Self-Existing Awareness

It’s just there.
‘It’ is what we are.
We don’t have to do anything.

We meditate to arrive at the realisation of self-existing awareness, and rest there. When self-existing awareness is realised, stop ‘meditating’, as meditation then becomes a hinderance. At the point of recognition, stop meditating: we meditate when we forget, and drift off.

It’s like rowing in a boat to the shore: having arrived, we keep rowing as if this is going to produce something more – whereas, in reality, there is longer any point. We only meditate when we forget … and drift off!

Can you see how simple this is? And therein lies the only problem – it’s so simple. Self-existing awareness or consciousness is natural. It is non-duality, a singularity. It is simply resting in infinite awareness in whatever occurs, without judgements or expectations. We can be sitting, walking, typing, wiping our bum, and it’s just there. And ‘it’ is what we are! Where else are we?

So what keeps going wrong?

If we look at everything created, and how things came to be, it is all to do with relationships. The creative principle of everything – the basic formula – is relationship. Samsara is about relationships between this and that, to which we relate: that is why we use the term ‘relative truth’.

Ignorance came about because self-existing awareness found a relationship with appearances, and desire manifested, obscuring self-existing awareness. Self-existing awareness is empty of relationships: it is not occupied, and is at perfect peace. Once we start manifesting, life becomes more and more complex, and we develop more and more expectations. It is expectations that weigh us down.

Self-existing awareness clears away the darkness of ignorance. If we keep meditating once we have realised self-existing awareness, then we are creating ignorance. The light has just gone out because we are still trying to do something … waving our paddles around!

If it is not clearly explained that the darkness of ignorance is cleared by the recognition of self-existing awareness, then we are kept lingering and longing for something inconceivable that is just out of reach, and we are always feeling that we are not good enough. Sound familiar? Sounds fishy!

The whole principle of spirituality is being ordinary and natural. The word ‘ordinary’ comes from the word order; orderly, the natural quality of the highest order. All we need to be is methodical in our approach.

If we are looking for something extra special – levitation, or ‘awakening’ chakras and kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment and achieving a range of supernormal powers – then we could be waiting a very long time … while still waving our paddles around! (Incidentally, to the ancient masters, spiritual siddhis are considered to be toys, and can be an obscuration in themselves).

Be orderly. Be whole. Be at one.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.
Better the obscurations you recognise than the obscurations that could be fantasies.

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  1. Pablo Cuzco says:

    This is something I have also noticed. Once you reach a point, there is no reason to continue trying to get there. In the West we sit on cushions chant and breathe regularly. Attend classes, retreats, practice meditation exercises daily. In the Asia, only monks and shaman do that.

    • tony says:

      Hello Pablo,
      We are “house-holders” and maybe, just maybe, this is actually a faster path in this day and age of rich raw emotions and therefore deep and rich in wisdoms!


      • Pablo Cuzco says:

        It has taken me years to reach this understanding, as my About page will attest; much of it attained without realizing until age made me stop and take account. Thanks for your reply!

        • tony says:

          Hello Pablo,
          It sometimes feels like,
          “Oh it that all?”
          “I knew that all along.”
          “Why did it seem so complicated?”

          And then, “What a relief!”

          all the best,

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