Advice for Beginners

Advice for beginners and advanced alike.

Realisation can only come about
when we truly value instruction.

Advice for Beginners
by Künkhyen Jamgön Mipham Rinpoché 

All activities within saṃsāra are pointless and hollow—
Unreliable and fleeting, like lightning’s streaking dance,
And there is no certainty as to when death will strike.
Still, since death is certain, limit idle plans and speculations,

Allow the teacher’s instructions to hit home and strike a chord,
And, single-pointedly, in solitude, seek perfect certainty of mind
Mind, which is like lightning, a breeze, or passing clouds,
Is coloured by its various thoughts of everything under the sun,

But when examined thoroughly is found to lack a basis or origin.
Just like a mirage on the horizon, it is devoid of essential nature.
While being empty, it appears; and while appearing, it is empty.
Left to settle, naturally, by itself, mind arrives at a genuine state of ease,

And, when familiarity grows stable, mind’s natural condition is seen.
If devotion to the teacher grows vast, blessings will enter and inspire the mind,
And when accumulations are gathered and obscurations purified, realisation will dawn—
So take this practice to heart, carefully and with constant effort!

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Best Wishes

The cause of suffering and dissatisfaction
is a mind filled with a muddy concept of self.

We transform the mud through spiritual awakening,
thus realising the activity of a Bodhisattva – a well wisher.

And they don’t all look like this …
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 17.09.26



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Word Magic

Magic: the power to apparently influence events.

We hear a word.
It casts a spell.
We believe.
We become hypnotised by repetitive monotony.
Job done.

“In the beginning was the word.”
No, it wasn’t!
Before the word was an intention.
Before intention, there is pure consciousness.

Intention is something created.
Pure consciousness
– being uncreated –
can therefore never die.
Hence the phrase, “Freedom from (the idea) of death.”

It’s up to us to find out and realise whether this is true or not.
The view that we choose becomes our way of life.

Look to the intention behind the word:
“We are free in the moment of seeing.”

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Communal Gaslighting

Our confusion isn’t all our fault.
Communal confusion is the result of institutionalisation.

‘Gaslighting’ is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgement.

It may evoke changes in them, such as cognitive dissonance or low self-esteem, rendering the victim additionally dependent on the gaslighter for emotional support and validation. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction and misinformation, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilise the victim and the victim’s common sense.

Gaslighters belittle the victim’s emotions and feelings, staging of bizarre events with the intention of disorientating the victim.

The goal of gaslighting is gradually to undermine the victim’s confidence in their own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from delusion, thereby rendering the individual or group pathologically dependent on the gaslighter for their thinking and feelings.

Sound familiar?

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Feeling Inhibited?

Inhibited: a feeling of being self-conscious, fearful, and unable to act in a relaxed and natural manner.

Our main cause of anxiety is a feeling of self which we feel that we have to protect.

Did you see it?
Who is the ‘we’ that has a self to protect?

We have become a confused conundrum, and the world around us is intent on making us even more inhibited with a programme of new-age guilt.

The real we (our actual reality of consciousness) identifies with thoughts about ‘me’ and ‘mine’, and this very identification has imprisoned us, making us self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

Simple meditation, sitting in silence unaccompanied by thoughts, allows consciousness to relax and see clearly without a subject or object. Just being natural.

Our hang-ups will still loiter as a residue left in the mind, but these will gradually lose their grip; if we do not know this, we will assume that we are still not good enough, reigniting the flame rather than the clear light – and off we go again 🙂

Until complete enlightenment, we will have some sort of self to deal with. Until then, watch out for being ‘Woke Gaslighted’: being manipulated by psychological means into doubting our own sanity.

The anxiety that arises from feeling we are confused isn’t all our fault.
I spent decades being confused in ‘spiritual’ centres,
constantly feeling wrong
… until I got away!

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Politics (Totalitarianism) Is A Spiritual Matter

Everything is about consciousness. Politics is about control of mass consciousness. Consciousness is spirit; it is non-material. Pure spirituality is pure consciousness. Totalitarianism chronicles politics and the subversion of human consciousness.

It’s a game.
We take games seriously, don’t we?
And that’s what it’s all about!

Politics isn’t about ‘left’ and ‘right’, fascism and communism. It’s about creating an idea of an enemy, confusing fact with fiction which keeps humanity spellbound and incarcerated in a vicious cycle of confusion and argument. Divide and conquer. It’s like the chicken and the egg – which comes first? There is a problem to be solved; in trying to solve it, the next problem is created. Don’t take my word for it – it’s business as usual!

Politics is a game
and we are just an audience
who thinks it is voting for change.

Politicians are taught to debate. It doesn’t matter what they are talking about, the game is to sound convincing. Once involved, we become distracted and lose our individual reality in favour of an alternative reality.

Never think you are free.
We are only free
when we recognise the self-deception
that seeks security in servitude …
total servitude.

We are only free in the moment of seeing.

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Truth Can Never Be A Belief

Pay attention to what you see,
not what you don’t see.

The word ‘believe’ has become synonymous with ‘know’:
“I believe it’s like this, so I know it’s like this.”

Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, without proof. Hold as an opinion, a thought.

This is Samsaric talk. ‘Samsara’ is Sanskrit for our vicious cycle of material existence which has no actual reality. Everything in the universe except space and consciousness are impermanent, and cannot therefore be said to be inherently real as everything relies on causes and conditions. This is why it is said that everything is an illusion, and only has the appearance of reality. For this reason, fixating on things and ideas, we remain deluded.

There is only one primary truth, and that is pure consciousness as this never changes. Everything else comes into existence through the laws of attraction and repulsion; things come together for a while and then disintegrate, returning to subtle elements for new transformations.

Truth can never be a belief.
Truth is direct, personal experience
beyond all presentations of ideas.

Pure consciousness is the one that unites all.
It is our commonality,
and it is beyond religion.

When we ignore our commonality, we separate into beliefs.

Pay attention to what you see,
not what you don’t see.

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We Are A Work Of Fiction

Fiction: something that is invented or untrue.

Our world is built on a deception,
and maintained by identification with a ‘name’.
Name: a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known.

When we identify with a name,
we accept everything that goes with it.

We are not a name.
We are pure, free awareness.

We are free in the moment of seeing.
Now you see it … now you don’t.

‘Self’ is a fictional image.
When we see it, it disappears!

Whatever we refuse to understand
controls us.

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Conditioning = Cause and Effect

Day after day, we are being conditioned by suggestions, leaks and ‘news’ to believe in something or other by some ‘Ministry of Truth’: we either go along with or react against this conditioning. Either way, we conform without noticing, and this affects our behaviour.

Anything and everything can only come about
due to causes and conditions.
Create a condition, and that will effect a cause.
Cause and effect.

We control our mind by taming our reactions.
In this way, we do no harm.
We then may do some good
– or at least, not make things worse by reacting or obeying.

Spiritual groups (‘Ministries of Truth’) are no different.
The teachings, if applied, may be perfect,
but the form – the culture and behaviour – can take us in a different direction.

The question is:
“Are your thoughts your own?”
Were they ever?

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Is The World Managed Or Mismanaged?

Is the world managed or mismanaged?
Both … each covering the other up.

Do we manage or mismanage ourselves?
Both … each covering the other up.

When we justify whatever we do,
we only make things worse.

The Buddha said,
“Tame the mind.
Do good.
Do no harm.”

That is natural law, a common law that we all know.

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Seek And You Will Definitely Find!

I cannot begin to explain this,
but if we have the passion to be dispassionate,
the clarity to assimilate information just comes.

“Oh, that links to that!”

Everything has an essential cause.
Nothing comes out of the blue when we are seeking.

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Recognising Early Trauma = Path To Enlightenment

Early trauma – obvious or subtle – influences our behaviour now.

The path to happiness is acknowledging
the cause of that suffering and letting go
When we let go, we are left in pure awareness.

Mental trauma – managed and mismanaged – is happening
to the young right now,
and that will affect their entire lives.

Everything around us influences and fashions our behaviour,
resulting in fear, blame, guilt and anger.

Realise that these influences only exist in our mind.
If we consent to holding on,
it will enslave us.

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Facts, Experience, Wisdom

When talking with others, we have to be aware at what level we are communicating.

Facts are information.
Experience is direct knowledge through personal acquaintance.
Wisdom is the spark of realisation.

Fact … there is light.
Knowledge … I see the light.
Wisdom … the light illumines.

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Realising God Through Buddhism

There is nothing as satisfying as finding out something personally.
It’s called realisation – and it’s liberating.

Buddhists do not believe in God the creator.
Christians do believe in God the creator.

But is there common ground?

In Tibetan Buddhism, we have loads of deities with different attributes, but all practices culminate in what is called ‘the completion stage’, where consciousness rests in emptiness ie pure consciousness. That pure consciousness is our highest ‘part’. There is nothing more absolute or complete than this, finally arriving at non-duality.

Enlightenment is constantly remaining in emptiness, thus purifying all defilements. The Vedas called this ‘not two’ – non-duality.

Early Christians knew that God (the Kingdom or Buddha realm) is within, and early theistic approaches, at an esoteric level, were probably about resting in or being absorbed into God consciousness or pure consciousness, again in non-duality.

Salvation is deliverance from suffering or sin (ignorance), and an end to inner and outer conflict.

When we adhere to dogma, we become partisan and remain fundamentalists, separating ourselves not only from others, but also from our true nature.

Anything that divides us is a sin, a transgression against divine law. That law is the law of three: Pure Compassionate Consciousness. In Tibetan, these three principles are called the three Kayas – Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya. When we transgress or ignore our absolute natural law of Pure Compassionate Consciousness, these turn into desire, aversion and ignorance, or hope, fear, and indifference that drive us to distraction!

Everything created is materialistic,
and something to which we can become bound.

It is we who, in ignorance, are the creators.
Why would a creator bind us to creation?

In truth we are all just supreme consciousness, carefree and truly loving.
Never separated.

Teachings can separate us,
whereas realising their meaning unites us.

NB This view isn’t for everyone. My wife and I have been kicked out of several ‘spiritual’ groups (including Tibetan Buddhist groups) and shunned by other students for questioning the adherence to form 😀 We’re happier now than we’ve ever been – it’s good to be free.

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The Buddha Was An Expert …

The Buddha was an expert, and he said,
“Don’t believe a word I’m saying; test it for yourself”.

If the Buddha said that, then we shouldn’t just follow others,
We become dry, and we never actually know
as we just repeat words.

When we actually do know,
whatever we pass on is done so consciously
as personal experience has weight.

We have to:
acknowledge the suffering in the world
realise the real cause
find a method to end that suffering
and apply it.

What is … ‘it’?

‘It’ comes from knowing the difference between
our self image and essence of consciousness.

Our self image has no reality, and is the cause of our suffering.
Our reality is the essence of consciousness.

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The Gospel of Thomas
These are some of the hidden meanings
according to Didymos Judas Thomas:

1. And he said: “Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death.”

Jesus says:

2. “The one who seeks should not cease seeking until he finds. And when he finds, he will be dismayed. And when he is troubled, he will be astonished. And he will be king over the All.”

Jesus says:

3. “If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you.
If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you.
Rather, the kingdom is inside you and outside you.”

4. “When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will realise that you are the children of the living Father.

5. But if you do not come to know yourselves, then you exist in poverty, and you are poverty.”

Jesus says:

6. “The person old in his days will not hesitate to ask a child seven days old about the place of life, and he will live.

7. For many who are first will become last, and they will become a single one.”

Jesus says:

8. “Come to know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will become clear to you.

9. For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest.”

My personal view:

  1. The realisation of the meaning of a word is esoteric experience. Our human existence is a cycle of life and death: we seek happiness, and then lose it, and seek happiness again. When we understand the bardo states (the gaps within life where the cycle of existence is not present), we will experience constant peace, which is heaven/nirvana.

  2. Finding or realising our true reality, we become troubled, sad and astonished as we will understand everything.

  1. The kingdom is us, and everything that we seek, as it is reflected within pure consciousness.

  2. Knowing the self, we realise that we are the child and, at the same time, the living supreme consciousness of purity.

  3. If we do not realise our true reality, we will live in poverty of not knowing, having neither knowledge nor wisdom.

  4. Becoming an unfettered child, empty but with pure perception.

  5. Wanting to be first (the best), we separate ourselves from others and therefore lack love.

  6. Whatever appears to us is only known by virtue of the clarity of pure consciousness.

  7. Once realisation has taken place, there are no more mysteries.

If this is true, Thomas had contact with Eastern traditions because his words have nothing to do with an external God (and this is probably the reason why it was left out of the Bible). If Thomas realised this, Jesus must have known it also.

The way teachings are written may be poetic and obscure with the purpose of keeping them safe. This is esoteric teaching as opposed to the exoteric teachings of the New Testament, which were put in the form of stories to be believed. These have thrown us off the scent.

Thomas’s gospel – like the Eastern traditions – reveals how simple realisation and enlightenment are. It also shows that there are those who would deny us salvation and enlightenment; they want us to depend on them as, in this way, they gain power which they do not want to relinquish. This is the same in any religion: a religion is an organisation for the many, whereas true spiritual practice is achieved by personal realisation.

Of course, you have every right to see the meaning of this differently!

Miracles And Words Are Hearsay

Words are exoteric (for those of lesser understanding).
Realisation of those words is esoteric (for those of deeper understanding).
It is personal realisation that counts,
rather than seeing through others’ eyes.

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Our Problem: We Identify With Everything

We acquire an identity, and cherish it.

We identify with being a guru (we believe we know),|
a student (we believe we don’t know),
a religion, a group, a God or deities,
lifestyle, family, job, class, culture, country, left/right,
gender, football team … the list is endless.

Taking sides causes enemy-identification:
emotions surface, and we take and give offence.

Even identifying with meditation, we become bound,
when the whole point is letting go.
We may act as if we love, but it’s still all about me.

Our true nature has neither name nor identity.
Empathy recognises others’ suffering,
shows compassion, and is pure love.

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We Are Born With The Answer

We are born with the answer.
If we weren’t, we wouldn’t re-cognise it.

It is about asking the right question.
We are not here to gain teachings;
we are here for release from adopted answers.

When we look, we will be troubled,
because the truth is never what we have been told.
The only truth is what is personally realised within.

Once we realise the truth
that we are nothing more than pure consciousness –
we then realise whatever obscures that.

As sentient beings, we are like children running after toys.
As adepts, we lose our selves within our highest part.
In non-dual pure consciousness, there are no answers.
We are what we seek.

The question:
What am I?”
What asks?

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Love Your Self

Love Your Self

Know your self; love your self.

Your self is the path to enlightenment.
Our self is a collection of confusions and doubts.
that’s why we, unfortunately, follow others.

Uncovering this confusion is our personal path to realisation.
This confusion is called ‘karma’.

Loving your self doesn’t entail adoration and puffed-up-ness.
It’s a deep appreciation for seeing our confusion,
and that seeing is our finest quality.

As Gampopa proclaimed,
“May confusion dawn as wisdom.”

We are a walking encyclopedia of Dharma teachings.
We are all we need to know!

Only when we can love our self can we love others.
It’s called empathy.

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The Most Precious Time In Modern History

This is the most precious time in modern history, as more and more people are not just believing what they are told. The internet has made this possible. The message to “Know thy self” has got through, and people are waking up. Of course, there is false ‘woking up’, exaggeration, distraction, and fear, but we are seeing through all this, in the same way as we see through ‘political correctness’. Humanity has been manipulated for generations, and there are so many films about War, Dystopia, Viruses, Zombies, Horror, Weapons, Science Fiction … fiction … fiction … Why? It is the age of strife.

This is said to be the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the “Age of Strife”. Maybe this is the beginning of the end, and we will start to return to a Golden Age, where everyone realises that they are not a name or a designation, but pure awareness.

Pure awareness is direct seeing, rather than seeing through others’ interpretation.
We can all recognise the Ship of Fools and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

“The Ship of Fools” is an allegory in Plato’s Republic, about a ship with a dysfunctional crew. It alludes to the problems of governing that does not rely on wisdom. Today, it might be thought that this is particularly apt, there being so much ‘democracy’ but so little government that is good, efficient, accountable and lacking in corruption and self-interest.

But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it. Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit, you will recognise them.” Matthew 7.15

It doesn’t matter what is said,
it’s the effect we should be looking at.

Repeat a thing often enough,
and even a hamster will believe it!

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Sentimentality Clouds Clarity

When the truth is told, we realise that we already know it, but hadn’t recognised it. Truth isn’t a mystery: it’s not ‘other worldly’, but it can be dressed up in elaborations that keep realisation at a distance.

Sentimentality relates to the way we feel. Of course, we can have tears of joy for a moment, but we don’t cling to that as it mists up our vision. The truth is that we are pure awareness, pure consciousness, with nothing added.

Stop acting as if you don’t know! To ‘act’ is to believe or pretend. Our problem comes from adopting a culture which isn’t our own, as this merely maintains the mystery. Incantations create awe for something special. Don’t be fooled; it’s all psychological – in a good way – but we can become stuck in the glue of sentimentality.

Sentimentality: exaggerated and self-indulgent tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia.

We are all Buddha nature, enlightened nature, so it’s nothing special. There is a place for those who want to be special; it’s called ‘Samsara’, which is our materialist world of wishful thinking 😀

Compassion and empathy only come from knowing our true state of pure awareness that takes no sides; in the presence of pure awareness, this not sentimental compassion and empathy. Sentimentality is the glue that holds our illusions together, whereas the clarity of pure awareness cuts through illusions of self-tenderness that are the cause of our suffering.

Sentimentality is oversensitive and becomes touchy, being easily upset and offended. It therefore lacks warmth. Clarity just sees and, in that moment of seeing, we are free of self-cherishing. It is clarity that heals sentimentality, and we gain real confidence.

We may think that clarity is cold.
It may be so in the moment of nowness,
but that clarity is the inspired inner warmth
that ignites the inner fire of realisation.

The paradox is
“Not seeing the wood/forest for the trees.”

The trees are the sentimental view,
while the overall view is clarity.

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Right Speech

Right speech is enlightened speech,
where opposing forces or influences are balanced.
Wrong speech creates division.

When we tame our body, speech and mind, we are on the right path to enlightenment.
Conversely, if we do not tame our body, speech and mind, we become demanding.
We cannot demand that others have right speech and right actions: that would be unreasonable.

As we evolve out of the primeval swamp of illusions,
we leave the untamed swamp dwellers to evolve in their own good time.

Our untamed reactions are karmic moments of instruction and evolution when no I is involved. Right mind is pure consciousness. How else will this corrupted world change?

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Evil Is Banal

We may think of evil as something terrible, but that extreme vision starts with a lack of understanding of our original nature. Evil lacks originality: it is banal and obvious, and obeys its programming without question.

Our original nature – pure consciousness – is also obvious when pointed out and realised, but it is free of programming. The banal mind sees this originality as a mystery, because banality has made itself so complex that it cannot see the wood for the trees; it’s so involved in the details that it doesn’t notice what’s important about the thing as a whole.

We are confused because we are ignorant of our true reality. Banality can only believe, which obscures direct experience of our original nature of consciousness.

This banality of evil started thousands of years ago, when we were enticed into believing in something ‘out there’ whileignoring the reality within, and we became separate and therefore lacked love.

Knowing the truth, we recognise a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“By their fruit, you will recognise them” (Matthew 7:15)
By our fruit, we too will be recognised (Tony 9.35am 😉 )

We are free in the moment of seeing that we have become banal.
In that seeing, we remember our originality.

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Nothing’s Going To Change

History only teaches us that we will do the same things again, and the world will continue to go round in circles. Mara can never break its routine; it plays games, and we suffer.

Change only occurs when we realise that we have the ability to see clearly and, as a result, we experience causes and their effects.

It’s possible for us to do good for a while and chant mantras and hymns, but real change only comes with seeing the cause of suffering. Mara is a force that is opposed to enlightenment; because we don’t want change, its effects are pervasive:

Mara – unwittingly – is the path to enlightenment.  When Siddhartha was attacked by demons (Mara), he placed his hand on the ground, which meant, “I bear witness, I see”. Finally, he became a Buddha, an enlightened being.

We can’t stop the world and get off, but we can enjoy the relief of being free of its effects.

“We are free in the moment of seeing” – Tulku Urgyen.

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One Way Or Another

Humans have the potential for enlightenment,
but are, unfortunately, malleable.

When we forget what goodness is, we swap it for sentimentality, and become vulnerable and easily scared. Everything comes about due to causes and conditions: being unaware, we are unwittingly the cause and condition that allows evil to take place.

Conditioning is pervasive,
and is a war on consciousness.

Goodness is the Godness of pure consciousness.
Wake up, for goodness’ sake!

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There Is Nothing To Teach

There is nothing to teach.
There is only the statement, “We are what we seek. We are pure being.”
All we have to do is realise why we ignore this.

Being taught doesn’t mean we realise;
we are merely acquiring.

In being taught, we acquire hunger.
Realisation is complete satisfaction.

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The Truth Is Staring Us In The Face

We don’t have to learn Sanskrit, Pali, Greek, Hebrew or Tibetan; we just see for ourself. The truth is never in the words. It is the pure perception of consciousness that is the truth, for that is what we are. The true essence of that consciousness is clarity. That is the truth – that is what we are.

Everything that appears in the mind reflects the presence of pure consciousness. It’s that simple and uncomplicated, and needs no elaborations or commentaries. It’s staring us in the face.

Wanting only formalised teachings,
we will never experience the essence of the teachings.

The essence is that which
hears, sees, tastes, smells, feels and purely perceives,
without judgement or reliance on memories.

We go to teaching after teaching looking for the truth, asking where our donkey is until it’s pointed out that we are already riding the donkey. Appreciate that. Go away, and live a good life.

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The Great Rude Awakening

Accepting the total rawness of life
Is total relief from that suffering.
And that rawness never goes away.

Covering up the rawness with cleverness,
we become arrogant and annoying,
and cause problems for others.

When we were born we weren’t clever,
but awake and aware.
We were taught to go back to sleep.

Realisation is being reborn.
Being unattached to knowing anything,
we may appear outrageous.

In our imperfection, we can be perfect.



  • Referring to a taboo subjects.

  • Having a startling abruptness.

  • Lacking sophistication

  • Ignorant’ and uneducated.

From Latin rudis: unwrought, uncultivated; related to rudus ‘broken stone’.


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That’s What They Call God

An exoteric fantasy to believe in.
A reactionary rebellion against this fantasy that doesn’t exist.
A philosophical debate of there is, and there isn’t.
The esoteric reality.

This is our journey,
from gross misunderstanding to extremely subtle realisation.

It all depends on what we see as the essence of reality.
And all the media can do is ban nipples … 😀

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Still Worshipping The Devil?

What do the first two commandments in the bible really mean?
“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.”

Do not place anything in front of pure consciousness, and then worship it.
Do not worship me or my words.
Just see.

If we worship anything, we are worshipping an idea – an impermanent reality – and so, we stay confused because this is the maintenance of a duality. In practical terms, we will never feel ‘right’ or confident, and will therefore remain vulnerable and dependent.

To know anything, we have to start with consciousness for, without consciousness, nothing would be known. The ultimate nature of consciousness is pure (nothing added) and uncontaminated; we cannot be clearer than that. It is what we are; non-duality.

There is, however, a cloud in our perception. Anything that obscures this ultimate nature is obviously a hinderance and distraction. If we want to see clearly, we take off the dark glasses of fixated beliefs and ideas.

‘Devil’ means ‘evil intent’. The intention of evil is to obscure our true reality, which creates harm through confusion and suffering.

The Cloud of Unknowing”

It doesn’t matter what we think or hope for; our absolute reality is right here, right now.

“The Cloud of Unknowing” is the work of an anonymous Christian mystic, written in the 14th century. The text is a spiritual guide on contemplative prayer in the late Middle Ages.

To know God is to abandon consideration of God’s particular activities and attributes, and be courageous enough to surrender one’s mind to the realm of ‘unknowing’, at which point, one may begin to glimpse the nature of God.

That ‘glimpse’ is non-dual pure consciousness. When we give God attributes, we take the name in vain, and it becomes an idol.

There is no mystery.
There is nothing other.

Give up the form, and realise the essence.

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Dear Demons Of The World

Dear demons of the world;
Here is where you keep going wrong.

You constantly ignore the universal law of opposites:
good-bad, dark-light, fact-fiction, true-untrue,
attraction-repulsion, love-hate, selfless-selfish,
pure consciousness-impure consciousness …

If you push one way, the opposite will also happen.
The more you push people, the more people will pull the other way.
You may trick some, but not all.

It is suffering that turns sentient mind to enlightenment!
This is why evil has never prevailed.

Tame the mind.
Do good.
Do no harm.
– Buddha

Recognise suffering.
Come into the light.
Find peace.

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Questions The Buddha Would Not Answer

There were questions the Buddha would not answer.
He remained silent because any reply would only be misunderstood.
It is we who have to realise the answer, and the non-answer.
In the moment beyond realisation, these questions become redundant.

Buddha did not answer certain questions because there is no such thing as a true, findable and existent ‘self’, or a true, findable and existent universe. To answer one way or another would cause people to fall into either eternalism or nihilism.

He remained silent since they would only misunderstand anything he said. It was therefore more skilful not to specify an answer at all. The truth is for us to realise, rather than merely accepting the word of another.

There are various accounts of these questions on the internet:

Is the universe eternal? Is the universe not eternal?
Is the universe finite? Is the universe infinite?
Are the soul and the body the same? Are the soul and the body not the same?
Will the enlightened one be reborn after death? Will the enlightened one not be reborn after death?Will the enlightened one be both reborn and not reborn after death? Will the enlightened one neither be reborn nor not be reborn after death?

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Being Creepy

Both evil-Samsara and enlightened-Nirvana
take one step at a time,
so we don’t notice what is creeping up on us.

When we believe, we are not knowing.
When we know, we no longer have to believe.

There’s an awful lot of creepiness about.
Once we see the creeping darkness,
we can creep right back into the light.

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Still Desperate To Find Out More?

The only way to find out the truth is to recognise it, and then realise it. The truth isn’t in a book, on the internet, or from a teacher. The authenticity of truth is in the verification of seeing, rather than someone else telling us the truth, which is merely theory.

Looking is a conundrum.
We want to see the truth,
when it is the seeing that is the truth.
Right seeing is consciousness that has no side to it.

Stop looking.
Start seeing the seeing.
Let go of holding on to whatever is seen.
This is what meditation is all about.

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There Is No Need To Argue

There is no need to be irritated and argue. It’s okay to see things differently as we are all from different cultural backgrounds and at different levels of understanding. Look to see your own mental blockages. What bugs you? If we eternally disagree, we will eternally suffer. We ascend the levels by dropping the one we are stuck in! 😀 Of course, if we want to remain a Samsaric human being, that’s our choice.

Spiritual progress or conscious realisation depends on clearing the confusion in our own mind, not the minds of others. Everyone learns sequentially at their own rate of interest and disappointment.

There are, however, different levels of confusion and obsession
that cloud our mind.

There is only one answer to all questions.

The one answer is:
that which sees.

Whatever is seen is by virtue of pure consciousness.
It is simultaneous – non-dualistic.
Not two.

Words, techniques, methods are merely an antidote – a temporary measure – as doubt and confusion will return. Face the doubt and confusion directly. And what faces that doubt? It is seeing. Pure awareness, pure consciousness.

In this contrived world,
we are encouraged to argue, to take sides, to divide.

We ‘leap over’ by direct seeing.

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Global Consciousness

Global consciousness binds people together,
and makes them dependent.

The idea of God did that for thousands of years.
Then came wars, industrialisation, computers, artificial intelligence…

New Age…
New World Order…
The New Normal…
The Great Reset…
Build Back Better

It’s an old idea.
New: beginning anew and in a transformed way.

Start at two minutes.

Still think global engineering of global consciousness does not exist?
It goes by many names.
It doesn’t matter what we call it, the effect is the same.

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For How Long Has Humanity Been Indoctrinated?

How long has humanity been indoctrinated? Ever since we accepted being ruled, and told what to think and do. We weren’t born believing anything. We’re not a creation; we have been created by the indoctrinated. How is this possible? We don’t know any better, as truth is smothered in information babble.

‘Babble’ is confusing or pretentious jargon. Psycho-babble, techno-babble, spiritual-babble, new age-babble, alien-babble, political-babble, business-babble, history-babble, education-babble, entertainment-babble … all drag us down to the levels of illusion. We are imprisoned within a prison.

Indoctrination is not quite the truth. In our confusion, we consent just to believe, but this is not the complete picture of liberated knowingness – pure consciousness.

As we ascending the levels of realisation,
we transcend the levels of babble.

In meditation, there is no babble.

*Indoctrinate: teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

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The Cloud of Unknowing”

It doesn’t matter what we think or hope for;
our absolute reality is right here, right now.

“The Cloud of Unknowing” is the work of an anonymous Christian mystic, written in the 14th century. The text is a spiritual guide on contemplative prayer in the late Middle Ages.

To know God is to abandon consideration of God’s particular activities and attributes, and be courageous enough to surrender one’s mind to the realm of “unknowing”, at which point, one may begin to glimpse the nature of God.

That ‘glimpse’ is non-dual pure consciousness.
When we give God attributes, we take the name in vain, and it becomes an idol.
Give up the form, and realise the essence.

There is no mystery.
There is nothing other.

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Am I Writing Too Much?!

Yes. It’s true.

This does create the problem of having so much to read through –
but you don’t have to: it’s all in any one article,
and hopefully, questions will arise.

Teachings are only about realising what is pure, and what is impure.
As we ascend the levels, that which we thought was impure becomes pure.

The important point to realise is that we are not out to achieve purity; we are already pure. The teachings are about recognising this fact, and recognising whatever is covering it up. Enlightenment is actually a cover-up story, and we are the detectives-scientists-psychologists uncovering the truth that has always been present for us to see.

Every day, I think, “Should this be published, or is it too intense?” In reality, while there is nothing to say about our absolute nature, there is much to say about the subtleties that obscure it.

We hear, see and read about occurrences, and this ‘news’ entices us, lures us, occupies us, distracts us, gets us to react … and that restricts our potential. It is this which we should be most concerned about. The intelligent universe is sad about humanity. When we see this devolution, it should shock, but we don’t see it, as we are too involved in laughing at others. We aren’t living our life; we are living one made for us, and one that we pay for.

Never feel guilty about being drawn into this trap! We are all in it, and are brainwashed into conforming to limited standards – even in spirituality. Recognising the truth and realising it are not the same thing: we may read true sayings, but are we actually living them? Have they changed our behaviour? Do we have genuine, unshakeable confidence that even a Buddha cannot disturb?

The worse the world becomes, the more the shock – and the greater the realisation.
Until perfect enlightenment, we will have doubts.

I am 74 years of age and have received 50 years of teachings, most of which were merely elaborations giving rise to a culture that keeps people in spiritual poverty.

Realising inner instructions,
we are inspired to share.

Don’t collect the teachings.
Be the teachings.

Essence is simplicity itself.

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After Meditation

When we finish our meditation session,
we pay close attention to our conduct.

Our conduct must be the six perfections:
generosity (of spirit), patience, knowing what is right,
discipline, concentration, and knowledge of our true essence.

These six perfections are the path to enlightenment.
In practising them, we will recognise
whatever prevents them from blossoming.

In this way, our world will change for the better.
We can’t rely on others to change the world for us;
that is what is keeping us in hell!

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Intelligence and Blind Faith

The Buddha’s teaching cannot be followed
by merely having faith in the Buddha.

The teaching needs sharp intelligence and wisdom to analyse and test it.
Blind faith is not the way; it is an idea about the way.

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Harmony Is Active Participation

We may assume that if we’re not in conflict, we’re in harmony,
while we may actually just be indifferent, or in a state of not knowing.

Harmony is the active participation of empathy.

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If Things Are Seem To Be Worse

If the outer and the inner seem to be getting worse,
this means we are noticing more.

The more we notice, the clearer we are.
Having noticed, what do we do?

We don’t want to make things worse by reacting,
as that is part of the problem.

So, we do nothing?

We can control our own mind.
We lost control when we started to rely on
religion, industrialisation, automation, computers, AI …

We have to work within this system
but we don’t have to become part of it.

The great reset is to return to our original nature
of pure consciousness.

Seeing is not believing.

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May Exploitation Be Eliminated

May exploitation be eliminated.
May there only be selfless compassion.
May negativity dawn as wisdom.

The recognition that we are unhappy
is actually the path to enlightenment if we stop and look,
rather than looking for distraction.

We misunderstand what happiness is.
Happiness is the relief from anxiety.
Happiness is well being,
rather than well excited.

May whatever happens be the source of realisation.
May we realise that we are that source.
May we not waste this precious life.

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All Comments Welcome

Sharing how we feel
helps darkness vanishes into light.

If you’d prefer to talk in private, write to

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The Real ‘Great Reset’

Meditation resets our mind back to zero – emptiness.
In emptiness, we see clearly.
If we reset our mind, we don’t need others to reset our mind for us.

Meditation is no big deal.
We just stop our inner chatter,
which transforms our outer chatter.

Put it this way.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!

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It Has Always Been Psychological War

Don’t be confused.
Psychological war uses fear and hope,
so psychological war is a spiritual war on consciousness.

This is how it works: spiritual teachings have been used by some to their own advantage, both consciously and unconsciously. Human psychology is old and as infinite as the universe – and extremely simple. Psychologists take their knowledge from spiritual teachings and claim it as their own.

The three gross principles of the universe are attraction, repulsion and inertia. In human terms, these are equivalent to hope, fear and ignorance. How is this spiritual? These same three principles are the gross reflection of the three enlightened principles of purity, consciousness and compassion. When we understand these and see them in action, we are freed from our programming.

Demons work in subtle ways;
they are believable.

Psychological war is about control,
by creating confusion.

Dharma is the psychological x-ray.

So as not to be confused about hope, fear and ignorance, we are talking here about what drives our entire life, rather than a need in the present moment.

The gross and enlightened principles correlate in the following way:
We are uncontaminated enlightened beings.

Hope/desire equate to purity/emptiness: when we desire, we contaminate consciousness.
Fear/aversion equate to consciousness: because consciousness is contaminated, we judge and separate.
Ignorance/indifference equate to compassion: because we judge and separate, we lack love.

Think it’s not that simple?

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Emptiness – Shunyata

‘Emptiness’ means uncontaminated consciousness.
“Oh, do I have to be really holy to experience that?”!

When the eyes just see,
the ears just hear,
the nose just smells,
the tongue just tastes,
the body just feels,
the mind just perceives …
that is emptiness.

It’s with us all the time,
as we are, firstly and originally, pure consciousness.

All beings experience this but do not notice its significance,
which why the term ‘ignorance’ is used.

Emptiness goes by many names.
Ignorance goes by one name,
and that name is ‘Myself’.

Ignorance isn’t a problem when we notice it –
precisely because of what is noticing it …
that old, old – very old – timeless pure consciousness.

Have a great day.

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It’s Not A Matter Of What We Know

It’s not a matter of what we know;
it’s how we are that is important.

We can know all sorts of things about things, but what counts in life is realised contentment. Which do we consider to be superior?

When we are content within,
we know enough.
We are clear of confusion.

If there are ‘aliens’, who would they want to contact? The military, the gullible, or spiritual adepts? This will depend on what sort of ‘aliens’ they are 🙂

As yet, no spiritual adept has claimed to have been visited by ‘aliens’.

At the end of life, how we are is important. What we know, how much wealth we have acquired or whether our people are winning are idiotic Samsaric aims. What is important is whatever is understood, experienced and realised. In other words, realised contentment.

Are we expanding love through empathy and compassion,
or are we restricting it?

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People Who Irritate Us

People who irritate us
bring our darkness to light.

This is how karma teaches.
There’s no getting away from it –
until pure consciousness faces self consciousness.

We all know because we can see our reactions,
and yet we ignore them.

We are encouraged to overreact,
which makes us even more irritating.

Know the universal game.
Spiritual teachings are right in front of us;
when we ignore this truth, we justifiably suffer.

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