We Can Always Change Our Mind
but pure consciousness can never change

It is vitally important to know what we are.
It is the only thing to know.

Philosophy is love of wisdom; the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. This is something that ‘we’ study. Philosophy is not the real thing; there are many philosophies.

Genuine wisdom is pure consciousness realising itself: that is our true nature.

If pure consciousness is our true nature, then why is it studying philosophy, which is not the real thing?

Pure consciousness is not confused but, like a child, it is easily distracted. The ever-changing mind is constantly making judgements, finding interests and criticising, and all the while, pure consciousness just sees. ‘Just seeing’ is clarity, as there are no contaminates, and all comments have ceased.

The universe is the teacher. Pure consciousness is the student. When pure consciousness realises itself, it realises the nature of the universe because all impermanent phenomena is made from particles (created by causes and conditions) within in empty space. All beings have the potential of an enlightened nature but are confused. The whole purpose of our existence is to know our true nature, and be it.

Of course, the mind will still have judgements, find things interesting and criticise, but now we remain unaffected.

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