Are We Ghosts In Human Forms?

A ghost is merely consciousness lost in not knowing its true nature; because of this, it drifts around due to karma. The realisation of our true nature is both the purpose of life and the source of our misunderstanding of life. ‘Ghost’ is another name for ‘spirit’. ‘Spirit’ is another name for consciousness. Pure consciousness is nothing other than the purity of being, and the full realisation of that is enlightenment. We ghosts have a huge potential!

Consciousness manifests in many forms. As humans, we can dance and sing eloquently about being in love; we can make money, procreate to produce more ghosts, study history, geography and science, rule over or be ruled by other ghosts, play games, entertain ourselves and even invent religions and rituals about holy ghosts. But none of these are our true reality.

Our true reality is realised the moment we awaken by recognising that we have been diligent duffers. Suddenly, this realisation releases us and illuminates years – if not lifetimes – of the ghostly darkness of desires.

All that pride defending our ghostly image now seems pointless, when the purity of consciousness sees through this transparent dream-being. When this ghost realises it is, in actuality, pure consciousness, then it is free of believing anything other.

Realisation is the true ghost-buster!


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We Are Never Separate From The Truth

Whether we are happy, sad, busy, dreamy … the truth – pure awareness – is always present. How can we deny that? Without this uncontaminated awareness, nothing would be known clearly. Truth is that simple. The essential nature of mind is this pure awareness; we are that essential nature.

It may be that simple, but we have been led to believe so many things about ‘truth’ that have actually taken us in the opposite direction. ‘They’ talk about truth and compassion, but it is not until we realise personally that we are the truth, that compassion can genuinely arise. Thinking that we are the truth and we are compassionate is not enough. We have to know that all beings are pure awareness, and we talk to that pure awareness, rather than to the ‘cover story’. That is the application of the four enlightened activities of pacifying, magnetising, enriching, and destroying ego’s games.

The cover story is whatever we project onto others. There is no point in talking to that as it is full of bias. Those biased projections are acquired ideas in the mind, and not the essence of mind itself. They are not the real being: those ideas are a straw man, without substance.

How amazing that we look for the truth, when we simply are the truth. Some will find this annoying because they want to work at truth, achieve it, belong to the group that has it. They want to become it, instead of simply recognising, experiencing and realising by resting in it.

If we are never separate from the truth, then we are never separate from one another. That is either enlightening or annoying 😀 Do we have a clear view or an acquired view?

Knowing that we are all the truth is challenging.
That is the work.
Compared to that, realisation is a piece of cake!

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Bored? Sad? Melancholic?

Look more closely; there is a longing there.
We all know something.

Our quality of progress in anything is due to the quality of awareness. This is why meditation is so important; to be able to concentrate and see what is, in fact, going on in our mind.

We can realise that sadness is observable, so the feeling of sadness is not us. It is a state of mind. We are the silent witness, the silent consciousness. Once we can see this, we can then empathise with others because we can re-cognise the signs within our own mind.

Being more aware makes life worthwhile, brighter and more intelligent on the compassionate, wisdom side rather than the what’s-in-it-for-me side. We are no longer weighed down by darkness. Seeing is now possible because the light is present, and we see the cycle of everything. It is understanding that the beauty of a rose is that it has to die, so we appreciate it while it lasts, like life itself. Nothing lasts. The elements re-form.Everything dwells within emptiness – the silent witness.

If we want to go the traditional way, then we are talking here about ‘Madhyamaka’; the usefulness of reason. In Madhyamaka, reason and debate are understood as a means to an end (liberation), and this method must be therefore founded on the wish to help oneself and others end suffering. Reason and logical arguments are seen as being ultimately empty of any true validity or reality: they only serve as conventional remedies for our delusions. The closer we look, the more we recognise the essence of everything. We know that everything arises within emptiness, dwells within emptiness and returns to emptiness.

Perfect peace is emptiness.
Emptiness is cognisant.
Cognisant emptiness is unconfined compassion.

There is no more joy than recognising the wish
that all beings realise happiness.

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Ultimate Nostalgia

Nostalgic for what?
We all have this longing
to be in the right place.
But what is this right place?

If we look, we will realise that
the right place is in that recognition.

The right place is not about a place or time;
it is about our being in place.

We are in the right place.
We have always been the right place.

It isn’t a matter of who we are but what we are.
Pure consciousness is the right place, here and now.

What else can it be?

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How We Sentence Ourselves

Whatever views, thoughts, concepts, opinions and fixations we hold on to at this moment will be the basis of our next moment and, for most of us, our entire lives, unfortunately. Holding on to thoughts that we have acquired from others is our sentence and imprisonment. None of our thoughts are original: we acquire and react … and repeat. Holding onto thoughts is not the same as having thoughts.

Having a thought and being able to analyse and question, means that we can discern what is beneficial and what is harmful. ‘Beneficial’ means leading to happiness, while ‘harmful’ means causing unhappiness. To be able to progress and refine understanding, we have to be prepared to drop and set free our fixations, our set ideas about the meaning of life. This is how move up the scale of evolution. 😀

“Oh! Oh! You just want us to have your ideas! Mmm?”
Not at all. Just be aware of the power that thoughts and emotions have over us.

Once the mind is free of fixations – or, at least, we are awareof fixations – then the pattern of our life can change. If we cannot or do not change our view, then we become stuck in a rut, a groove of our own making. We’re surrounded by groovers who are digging their own graves. 😀 😀 😀

Groove: Middle English (denoting a mine or shaft): from Dutch groeve ‘furrow, pit’; related to grave.

Life has a meaning and our mind has a function, which is to realise what we are, in reality. Life isn’t just maintenance and entertainment; that is the formula for the corporate coffers. Life it is about freedom to have time and space to get out of the mould and realise that we have the ultimate power of enlightenment.

Formula: from Latin, diminutive of forma; ‘shape, mould’.

Corporations, intellectuals and religions provide us with ideas so that we can be free. Really?! That is their trap, and we fall for it every time because we hope. The truth is that we are already free, but if we are told this, we think it’s something extraordinary.

Unfortunately, we have become so used to the prison that we hardly notice it anymore. The secret is that when we are fed up with this prison, we can just walk out. They don’t tell you that, do they? What is truly extraordinary is that we choose to stay locked up in a mould, in a groove. Amazing!

Once we realise that we are free, we then have to recognise that the situation we are in now is due to past fixations and grooves. As we recognise and stop reacting, these fixations and grooves – our karma – smooth out, no matter what occurs. We still have to maintain this body, but it is no longer a chore; it’s play. Once we can play nicely, we can play nicely with others, and life is full of meaning.

I used to wonder why people ran around doing and saying meaningless things as if these were important. Now I know. They cannot help their-self. ‘They’ are pure consciousness. Their ‘self’ is an addiction to fixated ideas to which pure consciousness sticks.

This feeling of imprisonment has no reality.






… this blog just hit the 2500tharticle, saying the same thing over and over! 😀

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Seeing, and Then See

Seeing, and then I see.
Perception, and then perceive.
There is an extremely subtle difference here.

When consciousness does not realise its own nature of purity and instead perceives something, consciousness starts to narrate about whatever is perceived. We (pure consciousness) miss the moment before, when there was just perception (pure perception) present. It is this relating and narrating that created a feeling of an imaginary I, the witness, the author of our creation of which we became proud.

I see therefore I am is the moment when ignorance is created. I think therefore I am is the moment when ignorance is created. We ignore the milli-moment of emptiness before the moment now. There is an extremely subtle difference between these two views, and meditation is a method to acknowledge this difference.

Whatever is seen is dropped, as there is the next moment of seeing. If we hold on to whatever is seen, we carry this over to the next moment, and our story becomes more complex and emotional. This habit now controls our life.

Satisfaction and realisation are in the seeing, rather than in the incomplete projections in the mind about whatever is seen. Meditation is about seeing and resting in the truth of our reality of pure consciousness. It is about not sitting in silent peacefulness: a cow can do that.

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The Dilemma Of Keeping Teachings Secret

Teachings can easily be misunderstood, misread and misused, which can then play on an individual’s mind. Due to human frailties and obsessions, these teaching may become a way of controlling others psychologically, using desire and fear, so teachings are a two-edged sword. Even receiving teachings can create pride if one has not established a degree of calmness and compassion within one’s own mind. This is why a good motivation is vital, so that we do not create bad karma.

There is a concern that saying too much can disturb people, and there can be a shock factor involved; for this reason, this blog is not publicised.

Still, people do need to know what is available, and then it’s their choice to pursue their inclinations … or not.

Goodness knows how you got here! 😀

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Tea, Not The Tea Cup

“When we want tea, we aren’t bothered about the cup it comes in. Likewise, the Dharma we want is the teaching on the nature of reality: the culture it comes with does not matter. We mustn’t confuse the teaching we want with the culture. We do not have to become Tibetan or adopt another culture to realise our true nature.”

Quote from Dzongzar Rinpoche

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Where Do I Find A True Guru?

What shows us our faults at every moment?

Having been shown,
what recognises those faults, those fixations,
thereby relieving us of suffering?

Is a guru someone who tells us stories
about their culture?

A. Karma.
A. Pure awareness.
A. That’s someone else’s karma.

We need critical thinking.

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Learning To Be Happy

Whatever happens, we always think,
“Well, it could be worse”,
and so, we are grateful.

Maybe happiness is just being grateful.

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OM MANI PEME HUM is a Mnemonic
Mnemonics are an aid to memory

The mantra, OM MANI PEME HUM, represents compassion within wisdom. This compassionate wisdom is directed towards what is happening in our own minds, and the minds of others. It is not a magical incantation.

OM MANI PEME HUM is Sanskrit for generosity, patience, morality, discipline, meditation and wisdom; these are known as the six perfections, which is the path to enlightenment.

OM MANI PEME HUM is apractical aid rather than a magical mystery. When dealing with others, it’s essential to remember the six perfections.

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Solving A Problem Is Also …

The solution to the problem is also
the knowledge to create the problem.

Humans have two potentials:
to be selfless, enlightened beings
or to remain narcissistics.

There are two forces of good and evil.
The good attracts compassion,
while the evil attracts selfishness.

If there is knowledge on how to heal something,
the same knowledge can also cause harm.

Most of us spin, confused, in the middle.
The good share knowledge.
The evil use it to their own ends.

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How Everything is Perfect

How is everything perfect, when the people are ignoring reality?
If we do not sharpen our tool, the cut will not be clean. We know that a blunt tool will produce a ragged edge: this is not a surprise so the outcome of our inattention is perfect cause and effect.

Likewise, when we ignore our true reality of perfect consciousness – which is perfect happiness, because we understand perfect gratitude – we will not fall prey to desire. If we fall prey to desire, we will not notice that we are already perfectly happy.

Everything comes into existence due to cause and effect, so everything is perfect. “But I don’t like the way the world is, and this makes me unhappy!” That is the perfect condition to realise the cause and condition of that unhappiness.

Perfect comes from perfect.
May we recognise perfection everywhere,
and remain at peace.

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Can’t Meditate?

Simply rest in whatever takes place in the mind, in whatever happens. In the very moment of recognition of being aware lies the moment of empty cognisance, pure awareness, Rigpa. Just note and realise that is one’s true nature. When awareness is solely aware of being aware and is not wandering, then everything is perfect. That is the point of meditation. This awareness resting in awareness. The emptiness of emptiness. As we practise, this experience becomes more familiar.

If we want something more, then there are those who will oblige and create elaborations. Or we can simply look into that which is not satisfied and rest in that recognition. There you are, you see.

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How Do We Experience Our True Nature?

The reason that we do not experience our true nature is that there is so much going on our minds to distract us. Whatever we see, we immediately judge by relating to memory of previous experience. We do not just see; we relate by referring. This is how we become stuck in a cycle of confused existence.

A subtle obstacle may arise when we read or hear about our true nature. When we experience anything, we immediately relate and refer to this information, which imposes theory on to actual experience. “Ah! This is emptiness!”We rely on an expectation, which becomes a belief.

Belief is a intense force. It can make us do anything. The main result is boosting ego …“I can do this!”

This powerful ego boost can have a positive effect: it can push things so far that we are no longer able justify our reactions, as we have become so full of ourself that we notice we are out of control and, in fact, suffering. We need special energy arising from the recognition of conflict to cut through this ego-created dream world. If we keep trying to make everything nice and cosy, we may never see the need for release.

How do we experience our true nature? Simply realise what is asking the question! The more the ego, the more the confusion, the clearer the view.

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Upgrading Our Teacher

To teach means to point out, to show: “Look! See!” But it is wewho have to look and see. And what we are seeing is that we are this seeing. The teacher can only show us generalised guidelines on how to see this consciousness that is seeing. It is we who have to make the journey … in our case, to nowhere – now here. The human teacher or text merely points out how to look, but it is we who have to see, rather than taking the teacher’s word for it. This is not about acquiring teachings: it is a matter of realising that we are the teaching, and that there is nothing to be acquired. That is the upgrade!

Merely repeating others’ words can be annoying as this does not address the current ‘situation’, but imposes itself upon it instead. The outcome of self realisation is empathetic, compassionate understanding that liberates a ‘situation’ … in the eyes of the ‘situation’! Self realisation is due to awareness or consciousness realising its true reality, naturally.

Not all teachers are of the same calibre or understanding. Not all traditions suit everyone. The teacher isn’t the real teacher: a human teacher merely point that out. The real teacher is our mental karma (our reactions) and our karmic situation (whatever our reactions produced) which show the student – pure consciousness – what it is that is obstructing its clear, compassionate view, and what it has become attached to. A human teacher cannot do that for us, but karma is with us all the way to enlightenment. This is making the teachings practical.

We associate the words ‘teacher’ and ‘teaching’ with words such as freedom, liberation, release, wisdom and compassion. We would not expect to include the words exclusive sect, being bound, belief, obsession, fixation, idolisation and worship. These are cult-ish words.

True devotion is genuinely appreciating the truth that we seek. And the truth that we seek is our own pure consciousness. The entire point of teachings is that we are this truth. It is all about pure consciousness, here and now. Devotion has a secret aspect that has to be self-realised: this pure consciousness is the same reality in all sentient beings which gives rise to genuine, unconditional love. Now, that upgrades devotion!

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The Perception Trap

It is through perception that we navigate the world, but it’s also easy to forget who is navigating!

In the very first instant of perception, perception is non-conceptual. There is just seeing, hearing etc, so that we can immediately discern whether things are harmful or beneficial. When we are aware of this process and don’t create a mental narrative about whatever is seen, the mind can rest in neutrality, always prepared while remaining at peace and unconfused.

It is only when the mind relates to whatever is perceived and holds on to ‘this’ as opposed to ‘that’, that we experience disquiet and a duality is created. In relating to this intrusion, clear seeing becomes occupied. Being occupied isn’t the issue: it is being occupied constantly that causes us to be addicted to the material and mental worlds, and then we are easily led by the nose.

We can also become occupied by the habit of a routine and fall into a state of vacancy, of not knowing. This is the state of ignorance.

To be free from these perception traps, we recognise that perception is non-conceptual, and that we do not have to follow a formula. We are only bound because pure consciousness became trapped in relating, which created the relative reality that has become our norm. By merely being aware, the mind becomes free and open, and we realise that consciousness is, in fact, free from confusion. This clarity is pure consciousness, where nothing binds us.

In the state of perfect meditation, there is empty essence, empty mind, empty perception. That is our natural condition. We don’t have to sit on a cushion to realise this, but it helps.

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What Is Conscious Practice?

Conscious practice is remembering that
consciousness is always present.

Realisation is the experience of practising, rather than the method itself.
Practice is simply the actual experience of the empty clarity of perception, before anything is perceived. Whatever we perceive is perceived through a veil of karmic propensities, and it is this that inhibits our seeing clearly. Seeing these obscurations is therefore our practice, which is clearing away the veil that imposes itself on everything we see.

We can either realise the confidence-wisdom of genuine, enlightened compassion, or we can continue being addicted to the ‘news’.

So practice is realising the perception taking place at this very moment; that perception is pure when we don’t indulge in fixations. Recognising karmic propensities is our teacher. This is how we can practise all the time, anywhere.

“But my teacher says I should meditate four times a day!”
Then upgrade your teacher.

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We Reincarnate At Every Moment

As sentient beings, we become addicted to a programme that we have created and which we relive again and again, unconscious of our true potential. It is the practice of awakening to consciousness that leads us to realise that we are both pure consciousness and enlightened.

We trap ourselves into reincarnating through clinging to thoughts. Instead of judging by using reasoning to think a thing through in the moment now, we rely on thoughts we have acquired – and we become judge-mental.

“There is nothing wrong with thinking:
it is clinging to those thoughts that binds us.”

It is important to note that, when merely perceiving, thoughts are not present. Thoughts come a moment later, creating the continuity of reincarnation, and off we go.

Meditation breaks this patterning of constant rebirth and frees us from being … well, us! We are so much more than money earners and spenders. We are pure consciousness that never changes. It’s amazing that we settle for anything less.

Whether we bodily reincarnate, we will never know as we can’t remember, but we can be aware that we are born with tendencies. The main point is that we can live afresh at every moment, rather than being tied down to a type.

We have to realise what thought is and what thought does. It can be either entrapment or liberation, depending on whether we recognise its reality. Consciousness, if acknowledged, catches demonic activity that obscures pure consciousness. Once pure consciousness is realised, there are three refinements in Dzogchen that offer release from thoughts upon arising:

Like recognising someone we know: appearances and recognition are simultaneous, and consciousness is liberated in that moment.

Like a snake untangling its knots: with consciousness present, a thought or emotion is naturally released.

Like a thief entering an empty house: when empty essence is realised, demons have nothing to gain and therefore do not dwell.

Our practice is recognising how we respond.
That recognition frees us,
and thoughts no longer have power over us.

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Two Parallel Realities

We live in two, multi-levelled parallel realities at the same time: one where consciousness relates to everything, creating dualities and complexities, and the other where non-dual consciousness is purely aware. The shadow and the light.

By recognising one, the other is known and, as such, they are inseparable. But first, we have to recognise the state in which consciousness is, now. Without this recognition, we have no possibility of realising the non-duality of original, pure consciousness.

Through lethargy and indifference, we lack the ability to discern what is true and what is seemingly true, because we ignore the truth that we see we are consciousness.

In realisation, there are no hardships.
When we know we are lost, we are not.
It is only the light that sees the dark.

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The Gap Between Thoughts

This is where we will find and realise emptiness – pure consciousness, the natural state of rest free of mental turbulence or dullness. We normally oscillate between thoughts and this gap of emptiness, but miss this process because we project consciousness into the future by memories of the past.

Emptiness is fully cognisant and aware, now. It is this moment of pure perception. Perception is ever present; it is without thought, opinion, judgement or memory. Thought comes a milli-moment later, ignited by memories, and we react. Off we go again!

Spiritually speaking – or rather, consciously speaking – we are dealing with this pure moment of nowness. Missing this precious moment, we indulge in speculations and set up a fabricated reality of constantly relating to ‘this’ as opposed to ‘that’.

If, on the other hand, we are mindful of the gap, the gap expands and consciousness relaxes into its pure state. We do not have to look for pure consciousness: it’s present all the time. It is timeless. We are that timelessness.

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I Am Nothing Without My Opinions”

It is our opinions and concepts that create the fixations with which we identify as a self. Because of these ideas to which we cling, we limit our true potential.

“But, I need to have opinions about things!” Before opinions is awareness. Something is seen and consciousness then reacts. As seekers after the truth, the recognition of this process is extremely important. It is awareness (consciousness) that has acquired opinions about whatever it sees. Here, we are talking about ordinary, conventional, human consciousness that is addicted to desires and aversions. We need to know that mentally, we can disengage from this cycle of existence.

Ordinary consciousness is our partial human reality.
Pure consciousness is our ultimate impartial reality.

We all need to be able to discern what is of benefit, what is harmful and what creates confusion.

Ordinary consciousness binds us.
Pure consciousness frees us.
In partial seeing, we lose this inner peace.
In pure seeing, we have inner peace.

We may ask what do we can do about the world in which we live.The answer is that karma (whatever presents itself) is our teacher, our life coach. We are not going to change the world – even though we’d like to – as the majority does not want inner freedom. We can, however, bring an end to our reactions, which are part of the world’s problems.

We must first change our attitude, before we can address worldly problems.

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If You Don’t Find What You’re Looking For … 😀
… just make a suggestion in the comments section
and we can see what manifests.

Or go privately to

Of course, you know the answer will be,
“You are what you’re looking for”!
But we all have individual concerns.

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Nothing Else

When we hear about enlightenment/pure consciousness, we are being enlightened about our true nature. We are being made aware of the potential of our true nature.

The next stage is to practise without distraction to become aware of our true reality beyond thought. We become further enlightened when the experience of insight releases us from our acquired ideas.

Small liberations occur as we remember whatwe are. The more we are aware, the more the moments between forgetting shorten.

Complete enlightenment is non-stop, undistracted awareness
suffused with compassionate empathy for others.

We realise we are satisfied,
and life has become fruitful.

The I cannot be enlightened.
There is only remembering, recognising, realising –
and nothing else.

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Life Of A Thousand Traumatic Cuts

Trauma is normally thought of as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that leaves a long term effect on our mind. We may think that this is a rare occurrence of those in extreme circumstances but, when we look more closely, we see that everything we have encountered leaves some sort of mark, residue or wound in our consciousness. It is how we learn, after all.

This isn’t about being over-sensitive or playing the victim. It’s about being aware of living in a collective ignorance of our true reality. These wounds are actually our path to enlightenment, and manifest as an empathetic understanding for others.

Our problem is being stuck in an idea of our normal. We are so used to this normalthat we don’t realise that we all have a clear path to enlightenment. The path is clear because, through the practice of meditation, we see the cause of our confusion and the traumas that creates.

We arrive at a moment when we realise that what we were told by others was merely them holding on to their traumas. Although a trauma is usually a disturbing experience, there are also sentimental trauma, educated trauma, career trauma, relationship trauma … everything leaves a impression, and these impression are the cause of our pretend world. When we arrive at non-thought in non-meditation, there is a realisation that we have always been that clear reality.

Recognising trauma is a wake up call. Waking up is merely a sequence of realisations and letting go-es. We are not victims; we are authors of our destiny. We are authentic beings, not copies.

It is the recognition of imperfection that is the perfection.
Re-cognise = already known.

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We Really Do Need To Train Our Mind … First!

If we don’t train our mind to be still and silent, it will lack the clarity needed to recognise and realise the truth of the teachings. With training, we experience and gain inspiration and then, subtle questions arise from realisation. Teachings are generalised, and theory is black and white, static and fossilising; it is only through authentic experience that genuine questions arise. If we cannot form a precise question, we will not receive a precise answer.

Reading about, discussing and studying the reality of the nature of mind will not help in realising and experiencing this. We need to still the mind into silence by focusing our attention and inner energies, otherwise the nature of mind will remain merely as a theory. In training the mind, we also have to refine our conduct to be more attentive to others’ needs, and gain what is called ‘merit’ – the beneficial qualities of receptivity, a peaceful atmosphere, good fortune, good karma – which brings a greater potential to receive and synthesise teachings.

In training the mind, we do not become carried away by our ideas and emotions. In other words, we apply discipline so that we don’t revert to our habitual mannerisms.

We have to return to basic mind training constantly, and take a low profile in life. If we become competitive, we will remain trapped in a samsaric frame of mind – and we will only be competing with stupidity. If we don’t train our mind to receive wisdom, then we are of no use to ourself or anyone else.

Training is simply valuing compassion that arises from pure awareness. There are no hardships and it’s not complicated. They don’t tell you that, do they? ;D

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Synopsis for Book

Thanks to Marcel who collated some articles a year ago with the idea of producing a book, we have recently completed this process (it’s taken a year with updates and adjustments), and the project is now being proof read. Unfortunately, the proof reader (Kathie, my wife) has just had a eye operation, so there is more delay – that’s life.

The following is the synopsis for the book, “Buddha In The Mud”:

This book offers an overall view of consciousness from a Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen tradition.

Consciousness has two aspects; the ability to look both outward and within. In this way, we prove what is real and what isn’t, and identify what is merely a belief. The use of the word ‘spiritual’ in this context means pure consciousness that purely sees, without judgement. Our comments, which come a moment later, can express either self-interest or genuine compassion for others.

The Dzogchen approach, from the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma tradition, introduces us to the direct realisation of our true nature, and the path to enlightenment. This realisation opens the door, and takes place within our own mind and within our own culture. When we realise this absolute truth of pure consciousness – which is what we are – we will realise the truth within all teachings.

Ultimately, we are the truth that we seek. It is because of pure consciousness that everything is known, so that comes first; that is where everything starts and finishes. Before thought, there must be consciousness, but before this outward-looking consciousness, there is pure, inner consciousness. Truth is never out there. It’s here, right now, and truth never changes.

The most important instruction from the Buddha is, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself”. Without this, teachings are merely hearsay or belief. As Christ said, “Seek and you shall find”. It is we who have to see in order to realise as opposed to just believing what we are told. As the Tibetan teacher, Tulku Urgyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing”, and we do not have to be either religious or scholastic to experience this realisation.

When we realise our true nature, we will realise that those negative emotions which we try to hide are, in fact, wisdoms. These negative emotions are inseparable from pure consciousness, because recognition and realisation are simultaneous, like reflections in a mirror. Not knowing this, we remain asleep in our habitual programming of reactionary thoughts and emotions.

Spiritual teachings should be practical, and not merely beliefs that maintain our neuroses. Why? Because genuine teachings eliminate dissatisfaction and suffering, and reveal the genuine happiness and wisdom that has always been our essential nature. Only in this way can we be of benefit to others; from understanding comes compassion.

There are many levels to these teachings, where the same words are used but, through experience, their meanings change. At each level, the teachings are correct in themselves, but we may find that suddenly, they do not totally satisfy. This is a good sign. In seeking the absolute truth, we will eventually realise that we are the truth we seek. This truth is pure consciousness for, without that, nothing would be known: this is experienced and realised through the stillness of body, speech, and mind in meditation.

Pure consciousness isn’t something we create. It is always present but, for thousands of years, we have been misled to worship appearances and beliefs. The truth is in our understandingof those words handed down to us, rather than in someone’s interpretation of those words. Gradually, it all makes sense, no matter who said it. Pure consciousness – absolute consciousness – supreme being.

Exoteric teachings are for the many and rely on belief, whereas esoteric teachings are practical applications to realise the truth. Here, we start to understand the different levels: for example, the first two commandments in the Bible – “You shall have no other Gods but me” and “You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it” can be seen from an esoteric viewpoint.

By turning the exoteric into the esoteric,
we realise that it is worshipping the outer that obscures the inner.

When consciousness worships a self image, it creates confusion.
When consciousness realises its true essence,
it is free of belief in that very moment of seeing.

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If The Truth Is That We Are One With God

If the truth is that we are one with God,
then we have never been separated from God.

It is belief that separates us.
To believe is to deny oneness.

When we are at one,
we are never separate from one another.

In oneness,
God and I do not exist.

When we lose God and self,
all that is left
is pure consciousness.

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Time To See Differently

It’s not that pure consciousness is extremely subtle; it is that conventional consciousness is so thick with concepts. We make up, adopt, cling to and build on an illusion that creates confusion and therefore, everything seems to be a mystery.

Look at it this way. There is lots to think about and discuss, right? But that which sees all this thinking and discussing simply sees. When pointed out, it’s not subtle at all – it’s obvious! It is this that is actually ordinary reality. Of course, at lower levels, it’s all a mystery, and some actually like it that way because means they don’t have to actually look closely at their life and question it.

This image is from US dollar bill: it is said to represent Freemasonry/Illuminati global control. If this is the way that they see it, then they misunderstand reality and are, in fact, functioning at one of the lower levels, being controlled by a belief in mystery.

Pure consciousness cuts through this illusory nonsense that we are led to believe in and to which we have become attached. Pure consciousness is the only reality, but we’re far too busy making our illusory life cosy to acknowledge this.

Don’t look up; look within.

Recognise and realise the all-seeing consciousness,
– not the all-seeing drivel.

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The Unity of Emptiness and Consciousness

Emptiness________________________ Consciousness

If we get too involved in consciousness and forget emptiness (uncontaminated essence), then everything will seem solid and real, and our minds will become heavy.

If, on the other hand, we get too involved in emptiness, we can become nihilistic and depressed, and not see the point of anything.

Our reality is in the middle, and is a unity of the two. We can then adjust this balance to suit the situation in which we find ourselves. As the Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose”. We constantly feel our way, as opposed to layering a situation with dogma we have learned.

It is when we are in balance (happy) that we can then be compassionate to all. In this way, emptiness, consciousness and compassion are inseparable. This is our natural being; this is wisdom. We are one in love.

Because of karma, some days are smooth and other days are rough. On some days, we encounter the rough and the smooth of others :D, so we constantly readjust with a flexible approach, carefree.

Buddhist teaching uses the word ’emptiness’ instead of ‘nothingness’ or ‘voidness’, as emptiness in this context means being pure, and describes the quality of the essence of consciousness. Consciousness is synonymous with cognisance or knowingness, so we are pure consciousness, rather than just empty space. The Sanskrit word for emptiness is Shunyata.

Pure consciousness is life that extends far beyond ‘me’. Me and my ideas are constructs: they are a series of thoughts that we have adopted through our interaction with others. This is our social I which moulds our minds and we (pure consciousness) forget that these thoughts appear on our mind screen; they are merely projections, while pure consciousness sits and watches. As we cannot be what we see, we realise that we are the seeing itself, the pure cognisance.

Wisdom is understanding how things work, and how they get broken. It is through wisdom that feeling ill-at-ease transforms to good mental health, just being happy.

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Social Engineering
It is for this reason that we need to be aware

Social engineering: centralised planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behaviour of a society. Also the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes. 

Writing about consciousness is difficult because there are two aspects to this subject; the essence of consciousness and that which obscures consciousness. If we go too far down the road of talking about pureconsciousness, we may become light-headed whereas, if we talk too much about the nasties in the world, we may become heavy-hearted. And if we stay in the middle, we won’t acknowledge either the rawness of life (suffering) which will wake us up, or the joy and relief that it’s all really an illusion. In order to get a complete picture, we have to move up and down the ladder. The Buddha did say, “Not too tight and not too loose”: we constantly have to readjust to circumstances by making subtle adjustments. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we will all see things differently anyway, but theactualseeing, the pureseeing is the same. We all have that in common, thank goodness.

It’s important to recognise that we are being engineered and manipulated, with the aim of not only deceiving and controlling humanity’s behaviour, but also confusing consciousness into reacting, which distracts it from knowing the truth of its natural, free state. This is what was meant by Tulku Urgyen when he said, “We are free in the moment of seeing”. When we forget that consciousness sees purely in the first moment of now, consciousness comes to be involved in something other and forgets itself, thus becoming trapped by making things seem real.

As long as we are aware of awareness, consciousness will always win over deceit. In becoming more aware, we recognise when we and others are fixating.

Using certain words too frequently can cause them to lose their power, so we must take a closer look at meaning; in this way, we transcend the levels.

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Catching Demons That Don’t Exist

Demons are consciousness clinging to ideas that create ‘myself’; this is demonic because these ideas rob us of knowing our true reality of pure consciousness. Demons distract consciousness away from itself. That’s what demons do – they feed off our ignorance. Human behaviour’s like that, isn’t it?

We can easily see demonic activity in others, but watching demonic activity within our own mind is interesting. This demonic activity is our own likes and dislikes about which we obsess. We, as humans, have to know what is harmful and what is of benefit but, being caught and held by these emotions, we lose control. The point is that demons cannot be said to exist as they are just lost consciousnesses confused about reality. Human behaviour’s like that, isn’t it?

Demons aren’t something to be avoided as that only makes them seem real when they are merely crumbs on the path to enlightenment. I say ‘crumbs’ as they are the sustenance on the journey. If we react to them, they take us down to their level – but in noting this reaction, they become our guide and teacher. The Buddha experienced demonic encounters right until the moment of enlightenment.

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Release From The Collective Consciousness

We can’t think ourselves outside the box because it is thinking that keeps us inside the box 😉

Outside the box, there is merely pure observation of pure consciousness. That is our reality, rather than thoughts of how clever we are inside the samsaric box.

‘Samsara’: the vicious cycle of existence, the constant craving and raving

If we are bound by a set of ideas, we are religious, as the word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin religiare ‘to bind’. We might think that we aren’t bound, but we fixate on our ideas and beliefs; we are all stuck in some sort of mud. We’re part of the collective traffic in the box.

Shouting to be free from Tyranny! Governments! Religion! Those over there! Those over here! Anyone who isn’t like me! … will never set us free. Freedom is knowing our true essence which isn’t bound to the collective consciousness.

So how on earth do we get out? We aren’t going to change the world view – the collective way of thinking – and if we react, we immediately become part of the collective way of thinking again … tricky.

In meditation, there is release from our self, our set of ideas. Once we see, we are free. It’s that simple. Our only problem was that we bound ourselves to the collective consciousness – samsara, the vicious cycle of ups and downs.

We cause the problem and it is we who solve the problem, by seeing and not holding.

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Is Spiritual Practice Confusing?

The point of spiritual practice is to come to rest in the primordial purity of the spontaneous presence of consciousness. In other words, just to be what we truly are. We can all do that, if we just stop our mind from wandering and fixating.

Through practice, we can encounter ‘nyam’; a temporary experience of bliss or clarity which may present a problem. These ‘nyam’ may be signs of progress, but they can also become traps because we like them – and that can turn our practice into a desire. In order to stop relating, we drop the method, as relating maintains a duality. We can become fixated on methods and rituals while, by dropping attachment and just being, we know where we are and what we are, being just primordial purity of the spontaneous presence of consciousness. There is no knowing whowe are, as that splits consciousness into a duality again.

If we want more teachings in the hope of gaining realisation, we may miss the opportunity to experience for ourselves primordial purity of the spontaneous presence of consciousness, which is empathetic spaciousness. Our practice is simply to remember this realisation.

If we obsess on a method,
we will lose the ability to communicate with others.

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The More We Become Involved

The more we become involved in a material world,
the more we become involved in the mental world,
and the more we will become captivated.

The more we talk about what we’ve done or think, or what we have been captivated by,
the more we create our own unhappiness
as we fixate on whatever we say and think.

To undo this captivation and see clearly, we merely have to listen. We listen to whatever we are saying and thinking, and we do the same for others. That is allwe have to do: be aware and be conscious.

We will gradually find that this listening is pure listening, pure consciousness. It is that which puts everything right. How? It creates a natural space of kindness.

The more we control our subtle energy,
the more we are able to focus,
and the more effective we become.

This is why we meditate – to see clearly. Getting out of the ‘human race’ to nowhereis such a relief,

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We Can’t Just ‘Get it’

We can’t just ‘get it’: we have to keep on ‘getting it’. It is through genuine experience that we understand and realise our true nature, and that of every one and every thing. To keep on ‘getting it’, we traverse the deeper levels of ‘getting it’. In this way, we can empathise, and be of benefit to others.

Keeping on ‘getting it’ also means that we drop the subtler levels of delusions that we have held onto. We ‘get it’ by dropping the ‘lot’. At its deepest level, pure consciousness is extremely subtle; it’s beyond words and concepts. It is perfect stillness and clarity. It is emptiness itself.

‘Getting it’ also means getting inspirations, as emptiness is totally receptive. We’re talking about the ancient line of transmissions on emptiness handed down through timeless compassion.

If we give ‘it’ a name, that only causes conflict. Transmission is conveyed in the silence of a smile; we can all see that. The deeper we go in this silence, the deeper the connections. All appearances in the mind are inseparable from pure consciousness, and this is what meditation is all about. In this way, appearances and pure consciousness are inseparable.

‘It’ is the indestructible realisation of pure consciousness. We are here to ‘get it’. When we ‘get it’, we know it, and we pass it on, and let go. This is why life is so precious.

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Feeling Superior Or Inferior

There are those whom we think are superior; we will one day realise what they realise.
There are those whom we think are inferior; they will one day realise what we realise.

It is only a matter of time, and effortless effort. Through meditation, we become aware of awareness which, when investigated, is realised as pure awareness. This is why compassion is so important, as it means we understand our obstacles to enlightenment. In this way, pride and jealousy become wisdoms:

Pride is the wisdom of equality; we all have the same potential.
Jealousy is all-accomplishing wisdom; that quality which is recognised in another is within us already.

In the same way, the other negative emotions are also transformed into wisdoms:

Anger is mirror-like wisdom; it sees an imbalance, without judgement.
Desire is wisdom of discernment; precise clarity identifies whatever is beneficial or harmful.
Ignorance is a vacancy of not knowing; when analysed, this becomes the wisdom of spacious knowingness.

We are all wise beyond compare, as long as we drop attachment to our obsession with what we think we are.

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The Simple Way To Deal With Confusion

We deal with confusion by
simply being aware of that which is aware of the confusion.

That which is aware is pure consciousness,
and this has never been confused.

“But I’m still confused!”
The conventional world of our mind will always be confusing
because it keeps making things up!

That is why the Buddha said,
“Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.”
He meant practise and see.

But Practise What?

Practice isn’t rituals, chanting, visualisations, memorisation of text …
These are merely a support.

Practice is compassionate, non-dual realisation of emptiness.
In simpler words – empathic wisdom.

When the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it”,
he meant we find our own words.
Don’t all traditions use words in their own way?

We can adopt words and phrases,
but we have to apply them with empathetic wisdom
that comes from our heart.

Through experience, the meaning of words changes.
Words are not the reality;
the reality is pure experience.

To the right person, at the right time and in the right place,
they get what you mean.

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Misdirecting Consciousness
Now we see, now we don’t.

Now we see … consciousness simply sees, never changing and never commenting.

Now we don’t … because consciousness became involvedwith whatever is seen, it lost sight of itself and took on a human form. It then began commenting on whatever is seen, and when consciousness gets involved, it gets chatty 😀

Consciousness is present in all our thoughts and actions. In fact, consciousness is right on the tip of whatever we are doing or saying – and it is awareness of this that can make every moment conscious. When consciousness clings to a thought, it distracts itself and becomes misdirected.

Consciousness goes where it is focused. It is this very faculty that can lead consciousness to enlightenment and the realisation of its true nature and that of all phenomena. We start by placing the attention on an object. In meditation, we usually focus on the breath, in the practice of taming the mind and stopping it from wandering: this is consciousness directing itself. In being aware of the breath, we notice that we are being aware. That is being conscious.

When consciousness is directed to look into itself, it finds nothing … but pure consciousness, which is empty of contaminating comments and chatter. We have found what we have been looking for – our true essence. Now we see it. But we have to remember, lest we forget. This is what spiritual practice is all about.

We are now no longer misdirected by others.
Misdirection is what magicians do to deceive us with illusions.
We meditate to become dis-illusioned! 😀

Now we see it but, through habit, we ignore – and so we lose sight of it, even though it’s always present.

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Belief: The Satanic Plot

Being told to believe turns us aside from truth. How is that satanic? The answer is that belief obscures knowing and promotes a false view.

Satan: Hebrew śāṭān, literally ‘adversary’, from śāṭan ‘plot against’. Satan, also known as the Devil, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood. 

Belief is accepting something as being true, without proof. The opposite ofbelievingin the truth is knowingthe truth, which is only realised through personal verification. Being led to believe, we switch off reality; we inadvertently become satanic followers. If this sounds a little far-fetched, just look at what belief has done to the world. Don’t look at the words; look at the actions.

Spiritual texts – if not tested, experienced, and realised – lead to misunderstanding and perpetual delusion. This is why the Buddha, in his wisdom, said, “Do not take my word for it.” It’s not the Buddha’s words that are the truth; the truth is in the realisation of those words. The truth actually does set us free – free from belief in concepts – because pure consciousness realises that all creation is an illusion, an impure manifestation. The line between believingand knowingbecomes blurred because merely hearing something and believing it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true for us. One person’s understanding is another person’s poison … and one person’s poison is another person’s understanding.

The Solomon Asch experiment reveals how conformity works; when we fall in line with the group, we fulfil the function of conformity. As long as we are reacting, we are conforming.

In saying prayers, we have to know what we are doing as this could be a danger to our sanity: our prayers may be deceiving us. Wishing for something is psychological, and although this could create a good intention, it can also give rise to wishful thinking, when we hope that ‘someone else’ will do it for us. Same prayer … but one experiences an open mind while the other closes it.

Our true reality is not a belief. It is uncontaminated consciousness. Truth is knowable, otherwise what’s the point?

Our mind plots and obsesses, liking some things and therefore disliking others, and that is the source of demonic power. This is why we need to be much more aware and alert. We have natural leanings of knowing what is beneficial and what is harmful and that guides us, but we do not obsess about it. We learn to make do and mend – ordinary enlightenment for ordinary people. We accept karma and realise our true nature of pure consciousness.

Believing what others believe is total madness.

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Living In a world Of Opposites

Hell and Heaven.
Samsara and Nirvana.
Duality and non-duality.
Awareness and whatever awareness is aware of.

These are all the same thing
within the realisation of mature awareness.

The more we notice reflections in the mind, the clearer the reflections become. If one does not interfere, then those reflections and consciousness are spontaneously seen as one and the same. Suddenly, it’s no longer theory: seeing and the reflections become a spontaneous revelation.

The practical side of this is that we are no longer part of the conventional programming.

On one level, this conventional programming is samsaric hell. On a mature level, realising this programming is the way to enlightenment.

Everything appears within the emptiness of consciousness; the good, the bad, and the ugly are simply seen without comment, name, modification, fabrication or emotional discharge. Duality becomes non-duality. Two becomes one.

The world is created by thoughts, words, language and concepts which manifest a world of opposites. Up and down, this and that, inside and outside, right and wrong, black and white, true and false, positive and negative, me and you. Ours is a dualistic world of apparent opposites but, in reality, do opposites exist? Do dark and light exist? Isn’t dark merely the absence of light, to varying degrees?

What we are really pointing to is something that goes beyond all these mind-made opposites. Non-duality is difficult to describe or put into words – in fact, it’s impossible. Even talking about non-duality is dualistic. Using the expression ‘non duality’ creates the opposite – something called ‘duality’ – and so we go round in circles.

When we feel that we are beneath a situation, looking up at it, we have a problem seeing clearly. We may feel inferior, unworthy or guilty, thinking, “It’s going right over my head”, so we switch off subtly and just accept what we are told.

In the clarity of emptiness, anything can appear, just like reflections in a mirror. When we truly realise this, meditation would be a hindrance. Once we realise reality, we do not need to meditate: we only meditate when we forget that appearances are due to the clarity of emptiness. There is no hell and heaven, or Samsara and Nirvana: there is only the clarity of emptiness – pure consciousness. There is only light that dims when we forget that we know.

To keep our self in check, however, we still meditate, just to be sure – and that meditation could just be a single moment of recognition. There nothing religious or ‘spiritual’ about reality. It is plain common sense.

Appearances are literally all the same in pure consciousness, and in pure consciousness, there is nothing other than empathetic compassion for those stuck in opposites.

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Walking With Angels

Walking with demons is easier than walking with angels. It’s much less challenging to recognise demonic qualities in others than to see their good qualities. We have to go beyond our ordinary samsaric mind in order to first realise our potential before we can recognise the potential of others.

‘Angels’ refers to the potential of all sentient beings at all levels, culminating in supreme beings. In essence, all beings have good hearts because they have consciousness, but the mind can and does become pretty dark and selfish. No one actually wants to be unhappy; we all seek everlasting happiness.

We are afraid to show this good heart, so we hide in the luggage we carry around with us. Our luggage is our set of ideas that we think protects us. If we look, we can all see this good heart although it is hidden in aggression, pride, jealousy, fear, indifference …

It isn’t easy to see others as angels, is it? But we are not only angels; we all have the potential of realising our supreme, divine qualities. Mistakenly, we only look at the human side and, of course, that’s flawed because, at this moment, we don’t recognise our true originality. We look at others’ flaws and say that is who they are, but this is a great error on our part, and one that turns us into demons.

When we say ‘good heart’, we mean the very essence of consciousness; pureconsciousness. The mind can also have good intentions, but it doubts. It doubts because it has learned a few tricks for combat, whereas the heart just longs to love.

We aren’t being asked to see the good in people but to know that, for them to even exist, there has to be consciousness present: in essence, that consciousness is pure.

For many of us, however, existence is just about mind and body … that’s all, because we haven’t yet noticed our wings – two of them. One represents emptiness or pure state, and the other represents release from fixation. When these two work together, we are lifted by a pure atmosphere.

Our misunderstanding is that we haven’t realised that our angel essence is inseparable from our demonic selfishness. By virtue of one, the other is known. The more we recognise our demonic ways, the more we realise our angel heart, and the more we can empathise and the more we can love – but that recognition has to be an honest realisation and not just theory.

Sounds mushy? We all know how we truly feel, and how we actually act. We may ask – as we are talking about angels – where God is in all this. In our supreme being of pure consciousness. Buddhism has its own version of angels, and that is pure consciousness.

When we read or hear something,
we all want to get to the ‘good bit’ when,
in fact, we are the ‘good bit’.

Be it.

Don’t just read about it.


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Walking With Demons

We all walk around with demons inside our minds in the form of negative emotions or criticisms. These demons may originate from trauma in early years which exaggerate our existing likes and dislikes. At first meeting, people all seem okay, but the demons soon appear – in others and in ourselves. Every emotion – pride, jealousy, fear, desire, indifference … – are all there, lying in ambush.

Demons come about because we do not notice or acknowledge our true reality of purity. The word ‘purity’ may give us the creeps, or seem like something unattainable that others have;“It’s million miles from me! I’m not that holy!”

Purity is definitely not someone who’s dressed up for the occasion. We don’t realise it, but purity is what we are. Consciousness itself is pure, and always has been; it isn’t something special that we have to achieve. It is pure because its nature is emptiness. It is naturally empty of contamination. It’s crystal clear, but we don’t notice it because we see only reflectionsin the mind.We do not notice the consciousness of mind itself. We don’t know it because we don’t look. Looking and seeing is the practice of realising the truth, rather than learning something we might read in a book … or here on this blog! 😀

Corinthians 13:12
For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror/dimly/darkly; then when we see we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall fully know…”

When we cloud the issue* with our emotions, we see dimly and react to these ghosts, these reflections, these demons. On the other hand, when we face the demons which create negative emotions, we actually see what we are doing to ourselves, confronting these reflections face to face. It is then that we become fully free.

Demons are all in the mind, and so demons are an illusion. We have to look down objectively on a situation, scanning it in order to see all the elements in play clearly. If we are looking upat a situation, then we feel under it, and we can become confused; the situation is controlling us.

To exorcise our demons, just take them for a walk, see how they feel, get to know them, realise that they do not truly exist and therefore we do not have to let go … they’re gone!

*“cloud the issue”: to distract from the topic at hand by introducing irrelevant and/or misleading information.

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The Really Uncomfortable Truth

Pure consciousness in Dzogchen is called the The Great Perfection. Our essence is the Great Perfection; we are the Great Perfection. To want to look at this subject, we have to have had some blessings from the enlightened ones. We looked, and then we see. We seek and find. We attract attention. We are receiving blessing all the time but, unfortunately, we choose distractions.

If we’re not interested in our essential nature of pure consciousness, then that Great Perfection becomes obscured by The Great Imperfection, and we have been blessed by demons.

Demons arise due to ego-clinging – which is fixation on ideas – and they also attract attention. Demonic atmosphere is anything that obscures the Great Perfection, our Great Happiness. This demonic activity comes in the guise of desire, fear and indifference.

The length of time we can stay in or remember our perfect nature without distraction determines our progress to full realisation. We don’t realise that this has always been our choice. The world around us isn’t interested in perfect truth, but only ‘righteous’ distractions. It is uncomfortable to realise that we are so easily pulled in other directions. That very recognition is our salvation however, as we are truly free in the moment that we see this happening. It’s that simple.

If we really want a shock to motivate us, then we can just look at everyone around us. What motivates them? They are controlled by desires and fears, and indifference to their true reality, and very few are living examples of impartial, pure consciousness.

People want to be happy but they do not recognise their true essence is already the Great Happiness, and so they remain slightly (to say the least … :D) demonic.

To ease the demonic pain of others, we apply compassion as we know both unhappiness and true happiness.

Simply resting in silence eases the pain of demonic mind as the atmosphere is charged with selfless kindness. Demonic mind needs to find rest, and can either be attracted to the stillness of meditation or wander off, trying to find satisfaction by feeding off others’ demonic minds. We can also act either as the enlightened or as demons. We all have this choice: to be attracted to the wisdom of pure consciousness or to something else.

When someone asks a question about truth, doesn’t it attract our attention? If someone wants to gossip, doesn’t that also attract our attention? Our propensity will determine whether our own actions are beneficial or harmful.

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The Second Coming of the Messiah

Interpretation of words is not the same as interpretation of realisation. Words have many levels of meaning, which is why we may all see things differently. We can take teachings as being literal (religious) – or metaphysical (transcendent wisdom).

The chosen people are those who choose to listen and realise that the truth is within them: that is the second coming.

The Greek New Testament uses the Greek term parousia (παρουσία, meaning “arrival”, “coming”, or “presence“)

The Indian guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, offers an interpretation of the Second Coming that is understood to be an inner experience, something that takes place within the individual heart. The true second coming is the resurrection within us of the infinite Christ consciousness, awakened consciousness, Buddha consciousness.

The second coming is genuine realisation of the teaching that our true nature of pure consciousness will defeat sin (mental obscurations and fixations) for all eternity.

Religion offers ritual and study; a discipline to keep to the path.
Transcendent wisdom; the revelation that the path never existed.

First we hear the teaching.
Then we re-cognise.
Finally, we realise that we are the teaching.

The truth is beyond belief.

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Reptilian Consciousness Is Buddha Consciousness

The primitive brain – also called Reptilian brain – controls the fight, flight and freeze reactions of all creatures. Beings instinctively know what to do in a situation in order to survive but, of course, this doesn’t always work out, as other creatures are also governed by the same three reactions.

Humans have more of a choice than just using reptilian brain: those same three instincts translate as desire, aversion and ignorance.

So how is this Buddha consciousness?

These three basic, negative emotions of desire, aversion and ignorance control all our reactions. They are ‘negative’ because they interfere with the spontaneous moment of spacious awareness or pure consciousness. Although reactions are aids to survival in the physical form, we can also transform them into wisdom. In fact, transformation has already taken place: without noticing, we turned wisdom into an emotion.

The very first moment of perception – of pure perception, pure awareness, pure consciousness – is always present because it is what we are. That perception illumines any appearance in the mind, just before that appearance turns into a reaction stemming from memory and judgement.

That very first moment of luminosity is Buddha consciousness,
or awakened consciousness.
Missing that moment, Buddha consciousness turns into Reptilian consciousness,
while awakened spontaneous presence turns Reptiles into Buddhas.

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Happiness And The ‘Illuminati’

The more materialistic and conceptual we become, the less happy we are because of our reliance on conditions; we cannot stop ourselves wanting more, which leads to unhappiness, a lack of wisdom and a loss of contentment.

The less materialistic and conceptual we become, the happier we are because of not relying on conditions; we stop wanting more, which leads to happiness and wisdom, resting in contentment.

Happiness is being governed not by wealth and power but by wisdom of our true nature, which is our genuine wealth and power, and is all we need to achieve illumination/enlightenment.

We know that conventional wealth and power corrupt as they are insatiable while, at the same time, we recognise that we are under the influence of these demonic forces that have spread throughout the world. We are playing their ‘games’.

Let’s assume that someone like the Illuminati and the New World Order built the Georgia Guidestones*. They want only 500,000 people to live on this Earth. The Illuminati must think that this will make them happier. Would that bring enough wealth and power for them? Will most merely be servants of the few? It is obvious that such a thing will not bring about happiness, as nothing lasts and those motivated by this view will suffer greatly, as do all who live in the God realm. The God realm is a sentient realm where beings believe they are entitled and can have it all – but, as nothing lasts, they soon find themselves back in the Hell realms … again.

We can rule ourselves quite happily – and that is what spirituality is all about. Taming our mind. Taming our self image. Taming our desires and fears, and realising the inner wealth and power that comes from the wisdom of inner peace.

Or we can follow the fools on the hill who claim to speak for everyone.

*The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

  10. Be not a cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature.

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What Is Consciousness Conscious Of?

This question deals with and illustrates the type of restricted world in which we find ourselves. Most of the time, we are aware of our environment and what we are doing in it – but we forget about the awareness or consciousness itself. We just use consciousness as a tool to get what we want. From a conventional point of view, this sounds fine and we live our lives accordingly: we work, have a family and then die … but we all think at some time, “Surely there must be more to it than this?!”

Here, we come back to the question, “What is consciousness conscious of?” We forget that consciousness comes first. Before we are aware of some thing, awareness or consciousness is already present. It is this that we ignore.

When we investigate this through meditation, we become aware that we are, in fact, consciousness itself. The deeper we go, we more we realise that this consciousness is all that there is, and it is, in reality, pureconsciousness. That is pretty wow! We have just stepped outside conventional thinking … wow! We are free of those restricted assumptions … wow!

When we talk about freedom, this is the freedom we should be seeking, rather than being free to do whatever we want. That sort of freedom leads to suffering as it promotes desire and fear.

Religions and spiritual practices are but reminders or inspirations – ortheyshould be. There is absolutely no magic or mystery in words, images, or sounds. The magic is resting in pure consciousness: that is where everything begins and ends. If we believe that there is magic in the words, images or sounds themselves, then we are restricted because the effect is only psychological. It’s a play in the mind, like a toy. Experiences are playthings that imitate reality.

Being free means being free of everything. The question now is, “Has our life moved towards the toys or reality?” Worship is either a reminder, or a trap of spiritual materialism that is difficult to get out of!

Realising reality – or pure consciousness – re-freshes our view of life.
We can then play with all the toys, knowing that they are toys.

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Difficult Students

Some cannot follow blindly as they need to know why.
Difficult students should make teachers better teachers.

Authentic spiritual teachings are not to be merely repeated and accepted: these teachings are practical methods to investigate the nature of reality and bring an end to the suffering of humanity – and all sentient beings. These precious teachings instruct us how to realise that the difficulty in which we find ourselves is an illusion, however real it may feel.

Spiritual teachings have to address life as it is now, for each individual. They’re definitely not about hoping people just follow along and ‘get it’. The Dharma is a practical method to clear away the confusion of the culture in which actually we find ourselves. It is about now, for all beings.

Teachings about consciousness are meant to bring an end to suffering for each and every one of us at whatever level we find ourselves, once we acknowledge that we’re having a difficult time with life.

A very difficult student.

PS Thank goodness nothing lasts! 😀

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Inspiration Is Blessing

Inspiration is blessing,
but be aware.

Inspiration usually comes from someone we have seen or heard about, or something we have seen, read or heard. It connects to a certain quality within, so the blessing is re-cog-nised.

This is what is known as outer blessing creating a feeling of confidence, but we notice that we can start to rely on this outer inspiration and that can become ‘sticky’. To be honest, these blessings may be either divine inspiration or demonic inspiration depending on our predisposition, so we have to be aware of our motivation, as like attracts like. Until enlightenment, we will swing both ways.

We have to be honest about how we see life, and what motivates us. If it’s truth we seek, then we will see life one way, whereas if we seek self-aggrandisement, then we will see life another way. Both ways are, in fact, spiritual because we are talking about consciousness; pure compassionate consciousness or common, self-interested consciousness. In truth, we are a little of both – and that is the key to progress.

We all know where common, self-interested consciousness leads – to confusion and misery – and unfortunately, most accept this as a way of life. We read about confusion and misery in the news and we are addicted to it. It becomes our entertainment. That is demonic forces at work, blessing anyone who believes anything.

On the other hand, when we talk about divine inspiration, that true wisdom is what we are … wisdom itself. Once we have connected to the outer inspiration of purity in some form, then something truly inspiring happens; genuine inner inspiration and true, unshakeable confidence. When we realise that our reality is just pure consciousness, then that is our inner teacher conversing with the outer teacher of all phenomena. Any disturbance (in the pure force!) is clearly seen and we no longer just react. The mind has become tame. The mirror and its reflection are one.

Now, demonic forces cannot become anything other than our ally.
Ally: to bind together without separation.

All blessing are now good blessings.

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