With clarity comes responsibility

With meditation comes clarity.
With clarity comes responsibility.
Through meditation, we are now able to focus,
feel confident and have less doubt, and are
less given to acting out our emotions.

Here comes the challenging dilemma:
we recognise that others do not have this clarity.
They merely respond from mechanical assumptions.
Our dilemma is whether we become involved
in samsaric activity, or rest in spiritual awareness
in that present moment.

Spiritual awareness creates space
in order to deal with situations with clarity,
rather than just reacting or ignoring.

If we use clarity to our own advantage,
(which is a samsaric activity in itself),
we make illusory occurrences seem real
when they are merely passing appearances,
thereby locking ourselves into the vicious
cycle of reoccurring suffering. However, we
do recognise that these illusory appearances
feel real to others, and we can therefore
empathise and show compassion.

Meditation is spiritual recognition of the true nature,
of ourselves and others. This is the seed of compassion.
Our spiritual progress relies on compassion and devotion.

There is something else!
The recognition of Demonic activity:
the emotional feeding of a situation with our likes
and dislikes, thus setting off a chain of reactions.
It was the recognition of demonic activity
that helped the Buddha to finally become enlightened.

The antidote is recognising empty essence.
Anything arising in empty essence is a contamination
but it is also a direct expression of that emptiness.
The essence of conceptual thought is Dharmakaya.

Misusing pure awareness comes with a heavy karmic load.
Sometimes, situations arise that truly test us, and we feel
we cannot cope, and have to react. In recognising our own
recognition, there is much power, and that can create
space in the situation. This recognition shows we can cope:
it is pushing us beyond.

Pure awareness recognises the inner teacher,
which is the contamination arising in the mind.
This clarifies for essence its true nature,
because you cannot be what you see.
The world may not change, but our view will!
Genuine warmth and compassion shown towards
others is respecting their buddha nature.

In this insane world, we want to poke everyone,
but if we act on that wish we are part of the insanity.
Every situation is a chance to recognise our true nature,
even though it may be uncomfortable: that uncomfortable-ness
is demon activity, but we do not have to comply.

Our dilemma is always seeing the light in the dark.


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  1. daisymae21 says:

    Thanks for this, Tony – it was a timely reminder. I have recently been involved with a few people in several frustrating situations, and have found myself increasingly projecting an expectation of frustration as the next situation approaches. I hope that makes sense – it seems I’m almost willing the next situation to be equally frustrating, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Definitely locking myself – and others – into that vicious cycle! And having serious desires to poke 🙂
    Reading your writing today has helped me become aware of this. I need to be much kinder sometimes.
    Could you elaborate a bit about what you meant by your last line?
    Thanks as ever

  2. tony says:

    Hello Daisy,
    The light is our pure perception (pure uncontaminated view- clear view), that lights up confusion. Once we recognise pure perception, or rather our innate nature, which is knowingness, not knowing disappears!

    We may not have the answer, but knowingness is present….that’s it!

    It’s like, a situation occurs, and we don’t know how to deal with it. We are confused or do not have enough data, however we can recognise the awareness of this dilemma…that’s it!

    Resting in pure awareness just creates space to see. What we then do, will be up to our capacity at that moment. It is always about recognition of pure awareness, which then may be expressed as ‘essence love’. Essence love doesn’t mean we have to be clever, just empathise and love.

    Love is Light,


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