Wandering Practitioners

These are spiritual practitioners who give up everything and go out into the world to meditate, accepting whatever comes their way: heat/cold, food/no food, cave/doorway… they trust whatever arises, and rely on what people give them. It is the practice of simplicity, one pointedness, one taste and non meditation. They have to trust in their karma, awareness, good merit (good attitude) and blessings. A blessing is hard to define: perhaps it’s a guardian angel, perhaps it’s synchronicity, or perhaps it’s a smiling universe – a reflection of their own motivation?

Well, as householders, we can do exactly the same. We have to accept problems that arise – there’s always something or someone who needs attention – and hope that the universe is smiling! There may be help available – often from unusual sources – if we’re open to it. We, too, wander around, but for a lifetime, and are grateful for any help … especially when the tap starts to leak ;D You worry, and then you meet someone who knows what to do. You go to the shop but they don’t have o-rings; they just want to sell you a new tap. So you worry. Finally, you find a small shop with a man who explains everything. But then, you can’t find the right type of screwdriver, and you can’t access the screw behind the tap because you need a Z-shaped screwdriver, and the backboard is in the way. Having removed the backboard and replaced the o-ring, you then discover a mouse hole. But you’ve heard about expanding foam: never having experienced this substance before, you suddenly realise why it’s called expanding! Shocked and panicking, you whip the nozzle away from the mouse hole, only to find expanding foam spraying the vicinity – and just to ensure an efficient mess, you walk in it, leaving a trail … You just genuinely experienced expanding foam … and it’s a metaphor for life 😀

Can a wandering practitioner help you with expanding foam? No. But you can help them. You can become their guardian angel. That how the universe works – the smiling universe of guardian angels everywhere. We all gain blessings by accepting karma, being aware, and acquiring merit or synchronicity by having a good attitude. Then it is we who can be of benefit to others. That is how merit works!

Renunciation is not clinging to experiences. We don’t all have to become monks and nuns. The raw experience of life, of emotions, of upsets, is inseparable from wisdom and enlightenment. The true Dharma is life itself: life is our ultimate teacher. In the first instant of raw emotions, the essence of mind is bright! That brightness is the clarity of light. When we gain total confidence, that clarity of light becomes enlightenment.

Until then we all wander … 😀 … we are all wandering practitioners.
There comes a time when all beings appear to be practitioners at some level.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    The universe is smiling today…I said NO to chemo and radiation today and I also got informed not to worry there’s a safe place where my basic accommodations are waiting for me with the people I want to be with that know and accept me as I am . The people around here are in for a real big rude awakening, and the animals sure are going to miss me and all the keeping things up around here I’ve done !

    • tony says:

      That’s wonderful news.
      One door closes and another door open.
      Stay positive and stay in love.

      May you stay in peace and tranquility.


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