Thinking Outside The Box Has Its Problems

A moment outside the box
could lead to a sense of superiority and narcissism,
and we are back in the box of self gain.

Outside the box
is but a stepping stone to pure awareness,
where there is no self gain, only compassion.

We have to recognise the difference between
clear thinking and clear awareness,
where we drop clear thinking
and rest in clear awareness.

It’s the good place to see.

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  1. su bornstein says:

    Yes. My problem all my life. I never judge people, I just judge people who judge people. Uh huh. Even the kid I was could see a better way. But then I would be angry that those ways were not implemented in my world. Same issue, in the end. And just as limiting in time and space. 🙂

    • tony says:

      Hello Su,
      You raise as interesting point.
      This is an old brain new brain problem.
      Most judge from a old brain = karma.
      We all have an inner conflict with our old brain if we are trying to see things afresh – all those ‘shoulds’ get in the way.

      When we come into contact with others’ old brains it’s just as confusing and upsetting.

      There is a tremendous power is merely being aware of recognising the old brain at work.

      That very recognition is the liberation. We still may want to grab hold of the past, but with familiarity it doesn’t last.

      I have this problem all the time!


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