Never Exaggerate Demons

Demons – our likes and dislikes – are always with us until enlightenment.

The images of demons that we’re familiar with are either in illustrations or horror films, and these have nothing to do with demonic activity. Demonic activity lurks in the shadows of our mind when we are judgemental, exaggerating our likes and dislikes as opposed to reflecting on a situation in the moment now.

If we don’t want to hear about demonic activity, we’re not ready for it as we dislike the idea due to misunderstanding. Hmm… We may like the ideas of angels and gurus. Hmm…

We fall for demonic likes and dislikes at every moment, and when they become permanent fixtures in our mind, we live in a demonic place. This is why we have to be self-aware, and never take our eye off the ball.

The higher we go, the more we see.

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Demons Are Merely Our Emotions

 and our path to enlightenment.

Once we acknowledge our emotions of pride, jealousy, desire, aversion, ignorance … our path starts to become practical and realistic. This acknowledgement is not a battle; it merely takes kindness, through the six perfections of compassion (for more detail, type ‘the six perfections’ in the search box at the bottom).

Want to see demons at work? We need to recognise our fixations as they arise. Just hearing a name, off we go! 😀 The very moment emotions are recognised, they vanish. That is the practice. Our demons don’t like the light, as it exposes our strong self-identity. These emotions become our guards that lie in ambush, ready to pounce on others. As this feels uncomfortable, we don’t see it, and pretend to not have emotions 
 or demons. To admit that we have pride, jealousy etc takes understanding.

When we shy away from acknowledging our emotions and how we really do feel, guilt arises (another emotion) and that becomes the behaviour of our life. Guilt makes us into victims, and we constantly feel vulnerable. Emotions don’t give up, as long as we are susceptible to holding on to a self image – ‘me and mine’ – which is promoted by others’ demons.

Demons have no reality.

Emotions feel real as they’re exciting,
but they don’t want to be exposed,
so they depend on us ignoring them.

Demons are our teacher. They pump us up to become wind-bags 
 or writer-bags 😀
Realising this, we are free of them, but they still bother others. As long as there are sentient beings, there is good and evil. In pure consciousness, however, there is neither good nor evil as there is no self-identity.

We can function well with a small social I,
and just enough ego to communicate and empathise.

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Sharp Or Dull Intellect

Whether our intellect is sharp or dull doesn’t matter:
we all know when the sun is shining.

Within us is the ability to realise our true reality of pure consciousness which does not depend on our brain. This pure consciousness shines all the time. Anyone, at any time, can realise this. It’s not as complicated as some would have us believe. It has been made complicated by breaking down the teachings into parts, and giving those parts exotic names – which can go right over our heads. Even though we may nod in agreement, we need time to assimilate as accepting or rejecting becomes an obscuration in itself, which is a barrier to just seeing.

Don’t be put off by fancy names. Similarly, don’t store them up to sound ‘right’ by becoming a repeater. When others need help, it needs to be practical help, rather than theory.

The teaching is only about our reality of pure consciousness which is reading these words right now, while remaining neutral. It’s not something that we have to acquire.

What does it take to realise our true essence?

Leave it alone. Don’t be easily distracted, grasping at anything that comes along. Don’t try to impress. Remain neutral, without taking sides.

There is nothing wrong with the world. It is what it is. Criticising it is like saying dark is wrong, when dark is only the absence of light. People running amuck is only the absence of the wisdom which is actually present in all of us.

Wisdom is the recognition that we all have a good heart
– and that is all that’s needed.

 to take a break from social and mainstream media.

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Natural Immunity From Suffering

Suffering: the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.
Immunity: lack of susceptibility when something unwelcome or harmful happens.
Susceptibility: the state of being likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.

As long as we (consciousness) identify with a self-image, that self-image is susceptible to relating to things through likes and dislikes, and therefore suffer. Things do not cause suffering or relieve suffering; our ideas do.

There is a naturalness within us all, which we can call pure consciousness, that can never suffer. It is perfect observation without there being an observer. Before we decide whether it is hot or cold, there is just pure experience. The experience of this pure observation is our natural immunity.

As long as we have desire, aversion and indifference, we will suffer. These three emotions are needed in the moment now to decide what to do, but when they become a fixture, they control our entire life and behaviour, causing a lifetime of subtle suffering.

When we let go of thoughts (past and future assumptions), we are not suffering. There may be pain, distress or hardship, but we adapt. That ability to adapt is our natural immunity 
 and it’s amazing.

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Transformation Of Being

We are encouraged to be over-stimulated.

Stimulate: from Latin stimulat- ‘to urge, goad’

Our minds are full of agitation, allowing no time for silent, relaxed contemplation.
To realise our potential of enlightenment, the ability to focus our mind is essential.

The fresh light of emptiness allows the mind to retrieve deep inspirations that go back a long way.

Realisation is the actualisation, fulfilment, accomplishment and attainment of our enlightened qualities,
bringing to fruition our divine essence.

As long as we are scattered, distracted or disorganised, we will never transform confusion into wisdom.

Wisdom is the appreciation
of the cause of confusion.

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The Age Of Conflict: The Fast Age

If you hadn’t noticed, it is
the age of Kali (demons),
the age of darkness,
the age of misery,
the age of quarrel and hypocrisy 

and it is also the fast track!

When life is tranquil and pleasant, why change?
When life is in turmoil and unpleasant, we want change.

The constant reminder of conflict speeds us on our way.
For this reason, demonic activity can never succeed, but can inspire.

Within us all is good and evil, and our enemy reminds us of our choice.
If we only want the pleasant, that choice is not without consequences.
If we realise the cause of the unpleasant, that realisation is not without consequences.

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Consumers Of Confusion

Why are we the way we are? We are all influenced from birth by the propaganda mill of confused information about any meaning to life. We’re consumers of confusion. It’s just brain-washing = nurture, plus a nature – a tendency which is different from those around us – which we may have brought with us from birth;

How do we avoid being brain-washed?

Within us all is a knowingness. We may not be able to express this because our minds are clouded by brain-washing, and we consider misguided opinions about our confusion to be normal.

Intuitive knowingness is strong in some while, for others, this is just being fussy. When we ask inner questions, answers come our way; a person, a path, a book appears and meets us halfway. Once we get a taste of freedom, there’s no looking back to our past and wondering what it was all about!

Doubt has always been present and, when others feel it, there is a meeting of minds and the magic occurs. Unfortunately, many cover this doubt with sentimental brain-washing.

That feeling of dissatisfaction
is the beginning of our path to enlightenment,
and life communications become meaningful.

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Letting Go Of Well-Being

Well-being is a great feeling,
but it comes with a subtle trap of attachment and arrogance.

“Don’t wander, don’t wander, place mindfulness on guard;
Along the road of distraction, mara lies in ambush.
Mara is this mind, clinging to like and dislike;

So look into the essence of this magic, free from dualistic fixation.
Realise that your mind is unfabricated primal purity.
There is no Buddha elsewhere; look at your own face.

There is nothing else to search for; rest in your own place.
Non-meditation is spontaneous perfection, so capture the royal seat.”

– Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1st

Mara: demonic characteristics.

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The Six Perfections Are Not Separate

The six perfections aren’t separate,
being qualities of compassion.

If one perfection is experienced, all are present,
whether we notice wisdom or not.

We don’t have think about it;
just be aware.

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Om Mani Peme Hum Ends Internal Struggle

Suffering or dissatisfaction is due to consciousness identifying with a set of ideas, creating a confused self-image that becomes subtly hostile because it doesn’t get what it wants. Consciousness needs guidance to bring it back to its normal state of perfect well-being.

The mantra, ‘Om mani peme hum’, brings misguided dissatisfaction to an end. We will still get old, and become sick and die, but we are able to accept or tolerate delays, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Om mani peme hum is the mantra of compassion, and it works 
 if we know the meaning. Realising the meaning makes our world a better place.

The mantra is the six perfections of generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration/meditation and transcendent knowledge = wisdom.

The first five perfections are decent human qualities that anyone can understand, more or less; even animals can have these qualities to some extent.

It is transcendent knowledge or wisdom
that changes everything.

Most paths start with the first five perfections, and practitioners hope to attain some sort of ‘enlightenment’. There are rare paths, however, that start with ‘enlightenment’ and practitioners use the other five as a support to maintain stability in their own mind: they use the meaning of the mantra in reverse. This ‘enlightenment’ isn’t something that we don’t already have, but it is covered in layers of confusion and dissatisfaction.

In experiencing the five perfections, we see how they work in all situations. They act like a brake that stops us running away with our ideas and opinions out of habit – and shuts us up for a moment! 😀

Transcendent knowledge or wisdom is realising that we are all pure consciousness. By knowing this, compassion arises because we can empathise with others who do not realise this ultimate truth about their ultimate reality.

It is through pure consciousness that our confusion is known.

All our problems start with pure consciousness being ignored.
All our problems end with pure consciousness realising its ultimate nature.

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Good And Evil

As we refine our understanding, we see more subtle demonic activity in the world. Demonic or evil activity is anything that intentionally causes harm to the body, speech or mind of sentient beings, limiting that understanding.

If we understand cause and effect, so does a demonic mind – and it does it better. Demonic minds know how to cause a chain reaction so that the original cause fades in our memory, to the extent that we defend demonic activity because we forget or misunderstand the original intention.

Think evil does not exist?

Demonic minds are very sophisticated, more than the minds of ordinary folk. They are narcissistic to the extent of being religious in everything that they do. They, or their group, want to live forever. Whatever they call ‘beneficial’ lacks genuine empathy for ordinary people 
 “This pill is good for you, and so good for us.”

Goodness knows what is going on;
just don’t ignore it.

Truth is bad for demonic business.

What is goodness?
An empathetic mind.

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Noah, The Flood, Two Of Each Animal 

If you are a believer, do not read on.

When realisation occurs on the nature of reality,
a flood washes away negative fixations,
and all we are left with are the natural opposites in nature.

Now we can learn something.

When the shutters are opened in a house
that has been in darkness for thousands of years,
everything is illuminated in an instant.

When the dark is recognised, that is the light.
Non-duality means not two.


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Acknowledgment Is Important

Acknowledgement helps with our progress.

In meditation, we acknowledge thoughts arising, but do not follow them. It’s that simple.

If we do not acknowledge these thoughts, they take over insidiously. All demons want is recognition. Give it to them, and let them go. No conflict needed.

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The Recipe For Disaster

Ignoring whatever infiltrates our mind.

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Why Do We See Things Differently?

Everyone’s pure perception is the same.

An apple or a familiar name is placed in front of us, and immediately, we acknowledge what or who it is – without words. This is pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is already aware, before we colour the situation with names, ideas and bias.

Pure consciousness dims into ordinary, opinionated consciousness, and that is the reason why we see things differently.

How we interpret what is seen depends on our experience and imagination – the faculty of forming  new views not present to the senses – and seeing possible consequences.

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Books can never tell you how it tastes.

We may hear about consciousness,
but do we experience it?

If milk isn’t churned,
we will never get butter.

Likewise, if the mind is not agitated,
we will never see how it works.

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Machines Can’t Do That

If we explore our mind, we know how our mind works. We are no longer merely mechanical automata, just perceiving and reacting. When we decide to sit in silent meditation (machines can’t do that), we see how the mind wanders off, following random thoughts (machines can’t do that). It is our confusion that can dawn as wisdom that leads to enlightenment (machines can’t do that).

Once we realise that we have all we need, we stop shopping for more, or for a better colour. We are not spiritual consumers any longer; we are spiritual practitioners. Meditation is a method to help us see what we are, and what we are not.

What is it that we realise?
We realise that we – consciousness – are programmed by desire, aversion and ignorance. When consciousness realises the cause of its confusion – an imaginary self – wisdom dawns. These negative emotions now serve as an immediate reminder of our absolute reality of pure, compassionate consciousness.

Darkness and light become one!

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Who Is To Blame?

From birth, we are besieged by trivia, and we lap it up.
So who is to blame for the illusion in which we live?
The answer depends on our level of inner awareness.

Illusion: a deceptive appearance.

We are educated to ‘better’ ourself, which becomes competitive. This pressure creates early identification traumas when we label ourselves. How we appear to others is important to us, but that’s not the real us – it’s a social image.

Self-image is the mental picture that we have; it’s an ‘internal dictionary’ that we characterise as our self, imprinting an image on our mind.
Character: from Greek kharaktēr, ‘a stamping tool’.

Is the job we are doing or life we are leading what we really want?

Who is to blame?

Karma – the result of previous actions –
means that we are in the right place at the right time
to learn something about our self.

Where else are you going to be?
There is no one to blame.

Karma is our personal life-guru.

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We Live In A Psychological Trap

We live in a psychological trap of beliefs, accepting everything without proof. We use the word ‘believe’ as if it means ‘to know’, and that is the trap. If we believe, we don’t know.

Most of us don’t question what we believe precisely because those around us believe and, in this way, we all conform like a religion.

When we emulate others, we can become competitive, trying to be ‘holier than thou’. It’s bonkers, crazy, insane 
 it’s the collective trap.

We know intuitively there is more to us but unfortunately, we settle for whatever comes along for some sense of limited security.

Does the media treat us like children?
Do spiritual teachers treat us like children?
Do we want to please and get attention?
This is the trap for consciousness.

To break out of this entrapment, we have to realise what we know intuitively through meditation.
The only reality is knowingness, awareness, consciousness. That is what we are. It is our starting point – but there is more! This reality is uncontaminated by elaborations. It’s pure, and it’s outside the trap. All we have to do is recognise, and we’re out!

We realise the trap isn’t real.
We play our part within the trap,
without believing in it.

Never believe you know.

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Does The Past Exist Now?

Yes – through our karma. ‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word for the residue of past actions lodged in our mind that creates our habitual re-enactments such as, “There ‘I’ go again”. This is why most of us are predictable; we keep reliving the past, and it colours all our actions … now.

‘Samsara’ is the Sanskrit word for the vicious cycle of existence. We go round in circles, and up and down 
 never realising how much we know.

How do we get out of this conundrum, this riddle?

Recognise it, and stop re-enacting. Stop dragging up the past. Cut it dead, and only bring it up when it’s truly necessary. Gradually, through the practice of meditation, the effects of the past recede, and we begin to realise new inspirations, new potentials, a new ‘us’, as old ideas that limited experience drop away, and we realise how much we know!

We are no longer dependent on others’ views. When all ideas have dropped away – even for a moment – we experience pure awareness, which is the effect of pure consciousness.

Until perfect enlightenment,
the past is always here in some form.

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Buddhism Destroys Buddhism

In the moment of pure consciousness,
we drop all ideas.
The meditation, me, the Buddha, Buddhism 

everything goes.

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Consciousness Is Subjective

Ordinary consciousness is subjective:
it’s all about me.

Pure consciousness is objective:
there is no time for a me.

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The Truth Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Plain: not decorated or elaborate, simple or basic in character without a pattern or colour bearing no indication as to contents or affiliation.

It is said that certain teachings are secret. Well, they’re not. It is just that non-practitioners won’t understand the words as they haven’t had the experience that led up to those words. The uninitiated think truth is a mystery, when the truth is just what sees = plain sight = pure consciousness.

Even if we explain the truth (the secret) to ordinary folk, they cannot see it as their mind already relies on others’ ideas. The truth is only hidden from a confused mind because it misunderstands.

Evil knows ‘there is one born every minute’.
We are seen as prey,
– the plunder taken in war –
stealing sanity.
Evil wants uninformed consent.

The secret is our reality of pure consciousness.
It’s not hidden!

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Getting Real

We usually use the phrase ‘get real’ when someone is living in their opinions, assumptions and fantasies, but we can apply this to humanity itself. When someone tells us to get real, they want us to get a reality check; to stop behaving as though we’re living in our own fantasy world, and start living in reality. This is what the teaching on the essence of mind is all about.

If we don’t know what reality is, we’re living in a fantasy. It might not feel like that, because everyone else is living in some sort of collective fantasy. We do this and that because others do it.

Living vicariously through others’ ideas is living in others’ fantasies.
Believing in a fabricated self-image of concepts, we remain deluded.

We are, first and foremost, consciousness – pure consciousness.
That is our reality, and realising this is getting real.

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Wisdom In Action Is Empathy

Wisdom in action isn’t compassion; it’s empathy.

Compassion: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Anyone – or any religion – can have pity for others, but few can actually recall how it feels, and have the ability to listen. We have all experienced every known emotion, and it’s a long list.

Empathy is knowing how someone feels because we’ve been there, done that. It isn’t about feeling superior because we acknowledge that we still feel these things, but we know why, and can do something about it.

Compassion is feeling sorry for others.
Empathy is feeling the sorrow.

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Is This Blog Esoteric?


Words are exoteric, and are meant to be read by the many; they’re borrowed.
The esoteric is for the few who practise and experience the words; it’s original.

If we don’t practise, words are a mystery.
If we practise and realise the words, there is no mystery.

Don’t go looking for something that does not exist.
Don’t go looking for something that does exist.
Realise what is looking.

Another name for ‘esoteric’ is ‘Dzogchen’.
Yet another is ‘pure consciousness’.
Mystery solved!

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Realisation Is The Light That Illumines The Darkness

It is personal experience of seeing which realises the evil that dulls the mind into darkness and the mundane. Evil is anything that intentionally confuses the mind, thereby obscuring clarity. Evil isn’t something monstrous; that is merely a dull mind at work. Evil is whatever is behind the scenes, instigating confusion.

Once we are clear about how the mind is obscured,
that is the light of realisation that illumines the darkness.

Light and dark is the history of humanity: good and evil, realisation and ignorance, unconditional happiness and conditional happiness, clarity and confusion, selflessness and selfishness, heaven and hell 

There are opposites in every situation, but there is also a wonderful connection 🙂 The light that illumines darkness reveals that the dark never existed, and therefore, evil can never succeed.

Those who live in the shadows fear the light. The more people realise their true nature of pure consciousness, the more the darkness will recede, departing from the collective mind.

Evil wants everyone to be dull, and to fear the light of realisation:
truth becomes a conspiracy.

Realisation wants everyone to see the light:
truth that everyone can see.

To know darkness, light must be present!
Darkness and light are therefore inseparable.

“We are free in the moment of seeing.”
– Tulku Urgyen.

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Is Our World Based On Truth Or Lies?

What truth are we following?
What lies are we following?

Is our life based on unchanging truth,
or on the changeable, material world?

To know our world, we have to look at what influences us. Following others doesn’t mean we are following the truth; we have to question inconsistencies.

Ultimate truth is consciousness, without which nothing would be known.
Make-believe ideas obscure this ultimate reality.

It is truth that sees the lie,
– and the truth will set you free.

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Buddhists Do Not Believe

Buddhists do not believe, accepting something without proof,
and therefore cannot be offended.

What of reincarnation?
It is up to each individual to re-cognise intuitive déjà vu.

“I don’t believe in reincarnation!”
Nor should a Buddhist.

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What Is Your Reality?

This is a very uncomfortable question to ask. Is it your ideas, your family, your history, your culture? If all this was so, then everyone’s reality would be different, and this is exactly the case in a confused society, full of conflict.

Reality is objective, not subjective.

Reality: the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. Existence that is absolute, self-sufficient, or objective, and not subject to human decisions or conventions.

 who’s right? You? Or the meaning of the word ‘reality’?

What is seen isn’t our reality. That is something out there, and it changes. Reality isn’t something that can change as it has to be constant to be real. It is unbiased observation – in other words, pure awareness or pure consciousness – that is our constant reality. Even then, we can still be confused, as we have to recognise what is taking place.

Reality just is;
it’s neither created nor dies.

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Forgetting And Remembering

We generally go through life oscillating between being conscious and not being conscious. We are involved in everydayness and, in between these activities, we come to our senses but then fall into vacancy until the next ‘attraction’. This how we traverse our day-dream world.

Consciousness is always present, but takes a back seat when it is attracted or reacts to some thing; we forget being conscious (which is our natural reality) and become involved and emotional about whatever distracted us, until we let go and are just conscious again – but unaware of that consciousness.

A meditation practitioner goes through the same process of being attracted or reacting to some thing, but it is here when we – consciousness – become aware and the mind brightens. It remembers its true nature and rests there, rather than getting involved. We remain conscious: this is wisdom in action.

Meditation is merely noticing that we forget. In that moment, we remember and let go. The more we meditate and go through this process, the more of a conscious being we become.

It’s not a matter of being ‘clever’ at meditation and sitting very still. It’s being aware that we forget. The more we are aware that we forget, the more we are conscious.

Unfortunately, the more we forget, the more ignorant we become.

Remembering; we live in reality.
Forgetting; we live in a fiction of our invention.
We oscillate through a dull rhythm.

The more we train, the more the oscillation become imperceptible,
until the moon and its reflection are seen as one.

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Our Problem: What Do We Identify As?

Whatever we identify with obscures what we actually are. We are pure consciousness that unfortunately identifies with a self-image – a library of ideas.

That is our main problem. The world wants to intensify this identity with further fixations, and demands that others agree with our illusion or cause offence.

Even though the media talks as if they are against this ‘woke-ness’, they are actually encouraging it, and this has the subtle effect of inhibiting our speech and what we write.

If we identify as a victim, we will never have the courage to be what we are.
Realise the game being played on us, and be free of it.

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Know When You Are Day-Dreaming

Know when you are day-dreaming or in a vacant state. Realise that you are not quite ‘there’.
The very moment when we recognise that we are day-dreaming, we wake up. We are free in the moment of seeing.

Day-dreaming is becoming lost in thoughts about the past or future. Much of our time is spent expressing opinions on this and that, creating a story to impress, and this becomes a pastime for most of our life. We are watching the memory screen on the wall of our mind, instead of what’s actually here now.

So what’s the problem?
Well, you’ve heard of good and evil? Good is well-being, well-balanced. Evil is any disturbance of well-being, well-balanced.

The evil in the world wants us to day-dream, to the extent that it constantly gives us something to worry about, grabbing our attention day in and day out. We react, and that’s all it wants; it feeds off our emotions, and we lose our reality of being conscious.

This is why it is said that evil is in plain view – it doesn’t want to hide completely because it has to be believable in order for us to make up the fantasies about it.

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Everything Has A Cause

Things don’t just happen; everything has a cause.
There is a reason why we are asleep, but appear to be awake.

What does ‘waking up’ mean?

We wake up when we become aware of the mechanics of our mind. For most, the moment of awareness or wakefulness is very short, as that awareness is immediately distracted, becoming aware of some thing. That is when we go to sleep; we enter memory-mode, which is our dream-state, our programmed routine.

In our reality, we are seeing through a cloud of ideas – through a glass darkly – while assuming that we are awake when we’re still in the dream. We impose our memories on to any situation; that is our dream-state.

It’s important to understand the world in which we live, and how problems are always cropping up, time and time again. Dream-makers won’t leave us alone as, when we are alone, we start to contemplate and ask questions. Dream-makers want to give us answers 
 their answers.

The cause of our dream-world is belief.

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When We Forget What We Are

When we forget what we are,
we lose all sense of reality.

So many people choose to be ignorant of their true reality in favour of filling their minds with some sort of amusement that holds their attention. The world is full of this.

When we forget what we are, our troubles begin. We hold on to ‘fancies’ – which is a contraction of ‘fantasies’. Remembering what we are, all our troubles, our fancies and our fantasies come to an end. It’s immediate 
 until we forget again. 😀

What are we?
We are consciousness, pure and simple. What’s so important about that?

Life isn’t merely about survival. It’s about enrichment of consciousness, and knowing what happiness is, free of conditions. Our physical needs become simple, rather than all-consuming. We don’t need constant external entertainment as our mind is busy enough 🙂

The simpler our life, the more time we have to contemplate, and to see for ourselves what our mind is doing. Rather than wanting the world to see how great we are and feeding off others’ reactions, we can be of benefit to others by opening up to possibilities of what pure consciousness means.

It’s amazing to realise
that we have never been separated from pure consciousness.

If we want more than this, we become trouble-makers.

Remember; don’t forget.

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What Is The Proof Of The Buddha’s Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the realisation of the truth of our reality, and whatever obscures this. We don’t have to delve into the past to realise our true reality, as the proof is right here, right now.

Through the stillness of meditation, we realise that awareness or consciousness is present and, if sustained, there is the recognition that there is nothing else present. That ‘nothing else’ is the cognisant emptiness of consciousness that is spoken about. It’s a little enlightenment that helps us realise distractions.

True enlightenment is the elimination of all distractions: all karma (attitude) is exhausted and all potential distractions now serve as a reminder of our original state of pure consciousness. Heaven and hell become one.

The Buddha said, “Do not take my word for the truth; test it as you would test for gold.”

So the proof of enlightenment lies with every individual to test it for themselves. No teacher can give the proof we may seek. We are what we seek! We are all Buddhas, but sleeping Buddhas.

If we think that we are anything more or less than this, we are a variation of a hell-being which needs a variation of empathy. There’s a lot of them about! 😀

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Infinity Means No Beginning & No End

No God and no single big bang.

The word ‘beginning’ creates an illusion on an enormous scale, and can only relate to something that is created, dwells and dissolves, giving rise to the next incarnation of things.

‘Beginning’ cannot relate to space or consciousness, as space and consciousness do not change. Matter within space changes, and thoughts within consciousness change, but space and consciousness remain the same. They are everlasting. Just because we can’t see consciousness doesn’t mean it isn’t present. Actually, we can’t see space either; there is nothing to see, but it’s there.

If the universe is infinite, why would anyone say that a deity suddenly decided to create the Earth 4,543 billion years ago, and human beings 300,000 years ago? In infinite space, a one-time big bang does not stand up to reason either.

As NASA puts it; “The big bang is how astronomers explain the way the universe began. It is the idea that the universe began as just a single point, then expanded and stretched to grow as large as it is right now—and it is still stretching!” (the question then arises; within what is the universe expanding?).

This is the ‘big’ evidence of what reality is,
but we have been led to believe otherwise.
It limits the picture of reality, and so limits our understanding
and keeps us in the ‘big’ illusion.

As consciousness never changes,
how can we say it was created?

The essence of consciousness is our enlightened state:
all we have to do is realise our reality,
and we are free of the illusion.

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Are We A Conduit For Good Or Evil?

The realisation that we could be on the path of evil is a shock, and this is why realisation opens us up to the truth about what governs our minds. Then, we can do something about it. Do we tend to be a pessimist or an optimist?

Pessimism: a belief that this world is as bad as it could be, or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.Optimism: that this world is the best of all possible worlds, and that good must ultimately prevail over evil in the universe. 

If we do not know that goodness is the very essence of our being, we are prey to any ideas that divide us.

There are two conduits, two paths; the maintenance of good (positive) and evil (negative).

A pessimist thinks that evil will prevail because they do not know what good is, and will forever be negative about everything. Bordering on narcissism, they lack empathy for others; any affection is based on sentimentality.

An optimist will prevail because they know the nature of goodness, which is the light of pure consciousness of within all beings.

Now for the warning 🙂

Goodness isn’t without dangers,
as it can make us feel arrogant and superior
– and evil knows this.

Just before enlightenment, Mara* attacked the Buddha.

*In Buddhism, Mara is the demon who assaulted Gautama Buddha beneath the bodhi tree, using violence, sensory pleasure and mockery in an attempt to prevent the Buddha from attaining enlightenment. In Buddhist cosmology, Mara personifies unskillfulness, the “death” of the spiritual life.

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The Pessimist And The Optimist

Pessimism: a belief that this world is as bad as it could be, or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.

Optimism: that this world is the best of all possible worlds, and that good must ultimately prevail over evil in the universe.

Two paths; the maintenance of good (positive) or evil (negative).

A pessimist thinks that evil will prevail because they do not know what good is, and will forever be negative about everything. Bordering on narcissism, they lack empathy for others; any affection is based on sentimentality.

An optimist will prevail because they know the nature of goodness, which is the light of pure consciousness of within beings.

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Goodness is Well-Balanced Well-Being

Well-being is experienced in the present moment, through mindfulness.
When we live through our memories, mindfulness is lost to a contest of ideas.

Mindfulness is the quality of being consciously aware, through focusing on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Mindful conversations are amicable, as both experience just that present moment, before the judgement contest sets in. Judgement is a memory-conversation that creates conflict as our experiences and memories differ, taking us away from the present moment.

Mindfulness is wisdom.
Its expression is compassion.

Use it, or lose it.

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Letting Go Of The Past

If we hang on to the past, nothing fresh will occur, and we will never break out of our karmic bubble. Bubbles can easily be burst, so we steer clear of anything that might seem to threaten it.

Unfortunately, when people huddle together for safety, they become a froth blown around by a collective karmic wind.

Spiritual consciousness is all about now.
Religion is all about the past.

The moment when we let go of the past,
karma drops away, and we see with insight.

Froth: a mass of small bubbles; impure matter that rises to the surface of liquid.
Frothy: light and entertaining, but of little substance.

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If This Is Our Only Life 

If this is the only life that we have, what are we doing with this one, precious time?

Our reality is pure consciousness – the essence of enlightenment – without which nothing can be known. All but a few ignore this supreme state, in preference for self-entertainment.

Do we think that we know more than a Buddha?

Just consider that consciousness can enter and leave the body.
There is no harm done in just reflecting on that.

This makes a huge difference to the way in which we conduct ourselves, as life now has consequences. Good karma sees life as precious and inspiring.

We may have inclinations that have nothing to do with our family or our environment:
a feeling of deja vu 

“Ah! People like you only want to believe in reincarnation to feel good.”
Yes, I do feel good 😀

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Better The Devil You Know 

That’s what Buddhism is all about.
Being free in the moment of seeing.

The devil does not exist; it is simply our confusion, and our obsession with a self-image. When we (consciousness) realise our obsession, we are being taught something.

The conundrum:
the non-existent devil is therefore our teacher.
We become enlightened through realising the nature of the devil.

The complete saying is, “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t”, which means becoming familiar with our obsessions – usually about other people, who are also driven by the devil of confusion.

The path to enlightenment is realising the essence of consciousness, and whatever obscures that. If we do not see the devil of confusion at work, we are trapped in a cyclic existence of ignorance.

There is confusion everywhere, and thus everyone is our teacher.

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Why Keep it Simple?

Modern life is extremely complicated and wealth-consuming, and becomes all-absorbing.

Spiritual matters are also extremely complicated and wealth-consuming, and become all-absorbing.

Both temporal and spiritual matters rely on our guilt, fear and hope in order to keep functioning.

The quicker we realise our true nature, the more confident we become. Life simplifies, and we stop wasting our time being beholden to an idea.

Once free, we may be able to be of benefit to others without any expectations which, in themselves, can make life complicated and wealth-consuming, and become all-absorbing.

In this age of inflation,
a simpler life will help us deal with whatever occurs.

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A Lifetime Of Failure Was A Success!

A lifetime of failure was a success! Not a success in a worldly way, and nothing to do with the opinions of others. In fact, being disliked and ignored has helped 🙂 The Dharma is about seeing and understanding.

No empathy, no dharma.
Know empathy, know dharma.

Success is remaining in balance, giving time and space to review a situation, decide what is essential, and gain confidence. The more the negativity in the world, the more the teachings are remembered, and the more the success – and the more helpful we can be.

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Let’s Keep It Simple

Sit for a moment. Relax. Be one with the senses and the elements 
 breathe air 
 see light 
 smell odour/scent 
 taste flavour 
 feel touch. These are our direct connection with the world, before we start judging and becoming distracted. Being one with the breath seems to be the gold standard 🙂

We then become aware of that which is aware of the senses. Realise: we have always been one with awareness, as we are that awareness which is uncontaminated.

The world is driven by confusion, turmoil, sickness and manipulation.
Even a Buddha can’t change that.

We cannot change the world,
but we can change our reactions and attachments to it.

All we can do is take note of what is happening, and be prepared as best we can, without making a big deal out of everything. Unless we can follow a sequence of events – both externally and internally – we will never understand our true reality.

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The Esoteric Isn’t In A Book

The written word is exoteric, available to be read by anyone. It is frozen knowledge from the past, and has no life to it.

The esoteric is the direct experience of whatever occurs. It is fresh, mindful knowledge in the moment now, and is full of life.

It doesn’t matter whether we think, “I don’t understand it” or “I understand it”; this is exoteric intellectualisation. The exoteric is the scholarly baggage that we all carry around which makes us feel either proud or a failure and, as such, is a monstrous trap. These self-judgements are merely ideas that we cling to that govern our lives.

What is the esoteric?
The esoteric has nothing to do with mystery. It is about our true being of pure consciousness.

Esoteric: from Greek esƍterikos, from esƍterƍ, comparative of esƍ ‘within’.

When awareness is aware of that which asks the question “What is this?”, we have simply arrived at the esoteric. It’s not complicated, secret knowledge, as some with their nonsense symbols would have us believe; this actually has the opposite effect of turning people off from realising their true reality.

What is a mystery?
Why have people accepted that they don’t know?

Real answer:
There are those who don’t want us to know.

Is your knowledge direct or hearsay?
When we know, we are free.

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Trapped In Space

Not realising that we are pure consciousness or empty cognisance, we become trapped in the space of our own reality through distraction.

Consciousness, like space, never changes.
Nothing created them;
they just became cluttered.

Through natural evolution, bodies are created to which a certain misunderstanding of consciousness is attracted. Mind then develops due to the type of misunderstanding of each individual.

Once, through meditative practice or training, we recognise that we are this empty cognisance, we never become perpetually lost again.

If there are other incarnations, we won’t remember being ‘us’, but a certain level of consciousness resulting from previous incarnations will be present. If there are no further incarnations, space still doesn’t change, and neither does consciousness.

Space: the final frontier.
To boldly go where not many have gone before!

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Information Everywhere 
 And Wisdom?

It is only when we question information that we start to sift out the knowledge gained through personal experience. We test it, and then we know. If we go further into the stillness of the mind, this can lead to wisdom, the direct uncontaminated experience of reality in this present moment.

Information is others’ pre-packaged opinions that we adopt,
and impose on this present moment now.

Jury trials are all about finding what actually happened,
rather than relying on hearsay or personal opinions.

Repeating hearsay makes fools out of us, and there is one born every minute.
This is why we should never take sides until we actually know both sides
– and even then, we should wait and see.

Sides have their advocates and specialists that might seem sensible,
but this may not be the complete picture.
The complete picture is what is happening to consciousness.

The middle way; not too tight and not too loose.

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I’m Okay With My Anger

Anger, in the very first instant, illuminates the mind. Something is seen that doesn’t seem right and awareness brightens. This precious moment is called ‘mirror-like wisdom’.

One of two things can happen in the moment of anger – or any emotion such as pride, jealousy, fear, desire … We can either see our own mental process clearly without immediately judging and reacting and therefore remain in equilibrium, or we can allow the emotion to take over and lose control.

From an enlightened point of view, when an emotion arises, the mind becomes alert. This is wisdom in action, looking more deeply and taking in the whole picture before responding – or not. Whatever happens, there is no residue of the emotion left behind.

The other effect of anger (or any emotion) is biased judgement that ignores wisdom-space and reacts out of habit; the result is a smouldering residue of emotions.

Emotions can either control our life,
or illuminate our life with wisdom.

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