Walking On Eggshells

Treading carefully.

When we meet someone who has already made up their mind, and is prejudiced for or against another person, group or subject, we have to be overly careful in dealing with them as they might be in denial and become easily upset.

We may be enthusiastic, but talking to someone who has already made up their mind can have unfortunate consequences of backing them into a corner. And of course, they will retaliate. We all go through the same process: perception goes to memory (prejudice) and, from memory, we judge and the reaction occurs … every time … unless we have empathy.

The more we realise, the more eggshells there are. This is the delicate process involved in the levels of realisation. Each level of understanding is right – at that level.

Emotion to one person is suffering.

Emotion to a realised person is wisdom because,
before that moment of memory and reaction occurs,
there is pure, open consciousness.

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Our Minds Are Tampered With

Our minds are tampered with,
and we are fooled into not recognising truth.

The truth of our reality is pure consciousness. When we investigate (rather then being told), this truth cannot be denied. Everything we read and hear merely adds to our confusion, and has nothing to do with our ultimate reality.

All we have to is ask, “Why?”.
Merely relying on others’ say-so,
we will only get an incomplete answer.

In asking why,
we have the ability to investigate,
and are open to all possible answers.

This is exactly why the Buddha said,
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.”

Have the courage and clarity to look and see.

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Competitiveness Versus Empathy

When dealing with others, do we try to put them ‘right’ or, through empathy, investigate the background to the situation?

In the ‘media’, it is as if we are being trained just to react, but not to look at the real cause of a situation.
If we allow ourselves to be led to believe one thing, it is easier to then believe further suppositions.
In that case, is the process deliberate?

Empathy is the wisdom of understanding why things come about,
and how they are maintained.

Empathy is our protection-cord.

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Where Is The Centre Of The Infinite Universe?

We might think we are the centre of the universe,
and everything revolves around us.

This is when we may be accused of having an ego;
‘ego’ means ‘I’.
Let they who are without ego cast the first stone.

Interestingly, from an ultimate point of view, where else can the centre of the infinite universe be? Some say there are many dimensions. How do we know this?

We must start from where we are and, if other dimensions present themselves, then being in the present here, we will be in the present there, which is always here.

Pure consciousness starts here and ends here, wherever we are.
It’s where everything is known.

If we start believing or wishing the centre is elsewhere,
we will be forever in hope and confusion.

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Getting To Know Our Mind

Our mind is our playhouse, full of information-toys.

When, in 1 Corinthians 13 it says, “see through a glass darkly”, this means to have an obscured or imperfect vision of reality. It explains that we do not see clearly now but, at the end of time, we will do so, and time is an illusion! Time only relates to material and mental phenomena.

Our mind is full of assumptions about life. We merely have to watch our reactions – the dos and don’ts, the likes and dislikes that hold us down to mundane, limited views.

Once we know our mind, we can play without believing the toys to be real.

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The Myth Of Self

Myth: a misrepresentation of the truth.

When consciousness looks around and just sees, no self is present. There is only pure perception or pure consciousness, free of all ills. Self arises when consciousness reverts to memory to identify with an object, creating a story and so solidifying this arrangement. That solidification hardens an illusory self-image.

There is no self. The illusion of self is an attachment to ideas. Throughout life, we build upon this picture, acquiring a formidable idea of ourselves, and inspiring fear or respect through being impressive.

Merely let this self or ego take a back seat and be less dominant.
Gradually, we can dispense with karmic self altogether.

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Beyond Belief, Beyond Dzogchen

Buddhism is not a belief system. In Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen is a tradition of teachings to awaken pure consciousness. It is what we are – the ultimate beyond, beyond words, thoughts, or systems.

Dzogchen, the great perfection or great completion, is also known as ati yoga (utmost yoga), and is aimed at discovering the ultimate ground of ‘existence’ (it does not exist in any physical or mental sense).

This primordial basis has the qualities of purity (emptiness), spontaneity (luminous clarity) and compassion (empathy). The goal of Dzogchen is realisation of this awakened state, known as rigpa/pure consciousness. Dzogchen is a direct instruction to the nature of reality, and awakens rigpa/pure consciousness.

Dzogchen means utter completeness. From the Dzogchen point of view, we are already complete. Nothing needs to be obtained or rejected in order to realise non-duality. This is the path of immediate self-liberation – liberation from our habitual self-destructive-delusional-image.

Where would we be without pure consciousness?
In a state of confusion.

Rigpa is home.

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Wanting To Be In The Loop

Wanting to be in the loop – the inner circle.

The loop is the system, run by system-people who are the vertical thinkers = conventional logic.

Religions have inner circles or hierarchies of people who need to belong.
We are born into a system/culture and assume that this the only way.
It’s a blanket for rigid minds who want to appear ‘good’.

Rigpa or pure consciousness is beyond all systems.

We can think freely outside the system. This is lateral thinking = solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light. 😀

Pure consciousness is that unusual light.
Out of the loop.

Common consciousness is our usual light.
In the loop.

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The Illusion Of Conflict

A perpetual state of crisis:
it’s how the unenlightened live.

Have you noticed how we are in a perpetual state of crisis? ‘Crisis management’ seems to create more crisis 🙂 Education never seems to get any better; humanity should have ironed out all the problems by now, but it hasn’t, has it? Why not?

Once managers are chosen for their aptitude and attitude towards a particular placement, they are fed further information that enhances that attitude, along with their career and wealth.

Crisis and confusion keeps the plan going. What plan? The hidden hand of power wants to stay in power, unnoticed. There is no left and right – division is what keeps the game going, while we become involved in the illusion of conflict.

Our happiness relies on freedom from conflict.
Being unhappy makes us victims of organised crisis.

Crisisfrom Greek krisis ‘decision’.
Crisis is a time when a difficult or important decision must be made. It is precisely because a decision has to be made in a time of crisis and confusion, that we actually remain indecisive. Enter the perpetual state of confusion and conflict as predicted in the Mahabharata, the Kali Yuga, the age of strife.

Stop being confused about whatever happens.
It’s someone else’s karmic game
– and this game is the elephant in the room.

(‘Elephant in the room’ refers to a serious problem which people are aware of, but choose to ignore. They think that if they do not talk about it, the problem will somehow go away).

The older we get, the more we recognise the same old eternal pattern of divide and conquer, believers and disbelievers. This is the military strategy of making a group of people disagree and fight with one another, and never join together.

As long as consciousness and mind are kept separate, we will never see the unity within ourselves, and thus bring an end to conflict.

When good and evil,
dark and light,
appearance and recognition,
mirror and its reflection
are seen as a unity,
there will be perfect peace.

It starts with personal realisation of inner peace
– a truce, releasing us from conflict.

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Thoughts and Thinking

Thoughts are memories; they’re products from the past.
Thinking is what we do now.

If our thinking is clouded by thoughts,
our thinking is just repeating memories.

If we rely on memories, we cannot evolve or attain realisation,
as we evolve through constant fresh starts = investigation.

We can ask, “Why isn’t that washer working?”
and sort the problem out for ourselves.

Or we can employ a plumber/teacher who has a good memory
– until the plumber/teacher says, “I’ve never seen this sort of washer before”!

That’s when the plumber/teacher can either wake up and investigate enthusiastically
or, confused, go back to sleeping in memories.

Are you a good plumber?
Plumb: explore or experience fully.

Have you plumbed your depths? 😀

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What Is The Cause Of Unhappiness & Happiness?

Unhappiness is caused by worry, confusion or doubt.
Happiness is knowing we are not this worry, confusion or doubt.

Unhappiness is created.
Happiness is not created.

Unhappiness is only in the mind.
When pure consciousness – the silent, uncontaminated observation of the mind – becomes attached to the mind, it creates a self which worries, is confused and doubts.

Happiness is the very essence of pure consciousness.
When the essence of pure consciousness is understood, happiness remains.

Happiness is release from suffering.

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Fear Of Letting Go Of The Practice

We cling to ‘authentic’ names and sounds, using Sanskrit and Tibetan words to feel safe and protected. This all adds to the illusion of practice, and is very attractive and lucky-charming :-).

But unless we can let go, we will always fear being alone – even those who isolate themselves, along with their fixations.

Letting go means accepting every moment as it arises. There are many adepts who adapted to life: one was a doorman at a brothel, one crushed sesame seeds, another was a shepherd – and yet another was a carpenter’s son …

Ultimately, we do not need temples, caves or wooden huts.
We don’t need anything.
Where we are is karmically precise, in order to bring an end to karma.

If we rely on the past, it’s like saying,
“I don’t want to think; I want to rely on thoughts.”

Resolve to stay with the present,
until something more refined comes along.

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Is Life A Psychological Test?

It’s certainly challenging.

What is life to us?
Is it a play-house of beliefs
is it a system for a deeper understanding of the nature of reality?

Is life all about people mimicking one another? About fitting in, thinking how safe we are? If we need to feel safe, then fear is involved.

It is only when we find this play-life unfulfilling that we may turn to a deeper subject that is more challenging. That deeper subject is consciousness; without consciousness, we wouldn’t be here, but we ignore this fact. The truth is that we are consciousness which either plays in the karmic-play-house or investigates the karmic-play-house. Karma is the result of previous experiences and reactions, and is expressed in our every habitual response – or non-response.

Valuing consciousness is the key to early release
from our addiction to our karmic-play-house.

When we actually realise that we are pure consciousness, all challenges become inspirational, to bring an end to our habitual fixations and reactions which obscure our compassionate pure reality.

The karma-challenge certainly keeps us on our toes!

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An Example Of My Confused Thinking

I had to drop going to teachings, as my reliance was creating doubts.

On 11th January 2014, I wrote the post,“Thoughts ‘R’ Us” (it’s at the bottom of this page).

You can see that I put together of bits of odd ideas; they weren’t wrong per se – it just showed the confused state we can get into. Or was it just me?! It was earnestly written, but with little authentic personal realisation, being based on ideas I’d acquired that didn’t quite add up. I think it was because the teachings are associated with a different culture, which distracted from genuine, ordinary experience. The key to this was when I read the Buddha’s advice: “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself”.

I was squeezing myself into something I was not, which is the very opposite to what the original teachings are about. In other words, the teachings are too dressed-up in another culture, and that becomes a religion that creates strong adherence to this sort of display.

When I started, I wondered how the blog would turn out. Would it be a chronicle of wisdom or of stupidity? It was my attempt to become free from the state I was in at that time.

I’m a bit of a slow learner – it’s embarrassing 🙂

Thoughts ‘R’ Us 2
7th January 2023

We all have thoughts, and assume that they are us. But where do thoughts and ideas come from?
Thoughts are memories in the mind that groove out pathways in the brain. This is our set pattern by which we judge and react, affecting our behaviour. We maintain these memories with great affection, and this is how all sentient beings survive, through a memory bank of programming.

Thoughts ‘r’ not us.

Thinking is the spontaneous presence of consciousness while scanning past thoughts for information that is relevant to the present situation, and translating that experience now.

Then – most importantly of all – dropping the experience, not holding on to it as each situation is unique, and so becomes the path to enlightenment.

We need to realise the principle behind the experience,
rather than just having the experience!

Thoughts ‘R’ Us
11th January 2014

Where do they come from? Is it mind or essence?

We all have thoughts.
Maybe we think we shouldn’t …wrong!
We merely have to distinguish between clinging reactionary thoughts, and thoughts that translate experience without clinging.

One set comes from the mind, and the other from essence. Surprised?

When we habitually react, this comes from the conditioned mind. This is consciousness clinging to concepts stored, judges and reacts. It’s a sort of acquired programming, which we (distracted essence) replay and replay, fixing us as a caricature of conditioned responses. We then join a world full of programmed responses, walking about the planet like emotional robots, some with a low self image and some with an inflated self image. It all depends on into which class you place your self, through pride or inverted pride. It is all the same…this is the lot of a sentient beings.

However. There are thought responses from essence that are not part of this mechanical mindset. Here, when we say ‘thoughts’, we really mean ‘pre-thoughts’. Before a thought fully blossoms into words and images, there is a recognition, a pre-cognition. This is not necessarily extrasensory perception, but just a knowing. When you see someone from a distance, by just the stance or outline we recognise that person but haven’t given a name to them yet. It’s like that.

This is similar to having focused vision or panoramic vision. Usually when we look through our eyes, we see this and that in a 3D manner: everything appears solid, and we are hooked. The attention is constantly distracted.

Here is where we can take a huge leap in meditation. Become aware of your peripheral vision – everything is seen at once. Nothing is identified. Everything is just seen, and the seeing is also seen. That ‘just seeing’, without fabricating or embellishing anything, is essence…pure awareness. Now, if something is needed, we then focus and identify, do what is beneficial and return to panoramic vision.

To fine tune this, we merely recognise essence as emptiness, and are merely aware of awareness. Perception has refined to pure perception. So thoughts arise out of emptiness for the benefit of others …compassion.

It is in meditation that we can perceive the difference between thoughts in the mind which distract us, and thoughts arising out of emptiness expressing itself (essence love). This is where our own mind becomes the teacher: it teaches us to recognise the difference, when we are caught and held. Meditation is fine tuning this. Watching videos, reading books, hearing others cannot do this for you…you have to do it. You have to see.

The mind is for philosophers. Essence is for the Siddhi. Philosophers argue. Siddhis do not.

Incidentally, when essence is recognised as clarity, mind also has clarity, increasing intelligence. We no longer become bound up in the mundane, but released in the supra-mundane.

If this is difficult to understand, that’s okay: we just have to sort the subtle body out. This is where mantra, chanting, puja and yogic breathing exercises come to work as they calm the inner wind, settling the subtle body so that we can rest.

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What Is A Friend?

Is friendship a condition?

A true friend –
accepts you as you are,
during the good and bad times;
will tell you the truth, even if you don’t like it;
makes the time to see you;
encourages you to achieve your goals;
is someone you feel safe with.

The above conditions for friendship
are the qualities of a spiritual friend,
rather than a political friend.

It is only fear that divides us.

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Gain Confidence Or Lose Confidence

When we have a firm foundation, there is no stopping us.
When we have no firm foundation, we dither and doubt.

This doubt comes from dealing with others.
Do we fit in or not? And what are we trying to fit into?
Who are we trying to impress?

There are variations of confidence and lack of confidence.
This could be the reason that we don’t all see eye-to-eye.

Ten years ago, my wife and I stopped going to teachings and retreats.
We found that others were a bit gluey 🙂
and we were losing confidence by becoming reliant.

Confidence can be merely adherence to and reliance on doctrine.
That adherence suggests a lack of confidence.

Since then, we’ve never been happier,
not answering questions, but questioning answers!

Question that which has been hidden by the answers.
That goes for all matters in life. 😉

This why the enlightened one said,
“Don’t take my word for it…”

Just completed today – 10 years on this blog = 3,971 non-stop articles!

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What Is Authentic Teaching?

Authentic: not a copy; genuine.
Something done in the original way.

We are the ultimate authority,
not taking anyone’s word for reality.

It is personal realisation that is authentic.
Beware of copies.

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Deliberately Ridiculous

There is one word missing from all media,
and that word is … ‘deliberate’.
Magicians never want the trick to be recognised.

Earnest people argue about this and that,
but never address the cause behind the effect.

As long as people are confused,
the ‘magicians’ maintain control through deliberate deception.

It’s ridiculous because we know it’s a trick,
but we still want to believe in magic.

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The Danger Of Expectation

Expectation: a strong belief that something will happen.

Ordinary human happiness is based on the expectation of fulfilling a desire. The expectation makes us feel happy, but it’s never completely satisfying because it doesn’t last, and so we seek more of the same, hoping that it will finally give us what we want.

This addiction isn’t based on any reality; expectation is a hinderance to reality.

All esoteric teachings result in the same realisation of the true essence of our being – which is a rare event – but, because we live in expectations, we turn these teachings into the exoteric, which is merely the form or act.

Hearing fantastic stories of miracles, we think this is the ultimate goal: these stories are exoteric teachings meant for the many to inspire us, but they have no reality (otherwise, miracles would be happening right now).

Sitting in front of a thangka painting of Chenrezi, the lord of compassion, will not give us compassion. It merely reminds us to apply compassion through empathy, which comes about through experience, rather than through beliefs and expectations.

There are practices that we can do,  exchanging self for other, but do we actually go that far? No. We just hope, or expect it will work without us actually becoming involved …

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Another Pointing Out Instruction

The pointing out instruction into the nature of mind is synonymous with doubt as to whether we actually see this nature or not. We can easily become confused, and lost in a cacophony of religious sounds. 😀

The nature or essence of mind is consciousness. It’s what we are that perceives, and is before any adaptations which may intervene due to mind’s previous experiences, and what we have read/heard which create memories and judgements.

‘Seeing it’ is the confusion.

We cannot see it, as we are it.
When we drop all identity,
consciousness becomes pure consciousness.

Through training the mind, ordinary perception can be realised as being empty of any fabrications. It is these very fabrications – ideas about our self – that cause confusion, because consciousness identifies with them, and becomes upset when others’ fabrications don’t match ours.

When consciousness forgets its purity of just seeing,
it becomes ordinary sentient consciousness,
filling the mind with facts and predispositions.

When consciousness remembers its purity of just seeing,
mind becomes extraordinary,
and spontaneously allows inner messengers to present new beginnings.

Stop trying to work it out.
It’s not a maths problem
– it’s authentic experience.

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Our Problem: We Get Used To It

Ideas are projected into our minds; if images are repeated enough times, they become our normal without us realising it. Those who study the mental characteristics and attitudes of people or groups watch us settle into our routine or practice, which is hard to give up. Consumerism is about selling ideas, and these days, because of technology, selling an idea can go global in an instant.

When we get used to something, it entertains us
– without us realising it.

The problem isn’t out there.
It’s our inattention that makes us easy prey,
as we are lulled into false realities.

Lower consciousness indicates an underlying propensity to fear.
There is therefore no seeing, and no freeing
and we transcend into various levels of despair.

Meditation is watching and realising our habitual behaviour;
we become our own psychologists.
Seeing is freeing, and we transcend into a higher consciousness.

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Catching Your Breath

The road to sanity.

Until we can count ten exhalations of breath without following a thought, our thoughts will be in control of us (unless we are daft enough to think we are our thoughts 🙂 )

Breathe normally and gently, counting each exhalation of the breath. If we find that we have followed a thought, we go back to one and start again.

It isn’t a matter at being good at this exercise. It’s a matter of recognising how easily we drift off into thoughts and day-dreams. That means we are not in control; our thoughts are.

These thoughts are our collective programming. Notice how much of this world wants us distracted. We are being brain-washed by thoughts, and we act on them throughout our lives, rarely waking up.

Some adepts do this breathing practice 21 or 108 times.

Each of us can do it anywhere, at any time
– even for a moment, we can bring ourselves back to reality and sanity.

This is mind training, or meditation.
Watching the breath … what could be simpler?
You’d think … 😀

Even if we give up, the programming doesn’t.

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Are We Undermined?

Undermine: to lessen effectiveness, power, or ability gradually and insidiously.

We have tremendous power of full realisation into the nature of our true reality,
but we are given toys (ideas) and fears (ideas) to play with instead;
these occupy us and we ignore the inner feeling
that there is more to us.

Why do you think that is?

I spent my early life being stupid and dazed,
unable to think clearly.


Quite simply, my mind was fogged by believing what I was told,
even though, intuitively, it never felt right.

That feeling is The Buddha In The Mud.

Understand your self better than others do,
or they’ll just give you more toys to play with.

Once un-fogged, th
ere’s no going back.Evil’s weapon of choice; a fogged, muddy mind.

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The Beginning Of The End

The first sign of ego-failure
is seeing seeing,
and this is the beginning of the end.

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Surpassing Ourselves

We are better than we ever expected.

All our life, we have been kept in the dark about our true nature,
and led to believe in limitations.

Realisation is accompanied by joy and sadness.
Be grateful for surpassing yourself,
and hold no grudges.

The universe is the unity of opposites.
Conflict is the concept of dark and light,
but these are in truth a unity:
darkness is due to the presence of light.

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Simplicity Keeps Us Focused

It’s the simple things in life that keep us focused:
chop wood, fetch water, peel vegetables, cook and serve.

The machinations in life keep us defocused and worried.
The more complicated our thinking is,
the further we move away from the simple truth.

Our true essence is simplicity itself,
but we seek something more interesting.

Unfortunately, we have made our life complex,
but we can deal with it as simply as we can.

Others may complain, but still we remain simply focused.

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Better The Devil You Know … 

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

The devil has always been our own ego; our likes and dislikes. Our self-image, nice as we think we are, is immersed in a personal dungeon of existence, and wants others to join it.

The only devil out there is the egos of others, and some of those are quite large. 😀 If we imagine that the devil is only out there, we may think (wrongly) that there is no devil in here. As long as we remain in self-interest, there is a devil in here.

Devils are very skilful and determined in all walks of life, and use subconscious little tricks to get their way.

Self-analysis is done by being aware that pure consciousness sees all – the all-seeing ultimate reality. All we have to do is look and see, and we’re free – that’s if we genuinely drop all identity. If we refuse to look, that is the devil at work. It’s the difference between holding on and letting go.

Peace on Earth will come
when the majority recognise the little devils
– and the quite large devils 🙂 –
at work.

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Taking The Initiative

Taking the initiative:
the ability to assess and initiate things independently.
Initiative: from Latin initiare, ‘beginning’.
Beginning: the point at which something starts.

Taking the initiative:
the power to take charge without being prompted by others.
To care and take responsibility for peace on Earth,
by not being divided.

We may not agree with others,
but within all that challenging bluster,
there is pure consciousness.

Taking the initiative is knowing what is right,
and acting on it.

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Wishing You A Good Interface

Wishing you
a good interface with the world,
good mental health,
and clear recognition of consciousness.

A clear interface allows us
good reception and transmission without difficulty.

In a screwed-up world, expect to be screwed-up.
Once we acknowledge this tension, the screws loosen.

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Where does it come from?
All creatures are born with it.
For some, it is the centre of life, and for others, it’s veiled.

Intuition: the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication. A natural propensity or skill of a specified kind.

There are some things we just know. How? To answer that, we have to use intuition. 🙂

We are born with innate knowledge and, when certain situations occur, we feel at home. Even a baby kangaroo knows that. This isn’t the same as bias; intuition comes before bias.

It could be that intuition gets knocked out of us through a rigid education that’s formulated to work for an inflexible society. It feels like dead knowledge and facts. ‘Spiritual’ people are very good at just repeating script-tures where no intuition is present, rather than listening to others’ concerns.

We instinctively feel whether something is right or not. Animals know this, even before fight, flight or freeze sets in. A person’s face, the tone of the voice, specific words used – smiles do not cover these up, and all tell us much about the authenticity of that person.

Intuition is none other than pure consciousness.

We aren’t born with it; we are it.
It’s either awake or asleep.

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Enthusiasm And Apathy

Enthusiasm: Latin enthusiasmus  -‘inspiration -, from Greek enthousiazein ‘be inspired or possessed by a god’.

In other words, to be determined.

But, inspired by which type of god/influencer?
A supramundane spirit, or one who fashions the mundane, material world?
One who brings an end to suffering, or one who creates it?

Enthusiasm is rich in abundance, where we see the point of life and value a clarity of mind free from clutter, where inspirations can arise. It is equated with empathy – the ability to share and feel another’s perspective.

The opposite of enthusiasm is apathy, where we don’t feel anything in situations. This can reveal signs of depression, low mood, feelings of guilt, hopelessness and despair.

Apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern, from Greek apathēs ‘without feeling’, from a- ‘without’ + pathos ‘suffering’.

Enthusiasm understands apathy,
but apathy cannot understand enthusiasm.

Good and evil both see the target,
and in between is confusion.

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Assault On Our Minds, And On Consciousness

If we don’t see it, it’s already happened.

Misdirection is pumped-out daily to instruct us,
dulling minds and confusing consciousness.

Redefining ‘beliefs’ is the insidious art of deception.
Why is this happening?
Divided people disagree and fight, and will never join as one.

When we know what we are,
every misdirection is our true instructor.

To know what we are, we meditate,
allowing the mind – and so, consciousness – to see clearly.

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So, Why Didn’t I See This Before?

We may wonder,
“Why didn’t I see this before?
It’s so clear now, so why didn’t I get it?”

We have to be in the right place, at the right time, through the right sequence of events, with the right brain clear of misinformation – the right attitude! 🙂

We don’t learn by being told something; we learn through experience, following a logical order sequentially. Being toldsomething doesn’t mean that we know – we just become strutters!

Writing a book on consciousness and obscurations is difficult as, by the time something is written, a refinement or a finer conclusion has occurred. One thing leads to another. Realisations work like that. Teachings – words – merely give us a generalised idea, and that’s all. Don’t take my word for it!

If we are stuck on one concept about consciousness merely to tick a mental box, we become another library of misinformation because we’re not talking to the right person, at the right time … it is we who are misinformants. 😀

Things happen in life that seem disconnected, but then suddenly, we realise that they are connected – even the dead ends we’ve gone down are connected. Letting go means always starting afresh. “Beginner mind, Zen mind.”

If we think our life is hunky-dori (satisfactory and pleasant) and we’re here just to entertain ourselves, then no realisation will ever occur.

Question everything, until there are no more questions; “Oh, they do this, because of that! I understand now, and don’t need to worry about it any more.”

The world has been built on misinformation.
That’s not going to change,
but it does create the ideal conditions for enlightenment.

It’s the Earth Puzzle.
Why are we here?

Pedantic information gives rise to foolishness.
Through meditation, we understand this foolishness,
turning it into wisdom, and so, enlightenment.

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Energy & Consciousness Are Never Destroyed

Energy and consciousness are never destroyed:
they merely change form.

What is the energy that drives the body and mind? Consciousness. Throughout our lives, consciousness has never changed, but the karmic energy – which is the result of bias – creates the transformation of bodies.

Karma is the active ingredient that transforms our lives, due to likes and dislikes. Attractions and repulsions are tremendous driving forces, both in the universe and in us. We become rudderless boats, blown around by karma because we ignore what we actually are; that which never changes – enlightened consciousness.

Meditation converts gross consciousness
into pure consciousness.

The word ‘energy’ derives from the Ancient Greek for ’activity, operation’. As energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it is called the law of conservation of energy.

Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time. Consciousness is captured by karma, providing the energy for the next incarnation, until we are released from the cycle of existence by the unchanging realisation that we are enlightened.

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Religion Takes Many Forms

Religion takes many forms,
and that is the great clue to the great confusion.

Form (visible shape/relative display) is exoteric;
it’s intended for the many, and is outer confusion.
Essence (ultimate truth) is esoteric;
it’s for the few who get it, and is inner revelation.

Form is the theory.
Essence is the culmination of realisation, and is our actual reality.

In form, there is much disagreement.
In essence, there is no disagreement.

Form is separation.
Essence is unity.

Form is making something out of emptiness.
Essence is emptiness.

Form pulls the wool over our I’s.
Essence unveils the I.

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The Exotic Mask, Or Common As Muck?

Exotic: foreign, or outside.
It can also mean ‘foreign to us’, and can be the reason we want to move up a social class. We’re attracted by colourful or unusual characteristics, and therefore dissociate with the common, and enthuse to make us appear uncommon … a bit special. 🙂

We put on “airs and graces”, a false way of behaving that’s intended to make other people feel that we are important and belong to a high social class, acting as if we are superior. It is derived from the French word, “air”, meaning appearance.

Common as muck: very ordinary, of a low social class. Nothing special.
From a Buddha’s point of view, Buddhahood is nothing special, as a Buddha sees all sentient beings as Buddha nature. We are all, in essence, unique pure consciousness; that being so, we are nothing special. We are all Buddhas in the muck 🙂

Taking a high seat creates idolatry
the worship of a cult image or idol
as though it were God or Buddha.

The goal is within,
and not foreign to us.

In revering the high seat rather than looking inside,
we will remain needy and bound.

Being common as muck
there is nothing to defend,
and no need to take offence.

It’s a lovely place to be! 😀

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The Great Confidence Trick

The great confidence trick is to get us not to trust ourselves, but to trust others.

A confidence trick is an attempt to deceive a person or group after first gaining their trust. That deception then trickles down through a society – a meme that mimics. People learn a few ‘facts’, and confidently believe that they have the complete story.

This world of beliefs creates disbelief and division. We live in a polarity; we either accept the status of scientists, artists, musicians, religious leaders, governments and all the new nonsense, or we don’t.

The Sistine Chapel is a wonderful piece of work – glorious!
But what does it depict?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

We hear great music with complex harmonies,
but what does it accomplish?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

Religion makes people devoted to worship,
but does it do?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

Science knows the DNA of nano-technology,
but what do we hope for?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

It’s all very clever, but it keeps us bound to materialism. We fall in love with the form, and do not see the essence of what’s behind it all.

When we rely on others for truth,
we lose true confidence, and doubt and argue constantly.

We buy-in because others buy-in.
Buyer beware.

When we no long believe the Buddha,
we know what the Buddha meant.

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Aware That We Cannot Meditate

That is meditation 🙂

Meditation is simply being aware – open, clear, empty consciousness.
That’s what we are
– but it’s possible to meditate, fall into vacancy and just drift off.

Within this pure awareness/consciousness,
there is no time to identify with an imitation self.

This self is a mind-construct that consciousness has become stuck on;
it’s like looking into a mirror and believing the reflection is what we are.

The self may meditate to get something out of it.
That is mind controlling us.

Real mind control is training the mind to calm down into silence.
Pure consciousness can just rest in panoramic vision, taking in the scene all at once.

We can allow this to happen anywhere, at any time; that is meditation.
Realising that this is occurring without an external cause is non-meditation.
Mindfulness meditation is living in an atmosphere that allows non-meditation / non-duality to happen.

I meditated for a moment and nothing happened.
I meditated for an hour and nothing happened.
I meditated for a year and nothing happened.
I meditated for twenty-five years and nothing happened …
… and realised that nothing happens.

Wanting to find was the illusion.
Pure awareness happens all the time;
it is timeless.

We don’t do anything to realise what we already are.

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Increase Blur To Sharpen The Picture

Increase blur to sharpen the picture:
this is a Photoshop trick.

It also pertains to our view. We all think we’re normal, unaware of the blurred, extreme views we hold; our likes and dislikes. We proudly call these ‘our opinions’ and ‘value judgements’ to justify them.

Try increasing the blur, and exaggerating these views until they feel uncomfortable. Dislike leads to turning away; indifference leads to aversion, and aversion to hatred. Well, we didn’t mean to go that far – it now sounds ridiculous, but it’s easily done. Religious and political people are very good at this; it’s how humanity is divided and conquered.

Seeing those feelings come into focus sharpens the picture,
and is enlightening.

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Meditation? You Must Be Out of Your Mind!

The mind is full of thoughts, likes and aversions. It’s the software on the hard drive of our brain, and is very dear to us. We are consciousness that is usually so involved with this software that is obsessed by these thoughts, believing them to be ‘us’. It’s like looking in a mirror and assuming that the reflection is what we are. A simple deception.

Merely being aware of this activity is meditation. Trying to stop the insane cacophony of discordant opinions only makes it worse, as this becomes mental gymnastics.

Being aware of the breath and letting those thoughts be, the mind gradually calms down, and we relax. Here, we are still involved in the process, and that’s okay.

The energies in the body gradually calm, and we become still in body and mind. Gradually, consciousness realises that it is at perfect peace, and the ‘meditation’ drops away. That is non-duality, and the esoteric realisation of what has been kept secret. From time to time, we drop the process for a moment to be sure that we aren’t clinging to a ‘state’. Dropping is just more relaxation.

It’s not a secret that has been denied us;
consciousness was just too busy being slothful. 🙂

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A Teenth Of Dharma Goes A Long Way

Merely acknowledging that we are dissatisfied with the world of theories is enough to set us on the path to enlightenment.

Merely acknowledging that consciousness could be our fundamental reality in a world of theories is enough to set us on the path to enlightenment.

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‘News’ Is The Drug For The ‘News’-Addicted

Left alone in a room with a newspaper,
do we read it?
😀 😀 😀

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Greed: Never Enough = Hungry Ghosts

Greed: intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

Pretas, or ‘hungry ghosts’, are beings who are tormented by desire that can never be sated. They are often portrayed with tiny mouths and throats and the swollen bellies of the starving, meaning that they can never consume enough to ease the suffering of their hunger.

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 18.30.16

Buddhist cosmology identifies six realms of existence: gods, demi-gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts and hells (note that hungry ghosts are one up from hell!).

The mega-wealthy never have enough.
They want to absorb consciousness as well,
but do not realise its vastness.

For more information on the six realms, type “Six realms” in the search box below.

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Do Converts Become Extreme?

Adopting a view of life has its effects.
Changing one’s view of life has its effects.
Purely viewing life has no effect.

Effect comes later,
when we express this pure view 🙂

If we change to acquire knowledge and better understanding, we grow in empathy.
If we take up a side to disassociate from others, we lack empathy.

We don’t convert.
We remain as we are, and look more deeply.
In doing so, empathy arises.

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another; if we have empathy, we can never become extreme.

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Division = Divided Up

Division: from Latin, dividere ‘force apart, remove’.

Being encouraged to identify with a self-image, group, or race, we are divided and removed from our natural reality of perfect peace – our common sense.

Throughout history, people have been led to believe that they are ‘something’. That, in itself, shows the ploy of duality or division.

Nowadays, we are ordered to accept diversity and to be inclusive. That manipulation creates division, and is an oxymoron when we consider that we are told to believe in something.

Situations are created to have long-term effects.

Never just accept what is said; look at the effects.
This is why it is wise to repeat the Buddha’s words:
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.”

PS this article is part of the warming-up-to-reality series of being played and taken advantage of,
which is the reason why we need to clear and tame our minds through meditation.

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Our Great Protector Is Knowing Consciousness

Never forget how much effort has gone into obscuring our natural immunity/protection from the ignorance that makes us reliant. Natural immunity is realising our true reality of pure consciousness. It is seeing clearly without the infestation of conditioning, which is the opposite of wisdom.

Some of us are far too clever, and some are far too indifferent; both obscure our simple reality.
Scholars get bored and over-elaborate existence, while others get bored with those over-elaborations.

Truth makes ego feel uncomfortable.
That is conscience
– our protector.

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Three Reasons To Wake Up

Three reasons to wake up from social conditioning.

One; recognise divine insight, rather than accepting a mundane existence.
Two; recognise that which obscures this insight, which is accepting a mundane existence.
Three; recognise the tremendous effort to keep us in a mundane existence

Oh, and there is a fourth;
recognise that we are supramundane and content,
but believe that we aren’t!

Have a different day.

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If We Feel Alone, We’re Not Alone

We are individual consciousness,
divided by the mind (concepts)
and united by the heart (pure consciousness).

If we were one consciousness, when one person became enlightened, we would all become enlightened, but that doesn’t happen!

We have to work at recognition.
Being alone is being without stress.
Have a really relaxing day.

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Knowing The World We Live In

Knowing the world we live in,
and why we really have to wake up.

Whatever is presented to us has the opposite effect and is meant to;
this was the key to George Orwell’s prophetic book, “1984”.

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war; the Ministry of Truth with lies; the Ministry of Love with division and the Ministry of Plenty with rationing. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.

Where Orwell got his theme from:
The use of contradictory names in this manner may have been inspired by the British and American governments; during the Second World War, the British Ministry of Food oversaw rationing (the name “Ministry of Food Control” was used in World War I) and the Ministry of Information restricted and controlled information, rather than supplying it. In the US, the War Department was abolished and replaced with the “National Military Establishment” in 1947, and then became the Department of Defense in 1949, right around the time that “1984” was published.”
(from Wikipedia)

All events in the media, advertising and even religion portray images that are counter to the reality, trying to make us appear inclusive when they actually create division.

This not only plays with our bias and confusion, it misdirects consciousness always to look the other way, rather than within. Deceit is a war on consciousness, and always has been.

Nano-ideas are placed in our subconscious.

Once we know the truth of our reality,
nano-ideas are easy to spot on the face of ‘health & safety’.
Appearances and recognition are simultaneous to pure consciousness.

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Warmed Up And Ready To Go

Once we are warmed up, we are ready to go.

Having a good enough understanding of pure consciousness and whatever obscures it, we are ready to face life – our constant teacher – on our own. We don’t have to keep going back to a centre for warming up: we can jog, run, skid, adjust – and still keep going.

Never doubt either what we are, or our abilities.

If we feel that we have to keep returning to a guru, we are relying on the guru to jog, run and skid for us. The more we read and hear, the more attached or fastened we become. The more we doubt, the more we will return.

We can be just as confident and cute as a guru.

Being cute means being attractive in an endearing way,
but also clever and shrewd.

The qualities of cute are the very qualities
need on our path to enlightenment.

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