There Is Always A Problem To Solve

The dictionary may say that a problem is something unwelcome; that’s not so. A problem is a moment of inquiry starting from a given condition to investigate natural laws, thereby resolving that problem. It’s quite inspiring and exhilarating – a eureka moment!

Knowing is joy.
Not knowing is ignorance.
Believing is nonsense.

People are a problem; they too need investigating 🙂 Investigating the laws that govern people is truly illuminating as they are the same laws that govern us as an individual. The great secret to it all is that we can know the ultimate reality of those laws. If we go deep enough, we realise that we are those laws!

“Only those who risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go.”
T.S Elliot

We have become judgemental reactionaries because of the laws that govern us; from that standpoint, we see everything as a problem. There are three gross, negative emotions or laws that influence our behaviour: desire, aversion and indifference. Just look and see. We usually jump in and judge, before noting that there is simply consciousness present which has gone unnoticed. That’s the problem that causes us to see problems everywhere, and it is because of this imbalance that nothing gets resolved.

On an ultimate level, these same three gross negative emotions are wisdom laws. In Buddhism, these are known as ’emptiness’, ‘consciousness’ and ‘compassion’. The word ’emptiness’ indicates the uncontaminated quality of consciousness, and consciousness that is naturally aware has compassion through understanding of these three qualities. We lack compassion only because we misunderstand our true nature, which is pure, compassionate consciousness.

Desire downgrades Emptiness:
Emptiness is our pure state, but desire contaminates this pure space.

Aversion downgrades Consciousness:
When consciousness forgets its purity, it judges and creates likes and dislikes that separate us from others.

Indifference downgrades Compassion:
Through judgement, consciousness lacks empathy and thus we remain divided.

The moment we recognise the negative emotions,
the wisdoms arise.

Don’t get angry.
Get even … get balanced!

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Losing Our Sense Of Reality

Our minds have been altered to accept ideas that are contrary to reality. Words, images and beliefs have been introduced, and we just follow along, singing their songs.

Who are ‘they’? Things don’t just happen – never did, never will. Everything comes about through causes and conditions, and everything has consequences. Those who know this, and have the resources, can make things happen. All that is needed is an idea dropped in the right place for it to spread.

Unfortunately, we have to see what’s happening right under our noses, and look at our own conformity. We, as Buddhists, prostrate when we enter a shrine room; this is meant counteract our pride. Maybe this works for certain societies, but in the west, it actually signals pride – but we all do it (possibly so that we don’t upset others); the Solomon Asche experiment showed how people can be made to conform against their better judgement.

This is now called ‘virtue signalling’ – letting others know that we are politically correct, having adopted someone else’s reality, or ‘virtues’. This is where we claim to be deeply concerned about some moral issue, when it is really all about ourselves.

This used to be called hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy: from Greek hupokrisis – acting a theatrical part, from hupokrinesthai – to play a part, to pretend.

We are so tied up in knots by trying to please others and appear righteous that we cause problems for ourself and those around us by being too sensitive and too careful, trying too hard while having to accept unfairness, cruelty and disparaging remarks intended to humiliate or embarrass. We behave like this to gain a sense of power, known as the ‘put down’.

When we become involved in all of this, we lose the sense of reality which is what we truly are – that pure being before all the theatricals. This upset is meant to distract us, to get us going … “We want freeeedom! When do we want it? Now!” 😀

Once we are no longer distracted,
we are free of the madness of others
– those who believe they are not free.

Here is a subtle, insidious perversion; we are told to ‘keep it real’. To them, this means to remain honest, genuine, and authentic; to be ‘true to ourself’. The perversion is that, in reality, this self is a phantom self – the self image acquired by wanting to impress others, which is the theatrical act we have adopted.

What we truly are is pure consciousness. They want you to forget that, to keep everybody on the same page – their page – at the same time. We’re all suckers for a singalong! A singalong culture that wants to cancel the past by virtue signalling lays the way for a ‘new’ beginning, or the great reset.

Make people dissatisfied, and they will want change.

The problem for these malpractitioners
is that dissatisfaction can also lead to enlightenment.

Here’s another cliché;
“Every cloud has a silver lining”,
which means that darkness is only known by the presence of light!

This proves that the dark theatrics can never win,
as there is light all around.

That light is the emptiness of clarity
which results in empathy and constant well-being.

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Our Mind Has Been Hacked

hacked: from Old English, haccian – ‘cut in pieces’

If we do not see this,
we have been hacked

A.I. can understand us better than we do. It can predict decisions and choices, and therefore manipulate, shifting our authority to another. We have already gone from human intelligence to algorithm intelligence.

Our mind is like a jigsaw where many pieces are missing. We don’t have a complete picture to refer to, so we go with whatever we have, drifting from one mental trauma to another.

We are not as free as we assume. Our decisions do not reflect free will. Free will is an illusion. Decisions reflect biological and cultural factors that manage our programming, but we still believe that we have free will.

The easiest people to manipulate are the people who believe that they have free will. They consider that nobody can manipulate them and, once they are established in their illusion, they lose all curiosity and suspicion about where their desires come from. They think that they just reflect personal freedom.

Our desires reflect cultural standards that are not under our control. As in a magic trick, we get to shuffle the cards, and then the magician gives us their version.

Corporations and governments are using technology to generate and control human desires. If we think that we have free will that reflects our desires, we are already a slave to the artificial intelligence.

When we realise our true nature
– which is pure consciousness –
we see foolishness everywhere.
This foolishness has managed humanity for a very long time.

Our mind has been cut to pieces and reset in others’ image.
If we didn’t see it coming, we weren’t looking.

The complete picture is pure consciousness
which sees whatever is obscuring that pure consciousness.

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Don’t Be Surprised

If we are prepared, we can see ‘it’ coming. Everything follows cycles, and history does repeat itself.

Whatever someone says, it can have the opposite effect, and it’s meant to.
If we’re surprised, we were not prepared.

Conspiracies are created to hide the conspiracies.
Don’t be naive and surprised.

Did they land on the moon or not? It’s possible that they both landed on the moon and also created the scenario in a studio. Think that couldn’t happen? The landing was a political statement to show superiority, and the photos were important to prove success. Cameras don’t always work, so backup footage could be needed, just in case, and offer a plausible justification for the setup. Can secrets be kept? Of course, if the incentive and pressure is great enough – and people could sign an NDA or an official secrets act.

Now the added bonus: we know that confusion creates theories, leading to more confusion. Don’t be naive and surprised. Don’t take sides, as some things we will never know. And people forget, as more deceptions are on their way.

If people are confused and divided, anything can be achieved. Don’t be surprised at strange bed-fellows (those closely connected who meet in secret). Big business and politics are inseparable bed-fellows … scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. But at what price?

      1. “Alas, the storm is come again!
      1. My best way is to creep under his gaberdine;
      1. there is no other shelter hereabout:
      1. misery acquaints a man with strange bed-fellows.”

      William Shakespeare:

      The Tempest” 1610

                                                  When we realise the reality game,
    – that we can be persuaded to believe anything –
    wisdom arises.
                                                   The only reality is consciousness:
    everything else is either a teaching, or fodder for the herd.

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    Looking For Teaching Or For A Guru?

    There is something within that is not satisfied:
    is it looking for a personality, or for an understanding?

    We look for the teaching when, in reality, we are the very essence of the teaching.
    We look for a guru, when we are unsure about the essence of the teaching.

    Are we attracted to the teaching or to the guru?
    Devotion to the teacher is Bhakti yoga (guru yoga).
    Devotion to the truth is Jnana yoga (wisdom).
    ‘Yoga’ means ‘union’.

    Guru devotion becomes a cult, a culture, a lifestyle.
    Wisdom is realisation in everything that we do.

    It doesn’t matter what we do, it is the effect that counts.
    Are we empathetic towards others,
    or do we avoid and ignore them in favour of our cult?

    The teaching tells us what we already know, but were unaware of.
    The guru tells us that we are unaware, and that there are things we need to know.

    Which one sets you free?

    Know when spirituality turns political,
    from teachings to an organised charity to support another’s culture.

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    Don’t Trust Anyone Who Mentions Vipassana!

    There is enchantment and bewilderment in exotic words.

    If we are dissatisfied with our life, we look for something more, something different. This is a bit of a trap, as we still end up following the followers. Certain ‘magical’ words are used during teachings, and we never know what they really mean. They do, however, keep the mystery going, and we keep going back just in case something might enlighten us … but it never happens 🙂

    The truth is that the truth is not in the words.
    It’s in pure experience.
    The Buddha did say, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

    Why use exotic words when the experience can be expressed in our own language? Actually, pure experience is beyond any description. People, being people, use these words to give special weight and authority to whatever they’re saying- so we do it as well! But do they know what they mean? And do we know what we mean?! What people say tells us so much about their actual practice.

    The use of exotic words in any subject is meant to sound advanced, exotic, mysterious and special. “I do Vipassana meditation” … sorry to say this, but that sounds stupid as it indicates a lifestyle.

    Don’t trust anyone who mentions,
    “Oh, I did a Vipassana retreat”!

    You did?!

    Vipassana is merely, barely, being awareness of awareness, which is the reason it’s called insight meditation. It is insight as we are looking inward to awareness itself, rather than the physicality of watching the breath which, of course, has its own exotic name – Shiney or Shamata.

    Don’t use exotic names to impress;
    this only amplifies doubt and confusion.

    Don’t trust the names;
    trust the experience.

    Know your own mind, in your own language.
    It’s much simpler 🙂

    This blog may sometimes use foreign terms so that people can link to traditional usage but, in personal practice, no words are necessary.

    The next stage from awareness of awareness is the non-duality of pure consciousness.
    Here we go:
    Dzogchen = Mahamudra = Maha Ati = Zen = God consciousness … Non-duality … Tao … 😀

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    Why We Should Trust Our Self

    Our self is an image that we have built up through the adoption of cultural ideas, and we believe this image to be what we are. In reality, it’s a false identity that transmits false news, picked up from our environment.

    This newsagent is our guide and, as such, is also our teacher. Whenever it reacts, we are aware of it. So, who are we? Everything in the mind is displayed to consciousness; we are that consciousness.

    Consciousness can either be obsessed with the guide – the reactionary-in-chief – or, through meditation, it can discover that this consciousness is enlightened.

    Our self shows us everything we need to know – all the obsessions, doubts, confusions, dissatisfactions, frustrations that obscure plain, direct seeing of pure consciousness.

    Nothing else and no one else will be with you, all the way! 😀

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    Don’t Focus On The Deceptions

    Don’t focus on the deceptions:
    focus on that which sees the deceptions.

    That is where the truth lies:
    it’s not in recognising the deceptions.

    From an ultimate point of view,
    everything is a deception:
    as such, when recognised, everything is enlightening!

    We are served up deceptions day after day, reinforcing fears and hopes while ignoring all-seeing-consciousness. Distractions are tricks of deception, and we fall for them every time. We know we’re being deceived, but this deception becomes our entertainment.

    The very obvious disfunctionality of governments is in full view and plain for all to see. We react and form ‘our’ opinions, enabling all the scheming to seem real. As long as we keep reacting, the delicious show will continue to be be served up. We won’t realise that we’re getting indigestion, and we seek relief in the display of more distractions. None of it is news – it’s propaganda-programming, and more and more people are being banned from saying anything different to the deceivers’ narrative.

    From an ultimate point of view,
    everything is a deception
    as such, when recognised, everything is enlightening!

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    True Communication

    Communing is a transmission of inner peace with another,
    through just being aware.

    We realise that everyday chit-chat gets us nowhere, and only ends up with division. What may be nourishment for one person is bitter poison to another. It’s all speculation, gossip, hearsay, history, geography and sentimental nostalgia, and it’s what we all do; we go round in circles, repeating the same words.

    Repeating others’ comments
    isn’t what we know:
    it’s what they know.

    In truth, once we realise this charade, then one person’s bitter poison is another’s nourishment, meaning that what others shy away from reminds us of the effect of fears and hopes, and we are free.

    Genuine communication comes in silent appreciation of another’s true qualities. There is an open atmosphere of good company, where we come together in recognition. Being aware and quietly resting in deep relaxation is meditation. We can only know something when we just perceive, without constant judgement.

    Sit still and upright.
    Notice the breath, and stay focused on the breath.
    This cuts through wandering thoughts and speculation.
    It brings about peace.

    Gradually, we become aware of the awareness that is noticing the breath. This is the next stage; being aware of being aware. That awareness is none other than consciousness. That is what we are. It’s not a thing that we can speculate about – it just is. This consciousness is what all creatures are, but they are too occupied or self-absorbed to notice.

    The next stage is realising that, when we are aware of this consciousness, there is nothing else. We cannot find anything more – and that is what is called ’emptiness’. This is the uncontaminated experience and realisation that consciousness is pure.

    That is our true reality, and the ability to commune with and be at one with everything. It’s pure, simple and uncomplicated, and this is what philosophers don’t get. Once we realise this perfect state, we can then recognise anything that obscures it because we know the world and its contrivances.

    Meditate, and make the most of life.
    When the teaching is put to the test, everything is amusing.
    “… There they go again, and they think we don’t notice! … ”

    Life is not pointless.
    It’s enlightening.

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    We Are Programmed To Be Ignorant

    Our pursuit of happiness is actually the pursuit of ignorance.
    It’s all upside down.
    We are all upside down

    Knowledge is neutral. The same knowledge can be used for good or for self-aggrandisement. Whoever thinks that they have the knowledge must realise that others also have the knowledge, each thinking ‘they’ have the secret, the right way up. It’s only a secret because most people are not interested in this knowledge.

    This knowledge/secret is about our reality which is, quite simply, consciousness. Most people ignore this knowledge/secret. They are too involved in themselves and their ideas – which aren’t actually theirs; that is the programme. We are constantly swayed by our environment, which could be beneficial or harmful. The truth is always present to be seen – and that is how it is hidden in plain sight.

    How do we recognise who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

    One uses the knowledge/consciousness for gain, while the other uses knowledge/pure consciousness for loss, to let go. If we don’t let go, we are sentenced to repeat the same scenarios, because this consciousness keeps holding on to the same mindset. The moment when we refer to memory and judgements, we are stuck in a programme.

    The real secret is letting go.
    In that moment, there is nothing known
    but knowingness itself.
    That tells us all we need to know.

    Who is helping us to ignore this?
    Those who create distractions.

    Good and evil:
    by virtue of one, the other is known.

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    Measuring Consciousness

    Consciousness is the same in all sentient beings as it is awareness, and we have to be aware to be alive. Consciousness is present before a decision is made.

    This consciousness can be measured by the amount of self-promotion that is present, indicated by how much an ‘I’ is mentioned.

    The inner quality of purity in consciousness can also be measured by the amount of empathy and compassion that is present, indicated by how little an ‘I’ is mentioned.

    There is a gross consciousness, a subtle consciousness and an extremely subtle consciousness. Gross – our everyday decision making, requiring a constant duality.
    Subtle – awareness of awareness, requiring a constant duality.
    Extremely subtle – there is no awareness of awareness; there is just awareness, just pure consciousness, which is a constant non-duality.

    Measuring consciousness is either measuring a self-identity or measuring the release from a self-identity.

    “All that glitters is not gold.”
    There are people who may look shiny and bright,
    but who are incomplete in their realisation.

    Beauty on the surface – like gold – is often deceptive,
    but gets lots of clicks!

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    What Is Happiness?

    Happiness is realising the truth about ourselves and reality.
    Those who really know what they are and what their place is
    are really happy, and on their way
    to being liberated from suffering and misery.

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    Is Our Life Our Own?

    Is our life our own, or are we living through A.I. machines?
    A.I. does not take responsibility for the decisions that we make.
    We should be wary concerning the direction in which our life is heading.

    Our life essence is pure consciousness; that is our power.
    When we give this power away, we have to accept
    that we are no longer in charge of our lives.

    Now that A.I. is coming to replace what we do, what will we do?
    Science considers consciousness to be merely a decision maker,
    and that machines can do this faster, and will never tire.

    Scientists think that they can put consciousness into A.I.
    The creative crazies have totally misunderstood consciousness.

    If anything can inspire us to know our self before a machine does, this is it.

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    Why Does This Blog Keep Going?

    This blog should stop as there is far too much on it 🙂 but disruptive forces keep being brought to our attention. If we’re not being told the absolute truth, then we are being lied to. It’s that simple.

    All media promotes some aspect of life that deviates from the truth. It merely entertains and disturbs. Even the spirituality of consciousness can be dressed up to separate us from what we are.

    All spiritual teachings are about our mind and consciousness, rather than someone else’s.

    The torment happening to people can make us incredibly angry, but this energy may be channelled through meditation, and a synthesised expression arises.

    Just have a nibble to get the flavour.

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    How Do We Protect Ourselves From Manipulation?

    Know the complete picture.

    Certain forms of meditation make us feel good, calm and clear,
    so that we can function better than before.

    This is not the complete picture of our reality.
    It is a dualistic, physical sensation – and not what meditation is for.

    For complete protection, we need to realise that we are pure consciousness.
    Once we know this, we never again have to believe.

    The world promotes the idea of health and safety,
    wrapping us up in restrictions for our protection.

    The effect of using the the words “health and safety” creates fear … clever!
    That is the subtle manipulation that focuses our attention away from our true reality.

    Through proper meditation,
    we can prove that our function in life is to realise the truth.

    Never take anyone’s word for the truth; test it for yourself.
    Who or what is doing this testing? Pure consciousness.

    Pure consciousness cannot be destroyed.
    It can merely be distracted – even by meditation.

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    Science Thinks Consciousness Is Just A Decision Maker

    This is the reason why some scientists think that A.I. machines can have consciousness. If they can persuade us that consciousness is just a decision maker, we will never bother to look any further into our true reality.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive …”

    When we do not know the complete picture, we invent one, initiating a domino effect of problems where complications arise which eventually run out of control, making us even more reliant on scientists.

    The science of discovery is a wonderful thing but, like knowledge, it can be abused.

    Machines have no empathetic, compassionate insight.
    They merely follow rules.

    The corollary of this is that,
    if we merely follow rules and lack empathetic, compassionate insight,
    we are already acting like machines.

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    Don’t Let Your Spirituality Mess You Up!

    Students – don’t fall in love with your teacher.
    Teachers – don’t assume you are adored.

    Spirituality is about dealing with consciousness.
    It is not a decoration or an obsession.

    Spirituality is the key either to enlightenment or to abuse.
    We are pure consciousness, and nothing special.

    Special: better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

    If we think that we are different to others,
    we have no depth in our understanding.

    Spirituality is actually being ordinary.
    Thinking we are special is wanting extra-ordinary.

    Just being is ordinary.
    Being something is a diversion.

    Better than being reliant is knowing.
    Once we know we are messed up, we are free.

    Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.
    The teaching is everywhere we are.

    In the moment now, there is no time to feel special.
    Feeling special is wishful thinking.

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    The Pursuit Of Wisdom

    The word ‘pursuit’ is misleading as it indicates looking for something, and that turns us away subtly from our reality – the actual seeing.

    As long as we are looking, we will forget seeing.
    It is the unbiased seeing, before we take sides, that is the author of wisdom.
    Once seeing is recognised, we drop it so as to not contaminate that seeing with judgements.
    Wisdom is the silence of pure knowingness, pure awareness, pure consciousness.
    We are the wisdom that we seek.

    Free speech is necessary, as it tells us who the idiots are 🙂 We all know when someone’s trying to influence us, as there is always a crack in their rhetoric. They want us to believe them, and belief turns us away from the truth that we are already the wisdom that we seek.

    This is the same as ‘the pursuit of happiness’. Pursuit means ‘following after’, and this takes the edge off pure experience; we are already quite content as pure consciousness. If we didn’t know that we are already happy and wise, how would we recognise that happiness and wisdom? ‘Recognition’ means to know again, to remember.

    The mischief in the world looks like truth, but is deliberately incomplete.
    As long as we are looking, we will never realise that which is seeing.

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    God Is Merely Our Pure Consciousness

    God is merely our pure consciousness.
    Heaven is our very essence.

    There is nothing out there that’s not here!

    Why would anyone create God out there? The answer is that humans are easily led to believe and become addicted, creating dependency on God’s prophets, advisors and spokesmen. We are all suckers for a good story, as it entertains the mind. There you go – the deviation, the misdirection, the slight of hand.

    Claims that “God spoke to me” or “God is acting through me” makes the claimant appear special; sometimes an organisation needs a figure head to bring people together.

    In truth, we are all special to the extent that we are ordinary. We are enlightened essence, pure consciousness, but we look elsewhere for our reality. By making a thing or a person holy – something that we have to believe in – we make anyone who does not believe into an evil in that society. They are a disbeliever.

    There is always a crack in the believers’ narrative that does not make sense. Religion is anything to which we bind ourselves, and can enhance either spiritual realisation or political coercion through hierarchies that exploit the divisions between people. The issue of religion is extremely important because it affects the entire world – including the world of the non-believers.

    Absolute consciousness needs nothing. It just is. What we then do is down to both our understanding and our skilful means.

    Creation is a natural occurrence in the universe due to the three laws of attraction, repulsion and indifference that we fall under, through ignorance. Our absolute nature is pure, compassionate consciousness that transcends these laws. It all depends on whether we choose the red or blue pill – the choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth, or remaining in contented ignorance.

    God is our highest being,
    which is consciousness that is unadulterated.
    Utterly complete.

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    Everything Is A Display In The Mind

    Everything that we experience is witnessed in the mind by consciousness. We are consciousness, pure and simple. What else can we be? Thoughts are merely transient impressions. If consciousness identifies with these impressions, we become caught and held … until we let go. If we don’t let go, we are sentenced to stay that way, believing everything to be absolutely real.

    There are many theories about truth, but these are all ideas to which we relate. Absolute truth is that which sees these relative impressions. That is pure consciousness.

    Once we understand how the mind works – being governed by attraction, repulsion and indifference – that very understanding creates empathetic compassion through generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and, ultimately, transcendent wisdom. That wisdom is by virtue of pure consciousness. We can realise pure consciousness first, and then the other qualities come into play naturally. That is the Dzogchen way.

    Belief is accepting something to be real or true without proof. If we accept the impressions in the mind as being real, we will remain deluded by beliefs.

    Why is the fact that everything we experience is displayed in the mind so important? Because we stop believing it all to be true, and take a softer approach to everyone – and ourselves.

    In other words, we smile more.

    It’s a stupid world.
    When we realise this, everything makes sense.

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    We Live In A Dream-State

    It’s upsetting to think that we live in a dream-state; when we actually observe this, it’s a shock, and could be something that we don’t even want to consider. “I know what’s real!” Really?

    This is the theme of the film, “The Matrix”, where everyone has individual responsibility to make the choice between the real world and an artificial world. The terms ‘red pill’ and ‘blue pill’ refer to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill, or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill.

    To be frank, this dream-state is a banal-state. It’s lacking in originality, and is obvious and  monotonous. We live in a patched-up collection of ideas, projecting these on to everything that we come into contact with; in other words, we live through memories that limit genuine experience. That is the dream-state.

    There are two realities. One is seeing directly, without comment. It is fresh, with inspired potential that tells us all we need to know for that moment. We can read between the lines, and know what will be said before the words are spoken.

    The other is the imposition of scanned memories onto the moment of confused concepts which seem real, as in a dream.

    This isn’t theory; it’s blatantly obvious. People repeat themselves. We think we are ‘in the loop’, not realising that the collective wants us to stay that way, merely repeating the programming. It’s just a soap opera – man wants, man doesn’t get, man runs amuck. 😀 Read the headlines today!

    Every time something occurs in our life, we refer to a memory, and then react. Get it? We re-enact past memories, rather than dealing with what is actually taking place under our nose. Reality is whatever is happening right now – not what goes on in our mind about something that we’ve read. This re-enactment keeps the mind dull and docile.

    When we believe this dream, we become deluded.
    In Buddhism, this is the meaning of the two obscurations:
    the ignoring of our reality, and the maintenance of that ignorance.
    The shock of realisation can be enlightening.

    We overlay our bias on to whatever appears. This is unavoidable, as we lack experience of investigating our own mind. Personal enquiry is more valuable than reading about the mind, which is just theory. It’s the same as reading this blog: each individual has to do the work and take responsibility, facing the consequences for how they see life.

    The evidence for this lies in noting how we actually react in our habitual motivation. Someone mentions a name and off we go, before the sentence is even finished! The eyes glaze over, and we’re are away, off with the fairies. 😀 This is the world of sentimentality, rather than the raw experience of pure consciousness.

    Before we can criticise others, we need to know a person’s dream-state and, of course, our own. Only then we can engage in an empathetic discussion.

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    How Do We Get Out Of This Madness?

    Or rather, how do we get out of our madness,
    as we can do nothing about the madness of others?

    Realise what is real, and what isn’t. If we don’t know the difference, we will remain rudderless in life, without any guidance mechanism.

    ‘Real’ is something constant that can never change.
    ‘Unreal’ is anything that isn’t constant, and therefore changes.

    Consciousness, space and formulae never change.
    (formula = procedure).

    As we (consciousness) dwell in human bodies, we need to deal and play with the unreal in order to survive. Every thing is impermanent and in a state of flux, constantly changing from one formula to another. We say and do things in a dream-state of ideas that we exaggerate into a false reality.

    Knowing this, we don’t need to overvalue or exaggerate that which is either pleasant or unpleasant by fixating on our views, believing them to be the ultimate reality. To be blunt, we will remain in a false identity until we realise the truth about our reality which is, first and foremost, pure consciousness.

    We are actually living in a Solomon Asche experiment.
    We copy others.
    We conform.
    Suggestion influences whatever we do and think.

    The Asche experiment:
    Actors are put into a set scene, and then react contrary to reality. The victim (the mark) copies the proceedings in order to fit in; so as not to feel out of place or embarrass anyone, they conform. Once that conformity is established, the actors can leave, while the victim continues to re-enact the same scenario for new victims to follow, without knowing why.

    We all live life as victims
    until we have the courage and confidence
    to deal with the effects of our mind.

    That’s our conundrum 😀

    The madness will go on …
    until we see the funny side – after getting angry –
    and step out of our delicate, protective shell.

    People are contagious! 😀

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    Don’t Become Spiritual

    Don’t become spiritual;
    this is the elephant in the room.

    The phrase, “elephant in the room”, refers to something which is obvious to everyone, but is deliberately ignored because, to do otherwise, would cause great embarrassment. It seems that all spiritual groups, traditions and teachers ignore this behaviour of ‘acting spiritual’.

    We are already the essence or spirit of pure consciousness, and to apply a ‘good look’ on top of that is to apply a clown’s make-up – and it’s a bit scary. That is the elephant in the room.

    Pure consciousness is our normal, original state. When consciousness forgets its purity, it falls into the trap of being something else, which causes confusion in our mind and, as a result, we live in a false reality.

    Empathy is the acknowledgement that we are all on the same ship of fools. We are nothing special – we’re just human beings with hang-ups, who are learning to disembark.

    Spiritual seekers will remain separated until they take responsibility for caring about everyone, unconditionally.

    The Buddha said,
    “Don’t take my word for it; see for yourself.”

    Ordinary folk can realise absolute truth.
    The Buddha was ordinary, as he saw that everyone is Buddha nature.

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    The Levels Of Realisation

    The levels of realisation
    eliminate the levels of doubt.
    Doubt causes confusion.

    Even though we may hear the teachings on absolute truth and agree, this does not mean that we know it at every level. How much confidence do we have? How much empathy do we have for others whom we may find disagreeable? How much is our compassion a sham? How often do we turn away from non-conformists? How many times do we listen without judgement?

    We must test our confidence, empathy, compassion, ability to listen, judgement and skilful wisdom; many people who think they ‘know’ actually have little empathy or confidence.

    The more advanced practices are right under our nose; they’re not related to how much we chant. Realisation is personally realising something, and there is nothing as joyous as realising our faults or misunderstandings, as this is how we change for the better.

    Never copy others –
    they could just be acting.

    Never trust your self –
    it could be acting too.

    Trust pure seeing, pure consciousness,
    and remain happy,
    whether conditions are pleasant or unpleasant.

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    The End Of Their World

    The end of their world,
    and the beginning of ours.

    This world has been led by others’ beliefs, since history was recorded. Our true world of absolute reality is pure consciousness, a world of knowing beyond physical limitations, rather than a set of beliefs. Beliefs make people dependent, divided, dissatisfied and confused, and this confusion has done a ‘good’ job for evil intent to control humanity.

    People are waking up to the incompetence of historical global manipulations. Throughout history, humanity has been exploited into adopting belief systems and servility. Naturally-occurring events are exaggerated, creating conflict after conflict so that they could claim, “It’s nothing to do with us!”

    When the pot is stirred violently,
    the contents becomes agitated, and panic ensues.
    When we panic, we have lost.

    In the past few years, everything has been thrown at us; it’s a long list to make us feel inadequate and at fault. How did this happen? The real money in psychology lies in corporate and governmental fields.

    The previous ‘Dark Age’ was from the 5th to the 14th century, and lasted 900 years. This timeline lies between the end of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, and was called the ‘Dark Age’ because many suggest that this period saw little scientific and cultural advancement.

    Nowadays, we have the opposite, with massive exposure to scientific experimentation and cultural manipulations. Are people happier? Has science and culture enriched us or made us more dependent?

    This is the beginning of the end of another dark age, which is all too obvious. As long as we do not re-enact conflict, change will occur. Before a wound can heal, it has to be opened up and investigated to clean it and apply the remedy, and that can be painful. Reactions will seem to get worse because we’re noticing more, and people can panic to maintain their hold. This is the effect of globalist ego-clinging.

    The same actually happens in meditation.
    Our thoughts and emotions seem to get worse.
    They’re not – we are just noticing more!
    So cheer up 🙂

    Every time perception refers to memory – what we read and are led to believe – we become stuck in the old ways, and learn nothing new. Pure consciousness is always now, and is the clarity needed to see for ourselves directly, and realise that whatever was hidden is now revealed. We are not Jack or Jill; we are pure consciousness and have always been so. They didn’t want you to know this – their dark freedom, their domain, depends on it.

    Cheer up.
    Knowing is the reason to be cheerful!
    Meditation is merely being aware – purely aware –
    without fixating on old memories, which are our traumas.

    This is a personal revelation.

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    The Simple, Direct Point

    Doidi doidi doidi doi…

    If you’re trying to make sense of that,
    you’re interfering with pure consciousness.

    It doesn’t matter what is said, or written, or transmitted,
    what matters is the receptivity – without referring to memory.
    Is that receptivity absolutely clear?

    Realise that absolute truth is ever present,
    and nothing makes sense!
    Pure = emptiness = uncontaminated.

    This is the simple, direct point.
    Once we realise that we are pure consciousness,
    we realise that everyone else is also pure consciousness
    but isn’t aware of it.

    This where empathetic compassion arises
    in everything we do, say or think.

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    The Problem With This Planet

    There are two types of people – leaders (the few) and followers (the many).

    Our leaders are mystifying.
    That’s not the problem.

    The problem is that
    if there are leaders, there are followers.
    😀 😀 😀

    Leaders need followers in order to lead;
    we give them our authority.

    We take back our authority when we stop being a follower,
    and become the author of our own future.

    er… three types of people!

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    The Crazy Planet, Full Of Wisdom

    Earth is a shrine, full of enlightened potential. Few benefit from this knowledge as madness has prevailed, plotting trauma after trauma, creating reaction upon reaction, bringing total chaos and confusion.

    Strangely, this is excellent news.
    The Buddha’s first noble truth is to admit that we are suffering.

    Anxiety and suffering will be the cause of global awakening, as people are questioning everything. Nothing is hidden from those who have the courage to look. There is truth literally everywhere if we look – and see.

    Seeing – in the first instant – is pure consciousness;
    that is the origin of wisdom.

    Wisdom is not a matter of covering ourselves in spiritual paraphernalia. Wisdom is the raw deal in the moment of experiencing, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

    The more we see clearly, the more we see craziness.
    Be thankful that you see it!

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    Once Seen, Never Forgotten

    Everywhere we are, truth is!
    Or rather, everywhere consciousness is, truth is.

    When we re-cognise what is true, that means that we already know it but didn’t realise it. The authority of truth is therefore consciousness. No one has a monopoly on truth; truth is what we are and, until realising that, we live through others’ ideas, lost in a world of mumbo-jumbo, elaborations, exaggerations, titles and dependency.

    We may mistakenly believe that consciousness is merely perception, but perception does not ‘know’, while consciousness does. Living in a vagueness about our reality, we are not free; we can only be free when we know our true reality,

    Once we understand and realise this, everything changes –
    and it’s a bit of a shock.

    The whole point is that nothing could be known if it wasn’t for consciousness. That is where we start our inner investigation. The finish line is that this consciousness is – and has always been – pure. Consciousness is the in-between bridge to the pure land.

    Once truth is obvious, the evil that obscures that truth is also obvious.
    Evil is anything that obscures the purity of consciousness.

    Once seen, never forgotten.

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      All The World Is, Is A Stage

    “All the world’s a stage,
    and all the men and women merely players.
    They have their exits and their entrances.”

    We adopt a script and act out its foolery, day after day,
    and therefore there is nothing in our mind that is original.

    The news repeats itself, one horror after another,
    for us to be ‘on the same page’.

    We can exit this mindset at any time.
    Our original nature is beyond differences.
    Now that is being original!

    Once we realise our true essence as pure consciousness,
    we don’t have to believe anything ever again.

    We can then go back into the theatre of conflict,
    because heaven and hell are the same emptiness.

    Heaven = the emptiness of pure consciousness/knowingness.
    Hell = emptiness of phenomena, dependent on our clinging to knowing.
    Like the moon reflected in a pool, by virtue of one, the other is known.

    A stage: a platform of development,
    with many levels of realising the quality of compassion.

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    A Buddha Is A Ghostbuster

    The ghost is our projected image of self.
    The moment consciousness recognises this chatty ghost’s appearance,
    it vanishes.

    Through habit, however, it reappears the very next moment.
    This is why practice has to be constant, until this spirit is exorcised.

    It is we – consciousness – that have to do this,
    as even a Buddha cannot do it for us.

    “Who ya gonna call?”

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    Diversity Is Natural

    Diversity is natural, but can create conflict.

    On a physical level, we have different cultures, and different cultures within a culture and so, there are different ways of thinking. When these differences are exaggerated or imposed, problems arise, and that’s how wars are started.

    In our hearts, we all know this, and that’s the point.
    In our hearts, we are all one.

    We are pure consciousness,
    but just express this differently!

    People come together on a retreat and sit as one, but each of us has a different background, intention and quirkiness – a peculiar aspect of a person’s character or behaviour due to experiences.

    Our differences arise from various levels of ignorance, confusion and realisation. Everyone whom we encounter is our karma, and we theirs; these are actual teaching moments of mutual, practical dharma. In this way, we all take responsibility.

    Diversity is natural,
    so we don’t have to conform to others’ quirky ways!
    We just accept them.

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    The World ‘Looks’ Like Madness

    The world ‘looks’ like madness,
    but everything is the result of a cause.

    Madness isn’t our natural state.
    It is a disorder created in the mind,
    and not of consciousness.

    The world is made up of groups of people. When confusion and disorder occur, we become anxious about others, and that anxiety is exaggerated. We lose our inner confidence, and are easily divided.

    Without a foundation in our true reality, we are mentally adrift with only our beliefs to keep us afloat, and so we become easy pickings for the sharks and little nibblers. 🙂

    Meditation can restore our natural inner order
    through the realisation that we are pure consciousness,
    beyond all beliefs.

    That’s the reason to stay cheerful.
    As the Buddha said,
    “Don’t believe a word”
    … look behind it!

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    We Can All See This

    Whatever happens in one tiny spot on earth affects the entire world because of technocratic globalisation. Push a button here, and there is an effect on the other side of the planet.

    The problem is that this has become a way of life, so we don’t notice the spin doctors of public relations.

    When the whole world can be distracted by the pressing of a button,
    we are in very dark times.
    That’s how evil gets its way.

    The good news is that there is also a button to enlighten the world
    – but how many are inclined to press it?

    The button is recognition of our true nature through awareness.
    Our essence has always been enlightened; that is how we re-cognise it.

    We can all see this.

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    People Don’t Want War

    People don’t want war.
    So who does?

    Those who have a reason to want war
    use the media to promote dislike and hatred.

    For us to join in, while ignoring their reasons.

    Because we have been primed to divide.
    When we takes sides, we are being played.

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    Placebos And Nocebos Are Beliefs That Run Our Lives

    Placebos and nocebos are beliefs that run our lives.
    They are alternative words for hope and fear.

    The placebo effect can work miracles, as can the nocebo effect.
    The power of suggestion affects our reactions, and creates an belief.

    The placebo effect has a dark side, which is called a nocebo. If we are told that something has a negative effect and we believe that, this can have a detrimental impact because of the power of suggestion.

    Placebo: in medicine or a procedure prescribed for the psychological benefit to the patient rather than for any physiological effect. Or is designed merely to humour or placate someone and has no therapeutic effect. From Latin placere ‘to please’.
    In other words, a belief, a sugar pill.

    Nocebo is also a belief; it may be the opposite of placebo, but it has the same effect, ie a belief.

    Nocebo: a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis. From Latin, literally ‘I shall cause harm’, from nocere ‘to harm’.

    Placebos and nocebos govern our mind. Both can work miracles, either for good or for harm. Because we identify only with the body and mind, we lose the awareness of consciousness.

    Consciousness is beyond both good and bad.
    Consciousness does not take sides.
    We are consciousness, pure and simple.

    Being susceptible to hope and fear bring us to the laws of attraction,
    both positive and negative.

    As below, so above;
    we attract fortunate or unfortunate circumstances.

    We can be empowered.
    Knock and the door will open.
    Which door we choose is up to us.

    Be careful what you wish for and which spirit guide is listening.

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    Everyone Leaves In The End

    Everyone leaves in the end,
    so make the most of life energy.

    Make the most of empathetic kindness.
    Make the most of realising your true nature.

    While others make the most
    of wanting, of disliking, of indifference,
    we should make the most of what we truly are.

    Everyone leaves in the end;
    the end is another beginning.

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    How Do We Prove Our Reality?

    What we think of as our reality is merely a fixation in the mind. That is our global prison. We can only be free when, through analysis and meditation, we clear the mind of clutter. That is the path to real freedom, and the reason to meditate in carefree, silent clarity.

    Our reality is pure consciousness that has nothing to gain and nothing to prove.
    It just is.

    We cannot prove our reality; we can only realise it.
    Our reality is carefree, reading these words right now.

    The Alpha is just looking.
    The Omega is just seeing.
    That is our final reality.

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    Losing The True Meaning

    “Be at peace with your self.”
    Sounds good, but we can lose the truth.

    The statement, “Be at peace with your self”, can either schmooze us – manipulate us by turning a truth into a belief – or it can be direct realisation. There are many statements that are double-speak, using deliberately euphemistic or ambiguous language. In other words, they’re political.

    In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, there are 8 consciousnesses +1. Five are the senses that are non-conceptual, and three are of the mind: perception (brain), judgement and memory. It is memory that holds the ideas of self together. The +1 (the ninth consciousness) is pure consciousness. Whatever we do, we are usually caught up in memory, and so everything is continually related to a self. The ninth consciousness has no self-image; it is the very essence of what we are, before we start reacting.

    This why and how we become caught up in belief, living in a mistaken reality through memory, rather than direct consciousness.

    Once we are encouraged to believe something, having been steered away from direct experience, the belief turns into a temporary fix but the problem is never resolved. We just feel good for a moment. Our life is a series of ‘feeling good for a moment’, and that is why we constantly look for distractions.

    Statements such as, “Be at peace with your self”, can sound good, but are rarely followed up in practice, as our button can be pressed at any time. We can see this happen time and time again with spiritual people, if there is no stability.

    In absolute terms, being at peace with our self comes through direct understanding concerning our false self, which is our karma and teacher. So when times are challenging, it is these karmic reactions that tell us something about what is needed on our path to enlightenment. The challenge is our best friend!

    Here is a typical generalisation of what most people mean by ‘being at peace with our self’:

    Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.
    If you are at peace with your self or at peace with the world, you feel calm and contented.
    You have no emotional conflicts within yourself or with other people.
    You forgive yourself.

    Notice the repetition of the word ‘you’, ‘you’, ‘you’ that maintains a duality – ‘you’ and ‘feeling good’. This is being caught up in the eighth consciousness of memory, creating something ‘to be’ rather than resting in what we already are.

    Pure consciousness is already at peace as it has no sides.
    To be at peace with our self is to understand how our self-mind works,
    and how it is our karma and teacher.

    Self is a tool.
    This is how we can be at peace with our self.
    Know thy self!

    Always look after your tools and keep them bright,
    and those tools will do a proper job.

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    It means what it says!

    From the 16th century, describing pseudo-philosophy.
    Much talk; no experience.


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    All Things In The Universe Move According To Law

    This law is attraction, repulsion and indifference.

    Time does not change, but all things change in time.
    Space does not change, but all things change within space.
    Consciousness does not change, but all ideas change in consciousness.

    All that is contaminated changes.
    That which is uncontaminated does not change.

    Darkness is disorder = state of confusion.
    Light is order = a state in which everything is in its correct place.

    As long as we are governed by attraction, repulsion and indifference,
    we will be moved here and there.

    When these negative aspects of life are recognised as wisdom,
    pure consciousness remains unmoved and free.

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    Confidence Eliminates Doubt

    Confidence is unshakeable certainty.

    Confidence isn’t about opinions which cause conflict, division and anxiety.

    It is about genuine confidence that cannot no longer be offended as it doesn’t take sides, due to the presence of empathetic understanding.

    People argue about their opinions, but opinions are merely beliefs.
    Confidence arises from the evidence of personal experience.

    Opinion: from Latin opinio(n-), from the stem of opinari ‘think, believe’.
    Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially without proof:

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    Hermes Trismegistus 580–470 BCE

    Truth is everywhere and at every time.

    Hermes Trismegistus was a legendary, Ancient Greek Hellenistic figure who assimilated the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth.

    Here are a few of his quotations: one could take the word ‘God’ to mean our supreme being = pure consciousness and ‘Soul’ to be consciousness.

    “If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like. Leap clear of all that is corporeal, and make yourself grown to a like expanse with that greatness which is beyond all measure; rise above all time and become eternal; then you will apprehend God.”

    “Think that for you too, nothing is impossible; deem that you too are immortal, and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought, to know every craft and science; find your home in the haunts of every living creature; make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths; bring together in yourself all opposites of quality, heat and cold, dryness and fluidity; think that you are everywhere at once, on land, at sea, in heaven; think that you are not yet begotten, that you are in the womb, that you are young, that you are old, that you have died, that you are in the world beyond the grave; grasp in your thought all of this at once, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes together; then you can apprehend God.”

    “But if you shut up your soul in your body and abase yourself, and say “I know nothing, I can do nothing; I am afraid of earth and sea; I cannot mount to heaven; I know not what I was, nor what I shall be,” then what have you to do with God?”

    “Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness. Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration, up to the very Circle of Eternity.”

    “The punishment of desire is the agony of unfulfillment”

    “If thou but set foot on this path, thou shalt see it everywhere.”

    “Birth is not the beginning of life – only of an individual awareness. Change into another state is not death – only the ending of this awareness.”

    “The excellence of the soul is understanding; for the man who understands is conscious, devoted, and already godlike.”

    “No eyes will raise to heaven. The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise. The madman will be believed brave, and the wicked esteemed as good.”

    “O ye people, earth-born folk, ye who have given yourselves to drunkenness and sleep and ignorance of God, be sober now; cease from your surfeit, cease to be glamoured by irrational sleep!”

    “My discourse leads to the truth; the mind is great and, guided by this teaching, is able to arrive at some understanding. When the mind has understood all things and found them to be in harmony with what has been expounded by the teachings, it is faithful and comes to rest in that beautiful faith.”

    “But this discourse, expressed in our paternal language, keeps clear the meaning of its words. The very quality of speech and of the Egyptian words have, in themselves, the energy of the object they speak of.”

    “The hearer must be of one mind with the speaker, my son, and of one spirit as well; he must have hearing quicker than the speech of the speaker.”

    “The present issues from the past, and the future from the present. Everything is made one by this continuity. Time is like a circle, where all the points are so linked that one cannot say where it begins or ends, for all points precede and follow one another for ever.”

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    Life Is Great The Way It Is

    That’s a strange thing to say, when the world view is not based on truth, but on beliefs. Truth is like space; many things can happen within it, but space remains exactly the same, never changing.

    At the right time, we will see this as absolutely true. Truth has no origin. It just is, and it has been known for a very, very long time. It is universal, and space is infinite and timeless. Truth goes by many names, but it is just pure consciousness. It’s what we are.

    The way the world is is how we learn. Others may not see life in this way, preferring to become involved in this and that, but they too are learning slowly.

    Eternity and heaven have nothing do with time. Heaven is here right now. If we don’t realise that heaven is here, we will not get it somewhere else. We have to face the world of suffering and collective confusion, because suffering is the human condition as we do not realise our origin. We may find a lesson difficult but, with perseverance, we will finally understand. Eureka!

    This manifestation of collective confusion is an expression of our collective ignorance, our collective karma. This is also our teacher. We only think we don’t know, when knowingness (pure consciousness) is already present, acknowledging the mind that’s thinking it doesn’t know. Crazy!

    It is obvious that the Buddha received Vedic teachings, and then realised them to be our true nature. In Sanskrit, this realisation is called Sat-Chit-Ananda = being-consciousness-bliss, or the clear-light-of bliss, or emptiness-consciousness-unconfined compassion.

    We realise the cause of suffering when we realise that we are Sat-Chit-Ananda that downgraded into desire, aversion and ignorance, and we lost our freedom.

    We have been led by the nose into a mental hell, when heaven has been here all the while, waiting for us to acknowledge it and the life that we ought to be living. The life we are living now teaches us to re-cognise our true reality. Appearances and recognition are simultaneous. Sat-Chit-Ananda is, in other words, Dharmakaya-Sambhogakaya-Nirmanakaya.

    Can you see where the Buddha’s realisation came from?
    When we live in the light, all the dark goes away.
    When we all live in the light, all the dark goes away.

    When truth is turned into a belief, 
    we lose our freedom. 

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    It’s A Very Tricky, Sticky, Clever Dicky World

    Are we born suckers, or are suckers made?
    If we are not prepared to ask this question,
    we will not be willing to investigate.

    Sucker: a person who believes everything they are told, and is therefore easy to deceive. To like something so much that you cannot refuse it or judge its real value.

    How to make a sucker:
    First, confuse them with distractions.
    Note how easily they are deceived
    and will believe anything,
    passing this ‘gift’, this belief, on to others.

    How not to be a sucker:
    Realise that we are already sucked in.
    We are free in the moment of seeing.

    If we think we aren’t suckers, we’re suckers.
    If we know we’re suckers, we’re not.

    It’s a very tricky, sticky, clever-dicky world out there.

    Clever dick: a person who is irritatingly and ostentatiously knowledgeable 

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    Buddhism: Necessity Is The Mother Of Truth

    Did the Buddha actually say that?
    Er … no, but that’s what he meant 🙂

    When we see the necessity
    – our suffering and the suffering of others –
    we are motivated to discover the cause, and bring it to an end.

    Need can go one of two ways;
    either to create and become more needy,
    or to realise the cause of neediness.

    If we need a constant ‘parent’ to tell us what to believe,
    we will never grow up.

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    This Blog Is Neither Religious Nor Scholarly

    This blog is neither religious nor scholarly:
    it is about practical Buddhism within a modern world.

    In order to be practical,
    it has to be direct and observable, without elaborations.

    This blog is a niche, a nest, for minds that aren’t quite satisfied, that don’t want to follow, but just to rub shoulders with like-minded people; to meet and spend a little time together.

    When ‘spirituality’ is mentioned, it means pure consciousness – that which is reading these words now, before mental reactions set in. You cannot get more direct than that. In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, this is called Dzogchen.

    There are three aspects to our gross physical life: attraction, aversion and indifference. These correspond to three approaches to life; the peaceful approach uses attraction and keeps us calm, while the wrathful approach uses aversion to sharpen our wits. Indifference maintains dullness.

    In Tibetan Buddhism, there are deities that represent qualities of our nature. Each deity has two sides, one peaceful and one wrathful, and these are both versions of love. The peaceful deities have the quality of awareness, while the wrathful intensify that awareness. When we experience intense aversion, this can make us more alert if we are trained to recognise this signal.

    To become enlightened, we must know what is evil. The evil in this world creates wars, division and conflict. We ordinary people don’t usually cause trouble but our reactions do, because of a self-image projected on the wall of the mind.

    We all have our own path to enlightenment. Our personal path is about uncovering our confusion, rather than following others’ confusion (and people do do some odd things with their spirituality! :-))

    The Buddha’s first truth is admitting that we suffer, or are dissatisfied. That is when we start to seek an answer to life and the universe. Our problem lies in finding the right words to express our feelings as we’re too used to generalisations.

    Finding the answer to a problem is satisfying as it means that something has been realised. Once we realise something, we are at peace … for a while, until the next question arises. Realisation isn’t the final answer; it is a series of stepping stones of understanding.

    Wanting an instant answer is for fly-by-nights – those who seek to evade responsibility. 😀
    Wanting to join others is being a follower or imitator – those who seek to evade responsibility. 😀
    Wanting to know is for those who take individual responsibility in their personal investigation. 🙂

    When we take responsibility for our life, we no longer have to be led because we are our own leader. Our personal path is uncovering our confusion, rather than following others’ confusion.

    The result is so satisfying! I used to think Buddhism was very heavy when I encountered other students who took themselves seriously. In actuality, there is no such thing as a Buddhist. If there was, it wouldn’t be Buddhist. You don’t have to be Buddhist to understand the Buddha’s teaching – the Buddha wasn’t.

    Your views are always welcomed and interesting.
    If you want to chat you can write to

    There are hundreds of blogs about classical, scholastic Buddhism, written by knowledgeable people, but do they hit the spot for everyone?

    There is Dharma in everything.
    Buddhism actually makes life fun!

    Every time someone speaks,
    they show their light side, their dark side or their indifference.
    And all of that we can empathise with.

    Practical, everyday insight into Dzogchen Buddhism.
    It’s not about feeling good about yourself.
    It’s about feeling good about your self;
    your self is your karma, and your teacher.

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    Becoming Angry Because We Misunderstand

    When we understand something, we know how it came about, and so we are prepared instead of just reacting.

    Understand: the ability to understand something; comprehension. A sympathetic awareness  or tolerance.
    Misunderstand: is a failure to understand something correctly.

    If something doesn’t seem right, there will be a reason.
    There will also be a reason why we think something doesn’t seem right.

    We either understand through empathy,
    or we misunderstand through thinking that we understand. 😀

    We don’t want to be angry.
    We aren’t born angry.
    We become angry.

    Here is the twist.
    Anger is mirror-like wisdom!

    In the very first instant of seeing
    that something is wrong/crooked/unbalanced
    is the presence of pure perception/pure consciousness
    that sees clearly, without judgement.

    When this is practised, we can then evaluate,
    and empathise without causing harm.

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    Do We Have The Leaders We Deserve?

    We give them the authority.
    Choose your teachers wisely.

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    Don’t Let Your Spirituality Take Away Your Warmth

    This happen quite often.
    People say prayers of compassion
    but still lack warmth.

    We see someone troubled and think, “Well, that’s their karma,”
    not realising that, that person is within our vicinity* is our karma.

    * from Latin vicinitas, from vicinus ‘neighbour’.

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