The Great Impartiality

When we are partial,weturn against each other.
When we are impartial,we listen without bias.

Impartiality gives rise to open confidence.
Partiality gives rise to closed doubt.

The factors conducive to the attainment of enlightenment are: observation, investigation, effort, calmness, absorption and impartiality. When we ignore these, we become distracted, and turn against each other.

Evil loves and creates partiality.
True love is impartial.

“May we refrain from attraction, aversion and great impartiality…”
from a prayer to generate the altruistic attitude of bodhicitta

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Confidence And Doubt
The system of good and evil

The only undeniable truth in which we can trust and have confidence is pure consciousness. It’s what we are; nothing else. It is by virtue of this sacred space of pure consciousness that everything is known.

Of all those sacred places in the world, the most sacred is the pure space of our own consciousness.

Through investigation, we gain confidence that this is the first and only truth. The origin of truth. We are therefore never, ever separated from the truth. Realising this, we gain confidence.

Life might not have turned out as we may have wished, but throughout it, pure consciousness has always been present. With this understanding, our minds become clearer and our needs simplify, as whatever we now do merely supports this investigation. We no longer chase after others’ dreams.

The great deception is doubt. If we believe that consciousness is a thing that only perceives, judges and reacts, we cannot acknowledge pure consciousness as we are too busy calculating, and our reality of pure consciousness becomes clouded. We cannot trust our thoughts and reactions because they have been tempered by being mixed with something other.

Seeing clearly is pure consciousness. As long as we doubt our true nature, we can never see clearly.

This is the governance of the system under which we live:
if we don’t see the system, the system is working.
Once we see the system at work, it no longer governs us.

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Good And Evil On The Battlefield Of Indifference 

Spiritually speaking, the word ‘good’ refers to the ultimate truth of our nature, which pure consciousness. We all are good at heart, but unfortunately we give in to selfishness – badissimo! In fact, this is the basis of evil. Evil is anything that obscures our pure consciousness – which, in fact, is everything that distracts us. If we are unaware of our ultimate nature, we will continue to be indifferent or ignorant of that ultimate nature, remaining partial to a self identity and restricted to a set of ideas about ourself.

We are so much more than this.

For those who are indifferent, the words ‘truth’ and ‘evil’ will remain in the realm of conventional consciousness as an exaggeration, and nothing to do with them. Our mind is the distraction battlefield, while the very nature of this mind is pure consciousness itself. See how easy it is to become confused? 😀

We are uncontaminated empty space of consciousness ( ) but we dwell in the dot of a false identity within that space ( . ).

Globally, this is a game of two sides, with humanity – the great indifferent – in the middle. Evil seeks to manipulate the indifferent, and good seeks to negate this evil influence.

The truth is that evil can show us the way, once we recognise its influence.
We are then free in the moment of seeing.
Game over!

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Order Out Of Chaos”


Everything is created by causes and conditions; everything follows an order. Nothing just suddenly happens. If we are unwilling to look at both the causes of world events and what goes on in our own minds, we will only see coincidental, chaotic cock ups. If chaos has been created, then it must follow a sequence. If this sequence is not seen clearly, we will not notice the order of events, and so we remain in chaos.
This is the age of chaos, after all 🙂

There are two ways of looking at the motto, “Order out of chaos”:
Order out of chaos could mean creating an order of events that brings about chaos in order to manipulate further events.
Order out of chaos could mean clarity out of chaos: the realisation that comes from recognising the cause of chaos.

Is there an order for recognition?
We start with meditation, to clear the mind of chaos.

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Be Original; Don’t Be Angry

Don’t become the anger;
become the wisdom.

Anger, in the very first instant, is mirror like-wisdom, when consciousness sees something amiss, not quite right, inappropriate or out of place. Anger is energy – precious energy – that is telling us something important. It’s not to be wasted on mere emotional reactions.

Natural wisdom comes from pure consciousness which has three qualities: emptiness, clarity and unlimited compassionate power. These three qualities are known as the three Kayas: Dhamakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmankaya in Sanskrit. These are inseparable; they are all-at-once.

There is a time and place for bliss, and a time and place for anger; these two are also inseparable. It’s such a relief and inspiration when something amiss is noted.

Is the world out of control?
Certainly not.
Chaos is created and maintained to gain power.
So what do we do about that?

When the Buddha left his father’s palace of luxury, he realised that people suffered and were miserable, and he wanted to do something about that. What did he do? He meditated and achieved the realisation of the three Kayas, which allowed him to manifest the teachings as a healing process – which still works to this day. We have this process today due to unbroken lineage transmissions throughout the centuries.

Through the clarity of emptiness, we can manifest generosity, patience, discipline, morality, concentration and wisdom/the realisation of our true nature. Apart from resting in pure awareness, we can meditate to energise in order to meet the needs of others.

That’s how we become original.

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Truth Is Beyond Belief

It does not matter what we think or believe the truth to be,
the truth can only be known
by that which recognises thoughts or beliefs.

And what is that?
That can only be pure consciousness that is present
before a thought or belief.
It is truly that simple.

As humans, we need thoughts and beliefs to function,
but these need not govern our reality.
Our work is to recognise these thoughts and beliefs
and not become attached to them,
thereby realising that we are the ultimate sovereign.
Life is therefore meaningful for all of us.

It is truly that simple.
What else can truth be?

It is thoughts and beliefs that brought us here.
To be released from this cycle of existence,
we merely have to recognise and let go.
At that moment, realisation occurs.

We are the happiness we seek.
We can either rest in that happiness,
or continue to look for something else.

The more we remember, the more we simply rest.

If you would like to discuss this further –

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Plumbing without a Plumber

As we progress along the path of exposing the false and hollow nature of ideas and beliefs about our self, we may experience a feeling of alienation towards the collective consciousness which is drifting along, driven by the winds of karma.

When sudden realisation that we are no longer aimless dawns, a shock of surprise presents itself – accompanied by sadness that all beings have the very same potential of realisation. Naturally empathetic compassion arises, along with a compelling sense of duty.

We are no longer an alien, but part of a conscious system. When we become connected to the truth about our reality, a conduit was created, which acts as a channel for transmission.

Conduit: to bring together.

A conduit is
clear and empty.

A conduit has
a direction.

A conduit can
manifest connections.

= the three Kayas!

Dharmakaya – emptiness
Sambhogakaya – cognisance
Nirmanakaya – unconfined compassionate activity

We are all plumbers at heart, wanting to connect.
It’s our nature!


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Ego: Friend And Teacher

The term ‘ego’, at a lower level, is a derogatory remark; we say that he or she is ‘all ego’, self-centred, self-interested. The funny thing is, who do theythink is making these remarks?” 😀

Ego is simply consciousness attached to ideas about itself and whatever it sees. Who isn’t attached? Ego is what we call ‘me’, or ‘myself’, and ego isself-centred and self-interested. Seeing ego as a failure is lower level spiritual management.

Ego in Dzogchen is our teacher, with self interested concepts being recognised within compassionate space of empty awareness. Consciousness’s feeling of self importance is now clearly seen as our karmic collection resulting from past memories and judgements.

We need not feel guilty or be afraid of having an ego: after all, these feelings will always be with us until the moment of final enlightenment. Ego is our prompter, showing us our reactions and the sort of person we have become. In fact, our ego is our path, uncovering ego’s consciousness’s confusion about reality.

The very moment of recognisingego’s calculations arising within mind-consciousness is the very moment of liberation. These reactions have absolutely no reality: they are a survival mode of primitive brain – fight, flight or freeze.

Antidotes to ego are merely temporary as our attachments will return. In Dzogchen, we see directly that these attachments have no reality as they are merely our habitual programming. It is not concepts that bind us: it is our attachment to those concepts that snares us. This also applies to emotions and sensory experiences.

We needn’t be afraid of our self,
as it never existed.

Before we make a remark,
pure consciousness has already seen.

There you are!

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Esoteric Teachings

Esotericmeans ‘known by the few’, whereasexotericis ‘known by the many’. Exoteric teachings are the gradual paths comprising of methods that inspire us, convincing us to stay committed. These teaching have disciplines attached to them; the do’s and dont’s, and are outer teachings for those whom this method suits.

All spiritual teachings have an inner core of realisation. Dzogchen is one such teaching. It is a teaching that needs no practice: it just direct seeing in any moment, which affects our conduct. In Dzogchen, we only practise when we become distracted, and then we practise whatever suits to arrive back in the clarity of emptiness.

To simplify: we meditate to arrive at non-meditation, letting go of the method when emptiness is realised. Once we arrive at recognition, we drop the meditation and the meditator. From duality to non-duality.

It does not matter whether our meditation is good or otherwise, the recognition of emptiness is realised as ever-present. In Dzogchen, there is direct realisation of the nature of mind – pure empty consciousness. We apply a practice of meditation when we become confused or distracted.

When confused, we have to set the scene right, to an atmosphere of stillness so that we can arrive at realisation. Becoming a spiritual engineer, we recognise that there is an oscillation between duality and non-duality, moving in and out of consciousness, of waking and dreaming.

When we do not function properly,
we apply a method.

When we function properly,
we have worked it out.

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We Are Never Separate From Truth

The truth is not ‘out there’. The truth is our very own clarity – the emptiness of knowingness. It is this pure perception that is the reality. That which is perceived has no reality, inspiring though it may be.

While ancient spiritual texts express our pure spirit of being, the only reality is in that pure spirit of being, rather than in the text itself. Not realising this, we live in hope and fear. Realisation is knowing the reality of our true nature, while being fully aware that beings are subject to distractions which downgrade and obscure that realisation.

Realisation cuts through the fog of polishing egos that cling to ancient text, while missing the absolute point that we arethat ancient text. When realised, others’ suffering does not go unnoticed: realisation is naturally empathetic and compassionate.

We are divided by a lack of love.
Recognising a lack of love
is the realisation.

In order to love,
w­e have to take ourselves out of the picture.
In love, we are not separate.

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Short Cut To The Four Noble Truths
The realisation of the ultimate truth in one single moment

The four noble truths are; the existence of suffering, the cause of that suffering, the cessation of suffering, and following the path that leads away from suffering.

To clarify:
In order to attain liberation from suffering, we first must recognise that we are suffering – or that we are, at least, dissatisfied.
We desire and get irritated, and so we suffer.
The cause of that suffering is an identification with and defence of a me and mine.
We look for a system that brings an end to this suffering, and we practise.

We might assume that this is a long term process to clear our confusion.

Once we realise, however, that our very nature is pure consciousness then, whena disturbance or irritation – or suffering – occurs in the mind, that recognition realises that a self is being defended.

That moment of recognition is the instantaneous realisation of liberation; the spontaneous presence of pure consciousness.

The four noble truths are right here, right now, in a single moment.

Now, we only need to clean up our act, our karma. When we stop acting out*, enlightenment occurs. The degree to which we value this moment of happiness will affect the period we stay enlightened … a moment, or everlasting.

It’s only a matter of appreciating real happiness.

*Acting out: an out-of-control, self-interest mechanism.

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The Pointing Out Instruction on the Nature of Mind

Knowing the difference between
conscious-ness and a conscious-mess.

We really do need to know the difference so that we can discern which state we are in. The recognition that we are in a mess , is the very moment of realisation! So we can’t go wrong. 😀

The instruction is simple and short, but we need a little warming up. We may find this teaching shocking, annoying, boring or enlightening : it made me really angry when my attention was brought to the fact that I had spent decades in what my teacher called ‘idiot’ meditation. This illustrates the fact that there are both gradual and direct paths to enlightenment.

On receiving the instruction, my only feeling was “Is that all?” There really is nothing else!
This realisation brought with it a huge sense of relief. It may do the same for you. 😀

Spiritual groups, therapy groups and religions all tend to add a complexity to teachings which are ultimate simplicity. They make up rituals for people, creating a beautiful mould to which beautiful people cling, maybe losing the simple beauty of the reality of pure, empathetic awareness.

The Buddha’s first noble truth is the admission that we are suffering or dissatisfied, rather than continuing to cover up this dissatisfaction. The second noble truth is the realisation of the cause of that suffering, which is the identification with an idea. The third and fourth truths are finding a method to release us, and realising that we are already liberated.

I am not a teacher. The authority for instruction comes from the reader, rather than the teacher. It is the student who recognises, investigates and realises the authentic nature of truth. Authority does not come not from someone who has a title or wears robes calling themselves an authority; it comes down to our own realisation. Spiritual teachings are expressed in different ways and may or may nor connect with our experience. One has, however, to ‘read between the lines’.

Terminologies and incantations can create mystery and confusion. This instruction is merely one candle, having been lit, passing on the light.

This teaching is the Maha Ati/Dzogchen approach, where we drop the mantras, breath and mindfulness meditations and recognise directly the nature of mind. You don’t even have to meditate!

Mindfulness meditations are merely a boat to get us to the shore of realisation; once we arrive at the shore, we can leave the boat behind. Unfortunately, we become stuck in the boat, digging our oars in the sand, to makes us feel as if we are doing something. This turns out to be futile diligence.

Mindfulness meditations make us feel good and that is a excellent start, but we may experience a certain dissatisfaction, suggesting a time to move on. We are not taught sequentially; we learn sequentially. Having many teachers helps us ‘read between the lines’ when reaching an empirical understanding. There is but one truth, with many expressions. We are one in pure consciousness, and unique in expression.

There is a very subtle different between “I am resting in stillness”, and beingthe stillness. The first is a duality, while the second is not. In pure reality, there is neither that which is experienced nor an experiencer: there is merely experience. The word merelyin this context is synonymous with pure emptiness; ‘mere’ is used to emphasise that the fact of something being present in a situation is enough to influence that situation.

Pointing out

When we maintain mindfulness, resting our attention in naturalness without thinking, in that state we may experience a vacancy – me and a maintenance. If no awareness insight is present, this is exactly what the masters call ‘ignorance’.

When we do experience this state of vacancy, we look into the one who perceives this state of confusion. In that moment, there is a realisation of the spontaneous presence of experience, of consciousness where there is neither experiencer nor thing experienced, but just experience of realisation that there is nothing else. We have arrived at wisdom. We have arrived at what we are – pure consciousness.

This one truth has been present all the time we have been searching for the truth. We are nothing but this truth. It does not matter whether roughness or smoothness, pleasant or unpleasant is experienced, this pure consciousness never changes. We are liberated from confusion when we see that there is just seeing. No exotic words are needed as this moment is indescribable.

We no longer have to cling to a set of ideas; the package of perception, memories and judgements. This package is our karma and our personal teacher that will be with us until the moment of enlightenment. In the moment now, there is no karma: when we fall back into the illusion, karma reminds us of that illusion.

When we forget our true nature, we can return to mantras, breath and mindfulness until we return to the shore of realisation. Our conduct should be one of true compassion and empathy. When we realise our true nature and that which obscures it, then we will understand the world around us.

“What about the confusion in the world?”
“Oh that? It’s deliberate.”

This is why we have to wake up.

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Reincarnation Or No Reincarnation?

Don’t fixate on either view.
Maybe hedge your bets…

All that matters is how we live now.
How we live now has consequences.

The last moment created this moment.
This moment effects the next moment.

We are born with recollections and instincts.
Recollections and instincts open recognition.

A point is reached where we have to choose;
follow others’ belief, or follow our instincts.

Clarify consciousness. Unclutter consciousness.
Tame consciousness through realisation.

Consciousness realised as divine joy, empty of bias,
is unconditional love.

Insight releases empathy and frees us from doubt.
We gain confidence.

Is this life a reincarnation?
We know what we already know.

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Reality Is Ordinary

Our true nature of pure consciousness is ordinary. It is neither special nor a mystery: to think that is to distance ourselves from our true reality. In order to realise our true nature, we do not have to be special people, clever charismatic people, robed people or holy people.

Holding on to the idea of our reality being ‘special’ merely separates us and downgrades us to feeling unworthy. All beings, throughout space and time, have the very same nature of pure consciousness, so it is ordinary. The extraordinary is the way in which we – as an individual or as a group – perverted consciousness into a self-made image, and continue to dress it up as a religion or cult.
Cult: to cultivate or worship, directed towards a particular figure or object.

Ordinary people are ordinary pure consciousness, but they just don’t realise it. They don’t realise it because of all the propaganda of elitism and distraction. We don’t need to evolve; we need to undo our precious self image. Our problem is that we have spent so much this image that we are not going to give it up so easily.

Once we recognise and realise our true nature – and that’s a piece of cake 🙂 – we just get on with our life (which is a product of karma), cutting through our habitual reactions, and thereby releasing us from that karmic pattern or programming.

Our spiritual path is the clarification of our own confusion about our self. Once we know what we’re doing we can just be happy, content and confident – and no one can control us or pull the wool over our eyes again.

Have a truly ordinary new year!

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We Don’t Need To Evolve

We don’t need to evolve.
We need to devolve.
Evolution is devolution.

We evolve into our true nature
by devolving the mud we created.

By simply recognising
that we have transferred our consciousness to a lower level,
we reverse the procedure.

Realisation is recognition
that we have always been the truth we seek.
We are happiness itself, whatever mud is thrown at us!

Each moment is the beginning,
and an end to the past.

Happy now … year!


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Direct Teachings
get to the point

As modern people, we need to have confidence in a path that cuts through our confusion immediately, bringing an end to suffering and “setting fire” to our enlightened nature. To be practical, this path must be incorporated into our own cultural environment, as this environment is our karma and our teacher. By seeing our mental world of concepts directly, we cut through our confusion. Never forget what is seeing: it is consciousness, pure and simple.

Consciousness needs no ornamentations or complications. The Buddha’s teaching – and, in fact, any esoteric teaching – is ultimately about the natural purity of consciousness, now. That’s it. Consciousness is not something clever and special; we all have consciousness and that consciousness can realise its pure state. This is the purpose of life. It’s what it’s all about.

We gain confidence that pure consciousness is here now, rather than something to be attained in the future. Confusion arose when consciousness became muddled with judgement. That is why we suffer. We need to discern what is beneficial in any particular moment: if, however, we hold on to that discernment, that becomes part of our apparatus for forming judgements, which stifles our relationship with whatever occurs. Rather than always returning to the origin, the beginning, we hold on to a veil of ideas that clouds the present moment.

The teachings are a reminder and support in our conduct throughout daily life. It is in silent meditation that we realise our pure nature.

So what do we do now?
Do good, do no harm, and tame the mind.

May we practise the teaching,
realise the teaching
and clarify the teaching
for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The purpose of life is to be pure and simple and happy.

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New Banner

The new banner represents Plato’s shadow cave;
we worship something as being real when, in truth,
we are that reality
which is dreaming in the illusion of concepts.

This blog may be Nyingma Dzogchen in character,
but in essence, it is the same as any esoteric teaching:
not two
non dual.
Emotions are recognised as wisdoms.
Emptiness realises that everything is emptiness,

There is no God or Devil out there.
We are both Supreme-consciousness and Devil-concepts.
An illusion, when recognised, is the truth.


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The Subtle Change In Consciousness
from the unreal to the real.

Humans (in fact, all sentient beings) perceive through the senses: we recall memories, form judgements and then react. This is our reptilian response of fight, flight or freeze, and it is for this reason that we miss the moment of pure perception, pure awareness, pure consciousness, which is also known as empty cognisance.

Emptiness cannot be realised unless appearances in the mind are first recognised. Without this recognition, we will continue to believe that these appearances are the reality, and we’ll stop there.

The recognition of appearances in the mind creates a pause in our habitual processing and reacting. This pause in our programme helps us recognise that appearances are taking place within the clear space of emptiness, in the same way that these words appear by virtue of a clear screen.

Sitting in silent meditation allows this clarity to be seen. Once we can see our thoughts and emotions, we can now realise the pure space that they occupy. This pure space is emptiness.

Most of the time, we are either too busy with our perceptions or vacant in oblivion. Once we can rest in the emptiness of clarity, our whole view changes. We are that clarity of emptiness – we just got real!

Now we are free of the programme. As Tulku Urgyen said, we are “Free in the moment of seeing.”

Once we see – thus realising our true nature – we just get on with life. Our life was created by our past actions (karma), and now we learn not to re-enact this karma, so dissolving its effects. Karma – life – is now our teacher.

When we stop holding onto ideas, we can enjoy the dis-illusion.

This realisation only costs us a reduction in our karmic debt. If truth is covered up by excessive use of technical terminology or cultural references, it becomes costly and addictive, because we feel we aren’t good enough to be told and understand the truth. Ridiculous! Of course we are good enough; we are the goodness of truth itself.

We can live in the natural light of love, rather than others’ shadows.

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Confusion Dawns As Wisdom”

Our path to enlightenment is not whatever spiritual tradition or group to which we belong.
Our path to enlightenment is the disillusion* of our own confusion. It’s personal…

The very moment we recognise that things aren’t so good, or that we are upset – and in fact suffering – is the moment we have arrived at realisation. We are enlightened. Our confusion dawns as wisdom.

Recognition and realisation are simultaneous!

That is only the first step. We now have to remain at rest within that realisation. Now the work begins. We start to notice all those mental barriers that we believedwere good for us when, in fact, we were just following the crowd. You see, it is personal. Once we notice our confusion, we can then empathise with others’ confusion.

It is the experiencing of the personal rawness of life rather than following generalised precepts that actuates realisation. This does not mean that we can suddenly change, as we still have the residue of our and others’ karma to deal with.

Genuine realisation takes care of change; whatever needs to develop, develops, and whatever needs to be dropped, falls away. With genuine realisation comes compassion for others as we understand past and present confusion. When we know that we know, true confidence arises.

The quotation, “Confusion dawns as wisdom,” comes from Gampopa, who was a Kagyu teacher.

May my mind turn towards the Dharma.
May the Dharma become the path.
May the path clarify confusion.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.

(1079–1153 CE)

You will notice that Dzogchen starts with “Confusion dawns as wisdom”, and we then use the Dharma to support that realisation. Karma Kagyu, on the other hand, builds up to wisdom gradually. It is our choice either to start at the beginning or at the end (and actually, the confusion never ever existed; the confusion was that we created something out of nothing).

Jesus also knew what he was talking about: “I and my father are one.”
The recognition of a confused I is the oneness of simultaneous realisation.

Have a great Christmas.


*Disillusion:disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one  believed it to be.

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The Importance Of Knowing Reality

All appearances are seen within the clear space of mind. That space of clarity is pure consciousness, sometimes called Emptiness, or Shunyata in Sanskrit.

The senses are non-conceptual: things are experienced by virtue of pure perception – in other words, pure consciousness. Appearances only become conceptual when memory and judgement are applied.

We make the mistake of seeing these appearances as reality because we empower them, but they have no true reality as they come, get muddied by memories and judgements, and then go. Unfortunately, however, we don’t let them go: we hang on, and it is this that creates our mannerisms, personality and life.

We have been the original clear space of pure consciousness all the while, so in the very first instant of recognising appearances, those appearances are simultaneous with emptiness. That includes emotions. This is the unity of the relative and absolute realities of non-duality, not two, oneness. We are free in the moment of seeing our self image.

In the very first instant, thoughts and emotions actually brighten the mind. It is only when we use memory and judgement that darkness descends. The good news is that the very recognition of darkness is the light of pure consciousness.

So what’s our problem? It’s people!

There is absolutely no problem with the Buddha’s, or Christ’s, or Advaita teachings – or any genuine spiritual teaching that manifests the wisdom of empathetic compassion. But people are still people. Buddhists, Christians, Advaitists – all religious-minded people – want to make something out of nothing, and that nothing is the purity of empty cognisance.

Meditation and prayer are only tools to reach the silence of emptiness,
where there are no rules or rituals or things we have to do.

Give up the meditation and prayer:
we only meditate and pray when we forget to rest in pure consciousness.

Mud is created when we muck around with reality.

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It’s Good To Know

It’s good to know;
life then becomes beautiful and fruitful.

Knowing is the pure nature of consciousness.
Now we can recognise whatever causes the obstacles
to knowing pure consciousness.

Conversely, when we don’t know,
we are lost in those obstacles
and life is neither beautiful nor fruitful.

That’s why it’s good to know.

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The Meaning Of Life

When consciousness awakens,
it holds onto nothing.

Realising pure consciousness is the source of wisdom
that is empty of contamination.

Giving up our cosmetic life and washing off the adornments,
we awaken as in a dream.

Released from creating further karma,
we realise the unity of the two truths of relative and absolute truth.

We can enjoy life, and we can enjoy spiritual teachings;
we don’t need to hang them around our neck.

When consciousness awakens, its empathy has no boundaries.
It can only love.

Awakened consciousness cuts through the crap.
Prepare to be crap-less!

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You Can’t Enlighten Belief

If someone holds a belief, they have to let go of that belief before they can realise reality. If we hold a belief about someone else’s enlightenment, we will never know what enlightenment is. When a Buddha says, “Do not take my word for it; see for yourself”, they know exactly what they are talking about.

If someone holds a belief, they will suffer for as long as they hold onto that belief. Because we defend a self image, we are not enlightened. We may be informed, but that isn’t enlightenment. Enlightenment is experiential realisation of our true nature and the wiping away of all beliefs/karma.

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Genuine Happiness Is Self-Realisation

The calmness and clarity of self-realisation
brings about happiness, and a happy life.

We shouldn’t fall into the trap of feeling that we aren’t good enough for happiness. It is the realisation of ever-present pure consciousness that is our reality. Whether we feel that our life is falling apart, or we spend our time calculating how clever we are, or we are bombarded by distractions, ever-present pure consciousness is the place of genuine happiness.

Stand back from all the turmoil of misunderstandings, and see clearly.

Being happy makes others happy.
The converse is also true.
You know this already!

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Earth: Dream? Nightmare? Enlightened Potential?

We are born into a world of dreams that create nightmares.
The realisation of these nightmares becomes the potential for enlightenment.

Simply put; we desire, we fear, we suffer, we look for the cause of that suffering. The cause of suffering is our clinging to those dreams about our self identity.

Our work is to transform those dreams and nightmares into enlightenment. How do we do this? There is no requirement to be religious or spiritual: we just need to see clearly that our true reality – which is pure consciousness – is already present and enlightened.

We are only here due to karma, which is our cloud of unknowingness.

This introduces the question of life before birth. We do not know what happens after death: others can tell us things about death, but we do not know.We can, however, infer, and that makes a great difference to the way in which we live.

Both the dream and the nightmare cost the earth.

Enlightenment costs nothing.
The earth should not be exploited by greed.

“We cannot serve both Truth and Mammon.”
Matthew 6.24

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We Learn Not To Ask The Right Question

When a group is formed, it creates an ethos: when we join a group, we have to abide by its customs and mannerisms.

We learn from a very early age to abide by what the teacher says. This makes sense because we want to fit into society so that it runs smoothly. If, however, we naturally find we do not fit because we question and ask why, we are labelled as non-conformist and shunned. No independent thinking wanted here! That tells us everything we need to know.

If we wish to realise our enlightened nature,
we have to ask the question, “Why?”

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Not Being Hooked Up

The enlightened attitude is non-attachment to appearances and ideas. When we become attached, we divide and separate. Consciously and unconsciously, all forms of media take advantage of this principle. When we separate, we argue and become obsessed.

It’s the sort of thing one does to an enemy
… curious, that.

It is the shock of realising whatever’s going on
that enlightens us.

We are manipulated into being hooked.
En-Lighten up!

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Why Can’t Humanity Understand Reality?

Because it is kept busy.
It’s that simple.
It has been that way for thousands of years.
People cannot even begin to understand reality,
because to them, what they are doing is the reality.

Humanity has enlightened potential,
but is too busy to notice this.
When we are distracted, we don’t notice the suffering,
while the recognition suffering is the first step towards reality.

Our collective ignorance has turned us into illusions.
When was the last time you had a conversation about reality?

There are, however, hints everywhere we go.
When we rest in the reality of pure consciousness,
it is we who do the laughing.
That is the moment when the feeling of guilt stops.

Illusion: Latin illusio(n-), from illudere ‘to mock’, to tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

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Secular and Systematic Examination Of Reality

We don’t have to be ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’ to experience our primary nature of consciousness.

Secular examination is based on our human faculties of logic, empathy reason and moral intuition, none of which are derived from supernatural revelations. We see; we know.

However, when using logic, empathy, reason and moral intuition to examine reality, we are looking at the essence of human faculties – pure consciousness – rather than the everyday, conventional, consciousness that we think of as being normal.

Reality is that which never changes: if it changes, it is only a seeming reality. Reality is timeless, whereas seeming realities are made up of parts, causes and conditions, and so are subject to change and time.

Inorder to see and to know, we first have to stop our mind from wandering off in its usual fashion, clinging to a self image and conventional ideas of ‘normal’. To see clearly is to know clearly, as opposed to an ‘I’ interpreting what it sees, and therefore what it knows: a self image is only a projection. After all, we have to be an honest scientist, examining through a clear microscope what, in fact, reality is.

In order to see and to know, we need to train or tame our squirrel-mind (which rushes around, collecting tasty morsels and burying them for later), and that means slowing down into silent, unbiased observation.

To tame the mind so that we can be that clear microscope, we first focus our attention one-pointedly, so as to cut through the clutter of conventional patterning. Traditionally, this entails watching the breath, while the other senses are fully open. We note that we wander off, and in that noting, we remember to return to the breath. We are just observing the breath, with its inhalation, pause, exhalation, pause. It’s like that. Try it and see, as this systematic examination is experiential, rather than a scholarly investigation.

Gradually, as we relax, we notice the space in the pause between breaths. In that space, we become aware that awareness is present. We now turn our attention on that awareness. There is no rush: if we wander off, we merely return to watching the breath.

The breath now takes care of itself, and we relax into the awareness. At some point – whether through instruction or through coming to a conclusion – we realise that we are, in fact, none other than this awareness, and that is pure consciousness. In pure consciousness, there is nothing other than consciousness.

If we think that this is boring, then we cannot have an uncontaminated microscope with which to examine further.

When seeing has clarity, we reach the same realisation of all the spiritual masters: we are empty of modifications, and that pure consciousness is beyond religiousness or spirituality. We arrive at the realisation of non-duality, rather than the twoness of ‘me’ and ‘the experience’.

The secular approach is not dressed-up.
We don’t have act a certain way (you know what I mean!).
It’s just a matter of quietly being.

Now, we can approach life with clarity.
We are no longer sucked in by our own self image,
or that of others.

We do not have to believe anything.
Just seeing is the clear light of bliss –
or, as I prefer, the clear light of relief.

We are free in the moment of seeing.

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What Are We?

An idea?
Or that which is before the idea?

Original pure consciousness is our unconditional happy place. The more we want, the further we move away from our original happy place. Wanting relies on conditions to which we cling, and is the very cause of our suffering because it make us want more.

Original pure consciousness is all we need. Conditional happiness, which is the cause of suffering, now serves as a reminder that we are moving too far away from our original happy place.

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Focus = Energy = Life

Chi, prana, energy
is our power.

Focus energy to get your life back.

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Satan Has Been Placed In Our Mind

This has been human experience
ever since we began to plot.

When we are told to believe,
we turn aside from truth.

How does consciousness turn satanic?
The answer is through belief.

Belief is accepting something as true without proof. The opposite of belief is knowingthe truth, which is only accepting something when verified. In being led to believe, we switch off reality; we inadvertently become satanic followers.

Spiritual texts – if not tested, experienced, and realised – lead to misunderstanding and perpetual delusion. This is why the Buddha, in his wisdom, said, “Do not take my word for it.” It is not the Buddha’s words that are the truth; the truth is the realisation of those words. The truth actually does set us free – free from belief in concepts – because pure consciousness realises the expanse of reality.

The line betweenbelievingand knowingbecame blurred when we assumed that, just because we believe something, we know it.

The Solomon Asch experiment reveals how conformity works, when we fall in line with the group. The media and politics generate reactions which, in turn, fulfil the function of conformity. Whatever our reaction may be, we are still conforming!

In saying prayers, we have to know what we are doing, as this could be a danger to our sanity: our prayers may be deceiving us. Same deity, same prayer, but one experience opens our mind, while the other closes it.

Satan, the Devil, the Bogeyman … they all keep us in order.

Our true reality is uncontaminated consciousness, rather than a belief. Truth is knowable. I am talking from a Buddhist tradition which has a great number of prayers and deities – but all comes down to uncontaminated consciousness.

Satan:Hebrew śāṭān, literally ‘adversary’, from śāṭan ‘plot against’. Satan, also known as the Devil, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood.

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Our Spiritual Reality Is Dangerously Simple

We can either realise our true nature at any moment and be free of our conceptual prison, or we can miss that very moment and stay embalmed, preserved in a ‘perfumed’, unaltered state. The balance between these two is fine, and that is why, on a subtle level, we feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

We may enquire, “Is this thinking me, or am I something else?”

It is consciousness that is caught up in a mental illusion of an ‘I’. It thinks, “I know” when, before that, there was just knowingness – just consciousness. By the time we think “I know”, seeing and knowing have already taken place; we have arrived at a judgement, and off we go! We missed the pure seeing – the moment of indifference, the moment of clarity, the moment of pure consciousness, the moment of knowingness itself. This mistaken ‘I’ is a product of both our own ignorance and our environment, as those around us also believe in their illusory ‘I’. This illusionary ‘I’ separates us, and creates the excited madness in which we live. One of the main problems is that it is easily offended, and starts battles.

We are talking about the space for the wisdom of pure consciousness to be realised, before the excitement.

We escape the madness in the moment now, by seeing this ‘I’ at work … “There I go again!” Awareness is present before recognition. Initially, there will seem to be an element of time between awareness and recognition so first, we must see these as separate in order to be able to identify the actor. As we learn to drop our reactions, we gradually see that awareness and appearances are inseparable. Just like the moon reflected in water. Two sides that make a whole.

Will this change my life?

It actually does not matter whatever happens to us in life, beit pleasant or unpleasant. It matters not one hoot whether we are clever or dull witted. Whatever is happening to us is karmic anyway. Karma is like sitting in our room which is full of things we have acquired. We can either hold onto them, or recognise that they may no longer be useful.

We should not assume that only the ‘highborns’ will realise their true nature. Neither should we assume that being lowborn is detrimental to realisation.

Realisation is about the clarity of seeing, being aware, being conscious. The danger lies in thinking “I am being aware”, when in truth, there is only awareness. It’s extremely subtle. It is simply the moment now; spontaneous presence. The moment of indifference has a keen eye. In the moment now, there is no speculation, judgment, or memory: these come afterwards. If we latch onto these reactions, we are in danger of creating more of the same.

Clarity sees what needs to be dropped, and changes everything.

Enlightenment is not about creating:
it is about uncovering and dropping.
This can be painful.
This can be a relief.
This can be joyous.

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Sacred Text

Sacred text is not something
to be worshipped through a dark glass.
Sacred text describes our own reality
and is only known through experience, face to face.

We are walking, talking encyclopedias of sacred reality.
We can see through the mumbo jumbo
of language and ritual
which causes confusion and bewilderment.

Once we smash the dark glass of confusion and bewilderment,
we will see clearly.

Our reality was turned into a religion.
Turning consciousness into a religion
obscures consciousness.

We are what we seek.
If we make this sacredness holy, our vision becomes blurred.

Pure vision is pure consciousness –
and that’s what it’s all about!

For now, we see only a reflection as in a mirror,
but when we see face to face,
we shall know fully.
So capture the royal seat.

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No Aliens, No God, No Cry

As long as we are led to believe in something, we will remain subject to uncertainty, vulnerability and misery. In reality, we only need to deal with that which we can see, rather than being consumed by speculation.

Enlightenment is knowing reality through seeing.

No thing has permanent reality, as everything has a beginning and an end; things come to pass. We have a choice either to realise reality, which is the wisdom of pure awareness, or become lost in theory, emotions and sentimentality.

Of course, it’s nice to believe, and believing in something can lead us to do extraordinary things, for which we might get fame, wealth and self importance. Once we accept and hold on to an idea and invest time and energy in it, it’s hard for us to let go. We become protective of our ideas, which then push us to fantasise and exaggerate – and even start battles.

Whatever appears is down to our conscious perception.
Our reality remains the same
because pure consciousness never changes.

If we should ever actually meet aliens or Gods,
our reality will remain the same.

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The Great Scavenger Clean Up

What else do you think the Buddha and Christ were doing?
Maverick yogis are unbranded practitioners.

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We Are Conditioned To Be Addicted
to being conditioned

This is hell, and we need to wake up.

In other words, we are led down someone else’s path, and we then maintain that. We have agreed to be conditioned, and this state of affairs has both a gross aspect and very subtle aspect. On a gross level, this conditioning affects everyone, while – on a subtle level – we don’t notice this happening. Once we are conditioned, we can then be ‘sold’ anything!

This is about creating conditional happiness, which is a happiness that relies on conditions. The sinister effect of this is that if the conditions are taken away, we become unhappy and so seek a further ‘fix’. The word ‘conditioned’ comes from Latin ‘condicio’ which is ‘agreement’.

Technology, although a wonderful tool, has become our master and is fed by us. We supply the information – the input – in social media in order to get ‘like’ – the output – so creating the desire for more input. We have become the prisoner and jailer, seeking more and more gratification through the dopamine hit of ‘likes’.

Social media has been specifically designed to fulfil this purpose. A former vice-president of Facebook said he feels “tremendous guilt” over his work on tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of society. He states, “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation; just misinformation and mistruth.”

This is proof that there are those who deliberately create chaos, confusion, suffering. If this new world brought about harmony and genuine love, there would be a positive point to it, but it actually does the opposite by promoting antagonism and hatred. When we judge, that leads to dislike or animosity, and that is addictive. Writings about the reality of unconditional love and happiness don’t get many ‘likes’!

Our path – our actual path – addresses the obstacles to self-realisation, and those obstacles are our own confusion. Our confusion is our spiritual path.

Wake up! There are those who actually want us to be confused.

When Tulku Urgyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing,” he meant that, ultimately, appearances and emptiness are simultaneous. Our essential nature is clear consciousness, which is sometimes called emptiness. This means that there is no clinging to appearances, and so emptiness and appearance remain non-dual. We just see, without bias.

Unconditional love is not addictive, as it is challenging. Our spiritual path to enlightenment is the path to reality, ultimate reality. To understand this, we have to clear away the mental obstacles obscuring the enlightened state, which is the realisation of emptiness, that uncontaminated reality of our being – in other words, pure consciousness.

We can either realise our original true nature,
or we can become re-conditioned entities.

We drifted away from our original state
through attraction to something other.

Waking up is recognising our conditioning
– without guilt.

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Look At Your Mind

Whether our mind is clear, sad, busy or depressed, it is essential to recognise that the only constant reality is that which sees. That is the truth. Everything else imprisons us in the Dark Arts.

The Dark Arts refers to rhetorical techniques to exploit human cognitive biases in order to persuade, deceive, or otherwise manipulate others into irrational acceptance of beliefs: the Dark Arts are especially common in commerce, politics, media, personal communications and religion.

The Dark Arts are concerned with self interest.

We are, however, free in the moment of seeing. First, we have to want to look, in order to see the light, giving up self interest for empathetic compassion.

There has to be Light to acknowledge the Dark, hasn’t there?
The truth doesn’t get much simpler than that!

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Realising That Our Mind Is Sacred Space

There’s no getting way from it!

Upon hearing a word or phrase,|
a significant realisation can occur:
“Why didn’t I see that before?!”.

That’s karma for you.

We may assume that anything ‘sacred’ is only for special people or places. But how can that be, when the entirety of spiritual teachings is about ourtrue nature, right now? Our mind essence?

It is because we assume – thanks to religion – that we aren’t good enough. We distance ourselves from reality, worshipping from afar, and actually go back to sleep; “Please don’t wake me, I’m having that nice dream you gave me.”

You see, waking up means taking responsibility, testing everything to realise that the essence of mind is pure and sacred. We are that essence of mind, ergo we are holiness which is separate from our selfish, mundane identity.

To be holy refers to a state of being set apart from defilement. The Hebrew word translated as “holy” comes from a term meaning “separate.” Thus, what is holy is separated from common use, or held sacred, especially by virtue of its being pure.

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The Divine Eye – The All-Seeing-Eye

The Eye reminds believers that
God witnesses everything, everywhere, constantly.

Of course we don’t have to believe that.

The actual all-seeing-eye
is the clarity of consciousness.
It’s what we have always been.
Without that, nothing would be known.
Without that, we can only believe.

They don’t tell you that, do they?

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The Great Vaccination Against Dis-Ease

Awareness of a mental clarity
and a calm state, free of emotions

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The Problem Of Trying To Make Sense Of Everything

The delusion is that
we actually make sense of everything.

We are told of the all-seeing-eye of God
and despite not having seen it, we still believe.

When we understand that nothing is real
– and therefore nothing can ever make sense –
we have arrived at sanity.

There never was a problem.
We only believed there was a problem.

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Our Mind Is Sacred Space

Whatever we allow in that sacred space
is our responsibility.

Sacredness is nowhere else.

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Why Do We Do What We Do?

Why do we say what we say?
Why do we think what we think?

A. We adopted.
Q. What did we adopt?
A. A social I.

The social I is the illusion we adopt based on the reflections we receive from others’ illusions: we then run with this programme. If a dog is told, “You’re a good boy,” it believes it’s a good boy (or girl)! The same goes if we get the idea that we’re an idiot.

Why do we do react in this way? We have a predisposition from previous incarnations. You may not agree with this, but it does answer a lot of questions. Are you the ‘odd’ one out in your family? Someone who does not follow the family programming, or even the cultural programming perhaps?

The problem is that we become addicted to whatever we adopt, and so we become imprisoned in an personality. It’s all to do with belief in an adopted self image. We believe what we do, say and think is what we are. How limiting! We are not what we do, say or think : we are pure, unadopted consciousness.

Unadoptednot taken over for maintenance by a local authority! 😀 😀 😀

Why am I saying this? To prove that I’m not a idiot? To get fame? Or is there something from past incarnations that moves me? Some previous programming which is beneficial?

If we are happy – I mean truly happy – with whatever we do, say or think, then we just keep going. If, on the other hand, we are not happy – I mean truly happy – then we can change.

Have a look-see. What is holding it all together? Deciding to have a look-see is difficult as it takes courage/heart/strength in the face of pain or grief.

CourageMiddle English, denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings: from Old French ‘corage’, from Latin ‘cor’ – heart.

Ready to drop mechanical repetition?

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Original Mind And Originating Mind …
… and original sin

Original mind is just resting and relaxing in conscious clarity without an I representation. Original mind is non-dual: it is oneness, not twoness.

So when did this original mind start originating and creating? This happens when it forgets its clarity and focuses on desire, creating scenarios. The sin is forgetting, and wanting something other. That is the origin of original sin; it created a conundrum – a state of confusion.

To get out of this state, we need light, which is clarity. Using methods is useful, but this can become a crutch, engendering more scenarios.

Meditation – and its accompanying mannerisms and trappings – can become an obstacle, giving rise to a duality of me and the method. True meditation is non-meditation. It’s much simpler.

When we end a meditation session and relax … that isthe meditation! This is where we actually start; relaxing, just being aware of natural, ordinary, original mind and resting there. It does not have a name and is indescribable.

Personally, I find meditation retreats like that. When it’s all over, I leave it behind and go for a coffee and a bun. It is in that moment that everything opens up and melts away … bliss.

Do we need to go on retreat? Yes, until the penny drops.

The penny drops: A belated realisation of something after a period of confusion or ignorance, meaning. “Now I understand”.

The Oxford English Dictionary states that this phrase originated by way of allusion to the mechanism of penny-in-the-slot machines.

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The Inner Pickle

Still trying to make sense of the world?

When we know that humanity is ignorant of its true nature – which is the wisdom of pure awareness – then we are never surprised that it does crazy things, and so, everything makes sense.

If, however, we are so divorced from reality that we are ignorant of the true nature of humanity, then we are in a pickle!

In a pickle” is to be in a quandary or a difficult position. Origin: Dutch or Low German
‘pekel’, which is q’something piquant’.
‘In a pickle’, meaning to be in trouble, was an allusion to being as disoriented and mixed up as the stewed vegetables that made up pickles.

How’s your inner pickle?

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Pop Inside And Have A Good Look

It’s not difficult.

What is difficult
is deciding to pop inside
to have a good look.

Being more bothered about having
a good look on the outside,
we ignore what’s on the inside.

Actually, the inside is visible to all.
Every comment we make
says more about us.

How do we pop inside?
We look at our own
inner gossip,
so-called cleverness,
our ‘advancements’.

Having had an honest look,
we finally realise through meditation that
that which sees this charade
is absolute, timeless, perfect beauty.

That seeing is absolute consciousness.
It’s what we all truly are.

Whoever dares to look, wins;
then it’s not difficult.

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We Are Each Imprisoned In Our Own Mind

We are each imprisoned in our own mind
Have you discovered that yet?

We spend our time impressing other inmates.
Have you discovered that yet?

All we have to do is see, to be free.
Have you discovered that yet?

Are we looking for something more authentic?
Have you discovered that yet?

It is our habitual behaviour that locks us in.
Have you discovered that yet?

Sit quietly. See the seeing.
Have you done that yet?

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What Is Spiritual Practice?
It is remembering and resting in pure awareness.

We remember not to forget our true nature, which is pure awareness, and to be aware of the slightest distraction. That’s all.

The more we remember, the less we forget. As town yogis we rest and go and rest and go…

Some rest longer.
(the comments underneath this video are illuminating)

Spiritual practice is not being dead to the world of suffering;
it clarifies space with tremendous positive energy.

This is the supreme realisation of consciousness.

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Never Believe The Truth

Belief has been our greatest deception.
Belief is the opposite to knowing.
Belief obscures knowing.

To ‘believe’ is to accept that something is true without proof. If we believe the truth, then we will never know the truth. To knowis to be aware, through observation and recognition. How can we believe anyone who believes? This make-believe reality has kept us in darkness for a very long time. What a farce!

This is exactly why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.” When someone claims, “I am”, or “It is emptiness”, or “I believe in God”, these are merely words that do not convey realisation. These words have become an obstacle to self realisation and enlightenment.

Much of this deception is to do with how something is explained, and who explains it. Can what they say be proven, or is it just a set of beliefs they have been told? We should look beyond the charisma and title.

So what is the truth that is indisputable, and in which no one has to believe?

Before we can investigate the truth, we have to realise what is doing the investigation. First things first!

We all have awareness-consciousness-perception, for without these conventional faculties, we would not survive. But that is not what we are: we have them, and these conventional faculties are biased because they are attached to memories.

To see clearly, we first have to purify our awareness-consciousness-perception. This is done through meditation, where we finally realise that when awareness-consciousness-perception looks into itself, nothing is found. We discover that it is empty, and it has always been so.

We do not have to believe this as we arefree in the moment of seeing. We have been the truth we seek all along. In that moment of this realisation, there is no ‘Emptiness’ and no ‘God’ , but just pure consciousness.

Once we are free, we can drop others’ dogma, and deal with life with our own genius – that attendant spirit present from birth, with innate abilities and inclinations.

In other words, our natural ability to love.
If we don’t know this, then what do we know?

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