The Problem For A Buddha

The problem for the Buddha, Jesus and other enlightened beings is that their teachings are turned into religions. This has the effect of either gathering believers in ritual or putting people off for ever, and both create psychological problems of instability. The very word ‘religion’ means to bind, to convert to religious belief.

These teaching are for people to realise their highest reality which is pure consciousness, rather than adoring a figurehead. Belief can make us feel and do wonderful things, but we relinquish control and grow dependent.

When we realise the teachings, we become our own teacher.

Belief is unnatural addiction. It is pseudo-knowing, accepting something that is merely hearsay, without proof. Joining a group may make us feel comfortable, but it makes us separatists, unable to accommodate to others’ views.

When we have experienced the natural teachings and understand them from within, true confidence arises. We are already enlightened beings: trying to become enlightened is trying too hard, and works against realisation. Feeling we have to get somewhere when we’re already there is counter-productive.

Enlightenment is knowing what we are,
and never forgetting.

The problem lies in making pure consciousness into some thing.

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Free Speech

We all have the ability to speak our mind. Direct communication is the most precious facility we have to live a fulfilled life. It is through honest communication that we learn about ourself and our abilities. Use it, refine it and use it.

Listening to the ‘media’ is an echo chamber of group-think that limits our understanding. That is not free speech. Repeating political babble is not free speech; it’s toeing the line, conforming to others’ standards.

Free speech is listening to ourself,
and seeing if we make sense. 🙂

If free speech is censored,
we are in a very dark place.

Still, saying this, conscious awareness cannot be censored;
it is that which knows what is natural and what is not.

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Effortlessness And Effort

To realise our true essence of pure consciousness takes no effort at all;
we let go of all presumptions, and just be.
It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe! 😀

Even though we may realise our true reality,
showing concern and listening to others is challenging,
and takes effort.

Being a theorist-therapist is only playing at being a friend.
Genuine empathy is sharing.

The more we remember our true essence,
the more compassion cuts through ignorance.

If we want to know which path to take,
we look at the people.

Are they high-minded, which takes no effort?
Or is there true compassion, which takes effort?

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Enlightenment Isn’t ‘Up There’

Enlightenment isn’t ‘up there’.
It’s right here, right now.

We only have to uncover the elaborations
which add complexity and doubt,
and divide wholeness.

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Handing Over Control To Others

It’s your life, not theirs.
If you choose to live their life,
you have to accept the consequences.
They don’t.

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Sorting Your Self Out

We may not like what we do or say; we mean well but this well-meaning doesn’t express itself properly, and we become unable to communicate in the way we’d like. This can be even more frustrating when others lack the ability to communicate too.

Our self is a concoction – a mixture of various ingredients, an elaborate fabricated story. It is a history of memories in the mind, all of which are observed by consciousness. When we finally realise that we are that consciousness, we can sort our self out. 🙂 Actually, our self sorts us out, as it shows us our karmic tendencies.

Look after your self,
and your self will look after you.


Your self is your karma
that teaches you – consciousness – how to become enlightened
by knowing what to drop, and when to drop it.

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God & God

God & God

There are two paths:
one is a belief in an external God the creator,
while the other is our supreme being of pure consciousness,
which is the wisdom of natural law.

A belief in God requires intercessors,
while the other is direct realisation of what we ultimately are.

All arguments about whether there is a God or not
are meant to divide and confuse.

Pure consciousness is barely present,
without any elaborations.

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Unconscious People

Unconscious people are those who are unaware of being consciousness; they’re unaware of what they are. They may function as humans, inventing and maintaining cultural identities, but fickle or stubborn as a result of protecting and maintaining a self-invention. 😀

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What If Humans Are The Missing Link?

In essence, we are not just human; we are pure consciousness.
If we don’t know that we are pure consciousness, then we are just human.

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Connecting And Disconnecting

Connecting with others who feel the same way about a problem enriches life, but this is rare. Even when we do connect, a disconnect then occurs as our background experiences tailor what we do about the problem that we see.

These background experiences are our filters – our karmic tendencies which have different levels – and it is that which creates the disconnect, depending on the levels of hope and fear being generated.

The more we cut through our hopes and fears,
the less we ignore any problem.

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Your Mind Is Lying To You

All that is in our mind is memories of information; this is not actual reality. The mind is a filter that we impose on every moment. This information that we have gathered is our karmic characteristic, and wanting recognition for being able to remember selected information is only pride. The truth is in the living situation now. One size does not fit all!

We may read that, if we have a leaky tap, we need to change the cartridge. Having pride in our information, we then tell others that that’s what they need to do. But when it comes to buying a new cartridge, it turns out that there are umpteen sizes, so we have to take the old cartridge out and actually measure all the parts. And voila, no drip! But this doesn’t mean the dripping tap upstairs can have the same cartridge.

The mind has the general idea, but not actual knowledge.
True knowledge starts from not ‘knowing’ and, at that point,
knowingness is present because there is questioning.

Knowingness is what consciousness is,
and through meditation,
consciousness is realised as what we are.

Through deeper meditation, we drop the meditation,
and consciousness is realised as emptiness.

We now have no fear of drips.

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Why Do We Perceive Things So Differently?

We choose to select different aspects of a message based on what interests us or has influenced us, and what we consider to be important. This background is the basis of our understanding anything – in other words, it’s karma.

How we perceive comes down to levels of understanding; in Sanskrit, levels are called ‘Yanas’, which means vehicle. It is so easy to talk at cross-purposes and misunderstand each other, because we’re actually speaking about different subjects without realising it.

Talk about absolute reality can be misunderstood by relating to relative reality.

Absolute reality is pure experience, while resting in pure perception now.
Relative reality is how we relate to everything – our reactions now.

Even when we may agree, there will be subtle differences in approach. This, in truth, is our actual uniqueness. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus … all enlightened ones realised pure consciousness, but each expressed this to suit the situation.

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Can We Be Passionately Balanced?

Passion: Easily moved, having strong feelings.

So can we be passionately balanced?

The more we realise absolute reality of emptiness,
the easier it is to spot smudges of misinformation.

Smudge: an indistinct or blurred view or image

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The Great Manipulation

We suffer because of manipulation. Manipulation means changing or inventing, or inventing to bring about change. The great manipulation is the belief that our acquired thoughts are us, and it’s not easy getting out of this collective cycle of delusion. In fact, most think it’s normal. 🙂

We may think that ‘spirituality’ is about change or manipulation, but we have already been manipulated into thinking that we are our thinking. Spirituality should be about getting back to true ‘normal’. 😀

Personally, I’m not keen on terms such as spirituality, meditation, pure consciousness, but we have to use the words that are available.

That which purely sees – without thinking – is our reality. Anything that expresses this is a manipulation, a generalisation that can be (and is) elaborated upon. That is where confusion starts – with belief.

We have to recognise what is beneficial and leads to clarity, and what leads to more confusion and suffering.

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Levels Of Awareness 

Being aware:
aware of whatever we are doing.

Being aware of being aware:

Being awareness itself:
our original reality.

Awareness follows where attention goes. Whatever awareness focuses on, it becomes. This is why, in meditation, we first focus on the breath as it calms activity in the mind and body.

However, this is also why we become distracted and confused about our original reality. When awareness identifies as a gender, race, culture, religion, class 
 we lose our original reality in favour of focusing on a status, playing a part like an actor. Professional actors play many parts; we, as individuals, adopt one part, and that is our lot for life.

Awareness comes from consciousness.
When consciousness adopts a part, that part is called ‘self’.

When consciousness rests in its original, uncontaminated reality,
inner peace is maintained.

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We Are All Alone

Let’s be honest;
we pretend we are not alone,
but it’s why we seek out others.

If we truly recognise that we are alone,
we’d value one another more.

Alone: 1250–1300; Middle English al + one all (in the sense “wholly”) one.

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Levels Of Awareness

Being aware: we are aware of whatever we are doing, which is a duality – me + activity
Being aware of being aware: meditation, which is a duality – me + stillness
Being awareness itself: our original state of non-duality – no me, just awareness of activity

Awareness goes where attention goes. It focuses. This is where we can become distracted, if we are unaware.
When not focused, it is either vacancy or panoramic vision, where we are in a state of not knowing or we take in everything at once.

“Being aware of being aware” is a stage to realising non-duality of being pure awareness.

In daily life, when awareness is placed at the point of contact, that is where awareness goes. That’s where we are.
If it is placed where a tool is in contact with the point of activity, that is where we are.
If awareness is placed on a thought, that is where we are.

If we hold on to the tool or thought, this interferes with the next moment.

Being awareness itself is being consciousness itself.
At its highest level, it is pure awareness, pure consciousness.

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What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Our definitions may differ. That’s okay, as we all have our individual story to unwrap.

Throughout life, we conformed to others’ standards, which may not be totally satisfactory but we put up with it as we don’t know anything better. After years of so-called ‘spiritual’ endeavour, the answer may be, “Not this, not this”. Everyone is just mimicking a doctrine of some sort, which might be clever but is uninspiring.

Monkey see, monkey do
– but does monkey know?

When we stop following – or rather, believing – there is a wobbly moment where we are on our own. We may give up and go back to others’ standards, or give up and really let go. Change occurs when we come to a conclusion through testing the essence of teachings, rather than relying on make-believe. We have every right to challenge the teachings. It’s why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; test it.” When we realise that we cannot come up with anything better, the relief is beyond words!

To say ‘pure consciousness’ again is pointless;
it’s more being the moment, rather than being in the moment.
And that sounds like a clichĂ©. 🙂

People can make all sorts of claims, but the moment of knowing is the key: it cannot be pretentious.
It is not something we can claim in order to be admired, but is a knowingness that becomes more and more precise.

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All We Need To Know

All we need to know is what we are, and then everything makes sense.
We are pure consciousness.
Everything else – including self – is an illusion.

Pure consciousness knows. Mind repeats memories. Brain stores. Body carries. Life is karma.

Karma teaches us the way home to pure enlightenment. By realising our mistakes, we learn. Our biggest mistake is believing what we are, as opposed to knowing what we are.

Self is an intellectual construct, where everything is believed to be real and everlasting. As we get older, life becomes shorter, and it’s easier to see the revolving illusions and their effects.

Do not believe in the Buddha or any teacher; realise what they meant. Belief is the trap, and is the reason why we only live in hope.

The Buddha realised the Vedas = not two.
That is here, right now.
It’s all we need to know.
Appearance and realisation are simultaneous.

Mere belief makes us seem foolish.
In realisation, illusions speak to us.

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Who Has Wisdom?

We endow others with the wisdom that we think we do not have. If we recognise wisdom, that means we already know, but doubt that we are this wisdom. Recognising wisdom is rekindling, relighting, reawakening what we have always been. True spiritual teaching is solely concerned with what we are.

We ignore this because we are taught something that takes us off-target at an early age; it’s a simple confidence trick to make us doubt. As we learn to lack confidence, we grasp whatever is projected our way, which divides us.

Wisdom is simply seeing the tricks, and not over-reacting. Why would anyone play tricks on us?

Once we are free, we are really free of collective hysteria and aggression. When confidence grows, we no longer have conflict with others because we know the story behind the action.

What is this story?
The injection of hope and fear.

What is the effect of wisdom?
Relief from hope and fear.

Anything more?
We connect with the wisdom from the past that strengthens confidence.

What is the essence of this wisdom?
That we are pure consciousness.

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It’s A Very Stupid World!

It’s a very stupid but spiritually-enhancing world.

We live in a world, creeping to ever-new heights of stupidity. How is this achieved?

By making people dependent and therefore stupid, and then demanding restrictions and limitations because they are stupid. The stupid thing is that the influencers who create the ‘influencers’ who create stupid people think that they aren’t stupid.

This is truly the blind leading the blind.

Spending a precious life slowly, slowly capturing minds through hysteria, and creating mass programming is stupidity at its highest level. When we allow entertainment to distract consciousness – our reality – this is stupidity itself. We actually become experts and take pride in stupidity.

The stupid thing is believing that consciousness can ultimately be captured.
It can only be temporarily distracted.
This is why we go round in circles.

Those in the upper echelons of power are only concerned with the material world of wealth and power. By dripping money into fashion, music, sports, religion, films, the internet, gaming – the opium of the people – we are controlled into thinking – stupidly – that this is all real.

The prisoners and the prison guards both breathe the same atmosphere. It is our minds which control us, and whatever is in the mind is stupidly adopted and cherished. This is why we work so hard at being distracted.

How do we stop being stupid?
Know the difference between belief in what we are told
and intuitive knowingness
– instinct, sixth sense, divination, clairvoyance.
Without second sight, we are intuitively blind.

This is fearless lateral reasoning beyond vertical common reasoning.

Pure consciousness cannot be captured –
it can only be temporarily distracted.

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Having A Good View

Having a good view is having a clear view, with no obstructions, no mental commentary, no taking sides of likes and dislikes. We may have a preference, but we’re never obsessed because we recognise our reactions keep us bound, ignoring intuitive insight.

This insight frees us from worry. When encountering a scary situation (such as sitting with religious people :D), we can either run away, stay and bear it, or just let it wash over us like water off a duck’s back.

We should be grateful that we have changed.

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Too Much Information

Information isn’t knowledge.
Information is belief.
Knowledge is experience.

Too much information cuts our capacity and our ability to digest properly. When we intellectualise, we lose the simple joy and reality of life.

All the information we need is within.
Empty consciousness asks, “What’s this?”

Each situation explains everything. The tap leaks, the electricity switch trips, the lawn-mower cuts out 
 all they need is systematic attention.

Dealing with emotions is the same. We again have to look systematically at the effect and the cause. Too much information makes us go in all directions at once, and creates confusion.

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Nothing Will Make Us Happy

There are, of course, two ways of looking at this statement. We are either never satisfied, always looking for something better, or we realise that the emptiness of phenomena and self are totally satisfying.

How can that be? We can enjoy by letting go, without holding on to anything.
As pure (empty) consciousness, we are happy for no reason, a happiness that does not rely on conditions.

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If We Want To Be Special, We Lose

In the cult of celebrity, we trust in an inner circle to feel special, rather than relying on ordinary, direct experience. When we defer our reality to others, we lose. Lost in false euphoria, we learn the right words to repeat, but there is no meaningful insight.

Being nothing ‘special’, we are free.
We are no longer reliant on a name or system,
as this merely limits our ability to cope on our own.

There are two doors.
One door leads to a happy cosy place, and the other opens to all our raw karma.
Which one leads to enlightenment?

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Humans Are Natural Addicts

We can all be enthusiastic devotees.
Evil and Goodness both know this.
Can Evil and Goodness both be addictive?

Addiction is an intense urge to engage in behaviour providing immediate sensory rewards. This is obvious when considering evil, but what of goodness? They are the same; we can be addicted to meditational practices or gurus, or even to giving advice, and this is exactly why, in the Dharma, we are advised to drop any realisation. 😀

In this way, we remain spontaneous pure consciousness.

This is “Stayin’ Alive!”
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

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Emotional Weeds

They pop up everywhere!

In the moment of recognition,
they wither away.

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Policing Conformity

Policing conformity is achieved through belief.
As long as we react the same way as others, we conform to a belief.

Belief can create wonderful ‘things’ and achievements,
but they are all distractions to hold us to belief.

If the world was enlightened, conformity would be wonderful,
but it isn’t, is it?

When we realise our original nature of pure consciousness,
we are original.

We know how to play with these wonderful ‘things’
without becoming trapped. 😀

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Bodging Dharma

Bodging Dharma is Perfect Dharma.

Bodging refers to anything done of necessity using whatever tools and materials come to hand and which, whilst not necessarily elegant, is nevertheless serviceable (the term ‘bodging’ actually comes from travelling chair makers who used whatever suitable wood they could find).

Bodging is practical Dharma, utilising whatever karma presents to us: family, career, people, money, emotional weeds … 🙂

Dharma is for everyone; it’s classless.

Bodging Dharma, rather than religious Dharma, is perfect Dharma.
It deals with the rawness of life.

Until enlightenment, bodging (karma) is our perfect teacher.

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The Science Of Spirituality Is …

The science of spirituality is 

consciousness, of course.

Science is investigated by consciousness.
Spirituality is consciousness investigating.


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Connecting Is Oneness

Connecting is unity – not two.
It’s the ultimate purpose of being.

When we realise we are disconnected,
we realise that we lack love.

Connection is silent recognition.

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We May Know, But Still Feel Uneasy

We may feel that life is wrong. We, as people, don’t seem right – we are reactive and dismissive.

So we look for an answer. Even when we finally come across a view that makes sense, and answers all our questions, we may still feel uneasy.

We are suffering from a residue from memories due to early trauma;
it’s phantom suffering.

At this point, we either recognise that we are repeating ourselves and learn from this, or we re-enact a mood, maintaining our ‘usual’ ambient atmosphere.

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How To Meditate Without Meditating

Just be aware of awareness in everything that you do and think,
and equilibrium falls into place.
In this way, we do not lose consciousness.

Gradually, karma (the result of previous actions and reactions)
creates a fruitful life, where everything is connected.

Life becomes spontaneous by our being aware of causes and effects.
Our karma will instruct us to remain open,
and not lie in ambush or be distracted.

How to meditate without meditating:
Keep a smile.


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Futile Diligence

Futile diligence is addiction. Life seems purposeless, so we make a purpose. When we obsess about a subject or activity, we lose sight of our actual reality, and focus on something or someone else, making our life and the lives of those around us complicated. Blame is easier than having an overview. Lacking time and space to contemplate and just be aware, we lose the sense of beautiful simplicity.

Over-involvement fills up precious time, to the extent that our participation is merely entertainment.
This frame of being obscures our true reality in favour of the illusory activities of others which we have now adopted.

Spiritually speaking,
there are religious types who cling to the magic of words,
scholars who expound on the words, creating more words,
and those who are totally confused
– who cannot adopt anything and are therefore ‘just there’ 😀

The genuine experience of nowness, awareness, consciousness
is actually meditation taking place endlessly.

There is always a sense of not knowing:
that is knowingness, awareness, consciousness,
present before identification.

If we allow fear to enter,
the door remains closed.

Knock and the door opens.

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The Words Or The Meaning?

What is more important,
the journey (words) or arriving (the meaning)?

Or the meaning of the meaning?
Once we experience and realise the meaning,
the result is empathetic compassion.

That is when we know the meaning
of the words.

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The Sad Truth

The truth is that which is constant, like a straight line. It is the direct perception of consciousness, without contaminating presumptions.We are this pure consciousness and, as such, nothing special. Our problem is that we want to be something special, someone different, and it is this that causes suffering.

The release from suffering is realising what we are,
rather than what we are told and accept.
That release is the experience of joy.

When we sit down after a period of hard labour, we feel relaxed. Now, consider a lifetime of anxiety suddenly lifted –that is some relief! We no longer feel we have to follow the stereotypical ways that created our anxiety in the first place. How often have I spoken to spiritual teachers and asked, “Do I have to be like them?”? 🙂

Sadness is a heavy heart that restricts.
Through empathy, we feel it in others.

Idealism is a representation of truth, rather than the actual reality; it is a mental construct. It assumes that perception is reality, when the reality is consciousness behind the perception. Therefore idealism romanticises and is unrealistic.

What is more important, the journey (words) or arriving (the meaning)?

Hope and fear freeze us.
Wisdom frees us.

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Creeping, Malevolent Censorship

Creeping, malevolent censorship
is meant to mislead consciousness into belief.

Censorship is the suppression of speech or information which leads to self-censorship, censoring one’s own discourse out of fear, without overt pressure from any specific authority.

To control a population,
a subconscious meme is placed into society,
and spreads like a virus.

A meme is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture, and often carries symbolic meaning. This can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other phenomena.

Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural genes that self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures. A meme may refer to an image that is remixed, copied and circulated in a shared cultural experience; Youtube videos show people reacting to someone else’s performance, and others mimicking that reaction in their own video in order to get more followers 

When spirituality becomes political – acting in the interests of an organisation rather than the essential principle – it is an act of manipulation through elaboration.

It’s only when we know the truth, the essence of a subject, that we recognise when the line has gone wonky.

Is the love unconditional, or with conditions?
Is empathy a shared experience, or ‘superior’ pity?

When we have true confidence, nothing can phase us
as we understand being governed by hope and fear.

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The Cheese In The Trap

Following a ‘name’
rather than practising the meaning of the teaching,
we fall into the trap of addiction.

Escaping the trap:
through empathy, we know the traps we all fall into.

This is in no way an attempt to offend cheese.
I like cheese, but don’t want to become addicted.

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What Is Universal Mind / Universal Consciousness?

It comes from the Vedas.
Rig Veda is the oldest of the Vedas, written in Sanskrit around 1500 BC.

What is universal mind / universal consciousness?
The way we view this depends on our understanding – or misunderstanding. 😀

It is something we all have in common. Pure consciousness.
We may think of it as God, nature, universal principle, something we can tap into or 
 what we are.
It always comes down to non-duality – indivisible pure consciousness.

The source of inspiration is something external, and that is a duality.
Silent oneness is non-duality.

We cannot intellectualise pure consciousness as it is beyond concepts. If we conceptualise the word ‘source’, it becomes a manufactured thing, an idea. That is the universal trap. To go beyond, we must let go of preconceived ideas.

Ordinary consciousness is the source of every thing; it is a conduit, a go-between, a middle-man to realising emptiness. Or, through intellectualisation, it becomes a blockage in the pipes!

Pure/empty consciousness is indescribable and unfathomable,
but alive with knowledge/wisdom as needed.

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Experience The Gift

Gift: a thing given willingly without payment. A natural ability.
The gift is the teaching on our true reality, and the experience this gives.
The gift is realising our genuine uniqueness, as opposed to an adopted persona.

the relief from suffering.

empathy for others.

willingness to help other experience the gift.

no longer opposing others.

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Why I Keep Repeating The Buddha’s Words …

…“Do not take my words for the truth; test them for yourself.”

If we merely reiterate words and offer no explanation, we are only repeating sounds, rather than addressing the context of situations as they arise. Repeating words without practical experience is merely perpetuating incomplete beliefs; this is the cause of ignorance, suffering and disharmony.

The Buddha’s first noble truth is to acknowledge suffering. He meant it. Buddhism is not a scholarly objective to prove that we are better than others. When we actually suffer or see others suffer, this has a profound effect on us to affect change. To go to the Dharma and ignore this advice is to think that we are perfect. It’s not until we take this first step that the rest follows – to jump ahead and think we can shortcut is pure arrogance.

Too many just repeat what they have read or heard, sounding like religious zealots with absolutely no empathy for others’ suffering or disquiet. This attitude makes the suffering and disquiet worse, and it’s the reason that I have problems with spiritual organisations.

The teaching is about removing suffering, and to admit suffering is an honest and courageous thing to do.

We all have confusion in our minds, the result of repetition of media. Clinging to media is the cause of suffering.
Media = Medium: a means by which something is communicated or expressed. The middle man.

The Buddha was saying;
I am just the middle-man; test the truth for yourself.

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There Is No Single Source Of Truth

There is no single source of truth.
Truth just is.

It’s like formula; it just is.
It’s like space; it just is.

To ask where space, formulae and truth came from is scholastic hell. Truth is that which does not change – it is constant and cannot be altered.

We dwell in space (a particular moment in the universe).
We work with formulae (calculating force).
We are truth (consciousness).

Without consciousness, space and formulae, we wouldn’t have the ability to survive. However, this alone is not enough to realise ultimate truth.

Ordinary consciousness separates us.
It is only when we let go of our scholarship that we realise that consciousness is empty of dwelling and calculating. This results in realising pure consciousness.

There are many sources, but one truth.
We are what we seek.

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There Is A Manual For Life

It’s quite short; it’s karma.

‘Karma’ is just a word for the effect of previous actions that causes our habitual reactions now. This manual is our teacher, instructing us how to eliminate karma through compassionate activity – it’s no longer about us.

We are pure consciousness, and we’re here to realise this fact. What we call “myself” is just this karmic ledger, which is recording our personal history and expressing itself in our attitude. We assume that this history is what we are, when it’s merely a history of delusion. 😀

Just because everyone else believes that they are their history
doesn’t mean we have to.

The levels of realisation are not about going higher;
they are about reducing the levels of doubt.

When we understand this ledger, it becomes our instructor, our teacher showing us our errors. This is the path to enlightenment, erasing our account in the ledger.

The sort of life we experience is immaterial as it’s a product of personal karma. It’s just a matter of letting go of whatever pleases or displeases. The most important aspect of life is having time and space to contemplate, otherwise life is just one long distraction that numbs us.

The manual is karma – concepts in the mind.
It tells us everything we need to know
about the knowingness that is reading the book.

The book is written for the exoteric believers to follow.
The meaning of the book is for the esoteric;
it’s a working manual.

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There Is Nothing For A Creator To Do

If the universe is infinite,
why would there be a creator?

The infinite universe is home for infinite conscious beings,
commensurate with their karmic tendencies.

This consciousness is pure,
and needs no physical universe.

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Crossing The Barrier

Most ordinary beings aren’t interested in their true reality as they’re bustling around, engaged in one-upmanship. The problem for spiritual adherents/devotees is being given answers, and then bustling around, engaged in one-upmanship.

This competitiveness inhibits crossing the barrier into the actual experience of realisation, empathy and compassion. Crossing the barrier, we are no longer concerned with being better than others.

Everyone, at some point, will realise that they can only be pure consciousness.

When pride no longer governs,
that is the beginning of spiritual friendship.

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The Great Disappointment

Realisation is disappointing.
It’s no big deal.

And even though we realise what we are,
a great sadness arises
as others haven’t yet realised that they are pure consciousness.

This is where the real work begins
in developing compassion through our conduct.
Before realisation, there can be no compassion; just superior pity.

In disappointment, expectations cease,
and we deal with each emotion as it emanates.

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Spirituality Can Be A Prison

Doubt imprisons us.

Once we understand the principle of any activity, we are free to go away and develop it. When we get a glimpse that we are pure consciousness, meditation verifies it.

If people do not meditate correctly by knowing that dropping the meditation is the meditation, they will lack confidence. It is doubt that is the never-ending prison.

When we doubt, we become needy; the feeling of being compelled to join others is addictive.

Compassion is just a word, and it’s wishful thinking.
Empathy is experience, and builds our ability.

Talking to others is talking to inmates!
The path to both death and enlightenment is individual.

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What Is Realised Cannot Be Unrealised

Once we realise what we actually are – pure consciousness – then the whole of our history unravels, along with whatever is taking place now. We realise that everything we’ve been told is part of an illusion.

Those in power want to stay in power, and it’s not obvious who ‘they’ are. Why not? To put it simply, if we cannot see the target, we aim at the gofers – those in the public eye who run short errands.

Once we realise pure seeing is always spontaneously present without effort, then all intrusions to distract consciousness are seen immediately. Is realisation sudden or gradual? There is a build-up, and then an unexpected snap or shock.

Conspiracy theories happen because of confusion.
Confusion is the aim of conspiracy.

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Don’t ‘Meditate’; Barely Be Aware

Meditation is simply sitting in silence and being aware, purely aware. That pure awareness is pure consciousness, released from contaminating thoughts. When thoughts arise, it is awareness that spots them and, in this way, thoughts and awareness become a unity.

So, it’s not a matter of having no thoughts; it’s just being aware of whatever is going on in our mind. Gradually, the thoughts and our reactions take a back seat, and become redundant.

The outcome is that, in daily life, we no longer act out our thoughts and emotions as there aren’t any. There is just pure awareness ascertaining cognisance.

Don’t ‘meditate’; barely be aware.

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Knowledge Is Our Protector

Knowledge is our protector.
Protector from what?

Empathy protects consciousness from the pride of knowledge.
It is wisdom that protects knowledge.

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