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