We Are Lightly Balanced
and therefore vulnerable to distraction and predators

In an instant, we can either realise our enlightened nature of pure consciousness, or we can remain in ignorance of this fact, bound by impure consciousness. Spontaneous presence is our reality, as opposed to attachment to the past or future, which is our dream reality.

Being ignorant of our true nature, we are open to abuse by those who recognise our vulnerability.
Once we know our true nature, we are no longer vulnerable to being abused.

This is our present way of life; grounded in reality or off with the fairies! ūüėÄ

When it comes to our spiritual welfare, recognition of this vulnerability is even more important. If we become spiritually vulnerable and needy, we will surrender to what we feel will take care of us when, in actuality, it is our neediness that looks after someone else’s welfare. Spiritual progress is about liberation from emotional bondage. The more needy we are, the less we rely on our own inner intelligence and sense of responsibility, and so, the more we become bound. Being religious means being under obligation to uphold the religion.

Compassionate Bodhisattva activity is accepting responsibility for others’ welfare without expectations. It is the unbreakable diamond path. We renounce, surrender or relinquish any claims in relation to actions. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Renunciation: the¬†formal rejection of¬†something,¬†typically¬†a¬†belief,¬†claim,¬†or¬†course of action. From¬†Latin¬†renuntiare:¬†‚Äėto protest against‚Äô.

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