What’s So Important About Emptiness?

It’s not the word ’emptiness’ that is important: it’s what it means in a spiritual context. The true nature of mind, our essential nature, our primordial nature, our first nature is pure and devoid of contaminating thoughts and emotions. It is pure intelligence and, being unconditional, it manifests as love.

It is our inner longing just to be happy. Don’t we care about everything we do? Recognising this, we realise that it is the same for everyone, but is unclear. Understanding this, we realise that there are two paths: one is to help others realise their true nature which is love, and the other is to take advantage of those unclear minds.

Thoughts and concepts that we hold about ourself – who we think we are – creates a defence mechanism of emotions that regulate and limit, dominate and rule, our entire lives. In fact, when we look at it, this created persona is artificial, an imitation, an ‘artificial intelligence’ and not the real thing. It is artificial because our mind has been programmed. We can blame others for this programming, but it is we who consented to this duplicity, a devious two-faced deception. 😀 The mind chatters, and we follow, making us slaves to occupying forces!

Emptiness is freedom from all this mess. Thoughts and emotions are empty of any true existence. They are a fabrication in the emptiness of mind, and only feel real because we have identified with the film, the movie that produces many sequels. 😀 A film is made up of moment by moment frames that seem real and appear to move, and so we believe.

Thought are empty and the nature of mind is empty. When we realise this, we will never be controlled by concepts again. And the supreme news is that now, when thoughts arise, they are simultaneously recognised as the nature of mind.

The truth is that we are free, and have always been free, but we are living in a world of a fantasy comic strip with evil villains who can’t get enough wealth, evil globalists who can’t get enough power, and populations who consent to being led and organised.

Knowing emptiness will not stop this madness, but we will no longer become entangled.

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