I Can’t Find Consciousness!

Are you saying that you are not conscious?
Of course not.

Are you saying you are not conscious of your thoughts?
Of course not.

Consciousness is naturally what we are, first and foremost. We don’t need years of practice to see this. An ‘I’ is merely a designation, something that consciousness anchors on to. Before ‘I’ see, there is just seeing, isn’t there? That is consciousness! It cannot be found as it is the seeing itself; this can only be realised. Consciousness is seeing. Seeing is a piece of cake – it’s immediate.

It takes time to become unstuck to the ideas we hold that obscure this immediate consciousness. Maintaining our obsessions and fixations is what causes us dissatisfaction because this constantly creates opposites.

Our ideas are not the ultimate truth. It is that which sees these ideas that is the ultimate truth, and that is the clarity of consciousness. Tulku Urgyen called it, “spontaneous presence”. This is the most important aspect in our lives – to realise this one point. If we do not understand our original truth, then nothing will ever be right.

This bring us on to relating through behaviour and conduct. There are two aspects to relating:

One is where we are – unconsciously – only relating to our thoughts that we mistakenly believe to be our reality, and which control our behaviour, opinions, and dissatisfactions.

The other aspect is conscious relating, which is real communication of generosity and so forth. This relating is an expression of realisation, when we relate through empathetic kindness. It is challenging, but makes life worthwhile and, incidentally, increases our intelligence. Conscious relating is being a good friend, creating a genuine, safe atmosphere for real communication.

We merely have to look at the world and our reactions to see that we live within confusion which is maintained by confusion.

In truth, our original reality – spontaneous consciousness – is never confused; it just sees. Just seeing, we can recognise the consequences of actions and reactions, and so be prepared. In this way, consciousness is practical, as it can discern what is harmful and what is beneficial (this isn’t the same as pre-judging, where we are using our bias and prejudice).

When we either over-react or ignore our reality of pure consciousness, we become part of collective confusion. If, however, we can look at all possibilities, there are no surprises.

If we cannot find consciousness,
then where are we?

Whatever we think,
consciousness is always present.

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If We Fixate About Our Spiritual Path …
… then we are not on a spiritual path

the process of reducing a volatile spirit
into a permanent bodily form”.

A true spiritual path is consciousness
freed from feeling guilty, touchy or obligated.

restricted to a particular function or mode of life”.

Be aware that religion can become a culture
as opposed to a spiritual path.

On a genuine spiritual path,
we are free to be at one with everything and everyone
because, ultimately,
everything and everyone
is recognised within pure consciousness.

Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

Never be divided, as pure consciousness is inseparable from
everything and everyone.

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Become Buddhist And Find God!

It’s all about our true reality:
to realise that we are what we seek.

Believing is not seeing.
Believing is ignorance.

Seeing is knowing,
and knowing is realisation.

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Modern Times: Lulled Into Confusion

We are lulled into confusion by distraction, thus creating dissatisfaction, depression and suffering. When our attention is turned away from the breath of consciousness – life itself – we will always be wanting.

Now is the time to realise what is truly valuable in life: right food for right health, right company for right atmosphere, and right realisation of what we are for right confidence. This right attitude creates right empathetic love, in which there is no confusion.

As long as we are confused,
we will lack insight and so, lack love.

If we must read,
read the signs of the times
to see where they are leading us.

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Today’s Entertainment 😀

Meditation is resting in spirit.
The word ‘spirit’ means breath.
Resting in pure spirit (being undistracted) is pure consciousness.
That is what we are.

Our supreme reality is our pure consciousness.
We could call that ‘God consciousness’.
God is not a belief.
Belief is ignorance.

God is pure experience, pure realisation.
We realise that we are what we seek.
Truth is never, ever in a book.
Truth is in the experience and realisation of the word.

The graven image that we all worship
is a self-identity, a persona.
We place that in front of pure consciousness
and hold on tight.
It is this that causes us dissatisfaction and suffering.

The devil is hellbent on distracting us,
feeding off our reactions.
As long as we react, the devil is happy.

However – the devil doesn’t exist!
The devil is our own ego
… I … myself … me …. my likes and dislikes.

Become Buddhist and find God!

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What Is Self, And What Is Selflessness?

A bird sings.
Who – or rather, what – hears it?
What’s me?

We make a very simple mistake
which reveals how simple truth actually is.

Sound is first heard through the ears. The ears are only active due to consciousness being present. In that first instant of hearing is pure consciousness. There is no self identity and no relating.

We may assume (wrongly) that, because there is hearing present, a self is present; in actuality, it is just consciousness that is present. Self comes along a moment afterwards, because consciousness becomes ‘interested’ in the situation. Self is a relating mechanism that created and maintains a ‘me’ and my ideas, holding on to perceptions in its own way and building a persona.

Selflessness is the first instant of pure awareness, where there is just empty acknowledgement, without relating.

Clinging to a self creates an I = ego. From a profound point of view, this becomes our pattern of mundane behaviour.

“So you’re calling me mundane?” Yes 😀 – mundane, neurotic and paranoid. Now look at the reaction to that statement.

When any of the senses are in operation, pure consciousness is present and, if left alone, takes care of everything that we need to maintain unadulterated awareness – unconditional happiness.

This is the non-dual reality spoken about in ancient teachings. No belief is required as it’s simple science. Non-duality can only be experienced, rather than read about. Non-duality is selflessness.

If self continues to relate to everything and maintain that relating, we become imprisoned by ideas. Pure consciousness is – and always has been – free, without holding on.

It’s astounding how simple it is …
and how we continually look elsewhere.

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Find Out How Crazy You Are

These are ideal times to see the cracks in our mind.

We find ways to amuse ourself: we focus and fixate upon books, games, music, films, news, social media, work, family … There are all based around some distraction to which we react and, all the while, pure intelligence, pure consciousness, pure sanity looks on unnoticed.

We were born into a world full of cracks in reality!

Crazy: 16th century, full of cracks.

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Learning How To Relate To Others

From a Dharma point of view, learning how to relate to others is empathy. It is through sadness which arises from recognising that emotions obscure our true state of inner peace that we can have compassion. Even though we talk about absolute reality as opposed to relative reality, we still have to function (nicely) as humans.

We all have a karmic propensity, a persona. This is the vehicle by which we expression ourselves, and it is by understanding this that we can relate to others. In fact, the more suffering and dissatisfaction we experience, the more we can empathise and relate.

Everyone wants someone to listen to them. Understanding this, we learn to listen to others without judgement. Discrimination is still present as we know what is beneficial and what is harmful.

We can recognise that others feel right in their view, while noting that their view may be disturbing them.

From a Dharma point of view, we are learning the clarity of pacifying, magnetising, enriching and destroying (which is merely cutting through, and has nothing to do with aggression).

May the Bodhicitta (unconditional selflessness) arise within consciousness.
May emptiness (uncontaminated reality) arise within consciousness.
May non-aggression (causing no harm) arise within consciousness.

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Healing And Provoking

We either need to become stable before we can cut through our opinions, or cut through our opinions in order to become stable. The sort of mind we have will dictate the approach we need; one isn’t superior to the other. Hopefully, this blog covers both 🙂

Because we are delicately dedicated to our opinions, we need an approach that frees consciousness from ideas, by allowing our mind to see clear either through healing or provoking.

Stress and anxiety create a disturbance in our subtle body. In modern terms, this is our nervous system while, in ancient terms, it is explained as ‘winds, energies and channels’.

Stress and anxiety are created by our mind’s confusion and doubt, as we lack an honest understanding of the way we actually work – we just arrive here and join the chaos! 😀

Through this habit pattern, tensions can occur in the body: a name or a symbol creates a reaction in our mind, and then in the body. We experience this through feeling; this has been proved scientifically though ‘branding’ observation.

This old video explains how we can control subtle body ‘wind’ to ease tension. In Tibetan, this is called ‘lung’ (pronounced ‘loong’). I chose to do this 108 times once a day for six months to get my ‘lung’ down, but this may not be necessary for every individual. You may find that, when interacting with others, the lung rises, and doing the practice for just a few moments can help you feel more relaxed.

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How Do I Know If I’m Happy?

If we are neither unhappy nor indifferent, then we are happy.

The nice feeling of being happy comes about when everything we are doing drops away.
If we are neither unhappy nor indifferent then we are happy – but there may not be a feeling of being happy.

The feeling of being unhappy usually comes from the inner energies rising in the body from just below the navel area. We feel out of place, and to rebalance and relax, these energies are to be taken down to just below the navel by using the subtle breath exercise (see video below).

Try it and see.
Conscious chanting or singing does the same thing.
Being happy is being in tune in body and mind … !


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Formal Dharma And Informal Dharma

Formal Dharma is using all the right words.
Informal Dharma is the experience of the right words.

We may go for all the right words
and stick to them …
but realisation is becoming unstuck.

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I Don’t Know What To Believe Any More”

If we’re saying this, then we have the means of escaping belief! 😀

Belief is relating to ideas that are merely concepts in the mind. This is our mental imprisonment.

Belief is a relative reality that always creates conflict, between this as opposed to that. For this reason, religions get it wrong, unless they go to the source of provable truth rather than relying on stories.

Absolute, undeniable truth frees us, as we recognise that we have been living in a relative reality of concepts. This is why Tulku Urgyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing!”

We always have a choice of which reality to live in – absolute or relative. One is involvement and the other is seeing the involvement; it’s that simple. This doesn’t mean we never get involved: we are just not believing in the dream, and so deal with each situation more clearly and skilfully. Seeing untruth is the inseparability of relative and absolute truth = non-duality.“We are free in the moment of seeing!”

Whatever we believe is changeable, whereas that which sees does not change … ever! The whole point of spiritual development is to become less stupid 😀 We are – and always have been – naturally pure intelligence; we have just learnt to believe.

These are singular, beyond average times and we have to adapt quickly because beliefs are flying around like a virus. 😀 Whatever happens, we should know where our centre is, and that is the pure state of consciousness. Just stop and look.

We need to be adepts, skilful and proficient in adapting. Rather than being self-belief-centred, we need to be consciousness-centred. Pure consciousness is autonomous: having its own laws, it is self-conscious, self-aware.

Don’t be confused!
Awareness or consciousness is self-existing, which means that it is automatically naturally present, whereas being self-conscious is having an exaggerated self-identity, our persona/mask.

“Having its own laws”.
Universal gross laws:
attraction, repulsion and indifference.

Universal absolute laws:
emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Don’t believe anything.
Just see.








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Superior Position – Inferior Position
Pure vision and impure vision

We are pure vision. It is our natural state. When realised, this is our naked, superior position – our supreme reality. When we do not realise this pure view, we succumb to ideas and influences that put us in an inferior position, contaminating our view.

When we succumb to clinging to and fixating on ideas, we fall prey to demonic ideals. Demonic forces are all around us; these forces are beings that have fallen prey to desire, aversion, pride and jealousy, and have ignored their pure vision. This is not a criticism, but merely a pure observation.

If we criticise demonic forces (other people), we become one of them –
tainted vampires.

Demonic forces have absolutely no power of their own. We merely consent to believe that impure vision is our reality. Still, as practitioners, we are not reacting to this habitual behaviour as demonic forces are now our teacher. This is an exceptional teaching.

When we remain stable within pure consciousness, contamination serves as a reminder not to join in, not to be sucked in. 😀 Seeing this inferior position is the superior position as this now serves as our teacher. This being so, we appreciate the presence of impure view, and so become devoted and compassionate to their victims. That is pure vision! In pure vision, nothing can steal our joy.

Keeping in Contact With Others
If we don’t, we may regret it.
Everyone needs to know that
someone is thinking of them.

Don’t Feel Lonely
When resting in pure consciousness,
we are at one with every other being
who is resting in pure consciousness.

Always Be Aware Of Exaggerated Elaborations
They cause belief, hope and fear.
All we need to know is our essential truth.

A Healthy, Natural Life Is All We Need
When we realise this nature of pure consciousness,
everything changes.
We become less needy and less demanding,
while remaining empathetic to the anxiety of others.

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Our Long Term Mental Health

Our long term mental health
depends on the reality of our point of view.

If our point of view relies on our opinions,
good mental health cannot be guaranteed.

If our point of view is the nature of consciousness,
good mental health is assured.

Isolation is a ideal opportunity
to stop our self finding something to do
and be what we are – consciousness.

When we realise this nature of consciousness,
everything changes.
We become less needy and less demanding,
while being empathetic to the anxiety of others.

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Enlightenment: Release From Self-Hypnosis

This self is a collection of ideas generated from influences around us when young; it’s a programme we are caught and held by that we believe to be real. We are all “Manchurian candidates” – push our button, and off we go! The more information is acquired, the more elaborate the programme.

We have both an “I” fixation and a “social I” fixation = nature and nurture. ‘Nature’ is a self identity to which we cling (it’s our second nature, the first being pure consciousness, which we ignore). ‘Nurture’ is the influences around us.

The more compliant we are, the more we conform. The more we think we know, the more self-hypnotised we become. It’s only the enlightened who escape the illusion as they have realised emptiness of everything, including self.

Meditation is only a method of release from self-hypnosis.

It is not the meditation itself that releases us
as that can, in itself, become a form of hypnosis.

It is the realisation gained through the experience of emptiness
– pure consciousness –
that releases us from the deluded state.

In this way, we only meditate when we forget our natural being.
That is the key to liberation.

We can be hypnotised by the expectation and projection of truth,
rather than genuine experience.

We are free in the moment of seeing …
the hypnotic state.


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If We Don’t Meditate, We Will Never ‘Get It’

Understanding reality isn’t an intellectual exercise;
it is pure experience in the stillness of the mind.
Absolute stillness is pure consciousness.

Our reality is never in our thinking.

The more we meditate,
the more constant our natural reality.

If we don’t bother with meditation,
we become dumb animals,
only looking for their next pleasure.

Meditation reveals the meaning of life,
and how amazing and fully worthwhile it truly is.

There is no walking in the air,
but just the satisfaction of understanding
this and that.

In stillness, we are absolute consciousness.
In speech, we are relative consciousness.

Isolation is to rest in peaceful sanity.
We can either consent to isolation where we are in control,
or resent isolation and lose control.

As a practitioner, isolation makes no changes to life.

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Conscious Communication, Or Just Noise?

Consciousness is our true inner state; the intelligence centre. It is concerned with the practicalities of maintaining a conscious life, one that can investigate the nature of reality scientifically through meditation = uncontaminated seeing!

The ‘noise’ is the chattering interference that wants yet another song, game, possession, party, book on the history of ‘noise’ … and has nothing to do with conscious intelligence.

For this reason, true communication is so rare. If we want entertainment, we only need to look more closely at whatever we’re doing thinking and saying – which is amusing when we know that we are so much more than chatter.

Chatter: To imitate; incessant childish, meaningless or unimportant talk.

We are conscious beings
– all worthy of veneration –
who can laugh at our own stupidity
rather than that of others.








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Bewilderment And Panic Create Stress

We may never know the cause of something, but we can see and feel the effect – stress. It doesn’t matter whether a scenario originated from ignorance or intention, we see the effects all around us. Once we acknowledge the effect, we can dismantle it.

If we can’t stand back and acknowledge all possibilities, we will adhere to one side or another, and this will only serve to build bias and confusion, causing more damage than the original scenario.

Stress affects both the mind and body, using up precious energy. When our mind and body over-react, we become stressed and ill. Stress is a serial killer as it is contagious. If our days are filled with stress, the hormones in our body direct us towards fight (desire), flight (fear) or freeze (confusion). When we’re stressed, we are toxic both to ourselves and to those around us.

Stress hormones overload our immune system, shutting it down. We all have disease, parasites, viruses and bacteria in our bodies, but a good immune system can deal with this naturally. Dis-ease causes disease.

Our natural state is calm abiding. We heal stress through understanding and acknowledging reactions. Meditation is the method by which we recognise stress and wanderings in the mind, thus enabling us to cut through thoughts and release the body’s reflexive behaviour that comes from the mind’s habitual patterning.

When we’re under stress, we are less intelligent because we are more reactive. All media creates division and stress; people are stirred up, and the ‘subtle body’ reacts. If we become caught up in the fear-and-hope cycle of existence, we can end up taking pills, and that shuts down our life.

Stress happens because we ignore
our true reality of unconditional love.
When we take sides, we lack love.

By making do and mending,
we de-stress ourselves, and those around us.

Love clears the way for clarity.
Clarity clears the way for love.

We can either start from right intention
or from right understanding.

Don’t become part of any hysteria.

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What Truth Can You Rely On?

There are three significant words here: truth, you and rely.
When we know both the absolute and relative meaning of these words,
we know the Dharma.

‘Truth’: truth is that which never changes – pure consciousness.
‘Truth’: truth is the three laws of attraction, aversion and indifference
that obscure pure consciousness

‘You’: absolute you is pure consciousness that never changes.
‘You’: relative you is karmic ideas to which pure consciousness unwittingly adheres.

‘Rely’: rely on this singular, absolute truth.
‘Rely’: rely on the fact that this bag of karmic ideas has no reality.

The Buddha just looks, sees, drops all ideas.
One taste, and you’ll know!


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Captivated By Perception

Through perception,
we are imprisoned by our clinging to a chain of concepts
while remaining unaware of that which is aware of perception.

It may sound strange, but we need to train in awareness.
Why do we need to do this?
It is our source of sanity – unbiased consciousness

Simply become aware of the sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch.
Note that there is no thought process involved at this stage.

Now become aware that there is awareness of this fact.
Still note that there is no thought process involved.

Resting in non-thought, awareness expands.
Maintaining this silence of awareness,
we note that there is nothing other than awareness.
We are now free of perceptions.

One more step – the key to freedom.
Seeing that there is nothing other than awareness,
the identification with a see-er drops away,
leaving pure awareness.

And that is what we truly are!
No longer captivated.

There is nothing grandiose about pure awareness, pure consciousness.
When we shut up and just listen, that is it.

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Realisation Is Discovery

In a confused world,
all we will get is confused messages.

Genuine discovery uncovers
the realisation of a conscious being, without additives
and before opinions, elaborations, beliefs, hopes or fears.

Be careful what you read or hear,
and how you read or hear it.

Much ‘spirituality’ is dressed up in group-think,
when all we have to do is be aware that we are awareness
which enables us to function within others’ illusions.

Spiritual advice has to offer common sense and sound judgement
in both practical and spiritual matters.

Platitudes are not common sense;
they are merely commonplace platitudes of group-think.

How we deal with this viral epidemic
will depend upon whose reality we are living in.

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Gurus Don’t Do It For Me
😀 😀 😀

The term, “doesn’t do it for me”, usually means something is no longer satisfying.

In the context of our progress, the experience of the teaching is more important This leads us nicely to realising that the teacher cannot do it for us; it is we who have to realise!

Never feel guilty.
It is an inferior position.

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Do You Know What Is Real?

Nothing that we see has any reality
as it’s all impermanent.
Reality is in the seeing.

When we understand this,
life is no longer serious
and we can be happy.

The world is full
of physical and mental viruses;
all the while, pure reality just is.

We note the causes, the reactions,
and the consequences.
Unshaken, we remain pure reality.

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Is Covid-19 World War Three?

People have been talking about WW3 for years …
it turns out that we are the enemy!

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In These Abnormal Times

In these abnormal times,
don’t try to act normally.

Normality is conforming to a standard.
 Abnormal: Latin abnormis ‘monstrous’

When we realise our true reality is pure awareness,
anything ‘normal’ is a monstrous standard of deviation.

We are God and the Demon.
We are the light and the dark.

In pure awareness, this is seen clearly and understood,
and so there are no problems, no surprises.
The world is confused, chaotic and misled.

The gold standard is pure compassion,
born of wisdom, rather than common platitudes.

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How To Become An Alien

To become an alien, we detach ourself
from organised political, social and religious associations.

Alien: Belong to another
ie not belonging to organised political, social, and religious associations.

“The organised political, social, and religious associations of our time are at work convincing the individual not to develop their convictions through their own thinking but to assimilate the ideas they present to them. Any one who thinks for themself is, to organisations, inconvenient and even ominous as they do not offer sufficient guarantees that they will merge into the organisation.”
Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965

Pure consciousness is beyond Samsaric machinations.
If we do not fit in, then we are an alien – simple.
In truth, we are all aliens!

Thank goodness.
Who’d want to join anything?

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This Serious World Health Crisis

This serious world health crisis
could become even more serious.

COVID-19 is a serious world health issue. We’re right to be concerned, and action is needed to protect those with poor immune systems, and contain the spread of this virus.

This crisis won’t last forever. Nothing does. We must be vigilant that no residue is left behind in society to limit our freedom. We can be made to believe that situations last for ever. Just consider events such as 9/11 and the ‘banking crisis’ which left a residue in society. History is full of beliefs that run on to this day. All we need is a bogey man to keep us in line – we learn that as children!

We have to be aware that any crisis can be exploited in order to make people feel ‘safe’, when it actually does the opposite. We may have more limitations put on our lives, so that we end up with less freedom. We are already self-imprisoned, and this just adds more locks.

Being made to feel grateful puts us in an inferior position. We may feel safe, but we are still reliant, and this has a devastating effect on the quality of our life.

True gratitude is an appreciation of realisation.

We can play the game without believing in the game – it’s just a game.
The more we believe in the game,
the more karma we consent to acquire,
and the more imprisoned we become.

We can easily take back control by knowing what our reality is, and how little we actually need to survive. We have been led by the nose and become reliant on entertainment, superficial education, soporific food, drink and drugs … so much so that we cannot think or see straight.

As everything comes into existence by causes and condition, let’s see where these current conditions – this crisis – lead us.

Clear the mind of clutter.
Know that consciousness has always been free,
and can never be destroyed, but only distracted.

Meditation is a start to this process.
When we just stop our mental activity
and focus on awareness/consciousness,
we become less excited, less tired, less anxious.

This body is not here for ever.
The body changes,
while consciousness doesn’t.

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Fear And Fearfulness

Normal fear is alerted when anything in the present moment is seen as a danger or precarious, which might be a physical or mental situation that we have to deal with. This isn’t really fear; it’s being alert, being aware. We are skilful when doing or saying anything.

Fearfulness, on the other hand, is being full of fear, and is a constant state of anxiety, of being a victim. Once we become a victim by some trauma, we can be induced and manipulated into passivity or excitement.

1. A person harmed, injured, or kill
2. A person who is tricked or duped.
3. A person who has come to feel helpless and passive in the face of misfortune or ill-treatment.

There are ‘influencers’ in the world. Influence: from Latin influere, ‘to flow’. All forms of media spread exaggeration and distortion about the material world, turning our attention away from consciousness itself: we don’t realise the influence this turmoil of hope and fear is having on our mental state.

When saying,
“Do not take my word for it”,
the Buddha implied, upon entering a sacred place,
don’t leave your brains at the door!







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There are 2,681 articles on this blog.

If there is something you are looking for, either scroll down to the bottom of this page and press “Older post”, or go to the search box and type in a word or phrase, and see what the blog brings up.



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Enlightenment, Constant Enlightenment And Super-duper Enlightenment

Realising pure consciousness and purifying karma.

Constant enlightenment:
Realised pure consciousness and purified karma.

Super-duper enlightenment:
Carrot before donkeys.

There is no carrot. There are no donkeys.

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This Is Exactly The Right Time For Spiritual Progress

Like the Buddha, we see people suffering and we see that life is tenuous. In these turbulent times, the Dzogchen teachings on Rigpa (pure consciousness) are perfectly relevant to know what is real and what is seemingly real. We suffer because of identification with this body and the contents of the mind.

Pure consciousness – that which actually sees – can never suffer as it is non-material. We may wonder if something non-material exists; we cannot see it because we are it. It is extremely subtle, but obvious when investigated – which means that we have to investigate 🙂 Being told something isn’t realising it. We have to see pure seeing in experience, and there are no shortcuts.

We can empathise with others’ suffering and, in this recognition, are moved to be of benefit, avoiding the creation of further harm and suffering.

Our precious opinions of blame are unnecessary. We must maintain inner sanity for the sake of others, and this inner sanity comes from understanding, experience and realisation of the true nature of things and self. This is why it is said, “Know thy self.” It isn’t said, “Make assumptions about thy self.”

Knowing that death is not the end, we never give up. It is because we see the impermanent nature of things and self that we know this is all an illusion. What knows? Pure consciousness.

Illusions may feel real, but that which sees without comment is the real reality. Whatever is seen has no reality – things and self image come and go. When we realise that we are not this self image, our view changes. It is our desperation to hold on to illusions that causes us suffering. When we wake up, we see that we have been living others’ dreams. Who have we been trying to impress?

Whatever happens in the next moment is uncertain, but what is certain is that pure consciousness is always present. That is the most important realisation we can achieve, by simply doing nothing.

With this understanding, our actions, speech and thinking will be a guide.

The time is always now.
There are no excuses in Dzogchen.
Every moment is a teaching.

Get up, see what needs to be done, and relax.
When we look after our world,
our world will look after us.

If we make assumptions about our world,
the world will reflect our assumptions.

If the teachings are present in every moment,
love is present in every moment,
and our world is brighter.

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Why Do We Doubt Our Enlightened Reality?

Why do we doubt our enlightened reality?
The answer is that we were – and are – misguided.

Our practice is to “Act the part” of being enlightened,
becoming familiar with both understanding and compassion.

As long as we doubt our true reality, we will continue to
“Act apart”,
not wanting to understand or be compassionate.

Why do we persist in this delusion?
We are more familiar with finding fault in others
than understanding compassion.

It gets tougher.
We need understanding and compassion
for those who claim to be understanding and compassionate.

True, empathetic compassion is
the inseparability of appearances and recognition.

Whatever is expressed is observed by virtue of pure consciousness.
We have – and are – that enlightened ability.

Never doubt that.

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Time To Know What To Value

World freedom is being restricted. It’s like a science fiction horror film. Only the body and mind can actually be restricted, however. The witness, the audience, pure consciousness, looks on without any restriction.

That witness has been with us all our life.
We are that witness.
That is what to value.
Anything else is a theatre of illusion.

Illusions come to pass, while our ultimate reality of uncontaminated consciousness is ever present. When we recognise this only reality, then we know we are free. Practise stillness, and realise this one truth.

This body and mind isn’t supposed to last forever, but we can enjoy every moment without fear or hope. It is hope and fear that drive us to believe in the illusions presented to us.

This moment can either appear as medical imprisonment (or martial law), or a perfect time to retreat from collective hysteria. We simply focus on whatever we have to do mindfully, let go and come to rest.

Solitary confinement is actually freedom.
This is the perfect catalyst for enlightenment.

We are not here to entertain ourselves, or pass the time away with pointless activities when we can find meaning to life. Find the one point that gives meaning to life, and value it. That will make life precious and never boring.

Simply look closer:
pure consciousness is already enlightened.

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A View Of Karma

Karma is what we carry around with us; it’s our ambience, our vibration of ideas. It’s an aura surrounding a person. All the people whom we know … we know! Say a word or name to someone, and off they go. The main point is that whatever we recognise in others is within us also. They can see our aura!

This karma is like an anchor, weighing us down with ideas and emotions. Recognising what is weighing us down is our teacher; ‘the teacher of all phenomena’. When we recognise the karmic effects that inhibit our abilities to love, then we cut the links to the anchor of self.

We are afraid of love because we think of our self too much. That is the karmic effect. When we can listen without reacting, we are free to love without expectations – and then we are free of karma.

No one said it was easy … 😀

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Inaccurate Balance In Life

We have two aspects to our life: material consciousness and spiritual consciousness.

Material consciousness is our ordinary thoughts, while spiritual consciousness is that which perceives ordinary thoughts. To put it simply, our reality is the knowingness of knowing.

It is the misunderstanding of our reality that is the pernicious trap in which we live, especially when it comes to considering the unveiling of enlightened essence and the use of meditation.

Merely reading and hearing about consciousness doesn’t mean we are conscious. Such activity is just part of our material consciousness. To understand consciousness accurately, we must first realise the experience in everything we do and say. We not only do things mindfully, but with conscious awareness. We can recognise the truth, but that is not the same as realising the truth.

Imagine a see-saw; one end represents material consciousness and the other, spiritual consciousness. If we are only concerned with material consciousness, then the see-saw at that end goes down and spiritual consciousness goes up-in-the-air! Conversely, only being concerned with spiritual consciousness, we become ineffectual in the world – and our material life goes up-in-the-air! 😀

These two extremes are termed ‘eternalism’ and ‘nihilism’ – everything either feels permanent or is not worth bothering about: in this way, we end up either in fixations or depression … or we see-saw in between.

When our material consciousness and spiritual consciousness are in balance, it’s like seeing a reflection of the moon in a pool of water: the moon and the reflection are simultaneous, a unity, non-dual. We can enjoy the senses and, as we are in balance, we no longer have to hang on to either the experience or the experiencer. We remain in experiencing.

At the start of our journey, the see-saw is long. As we progress, the see-saw gets shorter and shorter, until there is only the fulcrum left. We are on a sharp knife’s end! 😀 “Not too tight and not too loose.”

The unknowing of knowingness:
Knowingness experiences at first hand
rather than second hand.
We constantly feel the situation.





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Covid-19, Isolation, Unusual Times

These are empathetic times: we isolate so that hospitals may cope more effectively with caring for the sick. Isolation can be seen as a retreat. It is a chance to focus on our moment-to-moment routines and, for that, we need discipline to realise what is truly beneficial, and what is now unnecessary.

Living with others is challenging, so we have to know when to stay silent and remain happy with whatever occurs – that is the discipline. We don’t become drawn into others’ neuroses. Neurosis comes from an over-reactive mind. Staying resolute and disciplined, we keep our sanity and that will give direction to others. Being precise in whatever we do is mindfulness meditation.

A retreat is a wonderful chance to observe our own neuroses without feeling guilty, and understand how these neuroses develop, and why we hold on to them.

We are not this neurosis: we are pure consciousness. The neurosis is of a temporary nature, and does not actually exist. It’s time to realise that everything is known from the pure, uncontaminated state of consciousness. Our opinions about the world are not necessary. We merely deal with whatever occurs and create an atmosphere for others to be happy.

This will be challenging but, through inner conflict and awareness, we rise above the mundane. It is a chance to review our life – and cooking and dining together will become very important!

All things must pass.

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Practical, Three-Month Isolation Retreat

Practical, Three-Month Focused Exercise, Educational Meditation
and Fresh Air Retreat = Gardening!
Or window box-ing.

Maintained by focused weeding … but you can eat the nettle tops.
In three months, you will have your own food, and enough to spare.

When you stop digging, you will end up with perfect meditation.


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Dis-ease Lies In Ambush

“Mara (demons) lie in ambush.
Mara are our likes and dislikes.”
-Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1st

It is our likes and dislike that create dissatisfaction.

In the moment now, there are no hopes or fears;
we simply deal with whatever occurs
to bring about balance – to be at ease.

Likes and dislikes create an imbalance in our mind,
affecting the immune system
and running down our energies.

Whatever occurs will still occur,
but we’re not making it worse with anxiety.

The final point is that when the body can no longer cope,
we no longer need it.
That moment will come to all of us.

Be at peace.
Be at ease.
Be grateful for the choice
to be in control.

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Having Our Consciousness Drained

Be aware that the consciousness of others can drain us,
and this is why we do not react.

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The Transference Of Consciousness

True teaching is done through the transference of consciousness. It is non-verbal. This is why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it.” We can all learn the words and become trapped in our intellect, while our very subtle energies of being say more than our words.

In silent consciousness, we know.
All we then have to do is shut up.

In this way,
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Don’t be seduced by titles, images and charisma.
It is the genuine transference of consciousness
that is of utmost importance.

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Sensitivity Isn’t Irritation

Becoming spiritually sensitivity, we develop insight.
Becoming sensitive to our attachments, we develop irritation.

Trapped by our intellect and drowning in a reservoir of ideas about our self and our world, anyone who projects their view irritates us.

Insight is the ultimate witness of pure consciousness; our essential nature that feels and understands other energies. Do you know what? Even dogs know this! (watch the dog-whisperer Cesar Millan at work).

As a practitioner, we dedicate our life to consciousness, not the mind. Now, when we encounter others’ ideas, we merely recognise that that is the way that their consciousness sees. There isn’t anything to argue about or become irritated by.

Sensitivity is coming to one’s senses and just perceiving, noting and learning. People-whispering is like that – we can transfer consciousness!

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Perhaps We Should Revert To Ancient Greetings

Perhaps we should revert to ancient greetings,
showing recognition, appreciation, respect
and reverence for life.


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Be Aware Of Consequences

Mara activity makes situations worse.
Mara: demonic consciousness (Sanskrit).

Being aware of consequences,
we are no longer be surprised.

Mara lies in ambush in all our minds, looking for weaknesses in others and exploiting them. Mara mentality uses natural differences, exaggerating them to divide and conquer. Always look at the sequences of events that lead up to a situation, and the compound after-effects. Be aware of misdirection and redirection.

Has the world gone back to where it was before the destruction of the twin towers in 2001, or the banking crisis in 2008, or the Arab Spring in 2010? No; there have been massive repercussions to all these events. The older generation is blamed for climate change. Covid-19 is now called ‘Boomer Remover’ by the young (‘baby boomers’ were children born just after world war 2, so there are a lot of us about!)

The outcome of Mara activity is always the same; over-reaction and aggression.

We all have demonic forces within our mind when we succumb to likes and dislikes. The hidden hand of Mara creates hopes and fears. Be aware, and don’t be surprised.

The only thing that we can control is our own mind. We do that by knowing the essence of mind, which is pure consciousness, and recognising whatever obscures this. We are controlled by being wound up = wounded.

In troubled times, be full of understanding, empathy and compassion.
Awareness is self-healing.

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Spiritual Merit

The more that we engage in spiritual practices of understanding, empathy, compassion, generosity and so forth … the more we attract good fortune. The more selfish we are, the more we attract misfortune. A happy mind or an unhappy mind. A good heart or a heavy heart.

In spiritual practices there is no personal gain, but we do find that our mind is calmer and insightful. We simply do whatever is necessary, and we also find that we are given space and time just to be.

A good heart = an easy path, a light path.

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Understanding Fellow Beings

Our relative reality is created by consciousness relating to everything. This is our dualistic existence; we believe appearances in the mind to be real. The mind is where our world takes place – but there is something we forget 🙂

Ultimately, nothing can be said to exist, as everything is a temporary event in the mind to which we have been relating. All appearances in the mind are witnessed by pure consciousness that does not relate to anything. Pure consciousness is our ultimate reality, and just is. Ordinary, relative consciousness has cluttered itself with relationships within the ultimate reality of empty cognisance.

From an ultimate point of view, appearances and recognition are simultaneous; there is no relating. Now, if we choose, we can relate but this is no longer a permanent arrangement. 😀

In relative reality, we rely on dependency, and so remain needy because we doubt our ultimate reality of pure consciousness. We create associations, such as God and someone to blame (the Devil/Mara). God and the Devil represent hope and fear. In ultimate reality we are free of doubt, and there is no need for dependency on either a God or someone to blame.

Our original nature is pure consciousness, which is all encompassing wisdom and compassion. It is our ego – our ideas – that deny this purity of consciousness.

Ultimate consciousness is the clear mirror.
Relative reality is the reflections in the mirror
to which we relate and believe to be real.

Esoteric, relative reality is vertical thinking – “It is this!”
Exoteric, ultimate reality is lateral thinking – “What is it?”

(Vertical thinking is a sequence of logical steps to come to a conclusion from information gained.  Lateral thinking, on the other hand, is directly questioning the source of that information to see if it is valid.)

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If You Were God

If you were God,
would you want humans to believe only in you,
without knowing that you represent their pure heart,
which is able to recognise deceit?

If you were the Devil,
would you want humans to believe only in God,
without knowing that you represent deceit?

When humans recognise both goodness and deceit
then, as God,
my job is done and they no longer need me.

When humans do not recognise either goodness or deceit
then, as the Devil,
my job is done and humans still need God.

A pure heart is non-duality.
An impure heart is duality.

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A Very, Very Important Video For You By Sadhguru


Sadhguru: “If you generate a powerful thought, you can make certain things happen. You can have a certain power over other people and situations. This will give you a high, but it is not the ultimate solution to life. You may be effective in the world, but within yourself, you’re still a mess.”

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The Code That Conveys Our Unique Life

This code is karma.

Whatever we think of as our unique self is merely a misunderstanding of what we actually are. Consciousness, through specific desires, creates a code that takes form to satisfy those desires, and that has consequences.

It is because we forgot our true reality that this code is now controlling us, as revealed through our reactions and behaviour. This code develops from the universal code of desire, aversion and indifference to which we all respond – it’s the universal virus! We are released from the code when we recognise and tame the habitual re-enactments of our body, speech and mind. That karmic code is our teacher; in this way, all karma becomes wisdom.

When realised, it is seen as the wisdom of emptiness, cognisance and compassion; in Sanskrit, this is known as the three Kayas.

This is how negative emotions are wisdoms.
This is how karma becomes our teacher.
This how we crack the code.


Letting go is so satisfying:
it means we have learnt something
and can now move on.

If we don’t let go,
nothing changes.

Enlightenment means no longer being controlled.

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Is Madness Catching?

I’m afraid so 😀 … but it’s temporary.

A state of having a serious mental illness – unable to control one’s mind.
Extremely foolish behaviour – unable to control one’s speech.
A state of wild or chaotic activity – unable to control one’s body.

Be aware of what we are doing, and be shocked.

If we cannot be aware,
then we seek help from someone who is sane.

If we can recognise someone who is sane,
then we don’t need help.

Sanity is also catching!

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What Do You Like To Hear About?

The positive or the negative?

There are two aspects to spiritual teachings on consciousness; the goal, and that which prevents us from scoring the goal. If we don’t know how to play with the ball, we’ll never score!

We all want to hear that, in reality, we are enlightened beings – brilliant footballers! – so is that all we need to know? It’s only when we can be precise in acknowledging that which prevents this realisation that enlightenment can occur.

If we only want to hear good things, we are malfunctioning within our belief system. The very acknowledgement of an obstacle means that we can then clear it. In spiritual terms, these obstacles don’t exist; they belong to belief. Being able to acknowledge obstacles is the way in which we become spiritual engineers/scientists/psychologists/doctors/reliable friends who can empathise.

Only wanting to hear good things is the devil’s work.
Knowing how the devil works is the good thing.

“The devil is our own likes and dislikes
waiting in ambush.”
-Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Meditation isn’t to make us feel good.
We meditate in order to acknowledge we are awareness itself.

Then we know – and knowing is satisfying!

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