Aliens and Robots, And No Wisdom

We are led to believe that Aliens and Robots are superior to us.

Whenever they have been a ‘reported’, so-called aliens sound as if they are pretty banal and not very bright. They seem to have acquired the same lack of intelligence or imagination as the person who is said to have encountered them … Strange, that!

They never speak about ultimate spiritual reality. These intercessors (go-betweens) only talk about impermanent, material reality … Strange, that! Could it be that aliens only contact the vulnerable? The believers?? In life, everything seems real, but is just as illusory as a dream.

Are those who encounter aliens actually conscious? Are these stories merely a concoction from behind closed doors? Inaccurate gossip transmitted to excite a certain type of mind? We are all subject to gossip-mongering: the whole world has been led to believe something or other.

So what about robots? The same thing applies! Scientists are creating machines to replicate human logic and reasoning, while claiming that they will have consciousness – but this will remain machine consciousness: the perception of a machine that mimics life. Oh dear … the limited, conventional mind at work again! A machine only processes faster than humans, and it never stops. It is merely a calculating machine, just like its maker. It will never know ultimate reality. If it did, it would achieve enlightenment faster than human beings – and then just turn itself off! It is artificial intelligence, and not real intelligence leading to wisdom and compassion. It cannot laugh at itself and has no emotions, and will just go on calculating and mimicking ordinary human activity. Its only purpose is to server its maker.

Ah, but robots will save me time!”
Time for what?

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  1. Excellent food for thought.

  2. su says:

    Issaac Asimov wrote a series of “I Robot” short stories about the psychology of robots. But, of course, it was really about people. 🙂

  3. tony says:

    When I was a child I had a stuffed Panda.
    I gave it consciousness, so it loved me!

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