The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

 Firstly, don’t be fooled by appearances.
The world is not what it seems.
Life is not what it seems.
Every thing is not what it seems.

All that appears has absolutely no reality.

 The answer lies in not believing anything to be real.

 If anything was actually real, it would be constant.
It would last forever.
But no thing does.
Does it?

 The answer is in that which asks the question!
Your own pure awareness, which is not a thing.
This is the only reality, that never changes.
That is the answer!

You know it, but don’t recognise it.

 The Buddha knew this 2500 years ago.
All Buddhas know this.

 If you want the answer to the physical universe,
it is that which is created by causes and conditions
of mistaken consciousness.

This mistaken consciousness
searches for and captures a solid-looking reality:
it builds this solid-looking but illusory* and impermanent existence
because it is confused.

 Just look at how you got to where you are now:
it was all through personal and collective mistaken consciousness.
This created the causes and conditions.

 You already know the answer
to all that is,
but the mental translation hasn’t caught up yet 🙂

…that’s it!

* “Illusory” refers to our habits of mistaking appearances as reality: things may seem real, but only have a temporary span of existence and are therefore impermanent. We can become beguiled by all appearances, and forget that they are empty of any inherent existence as they were brought into being through a set of causes and conditions. We have arrived on a stage and are acting a role extremely well, but don’t realise we can just get off! When everything is dissolved, all that is left is our own pure awareness. Just look and see…

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